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10 Best Book Scanners Reviews in 2023

Several companies create premium book scanners that come with various qualities, which function to make your utility more comfortable and convenient, including ample storage capacity, multiple languages, built-in dictionaries, and self-contained design. With many brand names offering high-quality products in the market, how can you find the perfect scanner for your needs?

Here, we present reviews of 10 of the best book scanners on the market that provide the descriptions, advantages, and disadvantages concerning each product. We also offer some frequently asked questions that allow you to better understand the devices and know what to expect. This information can help reduce the time and effort spent trying to make a suitable decision and enable you to maneuver this competitive market effortlessly. You can refer to our review and eventually buy a book scanner that fits your requirements, style, and financial plans. 

List of the Best Book/Document Scanners in 2023

10. C-Pen Reader

C-Pen Reader

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One of the document scanner comes with a built-in voice recorder with a playback function that conveniently allows you to replay the information whenever you need to revise or refer. The device integrates convenient storage into its design, enabling you to scan and store ample details according to your needs. The package includes a USB cable that can comfortably connect to a Mac or PC and download the content as necessary.  

C-Pen Reader comes in a pocket-size and lightweight design that enables you to effortlessly take it to different venues. The multiple built-in dictionaries help define unfamiliar words as you study, ensuring that you can efficiently understand the text. The product can scan in different languages, including Spanish, French, and various English accents, making it suitable for many users. This self-contained book scanner adds to your convenience since it can function without Wi-Fi or a computer.


  • Built-in voice recorder with playback
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • Needs manual dexterity to operate

9. IRIScan Book Scanner

IRIScan Book Scanner

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This document scanner integrates a comprehensive OCR solution that recognizes 137 languages, making it suitable for users from different regions. The package comes with a USB cable that you can utilize to transfer content to your Mac OS or Windows-operated computer. This device also includes a 32-GB microSD card that provides ample space to store various types of information. 

IRIScAn scanner enables you to convert any image file, PDF, or paper document into versions that you can comfortably edit using different programs such as Excel, Outlook, Word, and others. The product features a two-second scanning speed that allows you to accomplish your tasks quickly and conveniently. This book scanner incorporates a color screen that lets you monitor and obtain high-quality results by displaying the scanned images.


  • Convenient color screen
  • Worldwide OCR solution
  • Efficient scanning speed


  • Could be more comfortable to download the OCR software

8. eloam Portable Document

eloam Portable Document

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Eloam comes with a hand button and foot pedal that provides comfortable operation, adding to your convenience. This device can scan documents measuring up to A3 size, which allows you to process a wide range of files, including books, receipts, photos, and business cards. The high-quality 18-megapixel CMOS image sensor integrated into the system scans information accurately and clearly in less than two seconds.

This book scanner features intelligent processing functions that automatically flatten curved pages, removes a blank page, and erases fingerprints. These qualities ensure that you have precise and consistent results, enhancing your comfort and convenience. OCR technology can efficiently recognize more than 180 languages, enabling different users to operate the machine with ease. This book scanner measures 8.30″ × 5.90″ × 15.70″ and offers a compact size that you can efficiently use and store in minimal space.


  • Optical Character Recognition technology
  • Intelligent auto-correction functions
  • Convenient to use


  • Compatible with Windows OS only

7. CZUR Professional Document

CZUR Professional Document

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CZUR offers a document scanner designed with a laser-based flattening function that scans curved books and resulting in flat and clear images. The automatic function also erases fingerprints, allowing you to have clean scans without unwanted spots. This book scanner incorporates the convenient Optical Character Recognition technology that supports up to 187 languages, making it perfect for different users worldwide.

You can use this device to scan bound materials, packaging boxes, and sculptures, enhancing its versatile application that you can use in a library, school, office, or court. The product has dimensions measuring 14.25″ × 13.81″ × 5.86″ and offers a compact size to efficiently transport and store without taking too much space. This book scanner incorporates an innovative overhead design that adds to your convenience by reducing manual operation.


  • Innovative overhead design
  • Laser-assisted flattening technology
  • Supports multiple functions


  • It is pricey

6. iCODIS X9 Book

iCODIS X9 Book

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This book scanner supports real-time projecting and video recording that allows you to use it for different events, including meetings, creating music scores, and teaching. The 21-megapixel camera integrated into the device ensures that you can produce quality images with high definition. This book scanner features nine built-in LED bulbs that offer sufficient brightness when working in a dim area. 

The aluminum alloy used to create the fuselage ensures that you have a high-quality and sturdy product that will serve your needs for years. The compact and foldable design enables you to transport or store the product without taking a lot of space. This machine features upgraded technology that automatically merges both sides of a scanned ID photo, corrects broken edge on a page, and removing excess parts. This book scanner is ideal for various users because it incorporates ergonomic software such as TWAIN, OCR, and SDK.


  • Easy to use and store
  • Durable and sturdy aluminum alloy fuselage
  • Flattening curve technology


  • Only supports Windows operating system

5. Document Camera iOCHOW

Document Camera iOCHOW

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iOCHOW has dimensions measuring 9.5″ × 3.2″ × 14″ and provides a compact size that you can conveniently store without needing too much space. The lightweight product weighs 3.3 pounds and allows you to move it to your preferred venue with ease. This book scanner incorporates ultra-fast 1.5-second speed that helps accomplish your tasks efficiently.

