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Best 3 Wheel Scooters of 2023

Nothing excites the kids that zipping down the street in the neighborhood or the block together while having fun. A scooter will give your child the excitement and thrill they desire as they cruise down the block. The three-wheel scooter is a safe and secure way to ensure that the kid is having fun and staying safe at the same time. The promote coordination and balance and allow the kid to ride comfortably while learning to be balanced. The scooter can be used by both girls and boys and build their strength, endurance, and strength while also having fun.

List of the Best 3 Wheel Scooters of 2023


YBIKE GLX Pro Get it now on

This three-wheel scooter is ideally designed for older and more experienced riders and is can hold a maximum weight of 110 pounds. Children from the age of 5 can ride the scooter, and the front wheels are more extensive for a better balance. The handlebar is adjustable and extends from 28 to 32.5 inches above the deck, making it possible for the child to grow with it. The deck of this scooter is wide and has been reinforced with fiber making it non-slip and is safe for riders.

With built-in safety features, the scooter is balanced, and the deck surface is wide raised so that you can have a firm grip when riding. This secure scooter is easy to use and has a rear fender brake that is safe and therefore provides a smooth ride. This scooter is easy to assemble and has bars that help riders to develop better coordination, endurance, and strength.


  • Easy to use the break
  • Fast and smooth ride
  • Has an adjustable handlebar


  • The plastic parts snap easily, unfortunately
  • Not suitable for children under eight years

9. I·CODE 3 Wheel

I·CODE 3 Wheel Get it now on

Built with a T-bar that lifts and twists to lock in place, this three-wheel scooter can be adjusted so that the kid can grow with it because it can change from 25 to 35.3 inches. The handle has been made to last any bumps. The kid can enjoy the use of the scooter for a long time. This scooter has also been updated to guarantee stability for beginners who are still not good at keeping their balance.

The frames have been made using high-quality aluminum and carbon steel alloy to make it strong and durable. Comfortable grip pads have been incorporated so that the user can grip the handles firmly and also so that they do not hurt their hands while they ride. This also makes it easy for you to control the scooter. The brakes are located in the back, and therefore, the scooter will stop quickly, and the front wheel has a flashing feature, which makes them more fun and cool.


  • Anti-slip handlebar and pedals
  • Durable
  • Adjustable height


  • The plastic handle clasp easily comes off

8. Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick

Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Get it now on

This is a low profile three-wheel scooter that is easy to scoot and supports kids up to 45 pounds. The padded T-bar is comfortable and provides a firm hold while the kid is riding, and the welded sturdy frame makes it durable and strong. Large smooth-rolling wheels have been featured so that the scooter can be balanced and quiet. These wheels are also made with a polymer that is strong and stable and will not come off. The kid will scoot around on even and uneven ground.

A vast and slip-resistant deck is incorporated, and the kid can ride on the scooter with both feet comfortably. Steel frames make the scooter stable, and the handle grips well so that the kid can ride well as they learn to coordinate and balance. This scooter comes in bright colors and is ideal for both girls and boys, and the stable design helps young riders to keep on their toes and build synchronization.


  • Balanced ride
  • Has large wheels
  • The handlebar is padded


  • The scooter is small and not ideal for bigger kids

7. Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer Get it now on

Designed for beginners and younger riders, the Radio Flyer 3 wheel scooter is perfect for developing balance and learning coordination. The handgrips are comfortable and are ideal for any kid, and the deck is textured so that it can be stable. The deck also ensures traction because it has been specially made to suit the beginner ride and to minimize accidents when they are learning. This scooter is also easy to assemble and comes with instructions for assembly.

This scooter has been made with an exceptional turning radius that provides safety to the young rider without compromising on stability even when they are riding fast. The scooter has been designed for kids from ages 2 to 5 and is therefore not very fast so that the adult can keep up with them as they are practicing and learning to coordinate. This three-wheel scooter can comfortably hold a kid of up to 50 pounds weight and comes in fun bright colors.


  • Broad base for better balance
  • Has comfort hand grips
  • Stable with great traction


  • The scooter is very slow


WV WONDER VIEW Get it now on

This kick scooter has four adjustable height options and a wide deck that makes it balanced and stable for use by both boys and girls. The three-wheel scooter has been made with aluminum alloy pie that is of outstanding quality so that it is durable, and the parts are stainless steel, which is rust free. Your kid will learn to balance, steer, turn, and stop, which will help them build confidence.

ABEC-7 bearings have been used to give the wheels a smooth and speedy glide, and they are also bright and attractive. The wheels will light up when it is dark, making them fun for the kids, and the wide deck fits the kids because they can get out both feet on it. This three-wheel scooter is sturdy enough to hold up to 154 pounds making it ideal for kids up to 14 years of age.


