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Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Covers of 2023

A pool is a perfect place to have fun, escape the summer heat, and probably the best venue to do your exercises. However, neglect can make it a no-go zone. Imagine swimming in a pool with dead bugs, debris, and other dirt from wind deposit… No way I’m getting in!

The good news is using a pool cover is the best way to avoid the dirty pool, giving you a chance to reuse your pool water for long. Here is a review of the ten best above ground pool covers. 

List of 10 Best Above Ground Pool Covers 

10. In the swim round leaf net cover

In the swim round leaf net cover

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Are you living in an area covered by trees and other plants? If yes, then in the swim is the best above ground pool cover for you. Featuring the best dimension of 6 inches by 22.2 inches by 18.5 inches, with a weight of 7.4 pounds, this one is light and portable. 

In addition, what many people love in this product is the durable and knitted polyethylene that offers longevity to prevent any future repair costs. It comes with secure fastening loops and a wire cable with a metal winch to secure it firmly in your pool.Nevertheless, it has an attractive black color with a pocket-friendly price and will serve you for the longest time.


  • pocket-friendly price
  • has an attractive black color
  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • Light-weight only 7.6 pounds


  • May fail to cover a wide surface area
  • Prolonged usage under UV rays may cause wear and tear

9. Blue Wave Gold 32-ft Above ground pool cover

Blue Wave Gold 32-ft Above ground pool cover

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Style always walks hand in hand with technology. This eye-catching pool cover has a royal blue color and a black underside that helps in algae retardation. It has a rugged U.V woven polyethylene that offers snow, sun, and ice and wind resistance. 

In addition, many customers claim that this product is a top grade cover as it is built with tear-resistant and robust material to offer durability. Therefore, you will never be worried about future repair costs. With sealed seams, you have a full guarantee of a clear crystal pool during the next spring.

Furthermore, it comes with a 4-foot overlap that fits the pool with a full top rail. In addition, it has a heavy-duty cable that is vinyl coated with an anchored tightener.


  • Comes with a 15-year warranty
  • Has durable materials to offer longevity
  • Compact and attractive design
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Materials could be made more durable

8. Blue Wave Gold 24-ft above ground cover

Blue Wave Gold 24-ft above ground cover

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If you want to buy a durable and robust pool cover, then consider blue wave gold 24 feet above ground cover. This great product has a tear-resistant and sturdy construction. It comes with a U.V woven polyethylene that offers ice, wind, sun, and snow resistance. When it comes to algae prevention and elimination, this product has a black underside to keep off chances of algae development. Furthermore, the heat-sealed seams are vital in ensuring that your pool is clear.

A big thanks to the manufacturer for designing this product with a vinyl coated cable with a tightener anchored by rip resistance metal grommets. Mentionable, it has an attractive royal blue cover that creates a beautiful look. It has a perfect dimension for your pool with 17 by 21 by 7 inches.


  • features an attractive royal blue colol
  •  Compact dimensions to fit in your pool 
  • Durable materials


  • It may be a bit heavy and cumbersome

7. Blue Wave 24-ft above ground cover

Blue Wave 24-ft above ground cover

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This eye-catching pool net reduces the mess brought about by decaying leaves and growing algae within your pool. It has a durable and woven polyethylene to enhance longevity and save your money.

It is easy to install net as it has a 3 feet overlap to fit on the top rails. Nevertheless, it has a sturdy cable with a winch tightener. Never forget, it has a black underside to reduce the chances of algae growth.  The heat-sealed seams help in water purification of water leading to clear pool.In addition, it has a black mesh fabric for more cleaning ability.


  •  Easy to install in the pool
  •  lightweight with 7.56 pounds
  •  Warranty is impressive.


  • Some buyers may find it expensive

6. Blue Wave Bronze above ground winter pool cover

Blue Wave Bronze above ground winter pool cover

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This is one of the best pool covers available in the market today. It is available in different sizes. As the buyer, you need to get the appropriate pool cover that will fit your pool. Majorly, this Blue wave bronze 8-year is available in the following sizes; 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 28, and even 30 measured in circumference. On its 4 feet, an overlap ensures less stretching and ripping when using. This also provides certain protections to the pool.

Moreover, this pool cover has strong and durable covers made of polyethylene scrim, which enable to pool to withstand any harsh winter weather. This cover is also protected by U.V., which blocks direct sunshine from entering the pool.On top of this pool cover, a right place provides a good place for family and friends to have fun among activities. This pool protector is surely a timeless addition to your home pool.


  • Robust, durable and sturdy
  • Multiple sizes to fit any pool
  • U.V. safe and treated


  • Customer Complaints
  • Quite expensive

5. Blue Wave Silver above ground cover

Blue Wave Silver above ground cover


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This Blue Wave Silver has all the durability and strength to outdo all the harsh winter weather. This is because of, a hefty woven polyethylene coating, offers the Silver cover with a firm surface. Having this pool cover in your home strengths, the confidence about your pool since no environmental debris and rubbish flying objects will get into your pool to make it conducive for use.

