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Best Alarm Clocks Of 2023

An alarm clock on your nightstand is a sure way to ensure that you don oversleep and get to your appointments late. Nowadays there are alarm clocks that are effective for anyone even the very heavy sleepers. It is important to choose a clock that will wake you up for sure so taking a look at the different features is important because it will help you select the best alarm clock for you. Additional features are also great but ensure that they will make using the alarm complicated especially for kids or the old.

List of the Best Alarm Clocks of 2023

10. hOmeLabs Sunrise

hOmeLabs Sunrise Get it now on

This is a modern digital LED clock that has a 6 color switch and FM radio. A multiple nature sound feature has been featured and a sunset simulation so that you can wake up to lovely sounds like bird sounds or the ocean waves. The wide clock face is easy to see and is a touchscreen so that it can be easy to access. The screen shows either a 12 or 24-time display.

Made for heavy sleepers, this alarm clock gradually wakes up to the light of your choice and the radio is easy to operate making it ideal for use by anyone. The snooze button is easy to hit so that you can pause the alarm and turn off the light and the sound for 5 minutes.  This alarm clock has a light that brightens gradually 30 minutes before the alarm so that you can wake up gradually and gently.


  • Wide clock face
  • Has a sunset simulator
  • Easy to hit the snooze button


  • It has so many buttons needs some time to get used to

9. AmazonBasics Clock

AmazonBasics Clock Get it now on

With a nightlight that gently illuminates a dark room, this alarm clock is ideal for people who fear to sleep in a very dark room and they have repeating snooze function so that you can sleep a little longer. A battery back up is featured so that you can sleep peacefully knowing that the alarm clock will still function even if there is a power outage.

Featuring an easy to read LED display, this clock is easy to use because it can be seen with just a glance. The effortless check time is possible to see even when half asleep so that one cannot oversleep. The clock is accurate and ensures that you wake up at the exact time you want making it reliable. The convenient compact clock is ideal for use at home and can be easily packed for travel. This alarm sound is loud enough for heavy sleepers with a repeat snooze button so that one can avoid oversleeping.


  • Has a battery back up
  • Widescreen display
  • Reliable


  • It is too bright at night

8. Mpow Digital

Mpow Digital Get it now on

Featuring a curved LED screen, this clock is easy to use a digital alarm clock that is ideal for kids and adults. The clock can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, and even offices and has an adjustable volume so that you can set the most suitable volume for you. The design of this clock allows it to be seen from any point of the room and the display is clear from any angle. Clear indicators that are simple and clear are available so that the clock can be easily used by kids and seniors.

You can easily choose the level of brightness according to your preference and you can completely turn it off when you are sleeping at night. The buzzer can also be chosen between birds singing and chord tones with two levels of volumes to choose from. The snooze button is big and easy to reach so that you can enjoy an additional 9 minutes of sleep.


  • Big snooze button
  • Curved screen for clear display from any angle
  • Adjustable volume and brightness


  • Does not have FM radio

7. Peakeep Twin Bell

Peakeep Twin Bell Get it now on

This is a loud clock suitable for very heavy sleepers and people with mild hearing loss. The vintage style will remind you of the 80s and can match any bedroom decor because of the look. The hour and minute hands are white against the black background making it easy to see the time so that you can accurately tell the time without straining to see it. The big printed 3D numbers are easy to see and the loud alarm with no snooze button is sure to wake anyone up.

Battery operation makes it ideal for use any time whether there is power or even when you have a power outage. A button has been included to help you light the face so that the time will be visible at night. This is a silent clock with non-ticking hands so that it can be comfortably used in a learning or working environment and also enhances a soothing sleep.


  • Has a backlight for visibility at night
  • Very loud for heavy sleepers
  • Silent


  • No snooze button

6. Philips Therapy

Philips Therapy Get it now on

This is an alarm clock with a colored sunrise simulation to make it easy for you to get up in the morning. The cool to touch feature makes it safe for children and the light bulb does not need to be replaced. The alarm clock does not need any assembly because you just need to plug it in and start using the clock. 10 brightness settings are featured so that you can comfortably use the clock as a night light or as a bedside lamp.

You will wake up feeling refreshed with this lamp because of the light therapy lamp and power back up feature maintains the internal settings for up to 8 hours and is therefore effective even in power failures. The large and easy to read display makes this clock ideal for use by anyone and a natural bird sound alarm wakes you up smoothly. The dimming sunset sounds allow you to drift off to sleep.


