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About Us

TheBeastProduct is the result of our endeavour to bring out a product review website which delivers unbiased and informative reviews about products in our day to day use. We intend to fill the information gap that exists for the prospective buyers so that they are always able to make an informed choice and take the best buying decision.

How We Do It

We review and present the ten best product items in a particular product category and do it in a way which the reader will find simple and enjoyable to read. At the same time, we strive to provide maximum information about the product.

With the ‘At a Glance’ feature in our review article, you can simply get a quick glance at the top three products in the top ten. We identify the top three products as follows:

  1. Best Overall – When you compare the price and the features, The Best Overall product represents an ideal balance between the features the customer gets and the price he is paying for it.
  1. Best Premium – Some products command a high price but offer some top-quality features to go with it. The best premium represents the very best of the lot.
  1. Best Value – A product may not offer all the features but when you check out its low price, it certainly becomes an attractive option for what it offers. The best value represents the best budget option in the lot.

You need not restrict yourself to the top three and you can find some more amazing products further down the list which you should definitely go through.

We want to stress the fact that, we do receive any payment for the products to be present on our review site. We select the ten best based on user feedback and ratings, popular opinion and some other outside sources.  However, you may also provide your suggestions here if you think that any product deserves a mention in the review.

Buyers’ Guide

While our ten products are meant to serve as a guide to help you zero in on your choice, we do carry a ‘Buyers’ Guide’ in our review which mentions all the important things you need to keep in mind when you are searching for one. This guide will inform you about the product, the factors you need to consider and some information about the product eco-system as well.