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Top 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders In 2023

Someone said that when life is loud, find peace underwater. Fish lovers can see how satisfactorily their pets live within the aquarium water, allowing them to enjoy the view and silent company. Automatic fish feeders enable you to nourish your pets comfortably without disturbing their tranquility. These devices keep the pellets and flakes dry while facilitating quick installation in most aquariums.

The reviews in the following list offer ten of the best automatic fish feeders available in the market. This knowledge enhances your shopping and utility experience by showing the qualities to expect. You can efficiently buy a fish feeder designed to suit your aquatic system.  

List of The Best​​​ Automatic Fish Feeders in 2023

10. Hydor Automatic Fish

Hydor Automatic Fish

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This 3″ × 3″ × 6″ fish feeder offers an ergonomic size that you can effortlessly install without requiring a lot of space. It is compatible with pellet, flake, and tablet food, addressing different fish owners’ needs. The high-quality device is suitable for tropical aquariums, marine, and terrariums, enhancing your convenience according to your style. It comes in a black and gray finish that offers a subtle yet stylish that you can efficiently set up and program for any aquarium.

Since this automatic fish feeder can conveniently link to any aerator, you are able to keep the food crisp and dry. It’s designed with a quality LED light that promotes stress-free programming for smooth performance. The unique construction can support a reliable setting for up to three feedings a day, reducing the effort on continual refills throughout the day. The Hydor fish feeder features is constructed using cotton to deliver a safe and non-toxic product to meet your necessities. 


  • Detachable container with see-through design
  • Ten dose settings
  • Quality battery-operated design


  • Could enable specific time selection

9. lychee Aquarium Fish

lychee Aquarium Fish

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The quality plastic used to make this feeder guarantees several years’ usage without inconveniences, considerably lessening repair or replacement costs. You can effectively feed your pets without worrying about contamination because the structure incorporates chemical-free material. The packaging includes a double-side sticker that you can reliably utilize to affix the device to the fish tank. This product also features an ergonomic screw that you can rotate to clip the structure, leading you to choose your preferred installation style.

The removable cells ensure you can expediently rinse the product with warm water, ensuring durable, hygienic conditions. It is suitable for granules, strips, pellets, and flakes, making it ideal for dry foods. The fish feeder incorporates two feeding times per day with one rotation every minute. It also has automatic and manual settings, permitting you to operate it according to your preference. 


  • Manual and automatic settings
  • Battery-operated performance
  • Two installation methods 


  • Does not come with the 2AA batteries 

8. WiFi Control Automatic

WiFi Control Automatic

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The premium design with a black finish gives a sleek device that you can quickly install at home or office, matching any interior setting. This product integrates a 2.4-GHz WiFi system that permits you to maneuver the settings conveniently via a smartphone app. An ergonomic app with a flexible timer enables you to choose the feeding schedule by day or week. The quantitative feeding with accurate timing ensures your pets never go hungry, even when busy with other duties. 

This automatic fish feeder comes with a quality manual, including 10 languages, enabling diverse users to understand the operation. The system incorporates manual and auto feeding styles that permits you to run the device depending on your availability. The product includes a Velcro and clip that facilitate two mounting options, providing comfortable flexibility for different tank types. 


  • Convenient timer functions
  • WiFi remote control
  • 10-language manual and 16-language app


  • Could have a larger hopper for bigger pellets

7. Barkmew Automatic Fish

Barkmew Automatic Fish

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This automatic fish feeder incorporates a top opening that promotes stress-free loading without messy spills. You can efficiently utilize this top-loading feature to add or reduce the dispensed food, saving energy and time. The structure integrates a flexible design with ergonomic accessories, leading you to paste the device with a double-side sticker or attach it via a holder. This product comes with a quality pedestal that can smoothly rotate through 360 degrees, enabling you to use a good feeding position.

This feeder has a sizeable 200-ml capacity that allows you to store enough food to keep your pets healthy when away. The adjustable hatch-style door permits you to determine the food amount dispensed at every meal. The plastic incorporated in the device’s construction offers a durable and moisture-resistant design, maintaining the dry foods’ quality.  


  • Three automatic feedings per day
  • Ergonomic top-loading design
  • Durable and moisture-resistant plastic


  • The package could include the 2AA batteries

6. Fish Mate P21 Fish Mate P21

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This device weighs 1 pound and permits you to install and move it to your favorite fish tack with ease. The small 10″ × 8″ × 3″ dimensions make this feeder perfect for large aquariums and small ponds, addressing different fish lovers’ needs. This product combines its compactness and subtle design to blend discreetly in any setting, including home and office areas. 

This automatic fish feeder incorporates an ergonomic system that gradually releases one food portion per day, minimizing the chance of overfeeding. The dispensing design supports comfortable feeding for up to 21 days, ensuring you can leave for work or a short trip without starving the fish. You can effectively modify the quantities within minutes, allowing you to focus on other tasks. 


  • Pole-mounted and suspended installation options
  • Suitable for an aquarium and small ponds
  • Weatherproof and non-toxic construction


  • Feeds once a day

5. EHEIM TWIN Automatic

EHEIM TWIN Automatic

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Eheim provides a feeder constructed with high-strength and sturdy materials that facilitate long-term application without breaking. This automatic fish feeder features an odorless and chemical-free design, permitting you to deliver safe and healthy meals for your pets. The design includes two individual chambers to keep different food types, nourishing your fish in comfort. 

