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10 Best Digital Kitchen Scales Reviews in 2023

If your cooking projects fail to turn out as expected even after following a recipe to the letter, then fault may not be in your skills, but the quantities you use. You probably simply need the right kitchen scale of 2023 to change the game. Using too much or too little of an ingredient will always yield results, and so it does you some good to have the best scale for your kitchen. We look at 10 of the best on them market to turn your meals into a nice little feast. 

List of the Best Digital Kitchen Scales in 2023

10. Escali Primo P115CH Precision Kitchen Food Scale

Escali Primo P115CH Precision Kitchen Food Scale

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The Escali Primo P115CH Precision Kitchen Food Scale is made from chrome, which enables it to withstand all you can throw at it in the kitchen for a pretty long time. It measures 6-inches wide, 8- inches long, and sits on 1.25 inches high.   It comes in nine different colors tarragon green, white, black, soft pink, pumpkin orange and warm red. For sure, it will complement any décor you have going into the kitchen. 

It has a tare that does away with the weighing of the weight of the container, automatically giving accurate and precise measurements. With a rating of 11 pounds, this kitchen scale is a workhorse that you will require whenever you need running a busy kitchen. 


  • Cleaning the chrome construction is easy 
  • Vvailable in nine different colors 
  • It has a high load capacity 
  • It is spill-proof 
  • Has a precise one-gram calibration 


  • It can be damn expensive for some people 

9. INEVIFIT digital kitchen scale

INEVIFIT digital kitchen scale

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The INEVIFIT digital kitchen scale weighs 13 pounds. This stainless-steel platform is of large size capable of handling most ingredients used for baking and cooking. For the users’ convenience, its scale consists of a unit conversion and tare function. 

The measurements are in pounds, grams, milliliters and ounces. Its large LCD display is backlit making it easy for one to read the figures. The kitchen scale can automatically shut off to conserve the battery. It also comes with a low battery indicator. Its black scale has a stainless-steel finish which comes with a warranty period of five years. 


  • It comes with a warranty period of five years 
  • Weighs up to 13 lbs.
  • Can measure liquids too.
  • Has a tare function 
  • Comes with a backlit LCD display 


  • There are times when the scale reading might fluctuate

8. AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale

AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale

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AMIR Digital Kitchen Scale is one of the models you can always go for when you are always on the move but want to keep a close watch of whatever that goes through your mouth. It is compact does not mean it is of poor performance and quality; it is the opposite.

It features three smart buttons used for hassle-free measuring. It has a PCS button that enables one to weight small items like beads, pins, and screws. It also has a T button that provides one with the net weight of the ingredients. There is also the M button, which enables one to choose between different influences. One can also set the switch time between the dials to 60, 20, and 180 seconds. 


  • Has a fast weight conversion 
  • It has an incredibly compact design 
  • It has a compact and stylish design 
  • Has a large weighing platform 


  • Its display screen is hard to see when using a large bowl 

7. American Weigh Scales

American Weigh Scales

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The American weight scale is good on the go food scale, which is widely known for being handy and portable. It is capable of accommodating up to 600 grams of weight and comes with an open flip lid that helps in protecting its delicate weighing surface. Apart from its standard ounce and gram modes, this kitchen scale is also equipped with pennyweights, troy, and tarring modes. With that, you can always use it in weighing up other pieces and bits whenever you are traveling. 

It has three buttons below the LCD screen, which enables you to move back and forth between the measuring modes with lots of ease. It has a stainless-steel construction for painless cleaning. 


  • It is of modern and stylish design 
  • Cleaning it is very easy 
  • Has an incredible weight range 
  • Features a flip-open design 


  • Can only weigh up to 600 grams 

6. Digital Kitchen Scale

Digital Kitchen Scale

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The Digital Kitchen Scale is popularly known for its compact, lightweight, and easy to use features. It has been specifically designed for measuring all types of eatables.   With this kitchen scale, you will be in a position of measuring snacks, foods, and liquids. It also comes with a clear display screen that enables one to know the exact weight of all consumables easily. 

It is also convenient to use since it allows one to interchange the units between grams and ounces.  It is also a versatile scale that comes with a decent capacity weighing 11 lbs. It is also well equipped with accurate sensors and has an increment of 0.5 oz. This scale also has a tare button that enables you to display the weight of the net ingredients. 


  • It is compact and lightweight 
  • It works on foods and liquids 
  • Using it is very easy 
  • It is reasonably priced


  • The screen does not have a backlight 

5. Nicewell Food Scale, 22lb Digital Kitchen Scale

Nicewell Food Scale, 22lb Digital Kitchen Scale

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The Nicewell Food Scale is one of the few digital food scales in the market with built-in four sensors that are of high precision. They are accurate and quick, with increments of 0.1oz/1g.  Its platform measures 9” by 6.3” and has a relatively large LCD that makes it easy to the readout. The calibrations are in lb, kg, g, ml, oz, and fl. It is a better kitchen scale for weight loss, baking, cooking, and tracking intake and postage. 

