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Best Desk Lamps of 2023

Whether working at your office or from home, excellent lighting is an essential factor that must always be present for maximum productivity. You can use different methods to ensure that your working area has sufficient illumination, including using daylight and traditional incandescent lights. However, companies are making desk lamps that not only provide you with excellent lighting but also protect your eyes from damages caused by straining and flickering lights.

Here, we put together a list and reviews of the top ten desk lamps in the market, along with the pros and cons of each product. This information can help you in understanding the varieties of desk lamps on offer, which can ultimately allow you to buy a product that satisfies your needs and preferences while fitting your prepared budget.

 List of the Best Desk Lamps of 2023

10. Globe Electric Desk Lamp

Globe Electric Desk Lamp Get it now on

This desk lamp from Globe Electric comes with a simple yet classic design featuring clean lines and a black matte finish that ensures you can match this product to any décor. You can easily switch on and off this product by using the large rotary switch placed at the top of the desk lamp. The metal used to construct this product ensures that you have a durable product that can serve you for a long time. You also can easily adjust the shade, which allows you to illuminate the area where you need the light.

Additionally, this desk lamp features a swing arm loaded with spring that can stretch to a height of 28 inches for convenience. The long cord of this product also ensures that you can comfortably use this desk lamp anywhere in your room while accessing the socket. The base of the desk lamp is heavy enough to provide the product with balance and stability, while still enabling you to lift and transport the item with ease whenever necessary.


  • Classic design
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy base


  • The lower arm is immobile with screws attached

9. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp Get it now on

This desk lamp features a memory function that enables the product to retain automatically any setting that you initially input, which helps to eliminate repetitive resetting. This product also comes with a USB port in its design that enables you to charge your devices, including most smartphones, while still being within reach. Besides this, the desk lamp features ultra-slim arms that help to make your desk appear tidy. The aluminum finish on the base also provides this product with a stylish look that adds elegance to your home or office.

Further, the aluminum alloy used to design this desk lamp helps to prolong the LED lifespan by acting as a passive heat sink. This desk lamp offers you eighteen choices that enable you to adjust the light according to your preferences. You can set the product at six levels of brightness and three lighting modes to allow you to cater to the demands of your vision. The non-flickering and non-ghosting lighting also enable you to perform multiple tasks comfortably without distractions.


  • Aluminum alloy material
  • Adjustable light choices
  • Memory function


  • Limited color options

8. CeSunlight Desk Lamp

CeSunlight Desk Lamp Get it now on

The CeSunlight Clamp Desk Lamp presents you with a quality product that you can easily attach to your headboard or workbench by clipping on the clamp. You also do not have to worry about the product scratching your desk or surface on which the desk lamp attaches because the padded clamps offer protection. This product also comes with a padded base that gives you the option of not using the clip and placing the desk lamp on your table without the danger of falling.

This desk lamp incorporates LED lights that flicker whenever the load mode is non-full, which allows you to make the correct adjustments that also preserve the quality of the product. The product even assists you in protecting your eyes since the lights do not dazzle, enabling you to work, draw, study, or read comfortably. Additionally, this desk lamp offers you three types of color temperature with each incorporating two levels of brightness, which helps you to adjust between highs and lows of your preferences.


  • Three color temperatures
  • Padded clamp and base
  • Quality LED lights


  • Could have more colors available

7. TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp Get it now on

TaoTronics offer you a premium product that comes with five modes of color along with six levels of brightness that you can adjust to match your requirements. This product also features a nightlight function that enables you to use the desk lamp comfortably to read or rest at night. The control panel incorporates a simple design that makes it easy for you to use, helping you to activate your preferred settings by pressing a button.

This desk lamp also features a 5V/2A USB port that enables you to charge your devices within reach while you work. The memory function designed in this product allows you to adjust your desk lamp with your preferred settings once, and the product automatically retains the information whenever in use. You can comfortably use this desk lamp for a long time due to the metal body construction, and the adjustable arm and head add to your convenience.


  • Adjustable arm and head
  • Eye protection
  • Multiple functions


  • It is a bit pricey

6. TaoTronics Desk Lamp

TaoTronics Desk Lamp Get it now on

This quality desk lamp features a built-in 5V/1A USB port that makes working convenient because you can charge and access your phone while you read, study or research. The product’s flexible gooseneck enables you to adjust the desk lamp with ease and direct the light beam to where you need. Besides, this desk lamp a sleek design that ensures to match seamlessly with any of your home or office décor. The LED technology incorporated in this product helps you to save on energy by using 75{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} less than traditional incandescent bulbs.

You can use this desk lamp without straining or damaging your eyes because the durable and uniform LED lights do not flicker. The five color modes and seven brightness levels ensure that you can adjust the product to your preferences, regardless of how dark or bright your room may be. The desk lamp also comes with smart touch control that assists you in creating your settings at the touch of a button.