This fish feeder supports different programming that guides you to offer your preferred meal at different times. You can depend on this product to preserve the pellets, flakes, and sticks’ quality for a long time because the aerated chambers keep them dry. This device also enables you to dispense food from both chambers at once, making it ideal when feeding various fish types. The large-sized display with premium control panel facilitates smooth operation, leading you to adjust the settings according to your pets’ requirements. 


  • Two separate chambers
  • Aerated containers
  • Quality control panel with large display


  • Could have a quieter operation

4. P7000 Pond Fish

P7000 Pond Fish

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This automatic fish feeder comes with a 30-cup capacity that leads you to nourish your little friends throughout the day. The device expediently runs using 4 × ˈCˈ batteries that deliver continuous usage for a long time, saving recurring costs on new cells. This product incorporates an ergonomic structure suitable for various food types, including pellets and sticks. The stable feet ensure you can install the fish feeder without worries about the device sliding around or falling.

This device comes with an LCD screen that you can easily read without straining your eyes, leading you to monitor the settings stress-free. The premium panel delivers consistent and accurate portion control that ensures your pets will not starve. The lasting and chemical-free materials featured in the structure facilitate chemical-free nourishment for a healthy lifestyle. This feeder offers an ergonomic 8.3″ × 8.3″ × 14.5″ compactness that effortlessly suits various tank styles without requiring much space. 


  • Premium 30-cup capacity
  • Easy-to-read LCD control
  • Supports the manual and automatic operation


  • Could include the batteries in the package

3. Zacro Automatic Fish

Zacro Automatic Fish

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The product features a high-quality construction ideal for 600-L tanks, allowing you to feed various pets such as turtles and fish. The device integrates an ergonomic body that you can smoothly install within minutes, permitting you to exert minimal energy. This fish feeder incorporates a high-capacity 200-ml bucket to hold flakes, granules, and powders, suiting different food types. 

This automatic fish feeder comes with an intelligent design that supports up to 4 feedings per day, dispensing once to three times per session. The system also enables manual adjustment that allows you to feed the pets directly, leading you to enjoy quality downtime. The device incorporates a lithium battery that can serve continuous usage for three to six months per charge. 


  • Rechargeable and high-capacity battery
  • 200-ml feeding bucket
  • Eco-friendly and durable construction


  • Could have rubberized grips for glass tanks

2. Petacc Automatic Fish

Petacc Automatic Fish

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This automatic fish feeder presents a 360-degree rotatable pedestal that enhances your feeding convenience by finding the perfect position. The device includes an ergonomic holder and a premium double-sided sticker in the convenient package, promoting two installation methods. This product integrates a hatch-style door that can fully adjust to decide the food amount released at each meal. 

The feeder features a 200-ml capacity that prevents starvation, enabling you to work away from home without concerns. This device has high quality and durable materials that maintain a moisture-free environment, keeping the meals dry. The product accommodates various food types, including crumble, pellets, and flakes, matching multiple fish owners’ requirements. 


  • Moisture-resistant hopper
  • Large 200-ml food capacity
  • Programmable and automatic feeding sessions


  • Need to purchase the 2AA batteries separately

1. Eheim Feeding Unit

Eheim Feeding Unit

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This feeder has a 2.5″ × 2.5″ × 5.5″ shape that you can swiftly assemble without taking too much time and space. The quick setup ensures you can finish installing the device on your tank without wasting time or energy, permitting you to efficiently move on to other jobs. This automatic fish feeder runs on 2AA batteries that last for support extended utility between replacements. You can comfortably regulate your expenses since the package comes with the cells, saving extra costs that you would otherwise spend getting them separately. 

This device features high-strength and weatherproof materials, allowing you to install it in marine and freshwater tanks. The integrated fan with an excellent ventilation system prevents soggy pellets, preserving the food quality for a long time. The ergonomic and adjustable slider incorporated in the structure facilitates accuracy by setting your preferred portions. This product is suitable for different pet owners, including aquariums and terrariums, to feed newts, turtles, frogs, and fish.


  • Integrated fan and ventilation system
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Sizeable LCD screen


  • Larger-sized pellets can block the opening

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you adjust these products?

A: Yes, the manufacturers integrate premium timer functions that permit you to modify the schedules according to your requirements. You can utilize these settings to determine the feeding times to ensure your pets maintain perfect nourishment throughout the day. Most devices also come with adjustable hatch-style doors that you can swiftly modify to decide the food amount to dispense during each session. The flexible portions allow you to leave your fish unattended without concerns about overfeeding or starvation.  

Q: How sturdy are these fish feeders?

A: These fish feeders feature high-strength constructions, including durable and stable structures to serve your pets for years. The weatherproof components keep the meals dry while preventing water damage, retaining the products’ service life. These devices incorporate various shapes and styles, leading you to install the structures with superior stability without accidental falls.  

Q: Is it safe to operate the products?

A: Yes, you can feed your fish without worries about contamination or odors because the structures have toxic-free materials. The large-sized containers offer ample capacity to load and store enough foods to satisfy the pets conveniently for hours without malfunction. These products run on high-capacity batteries that deliver consistent operation for hours, preventing accidental overheating damages. 


Looking at these high-quality reviews, you can identify the ten best automatic fish feeders and their integrated features. The piece also contains some frequently asked questions that enable you to know how to utilize the devices, preventing unexpected malfunction for first-time users. Using the pros and cons, you can gain more insight into the various advantages characterizing every feeder. You can also utilize this information and formulate an essential buyer’s guide to facilitate stress-free navigation in this competitive arena. This review helps you purchase an automatic fish feeder with a quality design and programmable settings to suit your pet’s needs.

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