 Moreover, it is U.V. stabilized; it features maximum protection from harmful effects coming from the sun. Have no worry concerning U.V. effects on your health. The proper security as well as retards the necessity of algae growth.When you decide to buy this Silver grade cover, remember it is secured with durable vinyl and a well-tightened coated cable to rip-proof metal grommets.


  • Durable
  • free from U.V. effects
  • Woven polyethylene makes it very strong


  • Quite expensive
  • Cannot withstand heavy load

4. Intex Deluxe 18 pool cover

Intex Deluxe 18 pool cover

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When searching for a good pool cover, the Intex Deluxe is a great option. It protects and shields your pool metal frame from any animal distracters. In addition, it has been built in a safer way where it can drain holes to resist water accumulation.

Intex deluxe 18-pool cover has sturdy materials; some of these materials are U.V. resistant as well as a polyethylene material, which ensures it lasts for a more extended period.This Intex Pool cover performs its best function by preventing any debris and leaves from falling inside the pool. Due to this result, you can tighten it to prevent the wind from blowing it off its place.


  • U.V. resistant
  • Entitled with rope ties to offer security
  •  Comes with drains holes


  • Tears easily
  • Does not withstand heavy load

3. Robelle 3524-4 Super pool cover

Robelle 3524-4 Super pool cover

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This pool cover is made of a polyethylene scrim, meant for U.V. resistance. This Scrim cover entails a four- foot overlap, which provides ample security than any other pool cover. To purchase this pool cover, it comes with different sizes. 

Therefore, order it according to the size of the pool you have now. The right size of the cover ensures it well floats on top of the pool whenever you cover it. The cover is well designed with a decent blue color on the top and black color at the bottom. This black color at the bottom prevents the growth of algae.To ensure the proper protection of your pool, use this Robelle cover with its grommets. This should be done with an all-weather cable to ensure it offers you ample protection to your pool.


  • Durable
  • Entitled to 10-year warranty
  • Much reliable


  • Quite expensive
  • Tears easily

2. Intex Solar Cover

Intex Solar Cover

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This Intex Solar cover for 18ft by 9ft has robust materials; some of its solar installed materials enable water to get warmer when you cover up your pool. Upon the purchase, you will be issued with a very spacious carrying bag. This bag tends to be very strong enough and can withstand any heavy load. It is eventually making your transportation very convenient from purchase point to your home.

Moreover, the materials used also are very durable. The pools cover is made from 160-micron material, which stays for several years without weathering out. The pool cover is the most preferable to use because it also prevents water evaporation by about 95{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541}. Therefore, this provides you with soft pool water recycle.


  • Keeps water warm
  • Comes with ample carry bag
  • It is durable.


  • Very expensive
  • Requires proper security

1. Blue Wave Bronze pool cover

Blue Wave Bronze pool cover

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The Blue wave Bronze cover has a durable cover coating meant to provide accurate resistance to any winter weather like a strong wind, debris, and dust particles, among others. It has also U.V. resistant, which protects it from direct sunshine.

At the bottom of the pool cover, it has a black color, which prevents the growth of algae. Moreover, it has a 4-foot material that covers the net from ripping and stretches. Actually, for any pool cover, lay your options into this pool cover. You can easily shop for this product from the respective dealers.


  • Free from U.V. rays
  • Strong durability
  • Very flexible


  • Pocket unfriendly
  • Requires steady maintenance

Best Above ground pool covers – Buying Guide

Finding an excellent underground pool cover is not a challenging affair so you should never be worried. However, here is an insightful guide for buying the best above ground pool cover for your home.


Most underground pool covers are made to last for a short period. Some companies offer an extended period warranty while others design them with a short period warranty. Therefore, it is vital to buy a pool cover with an extended warranty.


Are you aware that buying a cover pool with durable material determines how long you will use it? Before you think of buying, check on the materials used to manufacture it. Remember, you are going to use the cover for outdoor purposes under the hot summer. So, it is essential to consider buying a two-sided sheet to add more insulation on the inside part. Primarily, a durable material offers more durability, which saves you from future damage costs associated with excess sunlight.

The Overhang

This is the number of feet that makes the cover hang on the pool when you install it. The overhang adds more fit to the pool as well as keeping the sides closed. Therefore, there will be a low chance of debris inside your pool.

Sunlight control

You must ensure that the cover is capable of handling Ultra Violet rays. These rays cause warping, cracking, wear and tear, and other pre-mature aging issues of the pool. Consider buying solid covers for your pool as they offer more UV protection as they get rid of algae development. 

Pool Size and Shape

Pool covers are built with different sizes. Nevertheless, the most vital factor to check before buying the cover is the size of your pool. Probably, you can take measurements of your pool before purchasing the cover. Failure to this, you can end up buying a small pool. Also, consider the shape of your pool before buying. Most ground pools are designed in a rectangular and circular manner. Buy a cover that follows the shape of your pool to keep off debris from getting access to the pool.


Price is always the primary factor to consider before buying any product. You may choose a cheap pool cover to avoid future budget constraints.


Much is said and bringing issues on the table; the review has featured some of the best underground pool covers. With the infinite supply of such products in the market, you may end up falling a victim of fake pool covers. Take your time, do thorough research, and come up with the best product for your household.


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