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Best AB Wheels in 2023 Reviews

A strong midsection is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes it possible to do lots of other workouts. An AB wheel roller presents a great way of isolating this muscle and enhancing it as you work towards rock-hard Ab. Unlike standing abdominal crunches, AB wheel rollers usually have a lightweight and compact design that makes them portable and possible to use anywhere.

When you are shopping for the best AB roller, you want to get one made with the highest quality materials for durability and safety from injury during your workout sessions. Here is a list of some of the best AB wheel rollers on the market.

List of the Best AB Wheels of 2023

8. POWER GUIDANCE AB Wheel roller

POWER GUIDANCE AB Wheel roller Get it now on

The Power guidance AB wheel roller is an excellent tool for maximizing your core strength. It is one giant wheel measuring two inches and weighing 1.76 pounds to ensure incredible stability when you are rolling. Not only will this product enhance your Ab, but it also works effectively in strengthening your lower back. This roller wheel is constructed using premium hard plastic and steel to ensure it is safe, long-lasting, and has a high load capacity. There is a roller that will undoubtedly serve you for several years.

As opposed to the surfaces of other wheel rollers, this product features a surface constructed using high-density rubber that is not damaged when used on the floor. It also highlights a super silent operation when in use and has foam handles, so your hands do not get too tired while using and at the same time, enhancing grip ease and controlling. This product is an excellent choice for both beginners and experts as well and very easy to assemble so you can achieve your fitness goals in just a few seconds.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for both beginners and experts
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Reasonably priced


  • The grips may slide off when using

7. Odoland AB Wheel Roller 3-In-1 Kit

Odoland AB Wheel Roller 3-In-1 Kit Get it now on

To benefit more from your work out session, Odoland AB Wheel Roller 3-In-1 Kit includes more than an AB roller wheel.  You will get three wheels that have a resistance band as well as a kneepad to prevent your knees from injury when working out. The kit also includes a carry bag for enhanced portability and convenient storage. The product offers maximum stability through the three wheels allowing you to withstand longer work out sessions. It includes resistant strands that make the product more comfortable to use, even for beginners.

This ultra-stable wheel roller also comes with leg extensions to ensure excellent stability capacity when you carve in the middle, left, or center when focusing on obliques. You may also use the resistance bands for other exercises. The manufacturer offers users with eBooks, so they learn how best to use this unique wheel roller for exercises. The resistance band handles are antiskid. You can also remove the handles quite quickly so you can travel with this product conveniently. You can use this product if you are a beginner and a pro as well.


  • Updated 3-wheel design
  • Ideal for both beginners and pros
  • Supports a high weight level


  • May be hard to assemble
  • Quite bulky

6. Epitome fitness AB roller wheel

Epitome fitness AB roller wheel

Get it now on

This product does more than just maximizing your Ab workouts.  It helps to give more strength to your hips, shoulders, triceps as well as oblique for outstanding stability. Because of its durable two wheels, you will not wobble around when rolling during your work out session offering two times as more stability compared to single-wheeled ones. Unlike other wheels that use plastic, this wheel roller utilizes durable silicone that provides water-resistance as well as heat resistance. The handle features stainless steel core to ensure maximum durability.

This abdominal roller that is perfect for abdominal exercises has a bonus kneeling mat so that your knees are comfortable when working out. As well, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this product to promise you of its quality.


  • Non-slip handles
  • Includes two wheels for more stability and control
  • Made using durable silicone
  • Includes bonus mat


  • The product is pretty heavy

5. Wacces AB Power Wheel Roller

Wacces AB Power Wheel Roller

Get it now on

This reasonably priced AB wheel roller has many advanced and beneficial features. It can be used by both advanced and beginner trainers at ease. The product is exceptionally lightweight, meaning that you can easily carry it in your brag and train with anywhere you like. It contains two non-skid wheels that are connected to a metal bar to ensure outstanding safety and stability as you work out. Besides, the handles have textured rubber grips, so your hands are more comfortable when using.

This wheel roller not only strengthens your Ab, but it also does the same for your back, shoulders, and arms as well. You will also find it very easy to assemble the two wheels. The Wacces AB power wheel roller is available in different colors to enable you to choose one that suits you best.


