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Top 10 Best Ball Chairs

We all know the discomfort and pain that results from poor posture and sitting at the desk for long hours. Ensuring proper sitting positions cannot only help you to relieve the back pain but also to align your spine correctly. 

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Here, we have the reviews of the ten best ball chairs of 2023 that you can use as an alternative chair at the office or an exercising ball at home, reducing the expenses of going to the gym. These reviews will help you to make appropriate and quick decisions in the market, allowing you to purchase a satisfactory ball chair.

List of The Best Ball Chairs of 2023

10. Trideer Ball Chair

Trideer Ball Chair

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The Trideer Ball Chair presents you with a quality product designed with a PVC material that offers you durability as you exercise and sit on it. This product ensures that you can securely workout and make your body feel better by relieving your back because the thick material helps to improve coordination and stability. The 2000 micrometers thickness also provides this ball chair with a toughness that ensures you will not have to worry about the product bursting while comfortably holding up to 2000 lbs.

This ball chair also comes with a user manual, pump, and plug remover to help you inflate the product with ease. Additionally, this product features an inflatable ring that you can place at the bottom of the ball to act as a stopper that prevents the ball chair from rolling around as you sit on it.

The surface of this ball chair also incorporates an anti-slip matte design that helps to keep you steady while stopping you from slipping on the curved surface.


  • Anti-slip matte surface
  • Durable PVC material
  • Anti-burst quality


  • Sharp objects and pet claws can tear the material

9. Sivan Health & Fitness Ball

Sivan Health & Fitness Ball

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The Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball offer you a product that comes with a base featuring four wheels that can roll to help you move or turn around your desk area while sitting. You can also lock two of these wheels to help you keep the ball chair in position, which prevents you from rolling out of place when working.You can relieve back pain and straining the spine with this product because this ball chair assists you in sitting in an ergonomic and healthy position.

Moreover, you can also use this ball chair to exercise since the material used to construct the product is sturdy and elastic enough to support movements from specific exercises. This flexibility allows for comfortable stretching, rehabilitation, and core workouts that strengthen muscles, which ultimately help your body to feel better and healthier without going to the gym. You also can easily clean and maintain this ball chair by wiping the surface with a soft wet cloth.


  • Lockable rolling wheels
  • Long-lasting material
  • Base keeps the ball off the ground


  • Has limited color options

8. Gaiam Classic Backless Ball Chair

Gaiam Classic Backless Ball Chair

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This ball chair features a 52-centimeter ball that suits users whose heights range from 5-feet to 5-feet 11-inches tall. You can use this ball to exercise comfortably at your home and save on the time you would spend going to the gym. You also can utilize this ball chair as a seat in your office in place of the office chair because the backless product will help you to relieve pressure and strain on you back due to slumping.

Further, the material used to design this ball chair is durable and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. This product also comes with a base that features a metal support bar and four wheels, which help to ease your movements when seated. The two rear wheels of this base are lockable, allowing you to secure the ball chair in place whenever you sit at your desk and not continually roll out of position.You can also detach the ball from this base and use the product to strengthen core muscles or play with your kids by bouncing them on the ball chair.


  • Lockable back wheels
  • Easy to inflate
  • Use as a seat or exercise ball


  • May not rise fully after initial inflation

7. Vivora Luno Ball Chair

Vivora Luno Ball Chair

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This ball chair provides you with a product that incorporates a handle in the design, which helps you to carry and transport this ball chair with ease. This product inflates to a standard height of 22-24 inches that is similar to most chairs, which ensures you can comfortably sit as you work at your desk. You can use this ball chair for multiple purposes such as therapy, back stretching, posture exercises, and even as a labor and birthing ball. 

Furthermore, this ball chair features a sphere-form case that helps to remove the squashy effect of a yoga ball, ensuring you have extended comfort for the duration that you sit or exercise on this product. The ball chair also comes with a tactic-grip that gives the product a non-slip feature, allowing you to have stability on all surfaces.The cover of this ball chair also serves as an indicator of fullness during pumping because the material will be loose when inflation is not complete.


  • Self-standing shape
  • Anti-slip feature
  • The standard height for healthy posture


  • Could have more ranges of color

6. Isokinetics Inc. Exercise Ball

Isokinetics Inc. Exercise Ball

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The material of this ball chair is a high-quality rubber that offers elasticity and durability that ensure you can use this product for a long time when exercising or working. The surface of this ball chair incorporates line designs that provide an anti-slip quality, helping you to grip the ball better during handling or transportation. This product inflates to a 20.5-inch height when placed directly on the floor; hence, you can use the ball chair to exercise or place it at a low desk that suits that sitting height. 

Furthermore, this ball chair also comes with a standard frame that you can use to elevate the sitting height if you have a higher table. This frame also features four wheels that smoothly roll, allowing you to move around your office comfortably without straining your back and shoulder muscles.You can choose to lock the two rear wheels, which enables you to maintain your posture in a stable position.


