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10 Best Battery Jump Starters in 2023

In 2023, you need not worry about what will happen when you are stranded somewhere remote with a flat car battery, no jumper cables and no car in sight. Such situations get nervy especially when you factor the likely charges you may incur if you call for some emergency service to come and bail you out of your situation. You can however avoid that by having a portable battery jump starter that can easily connect to any vehicle battery and get it running in seconds.

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Lately, there are some interesting solutions in the market that do not only become useful during car startup problems but these also have features that come in handy daily. Here are some 10 picks we think you should consider having in your car’s glove box at all times. 

List of 10 Best Battery Jump Starters

10. Yaber Battery Jump Starter

Yaber Battery Jump Starter

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The Yaber battery jump starter is a high quality and reliable addition to keep in your car to ensure that you are safe during emergencies. It is made out of high quality circuit boards and contains long-lasting and powerful lithium batteries. The batteries ensure that you have enough charge so that you do not need to charge it too often.

These will also keep your battery jump starter at sufficient levels that can actually get your car running without waiting too long. This gadget has amazing safety features that prevent reverse-charging and any short circuits like were common with older jump starters. The 20000mAh batteries can give out an impressive 1600A at peak current. 

You should count on it for use on both large trucks and smaller cars as it has enough charge to suit both kinds of batteries. At just 7 inches in length and 3 inches thick, this gadget is tiny enough to fit in your glove box without occupying too much space. It also doubles up as a phone power bank.

9. Audew Jump Box

Audew Jump Box

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If you have been looking for a very small but powerful solution that can charge your phone, work as a flashlight and still start your car when you are low on batteries, the ‘Audew 20000W Jump box’ was manufactured with you in mind. This sleek battery jump starter has LED displays that will give you all the readings regarding the amount of charge on it and on your car battery. You can easily connect it to any car battery size through its intelligent connectors which can figure out what kind of power rating to allocate to your car.

Moreover, this works as a safety measure to ensure that you do not fry your car battery while trying to revive it. The battery jump starter only needs a 12V connection for it to charge and that makes it convenient for on-the-move charging, while still getting the benefits of charging your tablets or phones when you are far from a power connection. 

8. BEATIT Jump Starter

BEATIT Jump Starter

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The BEATIT G18 jump starter is a trendy and light-weight accessory that will ensure that not only your car batteries can be revived in seconds but it can also wirelessly charge your phone. The 21000W capacity battery jump starter can keep you safe for a long time on a single charge. The portable charger works in seconds for batteries running on cars of smaller or larger 8.0L engines.

However, this ensures that there is a quick discharge for all types of batteries within the spectrum of cars available on today’s roads. The fast discharge feature ensures that you are up and running even when in precarious conditions such as being in unsafe neighborhoods or harsh weather. Some other features that you can find handy are the compass, phone charger, dual USB output ports and smart jumper cables. Smart jumper cables ensure that the charger does not get you mixed up on which cable goes to which port. 

7. NOCO Jump Starter

NOCO Jump Starter

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The NOCO GB150 jump starter is a handy 12V and 4000A lithium charger for your car batteries. It only weighs 7.5 pounds and that shows that you can keep it in your car for emergencies without it taking too much space. It can retain its charge for a long period and this gives you some breathing space as you will not be spending more time worrying about this charger than worrying about your car.

This battery jump starter can charge rapidly, requiring a connection to your car’s auxiliary connection but you could also charge it indoors with the included connectors. The crocodile battery clamps are differently colored to make connection easy and simple. 

Even more interesting, this battery jump starter has a powerful 500-Lumen lamp to ensure that you can operate it at night. Night operations become more simplified as the lamp combined with the LED indicators to show important readings like remaining power and connection ports act as simple guides. It can perform up to 80 starts on a single charge. 

6. DBPOWER  jump starter

DBPOWER  jump starter

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The DBPOWER 1800mAh jump starter is a powerful yet light and handy battery jump starter to help you charge multiple gadgets during emergencies and leisure operations. It comes in a water-proof and semi-hard casing that ensures it can be operated even in extreme conditions. The gadget ships with 8-in-1 laptop adapters to ensure that you can give your car battery a jolt when it dies out.

You can also have it charging your laptop if you have to use it over a long-distance journey. At 800A peak amperage, this battery jump starter still ensures that you can be using it on both your smaller vehicle and the larger off-road truck you have for tougher terrains. The DBPOWER 1800mAh jump starter will give you adequate charge storage while it only requires about 2 hours getting it to a full charge. This full charge can however give you up to 20 starts for your car. The multifunctional lights can act as strobe lights or emergency red lights to warn traffic. 

