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Best Biscuit Joiners of 2023

Any woodworker would admit to you that almost all types of work they do require joining. Effective joining forms the first part of any woodworking task. It means, therefore, that you must be keen on the joining techniques you use. Failure to adhere to such practical standards will severely compromise the quality of your work. However, when you need to do such a critical kind of alignment, the best biscuit joiner of 2023 becomes handy.

Biscuit joiners now more than ever, is one of the essential carpentry tools you cannot operate without. It is seen as an upgrade from the traditional butt joining methods. But more importantly, you need a quality biscuit joiner for any type of woodwork. So, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with the best biscuit joiners currently in the market.

 List of The Best Biscuit Joiners In 2023

10. Freud  Joiner

Freud  Joiner

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The strongest point of this Biscuit joiner is its powerful 6.5 amp motor and a rack which help with accurate and efficient height adjustments. The Freud JS104K biscuit joiner offers arguably the best operation, thus leaving you with high-quality results. 

Further, the JS104K comes with a slider, which is coated with a perma-SHIELD. The coating helps with an easy and plunge action. Additionally, the biscuit joiner features a fence mounted handle which provides top-notch stability and control.But, it not just the coating and fence handles that make this fantastic biscuit joiner a darling for many wood dealers. 


  • Comes with a powerful 6.5 amp motor which guarantees a longer life
  • The Perma- SHIELD coated slider helps with smooth action
  • There are rack and pinion fence for accurate height adjustments


  • A bit expensive

9. Ryobi Jointer Kit – Refurbished 

Ryobi Jointer Kit

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The effectiveness of most of these biscuit joiners will majorly depend on the size of the motor. If it is powerful enough, the better the results. The Ryobi biscuit jointer boats of a powerful 6-AApm engine that is capable of delivering 10,000RPM. But what is it that makes it more unique?

First, the level of organization with which this biscuit jointer operates is on another level. You don’t have to worry about the dust. Ryobi biscuit jointer comes with a bag for convenient dust collection and cleans up. More than the dust collection bag, the best biscuit joiner of 2023 includes over-molded handles. The handles help to improve user comfort and reduces fatigue. Further, it comes with accurate fences that are efficiently adjustable. 


  • Comes with a powerful motor for effective functioning
  • Has handles which makes your working more comfortable and less tiring
  • Has a blade which makes your work more organized and accurate


  • Comes without a case

8. Ryobi Joiner Kit

Ryobi Joiner Kit

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Ryobi Biscuit Joiner is one of the best biscuit joiners of 2023. This great biscuit joiner cuts slots for holding biscuits with superior precision and efficiency. Further, the top-rated biscuit joiner comes with a carbide-tipped blade, which helps with efficient and accurate cutting. For this reason, it possesses a fantastic cutter speed of 11,000 RPM. The powerful 6 Amp motor makes the cutting even more comfortable, enabling the biscuit joiner to cut even the hardest woods. 

What is more, the relatively high speed will allow you to complete your orders before the deadline. You got to love the versatility and flexibility with which it can adjust to different scenarios. Additionally, the handles are fixed with ergonomic material which makes it comfortable to handle the biscuit joiner for a more extended period.


  • The handles are ergonomic, for comfortability
  • The biscuit joiner operates a relatively high speed
  • Has a powerful motor which makes cutting much easier


  • This set comes without a dust collector

7. REXBETI Joiner Kit

REXBETI Joiner Kit

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This joining system is somewhat peculiar in our view. It consists of a safety lock screw and an already packed 100 pieces of biscuits. The biscuits are packed individually for easy access. Before you begin any work, you should ensure you remove the safety screw. For any avoidance of doubt, this biscuit joiner is a comprehensive, robust, and flexible system that can deliver amazing results. The presence of the fence and angle knob cannot be underscored. It is the angle knob that enables you to adjust the fence and further help you to tackle edge to edge operations. The three adjustable fence positions make your work even more comfortable. It also makes it easier to handle miter to miter and end to edge operations during cutting. 

Further, the height and depth knob will help you to adjust the fence height to match the wood plate. The fence and angle height are the easiest to set up, thus meaning any beginner can comfortably and efficiently use it. Moreover, This system is reliable for any furniture, casework, doors, and many other applications that require perfect alignment, accurate joints, and simple work. This is one of the most portable systems currently in the market and one of the best biscuit joiners of 2023 in terms of reinforced versatility. 


  • Comes with a dust collector which makes your environment clean
  • Has a powerful motor for efficient woodcutting.’
  • The biscuit joining system is relatively lightweight and flexible


  • Relatively expensive

6. VonHaus Plate Joiner

VonHaus Plate Joiner

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One of the best biscuit joiner of 2023, and currently in the market, is VonHaus plate joiner. It includes an ergonomically grip handle for efficient and comfortable use. VonHaus creates a secure biscuit dowel connection, which makes your project a fun and exciting venture. This wood biscuit joiner will accurately and efficiently cut adjoining tools for all the miter joints, T- joints and corner joints. What makes it more distinctive?

It comes with a relatively large top, and a slim ergonomic body. While the large part makes you have total control over the system, the linear feature enables comfortable and efficient operation.More than the preset biscuit sizes, the system also boasts of a dust collection bag. The bag ha a suction function which operates when the biscuit joiner is in use.And finally, you can use this biscuit joiner for any type of wood.


