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10 Best Artificial Christmas Trees in 2023

It’s not Christmas without the tree, and as much as most people would rather have the real thing, it isn’t always feasible. So the second-closest you can get to a freshly cut tree is an artificial beauty to crown the season. The ideal Christmas tree will have the right amount of color to imitate the real thing, plenty of space to hand ornaments, and where possible, pre-lit. 

We combed the internet to get you 10 of the best artificial Christmas trees that you can buy hassle-free online this festive season.

List of the Best Artificial Christmas Trees in 2023

10. OurWarm 7ft 

OurWarm 7ft Artificial Christmas Tree

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For an eye-catching Christmas tree to brighten your home, this 7ft artificial tree from OurWarm with 1400 branch tips is just the thing. Its branches fall seamlessly to form a tree shape and create a full-bodied look. It is a pleasant addition for inside or outside. With flocked snow and pinecones, this tree looks just like any other pine tree perfectly kissed by snow. It immediately brings a natural winter holiday atmosphere into your home. Equipped with a foldable sturdy metallic base, this white Christmas tree is the epitome of stability and durability. Compared with any other stand, this metallic stand provides this tree with stability enforced by 3 screws to fix the whole bracket.

The blades of this tree are made from premium PVC material which is not only non-allergenic but also frame retardant. The OurWarm Christmas tree is perfect indoor and outdoor décor. It comes in 3 hinged sections for easy assembly and storage. 

What we like:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor placing
  • Easy assembly and storage
  • Sturdy metal stand
  • Snow flocking, pine cones and 1400 classical tips

9. YAHEETECH Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree

YAHEETECH Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree

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This artificial Christmas tree comes equipped with 550 clear glowing lights built-in before assembly. This saves you a lot of time and energy putting them together in the proper way. You can opt to place the tree in front of your house or in the garden to shine bright. With a total of 1354 branch tips falling gracefully to form a perfect pine tree, this artificial Christmas tree gives off a natural lifelike appearance. The thick branch tips bring out the natural leafiness of this decorative artificial tree. The lush full and fluffy tips leave more space for ornaments and more lights as preferred by the owner. 

The branches have a premium PVC design which makes it eco-friendly and fire-resistant. However, the trunk and the stand are made of anti-collapse iron which ensures balanced placing. The “leaves” on this artificial Christmas tree can easily be set at will, so you’re directed to fluff out the branch tips to give it a whole look by lifting up the top tips and pulling out the side tips

What we like

  • 550 Clear warm light already hinged 
  • Natural, full and fluffy appearance
  • 1354 flexible tips
  • Perfect height of 7.5ft

8. OasisCraft Aspen Fir 

OasisCraft Aspen Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

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At 7.5 feet tall and 58 inches wide, this OasisCraft artificial tree is 70{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} PVC classic needles and 30{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} PE needles overall composed of 1050 branch tips. The materials used to make this tree render it fire resistant and non-allergenic. This Christmas tree comes in 3 different sections inserted one by one for ease of assembly. It can be used both indoors and outdoors for decoration since it looks and feels just like the real thing. This unlit artificial Christmas tree comes with a 1-yrear warranty.  

What we like:

  • Great weight capacity
  • Realistic appearance
  • Frame-retardant
  • 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} PVC classic needles for fullness
  • Easy disassembly

7. AnotherMe Artificial Christmas Tree

AnotherMe Artificial Christmas Tree

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This UL certified artificial pine tree from AnotherMe comes with 850 professionally pre-strung lights, evenly spaced to provide an optimal warm glow. The AnotherMe artificial Christmas tree has foliage modeled after real tree branches with light snow. Made of 62.5{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} true needle foliage, these branches create an outstanding realism that can’t possibly be matched. This cost-effective Christmas tree is pre-decorated with pinecones and red berries and thick foliage that happily curves upwards just like on a real Pinetree. With 2000 branch tips, this 9ft tree gives a distinct unique appearance and can hold all your favourite ornaments to create a classic and elegant silhouette. The self-shaping branches come hinged in 3 sections for an effortless assembly. Be sure to fluff out and shape the branches after unboxing the tree for a full look. 

