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Best Car Subwoofers in 2023

For all the car enthusiasts who love driving their toys around with an extra serving of some thumping audio systems, you have definitely come to the right place. Given the recent regularity of auto shows in the past few years, the need for a reliable audio kit has invariably increased among car owners.

These systems vary extensively from the simple, rugged loudspeaker to the booming subwoofer integrated system. Perhaps you are considering replacing your old system. Regardless of your subjective wishes, an excellent car subwoofer system needs to be reliable. With this in mind, use the following reviews as a guide to purchasing your new subwoofer:

List of Best Car Subwoofers in 2023

10. Skar Audio Subwoofer

Skar Audio Subwoofer.

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This Skar Audio SDR-10 D4 10 inch dual 4-ohm car subwoofer is a powerfully built vehicular add-on that is designed to give out a low-spectrum, solid and hard-hitting sound. Due to its built-in ferrite yet high flux motor, this electronic offers a superior power performance for extended lengths of time. Based on its popularity, the manufacturer pledges this SDR series to be an all-person favorite from amateur users through to seasoned car enthusiasts.

Note that your purchased SDR-10 dual 4-ohm 10 inch car subwoofer comes with a 2.5 inch 4-layer copper voice coil engineered to withstand intense heat exposures. With a maximum power rating of 1,200 watts and an RMS rating of 600 watts, you will be getting a high-quality, thumping product.

Moreover, the surround sound feature on this SDR brand comprises of high-roll foam that is responsible for the captivating low-end bass audio output. 


  • High output power ratings
  • Multilayered copper voice Coil
  • High-flux ferrite motor design


  • Relatively low sensitivity

9. Kicker Subwoofer

Kicker Subwoofer.

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On purchasing this car subwoofer from the designers at Kicker, you will be receiving a ten inch subwoofer, a single mono-block amplifier and an 8-gauge wiring kit along with your go-home package. Note that this high-quality ready to install supplement had a prior preset done at the source factory and hence, it is designed to offer an excellent, loud and deep sounding bass audio. With the inbuilt Comp-S Loaded Enclosures, your electronic appliance gives out a high-output, superior bass audio at the optimal level.

The Kicker gadget maintains this high caliber output standard in both single and dual sub enclosures as well as a thin-profile box that can be accommodated perfectly in a pickup truck cab. This particular car subwoofer installs quickly and readily too.

Also, the enclosures are covered in elegant, charcoal-gray luxurious carpeting complete with yellow branding. The allotted slot vents are to assist you with volume control. 


  • Versatile enclosures
  • Factory pre-assembly
  • Compact fitting


  • Short-lived and limited reliability

8. JBL Subwoofer

JBL Subwoofer.

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JBL is offering you this fresh stage car subwoofer guaranteed to provide you with a remarkable bass sound for your buck. With a spectacular power performance capacity of up to 1000 watts, this optimally priced automobile woofer is designed to give out a minimally distorted, high-output bass as well. This brand comes in three sizes from compact to limo: 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. Your JBL gadgets are manufactured with lightweight yet sturdy polypropylene woofer cones.

Additionally, the woofer is subjected to efficient hi-roll rubber surrounds to render the appliance long-lasting and versatile to optimally interface with other amplifiers. Lastly, these JBL products are individually adjusted by professional transducer engineers for that unique yet trademark JBL audio output.

Furthermore, this car subwoofer comes with an incredible sensitivity of 88 dB, impedance of 4 ohms and a voice coil diameter of 1.5 inches.


  • Durable polypropylene material
  • Variable and versatile sizes
  • Professionally audio-tuned


  • High power input for its large magnet

7. PIONEER Subwoofer

PIONEER Subwoofer.

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This PIONEER TS-SW3002S4 car subwoofer is a reliable and dependable 12 inch audio supplement for your everyday drive. Featuring a 1500 Watt power output and shallow-mount design, this mobile audio accessory comes with a single 4-ohm copper voice coil too. For your ease of portability, this woofer is generally light in weight averaging about 14 pounds. Also, the compact dimensions of 14.5 by 14.5 by 5.5 inches make this product readily mountable on many vehicle backseat cabins.