  • Durable material
  • Four wheels on the standard frame
  • A metal bar for extra stability


  • Two-color options available

5. Gaiam Adjustable Ball Chair

Gaiam Adjustable Ball Chair

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This ball chair provides you with a quality product that comes with a metal base that provides you with added sitting height and stability when using this item. This product ensures that you can move around your desk area with ease because the frame features four wheels that effortlessly glide, enabling you to maintain the correct posture. The detachable metal frame allows you to separate the ball chair and adjust the sitting height to the level that comfortably fits your table and body height.

Besides this, the ball chair’s frame design ensures that you can support your lower back with the short extended backrest of the frame. The design of this product enables you to correct your body posture and relieve your spine when sitting, which provides you with relief from back pain and improves your health. You can also use this ball chair to exercise from the comfort of your home, which will boost your energy and increase your core strength. 


  • Improves your health and posture
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a metal frame


  • It is a bit pricey

4. Isokinetics Inc. Adjustable Ball Chair

Isokinetics Inc. Adjustable Ball Chair

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This ball chair from Isokinetics offers you a stylish product that comes with large 60mm wheels at the base of the frame, which allow you to move with ease when seated while maintaining excellent posture. You can use this detachable frame to adjust your sitting height to a preferred level that fits your height or table size. The material of this ball chair is elastic and long-lasting rubber that provides you with comfort that also relieves back pain due to poor posture on regular office chairs. 

This ball chair also comes with a backrest attached to the metal frame, which you can adjust according to your needs through four different settings for lumbar support. The highest setting is 6,” and the lowest is 9″ from the center of the ball, enabling you to lean back when needed or to sit up and correct your posture.Additionally, the base features five wheels that provide extra support and stability that can comfortably handle up to 300 pounds of weight.


  • 60mm wheels
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Metal frame with five wheels


  • May cause you to sweat in hot weather

3. RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair

RGGD&RGGL Yoga Ball Chair

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This ball chair provides you with a durable product and a surface featuring an anti-slip design that ensures you can handle the ball with ease through the excellent grip. The vinyl material offers you a thickness that enables you to perform technical moves on this ball chair because the rubber gives you rigidity and stability. You can also inflate and utilize this product safely due to the burst-resistant feature that also protects you if you or a pet accidentally punctures the ball chair.

This ball chair also helps to relieve your back by encouraging you to sit upright since there is no backrest on which to slouch.You can also use this product to alleviate discomfort during pregnancy while simultaneously preparing your body for birth. The ball chair also comes with an inflatable ring that provides stability and holds the ball in place. The PVC material used to construct this ball chair allows you to clean and maintain this product conveniently.


  • Inflatable stability ring
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-burst feature


  • Limited user height range

2. MANTRA-SPORTS Exercise Ball Chair

MANTRA-SPORTS Exercise Ball Chair

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This ball chair from MANTRA SPORTS comes with an inflatable ring that acts as a base of the ball, which allows you to sit or workout on it without the ball continually rolling out of position. You can efficiently use this product at home to carry out various exercises, from strengthening your core to workouts that increase balance and flexibility. The package includes a foot pump to help you inflate the ball chair comfortably and a set of resistance bands that will enable you to expand your exercise routines. 

Additionally, this ball chair features a multi-layer design of heavy-duty PVC material that ensures you can use this product safely and for a long time since the item can comfortably support a weight of up to 750lbs.

You also do not have to worry about the ball chair bursting since the durable material incorporates anti-burst quality. The anti-slip feature also ensures that you can handle and conveniently use this product at work or for exercising. 


  • Heavy-duty PVC material
  • Multipurpose use
  • Package includes a foot pump and resistance band set


  • Could have more colors available

1. Gaiam Classic Ball Chair

Gaiam Classic Ball Chair

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This ball chair provides you with a product that engages your body and mind through micro-movements that help you to focus and increase productivity as you work. The 52cm ball offers you a standard substitute for office chairs that you can use to sit on and maintain a good posture that relieves back and joint pains. You can also use the ball to exercise at home without going to the gym and stretch your muscles, strengthen your core, and improve your overall health. 

This ball chair comes with a metal holder that provides additional height if your desk is at a higher level. This holder also features a metal bar that helps to hold the ball in place, preventing it from rolling out of position as you sit and work. The four wheels of the frame ensure that you can move around your office with ease without straining your muscles. You can also lock two of the wheels to create more stable support whenever required. 


  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Long-lasting material
  • Alternative desk chair


  • It is a bit expensive


By looking at our reviews of the ten best ball chairs of 2023, you can have a better understanding of the various features of the products. You can see the pros and cons of each product, which can help you to identify the ball chair that best suits your needs.

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