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10 Best Convertible Car Seats In 2023

Most parents clearly recall the hectic schedules associated with raising their first kids, especially from infancy through to the toddler years. As part of this early-stage parenting, you will invariably end up moving around or travelling with your young one almost everywhere.

Such excursions range from your vital visits to the clinic to fun trips to the amusement park. In any case, you will drive around a lot. Do not be caught unaware of the importance of having the correct convertible car seat. Perhaps, you may not even know where to begin. Well, consider the following set of reviews as your guideline.

 List of The Best Convertible Car Seats In 2023

10. Cosco Convertible Seat

Cosco Convertible Seat.

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Based on an extensive experience spanning over 70 years in the manufacture of reliable and safe children’s products, Cosco Products are offering you this top of the line convertible car seat. Designed with a dual use setting, your infant, toddler and young ones will have an enjoyable ride in this comfy chair. The add-on comes with both a rear and front-facing modes for toddlers under 40 pounds and kids weighing less than 65 pounds respectively.

You will also note that the seating accommodation fits up to three kids in the back, making this brand the ideal choice for your family. Being latch equipped, this convertible car seat comprises a five point versatile harness system that features three buckle and five height positions too. With a one year warranty, the manufacturer met JPMA, ASTM and federal safety requirements. Also, your kid’s security is further assured by an inbuilt side impact protection cushion. 


  • Deluxe padding
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Meets all safety standards


  • Premium cost

9. ​Safety Convertible Seat

Safety Convertible Seat. 

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For the protection of your young kid within a smaller vehicle, look no further than this intimately compact convertible car seat from Safety 1st. With this Guide 65 add-on, you can carry weights of up to 40 pounds in the rear facing position, but it can support toddlers weighing between 22 and 65 pounds in the frontal position. The integrated anti-rebound bolsters are designed to provide your toddler with an extra level of protection despite the seat’s compact size.

This tight looking design is especially perfect for parents who drive around in comparatively smaller coupes with their young ones. To securely strap in your toddler, make proper use of the five position harness as well as the three buckle safety positions. When cleaning your Guide 65 convertible car seat, take note to wash the seat pad by hand. Also, the manufacturer is offering a one year warranty for this product.


  • Five position harness
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Hand washable


  • Fixed recline position

8. Evenflo Convertible Seat

Evenflo Convertible Seat.

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Take a look at this ultimate all-in-one convertible car seat from the fabricators at Evenflo. Having been designed to resolve all of your car seating quandaries, the Symphony Elite chair is a strongly built product that can handle up to 110 pounds of your kids weight.  With both rear and front facing modes, you have the liberty of riding with either your infant or toddler or both.

Additionally, a booster mode exists to support the more grown up kids ranging from 40 to 110 pounds. The stability and firmness of this seat is guaranteed by a novel Sure Latch system. Furthermore, by deploying this particular brand of convertible car seat, the optimal safety of your entire family is ensured courtesy of a five-point Infinite Slide harness system engineered into the design. Clean your seat pad separately in cold water using a delicate cycle machine wash.


  • Custom harness and latch system
  • Additional booster mode
  • Readily machine washable


  • Lacks safety certification and warranty

7. Graco Convertible Seat

Graco Convertible Seat.

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This innovative convertible car seat from Graco is designed to save you ample space in the back seat by employing the forward to rear facing setting. Also, this supplement will last you a relatively long time while accommodating a growing child’s weight up to 100 pounds. Your Graco Slim-Fit seat comes with the capacity to become a belt positioning booster as well as fitted with special rotating cup holders. To position your desired height or headrest, you could easily employ the inbuilt Simply Safe Adjust harness system.

Furthermore, after meeting the FMVSS 213 US Standard via rigorous crash testing, this convertible car seat has demonstrated its occupant retention capability by passing all the side impact tests as well. Also, to assure your child of total safety, this Graco Slim-Fit chair features an In-Right Latch mechanism for its five point harness system alongside plush support and an EPS foam cushioning. 


  • Crash-tested safety standard
  • Belt positioning booster
  • Integrated harness storage


  • No detachable base

6. Graco Milestone Convertible Seat

Graco Milestone Convertible Seat

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This brand of convertible car seat is another quality product from Graco to ensure the vehicular safety of your kids. With its Simply Safe Adjust Harness System, you can ensure that your child is always properly secured by easily altering the height and headrest of your harness all in a single move. Graco’s unique In Right latching system offers a quick and easy instant fastening with an audible click serving as a cue to ensure firm and secure fixation.

In addition to the provided rear and forward facing modes, you can maintain the comfort of a growing child using the built-in four-position recline backrest. Also, this Milestone convertible car seat passed all the relevant federal and side impact tests for occupant retention thanks to the inbuilt five point harness system. When cleaning this seat, use only cool water and mild soap for the metallic and plastic parts.


  • Five point harness system
  • In Right latch mechanism
  • Adjustable recline


  • Lacks a base platform

5. Graco Booster Seat

Graco Booster Seat.

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With a minimum and maximum weight recommendation of 22 and 100 pounds respectively, this 18 pound convertible car seat is the ideal choice for your growing family. As a Graco product, this Atlas brand is designed to be a 2 in 1 booster car seat. While in use, you can transform it from a five point harness front facing chair that supports up to 65 pounds, into a high back belt positioning booster for weights of up to 100 pounds.