Being a product of Pioneer, this audio appliance is known for very high quality speaker audio. From a sample of user reviews, this car subwoofer is praised for the value attained from the shallow mount feature and its overall great purchase price.

Also, if needed for versatility, you can pair this woofer with other Pioneer automobile speakers of much lower impedance rating, for instance wiring from 4 ohms, down to 2 ohms.


  • Clean, crisp audio quality
  • Shallow-mount design
  • Affordable buying price


  • Limited temperature resistance

6. JBL GT-BassPro

JBL GT-BassPro

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This outstanding car subwoofer is another high grade audio accessory from JBL specially designed to add a blast of bass to your car for a resonant experience with your music while driving. This time round, JBL engineered the bass function to excel within the car interior setting, adjusting it for a sensitive and unyielding response of its low notes. With its polypropylene cone and hi-roll rubber surround, this adjunct is strong enough to withstand any rigorous exposure that comes with the high performance environment subjected to the speaker unit.

Also, you can easily transform your car subwoofer into a thumping music studio courtesy of the built-in 150-Watt amplifier as well as the matching amp wiring kit. Through signal-sensing, the woofer can be switched on remotely and automatically.

For a compact design, this audio system features a unique slipstream port that offers optimal noise reduction and minimal distortion. 


  • Die-cast aluminum basket
  • Noise cancelling slipstream port
  • Precise amplifier optimization


  • Accidental remote signaling

5. Kenwood Subwoofer

Kenwood Subwoofer. 

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From the automobile audio experts at Kenwood, comes this unique compact powered enclosed car subwoofer that measures a modest 11 inches by 7.5 inches by 2.8 inches. With a weight of roughly 6 pounds, you can easily and readily install this accessory into any vehicle of your choice. The lightweight and portability potential makes this woofer great for quick driving excursions. Moreover, given its compact dimensions, this fixture is especially perfect if you are limited in space or merely seeking some extra bass for your sound system.

The Kenwood KSC-SW11 kit is a unique low-profile system that can be fixed beneath your seat, squeezed in tiny positions or installed within your trunk.

Since it is already powered and equipped with remote bass control, this appliance does not need any external amplifier. As a Kenwood product, this particular car subwoofer is designed to last a long period. 


  • Compact for tight spaces
  • Power and ground wire harness
  • Built-in amplifier


  • Extra wiring RCA cables

4. Pioneer Enclosure

Pioneer Enclosure.

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Here is the latest compact car subwoofer kit from the renowned manufacturer that is Pioneer. Right off the bat, you will appreciate that this shallow-mount woofer is already preloaded within the modest Pioneer TS-SWX2502 speaker kit weighing just 1 pound. Besides, the system applies an extended cone structure that offers a larger gasket area without any alterations to its usual external measurement.

Therefore, this greater cone area allows for a deeper but loud bass from the subwoofer thanks to the movement of more air. To achieve the precise bass level, the cone is constructed from MICA injection-molded resin which, in turn, renders the cone tough, sturdy and highly durable.

Furthermore, this particular car subwoofer has a dual spider specially included for the provision of cone motion control. Such control is essential to stabilize cone excursion, optimize stiffness and reinforce the woofer’s linear motion for an accurate bass output.


  • Sturdy, long-lasting resin cone
  • Shallow mount design
  • Compact dimension


  • Susceptible to vibrations

3. Rockville Subwoofer

Rockville Subwoofer.

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With this RW10CA brand of Rockville car subwoofer, you will be getting a compact, low-profile speaker kit package measuring 12.4 by 13.4 by 2.7 inches and weighing roughly 15 pounds. The manufacturer designed this kit with the aim of easing the user installation process. Hence, a DIY fixation should be relatively quick and simple. This kit is additionally equipped with high level inputs instead of the previous remote trigger wire for a hassle-free operation of your unit.