What we like: 

  • Fluffing the tree is easy
  • Assembly is a breeze
  • Reasonable price
  • Amazing height

6. OVX Artificial Christmas Tree

OVX Artificial Christmas Tree

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This full life-like artificial tree from OVX adopts 1000 branch tips and a height of 6ft bringing you an excellently shaped tree in a deep forest green colour. It comes with a full set of Christmas decoration ornaments which include and not limited to; a golden 8-inch star, 2 metallic tinsel garlands, 12 red bellies and 12 pinecones at a reasonable price. The blades on this OVX artificial Christmas tree are made of non-flammable, non-allergic PVC material without a pungent smell to ensure high-end safety when lit. The unique features of the PVC provide a vivid natural colour like from a real-life tree. With a wide heavy steel diameter, this artificial Christmas tree is stable and holds the decoration firmly. You can rely on it not to tip over unexpectedly even when touched by children. The tree comes in a compact package which is easy to assemble since it comes in a 3-hinged design. This brings storage convenience while requiring a little fluffing for a full shape. 

What we like:

  • Basic set of Christmas ornaments included
  • Hinged construction and metallic folding brackets
  • Flame-retardant, durable material
  • 2000 branch tips

5. Balsam Hill Spruce 

Balsam Hill Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

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This classic blue spruce from Balsam Hill has branch tips and a shape that echo the nuanced colour variations and figure of the Colorado Blue Spruce. With light grey, blue-green and moss green needles, the trees natural appearance is complemented by sturdy branches in a blue hue. It features 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} PVC classic needles that bring fullness and comes in a variety of sizes all with a different number of branch tips. This beautiful tree comes with 700 energy-efficient Candlelight LEDs that cast a soft warm glow like traditional incandescent bulbs. The LED lights provide a bright hue that enhance the holiday spirit, and they never burn out. Furthermore, the branches are crafted from frame-retardant materials which are free of tree related allergens. The branches are hinged and only need to be folded outward for a fast and easy set up. For a complete set up, the tree features a premium tree stand with scratch-proof rubber feet. 

What we like: 

  • 700 Energy efficient bright LED lights
  • Cotton gloves for fluffing
  • Beautiful lights with extra bulbs and fuses
  • An on/off foot pedal
  • A 3-year product warranty

4. Best Choice Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Choice Artificial Christmas Tree

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Bring a traditional holiday feeling to your home with this gorgeous Best Choice synthetic Christmas tree with a unique snowy design. It is equipped with sturdy branch tips, strong enough to hold and all your favourite Christmas ornaments for a personalized look. This tree has a healthy natural full appearance and comes in a variety of sizes all with a different number of tips and pre-strung lights based on size. To assemble the tree, connect the diameter to the largest stem of the tree before fixing together the remaining sections then fluff out the tips. Constructed with durable hinges and flame-resistant PVC branches, this tree stands erect with the help of a firm metal base so you can use it for holidays to come. 

Accentuate your living space or party with a star, lights and ornaments on this magnificent tree. 

What we like:

  • Great value
  • Full design and shape
  • Realistic look
  • East set up

3. Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree

Goplus Artificial Christmas Tree

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The branches of this environmentally-friendly synthetic Christmas tree are manufactured from high quality PVC material which not only adds a natural look but also adds an anti-crush capability to the tree. Instead of a wooden stand, the Goplus Christmas tree endows a metal stand and plastic cover at the end of the stand for maximum strength and added protection for your children and floor. 

This synthesized Christmas tree is an ideal choice for outdoor and indoor décor this holiday. Made with premium-quality PVC material, this tree is entirely water-proof and fire-proof, and the metal stand keeps it firm and straight in the wind. To complete the set up of this tree after putting the branches and metal stand together, straighten out the branches to achieve the best full-shaped effect. 