To ensure a stable placement, you can position the headrest and harness in one sweeping motion by deploying the distinctive Simply Safe Adjust harness system as well. For any unforeseen emergencies, this convertible car seat is equipped with an integrated storage recess for any unused harness straps. When cleaning, the seat pad, harness and buckle covers are readily machine washable while the harness straps may be spot cleaned.


  • Extra harness storage
  • Booster seat capability
  • Lightweight and portable


  • No safety test data

4. Safety Grow & Go Car Seat

Safety Grow & Go Car Seat. 

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This sumptuous looking convertible car seat is a product of Safety 1st. Designed with three modes of positioning, this backseat adjunct is sure to be reliable while keeping pace your growing child. Firstly, as a rear facing seat, it can support infants and toddlers weighing between 5 and 40 pounds. Secondly, you may carry toddlers weighing 22 to 65 pounds in a front facing position and lastly, the seat could serve as a belt positioning booster for kids weighing up to 100 pounds.

With average dimensions of 24 inches by 19 inches by 23 inches and a product weight of 18 pounds, this item is light, convenient and portable for any new parent. The seat comes with an adjustable three point recliner for a quick and easy fit in the car. Also, rest assured that this convertible car seat fulfills all the necessary ASTM, JPMA and federal safety standards.


  • More front-seat legroom
  • Machine washable
  • Accredited safety standards


  • Not fit for trucks

3. Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Seat

Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Seat.

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Evenflo is offering you this 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} Polyester convertible car seat that is both made in the USA and equally imported. For your peace of mind as a parent, know that this product satisfies all the applicable federal safety regulations as well as the manufacturer’s side impact test standards. Also, for added confidence in the reliability of this particular brand, the seat is designed and tested for structural integrity at twice the safety standard that the federal tests recommend.

To guarantee you stability and longevity of use, this Evenflo Tribute LX convertible car seat is also equipped with various shoulder harness positions from which to choose. For the sake of convenience, the harness has an adjustment system upfront to allow for a quick and easy buckle release. Furthermore, the detachable head pillow and integrated structural padding provide a body cushion to your toddler for an extra layer of cozy comfort.


  • Adjustable head support
  • Certified structurally safe
  • Lightweight material


  • No cleaning guidelines

2. Graco Car Seat | Clove

Graco Car Seat Clove

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This convertible car seat is a unique extendable chair that gives you an additional 5 inches of extra leg room due to its capacity to grow with your child from 4 to 120 pounds in weights. As a result, you stand a chance of enjoying reliable service for a period of up to 10 years of use. With the integrated deluxe yet cozy design, you can carry your toddler in a rear facing position up to a weight of 50 pounds in absolute comfort. 

Note that the seat cover is rapid removable without any hassle from the harness and readily washable when cleaning. As a Graco product, this Extend2Fit seat utilizes the In-Right latching method as well as the Simply Safe Adjust harness system for a secure toddler positioning. Also, this particular convertible car seat comes with a flexible headrest that can be adjusted regularly to match your growing child.


  • 4-position extension panel
  • Increased maximum weight
  • Highly versatile headrest


  • Relatively costly

1. Graco Convertible Seat | Gotham

Graco Convertible Seat Gotham Get it now on

Graco is offering you this additional choice of another Extend2Fit brand of convertible car seat. In its rear facing position, this brand can support between 4 and 50 pounds of weight, while the front facing toddler weight range is 22 to 65 pounds. This chair is equally equipped with a four position extension panel that provides an extra 5 inches of leg room when installed in the rear facing position.

Additionally, on purchase, you will be receiving a Graco Protect-Plus engineered product. The manufacturer assures you that this specific brand has been subjected to a variety of both intensive and extensive crash tests and passed them all. Hence, the product’s structural integrity is expected to protect your child in rear, frontal, sideways and rollover accidents. Furthermore, this convertible car seat meets the standards set for extreme car interior temperatures as well as more evaluation based on the New Car Assessment Program.


  • Rigorous crash testing
  • Machine washable
  • Meets heat standards


  • Fairly bulky

Buying Guide – Best Convertible Car Seats

By poring over the reviews above, you may gain an insight into the relevant aspects to look out for in a good convertible car seat. However, for an ideal seat that is specific to your needs, these mere product features may simply not suffice. In that case, you may probably need only two precise or core factors based on their real world application, such as:


The guarantee of safety from any convertible car seat is the ultimate goal of needing it in the first place. Note that safety is directly correlated with both functionality and reliability. Seek to find out whether a particular item on sale meets the relevant industry standards.

Ideally, you should only consider a given seat as reliable if the salesman provides an accreditation to vouch for its structural integrity. The functionality of a car seat is its ability to protect your toddler in a vehicular emergency. The assurance of passing crash tests and fulfilling safety regulations is crucial to entrust your child’s life to any given product.


Typically, no parent wants to keep replacing their toddler seats every so often. Such a high frequency of changes is often related to a poor quality product. Therefore, consider purchasing a more durable convertible car seat by insisting on sturdy production material.

Take a brief moment to visually and manually inspect the type of fabric used and the quality of workmanship in a given product. Remember that long-lasting products are usually derived from the use of sturdy materials and fabric.


Based on these guidelines, you should have an easier shopping errand for your ideal convertible car seat. Always remember to be practical when buying your product. You do not want to be stuck with an inflexible seat when switching cars or transferring to an airplane. 

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