  • Has power back up
  • Large, easy to read display
  • FM radio


  • The light bulb cannot be replaced

5. Travelwey Home

Travelwey Home Get it now on

With a big red digit display, this easy to operate alarm clock is simple and is ideal for use by children and the elderly. The travelway clock can be used as a night light for the people who are afraid of the dark and people who like to read in bed because it can also work as a bedside lamp. A simple press button is used to activate the light.

A snooze button is available to allow an extra 9 minutes of sleep and the alarm volume can be set to low or high according to your preference. This is a great feature because it will be used by heavy and light sleepers. The LED digits with a dimmable slider make it clear and the brightness can be increased or decreased according to your comfort level. There is a provision to put in batteries to work as a backup when the electricity goes out.


  • Adjustable brightness
  • The digits are big and clear
  • Compact and portable


  • The alarm stops on its own and you might oversleep if you did not hear it

4. Sonic Bomb Dual

Sonic Bomb Dual Get it now on

This alarm clock has a vibrating feature so that heavy sleepers can wake up even if they do not hear the alarm ringing. A full range dimmer adjusts the lighting with 5 different dimmer settings and the battery backup will ensure that the alarm wakes you up even when there is no electricity. This alarm clock will allow you to set multiple alarms and the snooze button can be adjusted so that you can pause the alarm anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes.

This super loud alarm can be used by people with hearing difficulty and the bed shaker makes it possible for the deaf to use it. The vibration feature is also designed not to interfere with other people sleeping in the room so that it can be effectively used in college dorms with roommates. The bright red flashing light is also sure to get anyone to wake up and battery backup ensures power outages do not interfere with your schedule.


  • Has a bed shaker
  • Super loud with flashing lights
  • Five light dimmer levels


  • No FM radio

3. Digital Travel

Digital Travel Get it now on

This simple alarm clock with a basic operating system is small and light and is ideal for use at home or while traveling. The snooze feature ensures that you get a few more minutes to sleep if you desire and the internal time is kept even when off so that you will not have to reset the clock when you traveling. The clear display has lights too so that you can conveniently use it at night because you will see the clock without straining the eyes.

Designed for absolute simplicity, this alarm clock can be easily used by children and the elderly because they will not need a lot of help to set the time. This slim travel clock is loud enough to wake people up and does not have so many extra settings so that it can be easy to use and can be functional enough as an alarm clock.


  • Small and slim design
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Clear display


  • Does not have any additional features

2. RCA Digital Clock

RCA Digital Clock Get it now on

With a large 1.4 display, the RCA digital alarm clock is functional and convenient and has easy to use control buttons so that it can be easy for children and seniors to use. The snooze button is large so that you can easily hit it if you need to sleep for a few more minutes and there is s a repeating snooze option to help you not oversleep.  This clock has a simple interface and battery backup lets you sleep easily because the alarm will work even when there is no power.

Designed with a bright red display, the alarm clock features a high/low display brightness control so that you can set it to the most comfortable setting for you. The user manual is detailed and gives clear instructions so that you can use it for troubleshooting any issue.  Setting the clock is also easy and it has been streamlined to make it compact and portable for travel.


  • Large display
  • Repeat snooze function
  • High/low brightness display


  • Batteries are not included in the package

1. Digital Alarm – JALL

Digital Alarm - JALL Get it now on

This power cord operated alarm clock is made with a wooden electronic LED time display and has 3 alarm settings. The three-level brightness adjustment allows you to adjust the light from low to high or turn it off completely so that you can keep it sound sensitive. This will ensure that your sleep is not disturbed if you are sensitive to light making it user-friendly because it will not be harsh to the eyes.

Dual alarm settings allow you to set alarms for different people and you can also set weekday mode so that it only rings from Monday to Friday only. This is therefore ideal for school going kids and also for going to work because it will not ring in the weekend. The stylish design is suitable for any room and will also make a great addition to your décor. Humidity and temperature sensor allows you to monitor so that you can protect your health.


  • Stylish wooden design
  • Has 3 alarm settings
  • Humidity and temperature detection


  • The volume is not adjustable

Wrap – up

It is important to note that there is an alarm clock ideal for anyone. Heavy sleepers need a loud clock so that they can hear it when it rings and probably one that rings repeatedly and must be turned off. You should also ensure that the alarm clock you buy will be effective. If you travel a lot, you need to buy a compact and small clock so that it does not take up so much space when you are packing. Battery backup is also an important feature because you need to be assured that your alarm will wake you up when there is a power outage.

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