5. NOCO GB40 jump starter

NOCO GB40 jump starter

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The NOCO GB40 jump starter works well if you have been looking for a portable gadget that just requires you to plug to your car battery and start it after a few seconds. For such a high-capacity jump starter, it has plenty of safety features that ensure that you do not damage your car battery or hurt yourself. It has some reverse-polarity and reverse charge protection to ensure that you are actually giving your batteries a boost instead of emptying them further. It is more than just your typical battery jump starter as it also charges phones, laptops and other USB devices.

You could also use it as an emergency light for many hours without running out of charge. Consider it as must-have accessory to have in your car as it will come in handy during long trips, sudden start-up emergencies, camping and keep your communication gadgets running. You do not have to fear about running your car batteries low if you need to operate your headlights on with the car off or listening to the radio.    

4. Weego 2100A jump starter

Weego 2100A jump starter

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The Weego 2100A jump starter is ideal if you need to regularly jump start different car battery sizes without worrying about compatibility issues between the types of vehicles. You need to have it even if you want to jump start larger trucks and SUVs.

Furthermore, it has a 12V port that can be used to power other 12V motoring equipment like vacuum pumps and air compressors. This means that you could still use it to inflate your wheel-changing equipment if the car has run out of batteries. The battery jump starter was made with the harshest operating conditions in consideration.  

The Weego 2100A jump starters are small, fast-charging (3hrs) and can have the charge stored for up to 2 years without usage. They have clips that have tapered tips to ensure that all you need to do is clip them and forget them. You do not have to keep holding the clips at bay while charging your batteries. The Weego battery jump starter is known to charge your cellphone batteries much faster than standard power banks. 

3. Tacklife T8 Car Jumpstarter

Tacklife T8 Car Jumpstarter

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The Tacklife T8 car jump starter is a lightweight, portable battery jump starter that delivers superb charge to revive a flat car battery. It has multiple connectors to also ensure that your car batteries and any other electric gadgets that you usually use on transit can be charged at the same time. It works for trucks, sedans and motor-cycles as it has an intelligent output power connector to figure out the kind of batteries that it is using.

Moreover, this also works as a safety measure because there are less chances of overloading your batteries and you will never get any instances of sparking. To prevent a self-discharge, the Tacklife T8 car jump starter has an off button which allows you to keep the battery jump starter for up to 12 months without using it. Furthermore,this ensures that you will never find the gadget without charge while you had stored it for months on a full charge. 

2. TopVision Car Jump Starter

TopVision Car Jump Starter

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The TopVision car jump starter was specially designed to not only hold a large capacity charge but to also discharge it quickly when an emergency comes about. With its special QDSP (Quick Discharge Start Power) technology, this multi-functional charger is able to revive batteries faster than most of the alternatives in its class.It can deliver a 2200A current that works well for small, medium and large capacity vehicle batteries without struggling. This battery jump starter has 1 lithium battery that keeps plenty of charge in a small gadget that’s only 7 inches in length. That’s just about the size of a cellphone.

Additionally, With the smart LED indicators, you could also tell the condition of the batteries being charged as it can read its own and your batteries charge and tell automatically reverse the current , to ensure that you do not have to struggle to know which connector goes where. It has extra safety features that detect high temperature and over-voltage. 

1. GOOLOO Car Jump Starter 

GOOLOO Car Jump Starter 

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The GOOLOO car jump starter can hold and impressive 18000mAh to ensure that your gadgets have enough ‘juice’ when you travel and that you can also jump start your car battery if it runs flat. It has added safety features like surge protection, automatic polarity switching and prevents over-discharging. The battery jump starter has USB 3.0 ports that will usually charge phones and tablets faster than the standard 2.0 ports that most chargers have.

For such a tiny form factor, the GOOLOO car jump starter will give you plenty of benefits for its size as it not only keeps you safe when your car battery fails to start but you can also use its flashlight to help other road users in case they are stuck. It only takes 5 hours to get a full charge but the charger has an ‘OFF’ button that will ensure it does not slowly leak out charge when stored in your car. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can the battery jump starters stay without usage once they have been fully charged?

A:Most of the listed chargers have some discharge protection features like off buttons. You are however advised to use them at least once every 6 months. 

Q: Are there any chances of electrocution if I use these chargers?

A: These chargers are well insulated and have further safety features such as over-voltage protection and spark protection. 

Q: How do they come in handy if I am confident that my car batteries are well-charged?

A: The chargers are not only helpful for your car but they can be used to help other stranded motorists too. You could also charge phones and tablets using them. 


The discussed battery jump starters are very affordable, long lasting and will sure bail you out of awkward situations at one point of their lifetime. Stick to the chargers that are within your budget and have the portability you need to keep them in cars without occupying too much space. This generation of chargers come packed with plenty of safety features to prevent accidental injury. 


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