  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Strong construction
  • Includes non-skid feature
  • Great for both beginners and experts


  • May not be great for people weighing more than 150lbs

4. Sports Research Ab Wheel- Sweet Sweat

Sports Research Ab Wheel- Sweet Sweat Get it now on

You can comfortably use this product at your workplace, home, or gym. It is not only ideal for toning your Ab but strengthens your arms and back as well. It features a super wide three inches thick wheel to give fantastic stability when working out. You will be able to enjoy unrestricted movements during all your sessions. If you are an expert trainer, you can be able to do carving exercises using this roller to enhance your routines. The ergonomic handles are designed in such a manner as to eliminate any discomfort in your hands to ensure you get one hundred percent benefit when working out.

The handles are also detachable so that you can remove them easily for compact storage and improved portability. There is also a deep tread to prevent you from slipping when working out on various surfaces. The manufacturer includes a free foam knee mat to prevent your knees from injury when working on hard floors in the gym, office, or at home. There is also a guide to help you perform the best-targeted core shaping exercises.


  • Affordable price and great design.
  • Includes bonus knee pad
  • Treaded wheels work well various surfaces
  • Amazing ergonomics and padding


  • The manufacturer offers only a year’s warranty.

3. Fitnessery AB wheel roller

Fitnessery AB wheel roller Get it now on

The fitnessery wheel roller works similar to your fitness trainer. It helps you achieve bigger six-pack Ab that everyone will surely love. It effectively helps you to shed extra weight and build strong muscles giving you a more enhanced endurance. Although this product does not come with additional features, it does include sweet bonuses as well as lifetime money back. It features a solid material to endure the most vigorous work out sessions.

This product integrates robust stainless steel, durable PVC as well as non-slip rubber. The Ab wheel roller handles feature EVA handle foam padding to ensure your hands are comfortable during all your work out sessions. Included in the package is a bonus kneepad for added safety when using various surfaces, a valuable nutrition eBook, and another free AB workout eBook. This AB wheel roller undeniably gives you maximum reliability so can train from multiple angles for targeted oblique and intercostals


  • Highly comfortable handgrips
  • Free knee pads, nutrition, and workout eBook
  • The rubber wheel is non-slip


  • There is only a single wheel
  • Does not add resistance

2. Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Rollers

Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Rollers Get it now on

The Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Rollers is a revolutionary exercise product that effortlessly enables core toning. Not only does it strengthen your midsection for captivating Ab, but it also makes your lower back as well as your upper body much stronger. This wheel roller is designed in such a way to serve you for the longest time despite its simple design.

The product only weighs 1.3 pounds making it ultra-and super portable. You can also take it conveniently in your gym bag due to its compact design. This product also comes fully assembled so you can start using immediately you get it out of the package. It contains non-slip handles for maximum comfort when using. The dual wheels enable smooth rolling for the best posture. The manufacturer has a one-year warranty for the Elite Sportz wheel roller.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Long-lasting


  • The wheels are rather small

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Roller

Perfect Fitness Ab Roller Get it now on

The ideal fitness Ab roller is one of the bestselling Ab rollers in the market. The reason behind this is probably the high-performance features that have made it get thousands of positive reviews from trainers of all levels. It’s an ultra-wide wheel roller constructed in resistance. It also has ergonomic handles to better the quality of all your exercise sessions and ensures you burn as fast as possible.

The full roller design ensures that you enjoy enhanced stability when you are carving out during targeted oblique. It has an interior kinetic wheel that employs the use of steel spring to achieve resistance, enhance both abdominal and arm work out. The ergonomic handgrips have just the right angle for activation of the arm as well as core muscles. You can remove the handles so you can store it conveniently and move around with it effortlessly. There is a kneepad included for enhanced comfort.


  • Ergonomic hand grips
  • Super full wheel thread for maximum stability
  • Interior kinetic engine for resistance
  • Removable handles


  • Quite expensive


There are many high-quality Ab wheel rollers available in the market to ensure optimal efficiency when building core muscles. They do a great job toning your muscles, giving you that six-pack you have always coveted. You want to ensure you choose the best Ab roller that handles your weight effectively and addresses your workout needs.


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