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Best Beer Pong Tables in 2023

David Ogilvy, popularly known as the father of advertising, once said that one should play to win but enjoy the fun. When it comes to beer pong games, ensuring to have a quality beer pong table will enable you to improve the gaming experience for all involved, whether friends, family, colleagues, or classmates. These tables incorporate various features, including lightweight construction, ergonomic precut cup holes, and foldable designs, ensuring that you can conveniently use the product with maximum performance.

Below, we provide reviews of the 5 best beer pong tables available in the market. By looking at our piece here, you can find the characteristics that you need and make smart decisions swiftly when shopping. You can refer to this information and buy a beer pong table to fit any event and enable you to enjoy a competitive session with your loved ones.

A Little about Beer Pong Games

Before getting into the beer pong tables, let us briefly look at what we mean by beer pong games. Beer pong is a popular drinking game where a player throws a ping-pong ball across a beer pong table, aiming to land it inside an opposing team’s cup. The opponent has to remove and drink the beer in the container if the player succeeds in the throw. It is essential to note that each team has a separate water cup that the players use to rinse off the ball, maintaining hygiene despite the competition. Also known as Beirut, it is a standard game on campuses, being a typical occurrence during parties, camping, and other get-together events.

This game takes place between two teams, with each side having ten cups. The minimal number of participants on each side is two, and that number can increase according to your preference or the competitors available. Most players use disposable plastic cups, like the red solo cups that incorporate ridgelines in their design. These markings enable you to measure the beer, pouring it into the containers with accuracy. The members arrange the cups in equilateral triangles, forming a pyramid with the convergence point facing the other team. Each team starts the game by standing behind their cup arrangements at the table’s either end.

Since the players take turns during the game, a player from each side begins by shooting the ball while maintaining eye contact. The succeeding representative becomes the attacking team first. You can throw the ball directly into a cup or allow it to bounce on the table. Each member on one team takes turns aiming at the plastic containers, and the game goes on with each successful hit until the other side has no cups left. Beer pong games also feature various house rules such as re-formation requests and elbow placements, which you must follow to avoid disqualification.

Now that you know what a beer pong game is, here are reviews of the5 best beer pong tables.


1. GoPong 8 Foot – Best for Durability

GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong / Tailgate Tables

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This beer pong table from GoPong has dimensions measuring 8″ × 2″ × 27.5″ and gives you a compact size to comfortably fit in a room without taking up too much space. The product features a foldable design that enables you to collapse the structure into a smaller size, adding to your convenience during storage. The table features a lightweight construction that allows you to handle and carry the item with ease, making it easy to take to camping, parties, and other outdoor events.

The aluminum material used to create this product ensures that you obtain a sturdy structure that you can comfortably use for a long time without damage. This durability also helps save on additional costs that you may otherwise spend on buying replacements regularly. This beer pong table features an ergonomic design that allows you to draw any design on the surface, such as school logos and teams, adding fun and competitive atmosphere. The package comes with four-color dry erase markers and six ping-pong balls, adding to your convenience.

2. Red Cup Pong – Best Style

Red Cup Pong 8' Beer Pong Table - Lightweight & Portable with Carrying Handles

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The black finish on the high-quality design ensures that you have a stylish product that can add elegance to your game time. The black finishing does not fade with time, allowing you to maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time. This beer pong table incorporates high definition graphics that give you a unique look that adds fun to the play while stimulating competition. The quality 8-feet long regulation dimensions offer a large surface that allows you and your friends to comfortably enjoy your games. The beer pong table weighs 24 pounds and gives you a lightweight product, allowing you to carry it with ease.

This product also comes with carrying handles integrated into its design that enables you to have a comfortable and secure grip, helping move the table from one place to another. You can conveniently fold this beer pong table into a compact size measuring 2ˈ × 2ˈ, which, in turn, allows you to store the item without taking up too much space. The aluminum material used to make this product ensures that you have a durable product that can efficiently serve you and your friends’ needs. This sturdy construction prevents warping and breaking, helping maintain the quality for a long time.

3. Folding Beer Pong – Best Construction

Folding Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener, Ball Rack and 6 Pong Balls - Sistine Design - By Red Cup Pong

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With a foldable design, you can quickly reduce this beer pong table into a compact size and store it in your house without using a lot of space. The folded size measures 2ˈ × 2ˈ and provides a small package that you can also fit in your vehicle, creating more storage options that you can use according to your needs. The ergonomic handles integrated into the construction ensure that you can comfortably carry the product and make transportation more convenient. This table features structural reinforcement with six legs that enhance the product’s sturdiness and stability, allowing you to enjoy your game without worrying about the cups tilting or falling.