As a mechanism of action, the smart circuit senses the presence of an audio signal to turn on your speaker set automatically. The inbuilt amplifier has the capability of turning itself on and off automatically, as well.

Due to the lack of necessity in removing the receiver, this Rockville car subwoofer allows for the installation of an aftermarket amplifier-woofer combination. You can wire from the high level inputs directly to any of your speakers.


  • High-level inputs
  • Auto turn-on technology
  • Integrated subsonic filter


  • Inconsistent reliability

2. Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate

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The Punch P300-12 is an all-inclusive, dependable and rugged car subwoofer and speaker kit from Rockford Fosgate. Controlled by a powerful 300 Watt amplifier, this system comprises a single Punch 12-inch woofer custom-mounted within a sealed enclosure all in a self-contained manner. In this mode, all you need is a power source and an audio signal to get going, no complicated wiring or other unnecessary hassles needed.

With a weight of 16 pounds and dimensions of 11 by 20 by 15 inches, the portability of this appliance is greatly enhanced and hence you can affix it in any vehicle. Furthermore, this specific car subwoofer is designed in a closed-loop configuration. This design, in turn, leads to a peak and harmonious audio performance between woofer, amplifier and enclosure.

Also, using RCA or speaker level signals with this same layout enables you to integrate the Rockford kit with an aftermarket or OEM audio systems.


  • All-inclusive setup
  • Durable exterior
  • Closed-loop design


  • Strict aftermarket integration

1. MTX Terminator 

MTX Terminator 

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MTX is offering you this mighty powerful Audio Terminator series of car subwoofer complete with 1200W dual 12-inch subwoofer and enclosure. To guarantee the audio supremacy, authenticity and quality of the bass tones, the manufacturer employed a 5/8″ MDF construction during the design phase for this speaker kit. Comprising aviation grade carpet and a frequency response range of between 10 Hz and 150 Hz, this speaker system promises an extensive scope of stability.

Along with impedance rating of 2Ω and the signature rugged outlook, this kit also comes with an embroidered Terminator logo. Note that for the lovers of vehicular bass, this car subwoofer combines the elegance and strength of a Terminator mono-block amplifier within a sealed enclosure.

Moreover, the TNE212D subwoofer series is equipped with a 2-inch aluminum voice coil, polypropylene cone and rubber surround – all contributing to its remarkable durability and bass audio quality.


  • Rugged MDF workmanship
  • Terminator mono-block amplifier
  • Extensive frequency response range


  • Occasional amplifier malfunction

Buying Guide – Car Subwoofers

From the product reviews described above as well as the brief outlines of their positives and negatives, your choice of an ideal car subwoofer may not have been necessarily made easier. A proper buying guide would ideally be specific and like most potential buyers, you would lend more credence to the performance reviews from the other users of the item. Hence, based on various frequently asked questions and a sample of user reviews, these three factors emerged as the most essential.


When buying a given subwoofer system, please make sure that it actually functions as advertised. While in the presence of the seller, you can insist on a functional demonstration at the shop. In addition to the audio quality, you should query whether all the components are present and functional as well. An ideal car subwoofer should be both easy to install and operate.


Your car subwoofer kit needs to have some element of flexibility. For instance, for an additional bass output, you may need to have a secondary adjunct attached to your primary kit. A versatile system would allow for the compatibility with other amplifiers too. This feature is especially vital in the event of misplaced component, or the need for a spare (replacement) part.


The construction materials used to design your automobile audio system should matter if you are to own a long-lasting product. For instance, you could inspect the heat susceptibility of specific components, especially when delineating plastic from metal. Most poor quality materials cannot sustain exposure to high temperatures. Also, when considering a particular car subwoofer, you may insist on proof of authenticity to ensure you are getting a genuine kit.  


By virtue of going through the foregoing extensive guide and reviews, you should be in a position to buy your new car subwoofer. Even though most electronic systems are prone to the occasional malfunction, you need not fall prey to substandard products. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the standard features prior to committing to any purchase.

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