  • Has a smooth glide
  • Ideal for bigger kids
  • Has light-up wheels


  • The scooter does not fold down for storage

5. Razor Jr. Folding

Razor Jr. Folding Get it now on

Featuring a wide and slip-resistant Polypropylene deck, this three-wheel scooter is stable and is made to be used by kids under 44 pounds. The scooter is balanced and can be used by younger kids to teach them to balance and coordinate easily. High-quality steel has been used to make the frames, and aluminum and plastic have also been used in the construction, making it durable and strong but does not go too fast.

This scooter is easy to assemble and does not take a lot of time to put together before the kid can start riding. You can easily fold the scooter to transport it for playdates and is, therefore, portable and convenient. Storing the scooter is also easy because the folding design will make it occupy less space in your garage or home. This is an excellent scooter for learners and the younger kid because of the simple design and is easy to ride, so from 3 years can comfortably ride.


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Extra-wide deck
  • Easy to assemble


  • The height is not adjustable

4. EEDAN Scooter

EEDAN Scooter Get it now on

With a wide deck and constructed with metal and durable nylon composites, this kick scooter can carry a weight of up to 132 pounds, making it ideal for kids from 2 to 14 years. The height can be adjusted so that the kid can grow with the scooter, and because the Handle locks in place, it is safe and secure for any kid.  Made with a unique stable design, the scooter is durable and reliable and does not need a kickstand for the kid to ride.

Comfort grip pads have been used to make the handles comfortable and to provide a firm grip even when on high speed. The three-wheel scooter has a detachable design so that you can easily store and transport it, and the wheels are max glider deluxe, which moves smoothly and flashes when in motion. The faster they ride, the brighter the wheels glow, making them fun and colorful for kids to ride.


  • Easy access brake
  • Has a large reinforced pedal
  • Luminous wheels


  • Requires assembly before use

3. Razor DeltaWing

Razor DeltaWing Get it now on

With a 16 inch extra-large pneumatic wheel, this uniquely made scooter provides a great ride that is self-propelled and smooth. The three-wheel scooter also has hand-operated brakes that are easy to use, and rubber grips give the handle a firm and comfortable grip. This also makes the scooter easy to control while turning and the steel frames used to make the scooter ensure sturdiness and stability. The scooter is easy to assemble and is made of a steel frame and high-tech polymer wings, making it sturdy and durable.

Shredding sidewalks have been made easy with the Y handlebars, and the low angle trailing casters allow the rider to turn, drift, and accelerate without pushing the scooter.  This scooter is easy to learn and is very stable and will ensure that the kid has a fun and cutting edge experience while making them stand out from the others. The scooter supports up to 143 pounds and is recommended for boys and girls above six years.


  • Unique design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Has hand-operated brakes


  • The scooter is not ideal for younger kids

2. Den Haven

Den Haven Get it now on

The den haven three-wheel scooter for kids and toddlers is a deluxe aluminum glider with a step brake and a T-style handlebar that locks in place and is stable and safe for kids. The handle bar is also adjustable so that the kid can ride comfortably and also grow with the scooter. Constructed with metal and durable nylon composites, the scooter has a wide deck that makes riding easy and fun for the kids, and there is no need for a kickstand.

Quality PU wheels have been used to make this scooter, and they are, therefore, smooth and also quiet. High-quality bearings make the wheels glide smoothly and reduce vibration, making the ride smoothly even on uneven ground. Durable aluminum ensures that the scooter is long-lasting and does not rust, no matter the type of weather. Rear brakes are also featured so that the scooter can stop quickly because they are easy for the kid to use.


  • Has a wide deck
  • Smooth and quiet wheels
  • Easy to ride and brake


  • The rear brake pops off after a while

1. Lascoota 2-in-1

Lascoota 2-in-1 Get it now on

 This is a three-wheel scooter that allows your kid to ride while standing or sitting because there is a seat that can be attached to the frame, making it ideal for older and younger kids. The scooter has a weight capacity of 110 pounds and can be used comfortably by kids from 2 to 8 years old. The wheels light up as the kid scoots with a variety of flashing colors, making it fun and entertaining for the kids because the faster they ride, the brighter the flashes.

The elf balancing feature makes the scooter safe, and the wheels glide smoothly and quietly. These PU flashing wheels are smooth even on uneven surfaces, mainly because the front wheel is bigger. An extra-wide deck enables your id to ride with both legs on comfortably, and the handle has a comfortable and firm grip. You can easily install and remove the scooter seat in 30 seconds, and the lean-to-steer technology makes the scooter easy to control.


  • Has a removable seat
  • The wheels light up
  • Smooth and quiet ride


  • Needs assembly before use


When buying a scooter, you need to consider the weight and age of the child so that you can get one that they will ride comfortably. Always put safety first before the kid rides and ensure that they wear safety gear before they start riding. Do not buy a scooter that is too big because you can always get one that has adjustable heights for the kid to grow with.

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