  • Smart touch control
  • Energy-saving LED lights
  • Easy to adjust


  • Not battery-powered

5. Globe Electric Swing Arm Multi-Joint Desk Lamp

Globe Electric Swing Arm Multi-Joint Desk Lamp Get it now on

This desk lamp comes with a six-foot-long cord that helps you to reach any place, enabling you to use the product comfortably even when the socket is far from your bed or table. This product features a metal clamp that allows you to mount this desk lamp securely on the 2-inch thick furniture where you need the light. This quality also ensures that you can utilize this product without worrying about the desk lamp falling from accidental bumps.

Moreover, this desk lamp provides you with quick and convenient access to the switch that is at the top of the lampshade. The rotator switch also ensures that you can operate this product with ease. You can comfortably direct the light to where you need by adjusting the spring-loaded arm of the desk lamp. The black finish on the metal construction allows you to add a stylish desk lamp to your room.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Metal clamp
  • Long cord


  • Bulb sold separately

4. Desk Lamp

Desk Lamp Get it now on

You can comfortably operate this desk lamp using the sensitive touch control located at the base of the product. The settings allow you to select between four lighting modes that include study, reading, relaxation, and sleep options. These modes also enable you to adjust between seven levels of brightness, which helps you to get the perfect light for your study or sleep. In addition to this, you can activate the auto-switch off that will help you to save on bills by automatically turning off after an hour.

This desk lamp allows you to direct the light beam to where you want it by swiveling the base by 90 degrees or by rotating the arm up to 180 degrees. The product also incorporates a 5V/1A USB port that you can use to charge your devices whenever necessary. The minimalist modern look of this desk lamp ensures that you obtain a product that can add style to your office or home.


  • Sleek modern look
  • Auto-switch off
  • Sensitive touch control


  • Could be eco-friendly

3. TaoTronics Desk Lamp With USB

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Get it now on

This desk lamp from TaoTronics helps you to save on electricity bills by incorporating an auto-off timer that automatically switches off the product after one hour. This product also comes with a memory function that enables the IT to retain the information you input, which minimizes the need to reset your desk lamp always. This product also features touch controls at the base of the desk lamp that allows you to handle the item conveniently.

Additionally, this desk lamp enables you to select between four types of different lights that can help you to set a preferred tone as you work or relax. You also can adjust the brightness of the desk lamp through five levels, helping you to sleep in a dim room or read comfortably in bright light. The adjustable arm and base allow you to rotate the product to multiple angles that can best suit your needs. The built-in USB port makes it convenient to use this product because you can recharge your devices within reach.


  • Multi-angle adjustments
  • Built-in USB port
  • Auto-timer


  • Limited colors available

2. Lampat Desk Lamp

Lampat Desk Lamp Get it now on

Lampat presents you with a quality desk lamp that uses advanced optical material to create a protective structure that ensures you do not damage your eyes when using this product. This desk lamp allows you to adjust your light through five levels of brightness, which helps you to match the conditions of your environment comfortably. You also can set the product to four modes of lighting that are reading, study, relaxation, and sleep, allowing you to create the appropriate ambiance for your needs.

This desk lamp features a sensitive control panel at the bottom of the product, which allows you easy access and operation of the item. Further, this product comes with a 60-minute timer that automatically switches off the desk lamp, which assists you to save on energy and bills. The built-in USB port also enables you to save on time by recharging your devices while using this product. The sleek design of this desk lamp helps to add a sleek and modern feel to your room while using minimal space.


  • Eye-friendly
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Control panel


  • Could rotate sideways

1. TaoTronics LED Lamp Eye-caring

Eye-caring Get it now on

TaoTronics provide you with a desk lamp that you can use to illuminate where you need by moving the head up and down to 135 degrees and sideways to 90 degrees. The product also comes with built-in touch controls that enable you to turn on and input your preferred settings when sliding your fingers along the pad at the base. This desk lamp also incorporates a USB port in its design that helps you to keep your devices close while charging them.

This desk lamp also enables you to select a light that compliments your mood through the five-color temperatures available. Furthermore, you can adjust the level of brightness through seven options, which allows you to use the desk lamp according to your needs. The flicker-free LED lights of this desk lamp ensure that you can work or read without straining and damaging your eyes. The auto-timer feature also enables you to utilize energy efficiently.


  • Energy efficient
  • Eye-friendly LED
  • USB port


  • Few color options


Our reviews of ten of the best desk lamps can help you to navigate this busy market. By looking at our piece above, you can understand the characteristics, pros, and cons of each product, which, in turn, can assist you in forming a distinctive buying guide. Thus, the reviews can enable you to lessen the time spent making a decision and purchase a desk lamp that suits your needs and style.

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