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10 Best Air Hockey Tables in 2023

Games in the modern-day include a lot more indoor games than outdoor activities. The advantage of this shift is that families can spend quality time from the comfort of their home, which makes it easy to squeeze in some free time from the busy daily life. Among such popular games are the air hockey tables that can offer you and your family a place to have fun. Many manufacturers incorporate technological details to enhance your experience for maximum enjoyment. Hence, how do you know which product to select?

Well, we put together the reviews of the top ten air hockey tables as well as a short buying guide. Our piece here aims to help you make appropriate moves in a competitive market. You will know the descriptions of each air hockey table, which will allow you to buy a satisfactory product.

A List of 10 Best Air Hockey Tables

10. Lanos Air Hockey

Lanos Air Hockey

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This air hockey table measures 48 × 24 × 31 inches and provides with a large playing surface to enjoy the game with the family. The product weighs 28 pounds and offers you stable support that ensures the kids can safely have fun. Additionally, the convenient size of the air hockey table enables you to fit the product in most rooms of your home. The colorful design on the product can add to the air of competition to create a lively game. 

You do not have to worry about getting injuries with this air hockey table since the rounded edges and foam-covered legs provide protection. The rubber feet offer a secure grip and ensure the table does not slide regardless of the players’ movements. You can utilize this product for a long time because the fiber wood material used to design it is dense, high quality, and durable.


  • High-quality, dense fiber wood material
  • Spacious playing surface
  • Easy to assemble


  • Felt may come off the handles

9. Carmelli Enforcer

Carmelli Enforcer

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The Carmelli Enforcer 5.5-ft presents you with an air hockey table that comes with built-in goal boxes, which adds to your convenience during assembly. The product features a puck return system that is automatic, along with manual ABS counters, to enable you to keep scores easily. Besides this, the air hockey table incorporates MDF legs with end panels to provide you with stable support.

Additionally, the independent levelers included in the design ensure you have an even surface for an authentic gaming experience. This large air hockey table has a playing surface measuring 65 × 31 inches that offers you a comfortable playing area for the kids to enjoy. As well, the high output electric blower powers the glossy surface, which provides you with a smooth glide, even in intense games. The melamine that covers the MDF material used to construct this product features colorful graphics to add style to your play. 


  • CARB certified MDF material
  • High output electric blower
  • Slick and glossy surface


  • Legs do not fold

8. Air Hockey Tabletop

Air Hockey Tabletop

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This air hockey table offers you a quality product designed with an AC-12V motor fan that powers even and steady airflow for a smooth glide that does not interfere with the speed of competitive games. The package includes two yellow pucks, an adapter, and two yellow paddles to ensure you can enjoy the play with friends and family. Aside from this, the construction of the air hockey table makes it easy to assemble within minutes.

The stylish and compact design of the air hockey table allows you to place the product on the ground or on a table, which enables you to play with kids and adults. The 40-inch long product is also lightweight and ensures you can transport it with ease, whenever necessary. Further, the air hockey table incorporates goal scorers on each that you can efficiently utilize to keep up the scores. 


  • AC-12V motor fan
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rubber-padded legs


  • May need to drill holes to secure the goals

7. Hathaway Bandit 5ˈ

Hathaway Bandit 5ˈ

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This air hockey table from Hathaway features a table tennis top that provides you with two games in one for your entertainment. This versatility ensures you can comfortably spend hours playing with kids and other family members without the worry of boredom. Moreover, this air hockey table incorporates an internal scoring system that helps the players to keep track of competitive games.

The electric blower of this air hockey table offers excellent airflow that allows you to move the pucks with ease, even in the fast-paced games. You can be sure to have a stylish look while you play because the colorful and vibrant colors provide a stunning contrast that can blend with any interior décor. The air hockey table and the detachable table tennis top are lightweight and compact, making it convenient to transport.


  • A powerful and steady airflow
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two games in one


  • Does not fold

6. Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products

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The Best Choice Products offer you an air hockey table measuring 56.5 × 27 × 31.5 inches that can conveniently fit in most rooms of your house. The PVC and premium quality wood used to make this product ensures you have a sturdy air hockey table that you can use for a long time. The kids can enjoy a competitive game without injuring themselves because the edges have a rounded design. 

 Additionally, you can be sure to play without interruptions since the 12V DC motor and adapter provide steady airflow that enables you to glide the puck effortlessly on the surface. The manual and LED score counters to allow you to keep up the scores comfortably as the game intensifies. The package includes two pushers and two pucks, providing you with the accessories for a fun time with family.


  • PVC and composite wood material
  • Digital scoreboard
  • Excellent airflow


  • Does not have a power switch

5. Rally and Roar

Rally and Roar

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Rally and Roar present you with a premium product featuring vibrant colors and a sleek design with a white background on the surface. The construction of the components ensures you can comfortably set up the air hockey table in a matter of minutes. As well, this product comes with two mini pushers, two mini pucks, and two scoreboards for your convenience during a game. 