The anti-slip feet ensure that you can set up the table with excellent balance that will not require you to adjust the placement continually, helping you concentrate on the game. You also can protect your floors from unwanted scratches, making it suitable for use on different hard surfaces such as tiles and hardwood floors. The high definition design that comes with the product provides a unique yet elegant finish that enables you to add style to the game session while showing off your taste. This beer pong table can serve your needs for a long time without damage because the construction incorporates stainless steel and an aluminum frame.

4. Beer Pong TableBest for Balance

Folding Beer Pong Table with Bottle Opener, Ball Rack and 6 Pong Balls - Basketball Design - By Red Cup Pong

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You need not worry about this beer pong table scratching delicate surfaces like hardwood or tiled floors since the legs incorporate rubber feet. These anti-slip feet allow you to concentrate on the game without worrying about stability since the product stays in place. The quality construction featuring six legs enhances the balance, enabling you to use the product comfortably and safely without the danger of accidents. You can easily clean this beer pong table before and after use, making it convenient with low maintenance.

The package comes with six custom balls and a ball rack that enable you to save additional expenses that you may otherwise spend buying the counterparts separately. This product also comes with a bottle cap opener designed with stainless steel that allows you and your friends to open beer bottles with ease without interrupting the game session. The aluminum used to make this beer pong table ensures that you buy a robust product that you can comfortably use for a long time without damage.

5. Versapong Portable Beer – Space Saver

Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table / Tailgate Game with Backpack Carry Case and Balls

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Versapong presents a product with dimensions measuring 15″ × 6″ × 15″ and enables you to fit the beer pong table conveniently without taking up too much space. The table is smaller than their traditional counterparts are, making it easier to customize according to your requirements. This beer pong table weighs 7 pounds and provides a lightweight product that you can comfortably take to parties, camping, barbeques, and other social events. With a tripod-style base, you can efficiently set up the product without complications, making installation convenient.

The premium-grade material used to create this beer pong table gives you a durable and sturdy product that you can comfortably use for extended periods without damage. You can use this item by the pool or at the beach since the construction is waterproof. This product comes with a spacious carry bag that allows you to fit the two folded racks for added convenience. The ergonomic cup holders ensure that your containers remain in place for an exciting and flawless game.

Adding More Fun To The Games

BRUU Moving Beer

BRUU Moving Beer Pong Robot

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This beer pong table from BRUU is a robot that incorporates waterproof construction that enables you to use it at a pool party or by the beach without worrying about damages. The design features ergonomic wheels integrated into the table that allows you to maneuver the product with ease. This small robot can fit in any space, making it suitable for use on any flat surface. The compact size also enables you to store the product without taking up a lot of space in your vehicle or home.

The package includes ping-pong balls, enabling you to save on the costs of buying the accessories separately. You can conveniently use and power this beer pong table with a rechargeable design since you need not purchase replacement batteries continually. This product ensures that you can enjoy competitive sessions without inconvenient interruptions because the robot has a 20-hour run time. You can clean the surface with ease, making it convenient during maintenance.



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Airhead provides a beer pong table that gives you value for money with its high-quality construction. The heavy-gauge vinyl material used to make this product ensures that you obtain a robust product that you can use for a long time without worrying about damages. This longevity also helps save on the costs that you would otherwise spend on frequent replacements or repairs. The colorful finish and graphic design allow you to add fun to your gaming session while reflecting your style. The ergonomic construction enables you to turn over the table and utilize the item like an air mattress or pool float.

The surface features 12-cup holders that allow you to secure your containers and play continuously without worrying about the cups falling. You can reduce your expenses since this product comes with two ping-pong balls in its package. The unique design incorporates four molded rope holders welded on the sides that allow you to tether the product to a dock or hang it from a ceiling, helping save space. The inflatable design makes it easy to set up and use since you do not require many tools, allowing you to start your game within minutes.


Our reviews of the top five best beer pong tables allow you to know the main features that describe every product. You can significantly reduce the time spent shopping using the information above that conveniently lets you know what to look for in an ideal item. You can buy a beer pong table that will enhance your gaming experience with friends and family.

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