Plus, it features four internal LED lights that you will comfortably adjust and use the brightness levels according to your needs. The light intensity offers quality illumination that produces clear images, even when in a dim environment. The machine can scan up to A3-size documents, allowing you to work on catalogs, books, exam papers, magazines, and blueprints effortlessly. This book scanner includes OCR software that recognizes more than 100 languages, adding to different users’ convenience.


  • Ultra-fast scanning speed
  • Compact and portable design
  • Bright and adjustable LED lights


  • Not compatible with Mac OS

4. Innovative Book Scanner

Innovative Book Scanner

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The ergonomic hands-free design eliminates tedious book maneuvering and enhances your comfort as you work. This book scanner integrates superior Optical Character Recognition technology into its design that supports multiple languages, making it suitable for different people. The construction incorporates ergonomic UI that detects a missing page and verifies the correct page to scan. You can also apply this feature to zoom in and out, rotate, capture, save, or make an annotation on an image, enabling you to use the book scanner in a school or meeting.

The premium design conveniently produces clean and clear scans with no shadows, even when working on a thick book. You can accomplish your tasks efficiently since the Quick Scan feature scans one page per second. This book scanner is suitable for different types of documents, books, and magazines because it can support A4 sizes.


  • Ergonomic A-shaped design
  • High-quality OCR 
  • No distorted images


  • It is expensive 

3. CZUR ET16-P Professional

CZUR ET16-P Professional

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The laser curve-flattening technology incorporated in this book scanner captures well-flattened images while cropping out your fingers in the final scan. The quality 32-bit MIPS CPU powering this device can scan two pages of an open and unbound book in 1.5 seconds, facilitating efficiency. You can use this book scanner to create black and white, colored, or grayscale images, depending on your needs. 

The Optical Character Recognition technology integrated into the design recognizes hundreds of languages, making it ideal for different users. This feature also enables you to edit your materials accordingly and create the perfect image for your needs. This book scanner can work on A4, and A3 sized documents, helping scan magazines, large books, catalogs, blueprints, and exam papers. The laser-assisted flattening curve technology ensures that you create well-flattened and well-positioned images.


  • Laser-assisted flattening technology
  • Suitable for A3 and A4 sizes
  • Easy to use


  • Could have more color options

2. Fujitsu Book Scanner

Fujitsu Book Scanner

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The black finish and high-quality design ensure that you obtain a stylish product that will effortlessly blend with any interior design. This book scanner has dimensions measuring 8.30″ × 15.10″ × 6.10″ and provides a compact size that you can efficiently utilize and store without taking too much space. The device weighs 6.61 pounds and gives a lightweight quality that enables you to move from one place to another quickly. You need not worry about having balanced images because this product can crop and de-skew the captured materials.

Furthermore, the technology integrated into the construction also flattens curves to produce clear and precise images, making it perfect for scanning bound books and documents. This book scanner incorporates a page detection function that enables you to work continuously without pressing the scan button each time. This machine features advanced image-correction software that allows you to edit the materials according to your needs.


  • Advanced image-correction software
  • Page detection function
  • Easy to use


  • It is a bit pricey

1. CZUR Advanced Book

CZUR Advanced Book

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CZUR comes with a book scanner designed using high-quality materials that give you a sturdy product that can efficiently serve your needs for years. This device features a 16-megapixel camera that captures images with excellent clarity, ensuring that you have premium and accurate results. The ultra-fast 1.5-second scanning speed allows you to accomplish your tasks efficiently without compromising the image’s quality. You can conveniently use this book scanner for multiple purposes, including scanning business cards, vouchers, books, binder documents, and physical objects.

The construction incorporates 10 LED lights and two supplemental ones that provide sufficient brightness that eliminates shadows, adding to your convenience when working in a dark environment. The product comes with OCR software that can read 186 languages, making it perfect for various users. This book scanner’s technology also enables you to edit the scanned images according to your preference. 


  • Convenient OCR software
  • Flattening curve technology
  • Ergonomic design with 10 LED lights and two supplemental ones


  • Could have more color available

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it easy to use these book scanners?

A: Yes, it is. The compact and ergonomic construction enables you to handle lightweight products effortlessly. Some products come in a hands-free and innovative design that makes your tasks less tedious. You need not worry about the quality produced since the automatic book scanners feature a laser-assisted flattening curve function that creates well-flattened images and erases fingerprints.

Q: Can the book scanners read multiple languages?

A: The manufacturers incorporated ergonomic and intelligent functions such as the Optical Character Recognition in these devices that allow you to scan information in different languages. Some can read Spanish, French, Arabic, and various English accents, ensuring that different users can utilize these products with ease. 

Q: Do these book scanners have any unique features?

A: Yes, some book scanners come with internal storage that allows you to scan, save, or transfer the information to a Mac or PC device. The C-Pen features a super-lightweight construction in a pocket-size design that makes it conveniently portable. The utterly self-contained product with multiple built-in dictionaries can function without Wi-Fi and a computer, making it suitable for students and professionals. Users with vision impairments can use the book scanners to read aloud the text with a human-like voice, adding to their comfort and convenience.


By reading through our reviews of 10 of the best book scanners on the market, you will learn every product’s strengths and weaknesses. The frequently asked questions included above help you gain essential information, assisting you in making appropriate decisions quickly. You can make smart moves in this market and buy a book scanner that matches your style and requirements.

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