Besides this, the construction using dense fiber wood enables you to obtain a sturdy product that can provide your family with entertainment for a long time. The AC-12V motor also ensures to supply the air hockey table with dual airflow for smooth and sleek movements. The compact size of this product allows you to place the item directly on the ground or on furniture. The foam covering the legs prevents scratches on the furniture’s surface or tiles. 


  • Dense fiber wood material
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Compact and portable


  • Two AAA batteries not included in the package

4. Sport Squad H×40

Sport Squad H×40

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This air hockey table has dimensions of 40 × 20 × 5 inches and provides you with a convenient playing surface area. The lightweight product weighs 14lbs, which makes it easy for you to transport the item whenever necessary. The compact design enables you to fit this air hockey table on your furniture, and the rubber-padded feet protect the surfaces from scratches.

Aside from this, the electric fan incorporated in the air hockey table offers steady and even airflow that enables you to glide the pucks smoothly during play. The abacus scoring system featured on each goal allows you to track the scores as the kids or family members compete. Upon purchase, the package includes two pucks and two strikers, providing you with all the accessories you need for a fun time. Pros

  • Rubber-padded feet
  • Even and quiet airflow
  • Manual sliding abacus scorers


  • The motor may overheat if placed on a carpet

3. Playcraft Sport 40-Inch

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch

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This air hockey table from Playcraft features rounded edges that help to protect the kids from injuries as they run around the product playing. This convenient product also incorporates a scoring system on each goal that players can use to keep track of the winner, even in competitive games. Furthermore, the 40-inch air hockey table is compact and lightweight, which allows you to carry and place the product on furniture with ease.

The MDF material used to design this air hockey table ensures you have a stable and durable product. The low-powered motor provides steady airflow for a casual game with other family members and the children. This product is ideal for children because the small accessories are small and fit perfectly in the hands of your little ones. 


  • Quality MDF material
  • Rounded edges with rubber feet
  • A convenient size for kids


  • Cannot simulate the air hockey table in arcades

2. Triumph Fire

Triumph Fire

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Triumph Sports presents you with an air hockey table designed with light up corners that illuminate when a player scores, which adds a lively atmosphere to the game. The abacus at each goal and the LED scoring system help you to keep track of the scores, even in fast-paced actions. In addition to this, the package includes one LED puck and two LED hockey pushers.

Further, this air hockey table has leg levelers that you can comfortably adjust to obtain a flat and stable playing surface. The measurements of 54 × 27 × 31 inches ensure you have convenient size and space for young kids and teenagers to play. The colorful graphics and LED features to allow you to utilize this air hockey table in the dark for nighttime entertainment. You also do not have to waste a lot of time because the components are easy to assemble.


  • LED features
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Easy to assemble


  • Low-powered motor

1. Triumph Lumen-X Lazer

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer

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This air hockey table features a stylish design that will match any interior décor in your home. The PVC material used to construct the surface provides you with a sturdy and durable product that you can enjoy with your family for a long time. Moreover, the compact size makes this air hockey table perfect for children aged eight to eleven years, making it ideal to use when you want to enjoy quality time with your young ones. 

You can conveniently play on this air hockey table at night because the product incorporates illuminating technology in its design. The LED lights along the in-rail have a cascading effect that adds fun to the game. The in-game music also ensures to keep your spirits high as you enjoy your time with your family. Besides, the dual-motor blowers ensure you have excellent airflow for smooth and fast movements.


  • Dual motor blowers
  • Illuminating technology
  • PVC material


  • Pucks may fly off the table

Buying Guide – Air Hockey Tables

Size and dimension

Most of these air hockey tables are large and require you to have some room in the garage, living room, or game room. Other items come in smaller dimensions that allow you to place the product on your table, which also makes it convenient by using minimal space. Even though the air hockey tables are easy to set up, it is also important to note that the products are not foldable for storage. You want to look at the size of the product before purchase to ensure you obtain an air hockey table that matches your style and available space.

Material and durability

Some of the products feature construction from high-quality composite wood and MDF, while others include PVC material in their design. Ensure the items have these premium materials because they provide the air hockey tables with stability and sturdiness that enable you to use the product for a long time.

Motor power

You want to ensure to purchase a product with the motor power of your preference since some air hockey tables incorporate low-powered fans designed for children. Make sure to check the voltage of the product before purchase to ensure you will get the level of competitiveness that you desire. 


By reading the reviews of the ten best air hockey tables above, you can recognize the different qualities that characterize each product. Additionally, the buying guide provides you with some essential factors to consider before buying an air hockey table. Therefore, the information will enable you to make the right decisions and eventually purchase a perfect product for your needs.

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