  • Comes with a dust bag
  • The large top helps you with firm control of the machine
  • Suitable for any type of wood


  • The system comes without a case

5. AOBEN Plate Joiner

AOBEN Plate Joiner

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Are there spaces in your house or your shop which need small but stylish cabinets? Or do you want some relatively big built-ins for your bedroom? Well, if you think you need one, then the AOBEN biscuit plate joiner is your ultimate companion and choice. With this biscuit joiner, nothing can make your work easier. You just need to the wood into pieces, add glue, insert the pieces of biscuits, and clamp. Nothing much. 

Now that you want to have a cabinet in some space within your house, let’s look at the features of AOBEN, which will make your work more comfortable and efficient.The anti-slip handle will make your work more comfortable and resourceful.Further, the adjustable tilt fence enables you to do your work at any preferred angle. 


  • Comes with a dust bag for debris collection.’
  • The ant slip handle ensures comfortability
  • The razor touch blade can cut any type of wood


  • It can sometimes mislead wit height adjustments. It loses precision at times

4. REXBETI Joiner Kit – Tungsten Carbide

REXBETI Joiner Kit Tungsten Carbide

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Among the best biscuit joiners of 2023, REXBETI stands out as one of the most reliable and efficient. This type of biscuit joiner can accurately, with high speed, join two pieces of wood. Further, it can handle the edge-to-edge and miter-to-miter, which will help you to create stiff joints. 

Additionally, the REX053 guarantees accurate cuts, while at the same time ensuring a spot on slot placement and precise biscuit fit. Simply put, this biscuit joiner provides you with a balanced and comfortable grip.What more, the joiner is more accurate, adequately reliable, and sturdy. It cuts best when referencing from its base, further ensures you end up with a smooth cutting action. You can easily and quickly set up the fence angle and height.


  • Comes with a dust extractor
  • The biscuit joiner has a powerful motor
  • Comes with 100 individually packed biscuits


  • Relatively expensive

3. PORTER-CABLE Joiner Kit


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If you are looking for a biscuit joiner with a precise micro-adjustment knob for your workshop, then the PORTER joiner kit is the ideal choice. The joiner kit includes 4-inch diameter blades, which guarantee standard biscuit cutting. Further, it comes with a lock on the trigger. But what makes it more unique?

Among the best biscuit joiner pf 2023, this joiner kit has one of the most powerful motors. The motor, which operates at 7 Amp, and 10000 RPPM, ensures you can cut any type of wood with a lot of ease and efficiency. It also has a spindle lock feature, which makes it possible for single wrench bit changes. Further, the bale handles us attached to the fence and not motor. This ensures more excellent stability during cuts. 


  • Comes with dust collector
  • Has razor-sharp blades for efficient cutting
  • The powerful motor ensures resourceful cutting


  • Few customers complained that the arbor is not straight

2. Plate Biscuit Joiner

Plate Biscuit Joiner

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This biscuit joiner features an already set cutting depth setting. It comes with a blade cover that can be opened with clamp screws for easy blade change. Further, the shaft quickly locks for relaxed and effective blade changes.

It is important to note that you can efficiently operate this biscuit joiner without any difficulty. One of the easiest and exciting parts to operate is the cam locks for fence adjustments. The angles are adjustable with stops at 45 and 90 degrees. The rack and pinion vertical fence system guarantee accurate fence adjustments. Further, this biscuit joiner comes with a dust bag to collect any debris from your work. 


  • Comes with a dust collector
  • Has a blade cover to help with blade change
  • Easy to operate


  • A little bit bulky

1. DEWALT Joiner Kit

DEWALT Joiner Kit

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If you are looking for the best biscuit joiner of 2023, then the DEWALT plate joiner should be top of your priority list. The carpenter comes with an exquisite substantial duty performance, fantastic design, and durability. But more importantly,

This biscuit joiner makes very accurate joints. The fence, which comes in a piece, and the blade are parallel to each other. This ensures you end up with accurate joints.Additionally, you can easily adjust the fence and tilt it up to 90 degrees. Moreover, the biscuit joiner comes with a heavy duty aluminum shoe, which allows you to revert the kit into a stationary device temporarily.


  • Has a dual rack from extra precision
  • Durable
  • Has a strong motor


  • The fact that it is made in China is a complete turn off for some users

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the biscuit joiners have adjustable heights?

A: Yes, almost all of them have. And it is quite useful when the height is adjusted. 

Q: Where are these biscuit joiners made?

A: Well, like many other common or popular tools these days, this biscuit joiner is made in China.

Q: What voltage do these biscuit joiners run?

A: This may not be a straightforward answer. However, for most of the biscuit joiners in this review, the minimum voltage begins from somewhat 110V, and others are going as high as 440V. It depends on the strength of your motor and how efficient the whole kit is. 

Q: What is the blade thickness of these biscuit joiners?

A: Well, again, no straightforward answer to this. Most blades are carbide and come in different inches. However, for effective functioning, you could try a 1/8 inch thick blade. 

Q: Is the handle on the motor or the fence?

A: The fence is on the front of the joiner while the handle is on top above the cutter. The motor is behind the cutters.


Your woodwork should be the most efficient and fun activity to engage in. Nonetheless, you will need a biscuit joiner to help you with some of the complicated tasks. This post has highlighted some of the best biscuit joiners of 2023. You can decide on which one to use.

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