Goplus offers a 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} risk-free satisfaction guarantee to give you confidence and a beautiful holiday. 

What we like:

  • Added anti-crush capacity
  • Eco-friendly PVC material
  • Metal stand with a plastic cover and legs
  • Waterproof and fire-retardant

2. National Tree Company 

National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree

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With 1346 individually made branch tips with a naturel look, this full-bodied artificial Christmas tree from the National Tree Company is as attractive as the authentic thing. 

The spruce tree has a hinged branch construction and is pre-attached to the central pole with a hinged design for conveniently easy setup and disassembly. Built to purposefully endure many holidays, this tree has a sturdy metal base construction and time-tested branch tips which are also fire-retardant and non-toxic. This tree stands at 7.5 feet tall and 52 inches in diameter at the base. For a s lush full form, take 45-60 minutes to fluff the branches to shape the tree. National Tree company offers a 5-year warranty on this tree and guarantees satisfaction with every purchase. 

What we like: 

  • Stable design
  • Fluffs out well into a realistic shape
  • Available in different heights
  • Perfect height

1. Best Choice Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Choice Artificial Christmas Tree 7.5ft

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Inspire holiday cheer this merry season with the classic Best Choice artificial Spruce Christmas tree. It has sturdy branches and a strong enough build to hold a garland and all your favourite ornaments for a customized decoration. 

This 7.5ft tree has 1346 tips but you could opt for the 9ft tree with 2028 tips. Regardless of which you choose, assembly is effortless and you either way get a quality tree. Be sure to fully fluff the branches for a healthy natural appearance. To put the tree together, connect the base to the biggest section of the tree before attaching the rest of the sections. This tree is long-lasting  with durable metal hinges and flame-resistant PVC features that stand erect with the help of a firm metallic base. 

What we like:

  • Available in different heights and designs
  • Foldable steel stand
  • Hinged sections for easy storage
  • Full tree at a great value

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Q: What artificial size and shape should I get?

A: Artificial Christmas trees come in various lengths and shapes. Some times their lengths determine the number of branch tips they have and how many lights can be sprung up. To narrow down your choices, decide where you want to place it and the spot will determine whether you’ll get a small or a tall Christmas tree. 

Q: How realistic will an artificial Christmas tree look?

A: Going artificial doesn’t necessarily men saying farewell to a natural look and feel. For a more realistic looking tree, you have to consider the colour, shape and texture. All in all, the most natural looking artificial tree has more than 65{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} PE foliage and 35{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} PVC needles near the trunk. 

Q: How can I bring my Artificial Christmas tree to life?

A: To give your Artificial Christmas tree a more realistic look, you can decide to trim it with a wide cascading ribbon, cover up the base with a tree skirt or basket, wrap the tree in warm holiday lights or add in live tree cuttings. You could also consider adding in differently coloured flowers if that’s your go-to decoration. 

Q: Why should I buy an Artificial Christmas tree instead of a real one?

A: Not only is it conserving the environment, getting an artificial tree once every three to five years in place of a real one every year saves you a lot of money. If not for the overall value, you should get an artificial Christmas tree for convenience sake, doubled if you get one with pre-strung lights. Also, real pine trees are highly flammable, to avoid fire hazards, get yourself an artificial Christmas tree. 

Q: How can I choose the best artificial Christmas trees?

A: When looking for the perfect artificial Christmas trees, put into consideration the following aspects; size, style and lights/decorations. Make sure the spot you plan to place your tree is compatible with the height of your tree. From traditional, evergreens to multicolored, Christmas trees come in different types. Don’t be shy to try something new. Finally, you can decide to pick either an artificial tree with built-in lights or one with added decorations like pinecones and red berries. 


Regardless of the model, artificial Christmas trees are the new thing to have. We hope our review of 10 of the best Christmas trees in the market help you on your quest and our FAQs guide you on what to look for. 

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