It comes with a convenient tare button for tare calculations, which allows one to subtract the container or plate weight, making it much easier to achieve accurate ingredient readouts. 

Its food scale is also designed with tempered glass that ensures a steady bearing. It also has a sleek stainless-steel surface, which is easy to clean and anti-fingerprint.


  • It is easy to clean 
  • Has a convenient tare button 
  • Comes with a large LCD screen making it easy to read 
  • Has built-in load sensors 


  • It is a bit costly hence not many people can afford it

4. Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale

Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket

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The Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale is recommended for any person who requires precise and accurate measuring instruments for all his or her micro quantities ingredients. It has a capacity of 100 grams with 0.01 grams graduations. Moreover, digital scale commonly used for measuring out condiments and spices of significant quantities to ensure your meal is successful. It is also possible to benefit from the scale if you require maintaining a strict eating regimen. 

It comes with a stainless-steel platform that provides it with a durable and sturdy composition, which will ensure it delivers seamless service for an extended period. It is also portable and lightweight, making it easy to move around with wherever you go.


  • Comes with a ten-year warranty 
  • It is of pocket-size and lightweight 
  • Made from durable stainless-steel construction 
  • Has an intuitive user display 


  • Needs some calibration for accuracy 

3. GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale

GreaterGoods Digital

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Do you lack enough money to splurge? No need to worry! The Greater Goods Digital Food Kitchen Scale will ensure all your needs are well sorted. Never be fooled by its cheap price tag. 

It features a large surface for weighing, which can accommodate up to 11 pounds. It also has a 1g resolution screen, which makes it possible for one to see the readouts at a glance. GreaterGoods will always calibrate automatically and shut off, saving battery power and time. It also has a smooth plastic surface, which you can always wipe out the food deposits and dirt using a couple of swipes. Its touch-sensitive buttons are not that responsive but very easy to clean 


  • It is lightweight and compact 
  • Comes with an LCD screen 
  • It is a very durable kitchen scale 
  • Has great features and simple to use 


  • It lacks the auto-off mechanism 

2. Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Scale

Etekcity Food Digital

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You do not need to have perfect eyesight to use this kitchen scale. It’s clear and large LCD window will make it easy for you to read without suffering any eye strains or squints. Its display panel is also backlit, which enhances its readability. It has a soft blue light in the background, which is very gentle for your eyes. It can measure milliliters, ounces, pounds, and grams allowing cooking enthusiast to have an easy time in the kitchen. There is no splitting of hairs about conversion and portions. Using this kitchen scale will also help in reducing complex calculations. It has a separate measurement for water and milk, which makes the baking experience better. 


  • Has a tare weight function 
  • Its batteries have a long life 
  • Has a digital display with a backlight 
  • Have several measurement units 
  • Made using stainless steel making it strong and durable 


  • It is less sensitive especially to the single-digit gram measurements 

1. Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Kitchen Scale

zeri ZK14-S Pronto

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For sure, the Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Kitchen Scale is a must-have in any kitchen. It features an elegant chrome finish, which gives it a functional and classy look, which is necessary in handling the messes that take place in the kitchen. The scale has also been crafted to last for a pretty long time. 

It comprises a large backlight display panel that has significant digits on the scale, which makes it the preferable one for the fast-paced environment. The range has an enlarged weighing platform that enables it to weigh up to 11.24 pounds. It also has an up to five different measuring units. It does have a priceless ability to convert between different measurements whenever you are making exotic dishes. 


  • Has an intuitive surface 
  • Has a precise gram graduation 
  • Comes with a high load capacity 
  • Has a very durable chrome construction 
  • It is among the scales with the largest load platforms 


  • Its display lacks a back light 

Buying Guide for the Best Digital Kitchen Scales 

You must always ensure you have the best equipment to help you with food preparation. Listed below are some of the critical factors that will enable you to get the best digital kitchen sensor in the market. 


For sure, not all the food scales are the same. You should ensure you always go for models that come with display screens that are easy to read. Investing in such display screens will ensure that you see the weight of the exact ingredients without much hassle. The other screen features that you have to consider are the automatic turn off and memory recall. 

Sensitivity and Capacity 

Before you decide on the scale capacity, it is advisable that you first think about the type of foods you will be measuring. Some models have a weight capacity of up to 16 ounces, which is an excellent choice when you are interested in measuring lightweight ingredients. However, in case you will measure healthy food ingredients, you should go for kitchen scale models that can handle up to 15 pounds. 

Enhanced Digital Features

Most of the digital kitchen scales do have features that you can find useful, depending on your requirements. The features that you might find helpful include the ability of the kitchen scale to switch between different measuring units like grams, pounds, ounces, and kilograms.  The tare function is another important feature that measures the weight of the exact ingredients by doing away with the container weight.  There are also kitchen scale models that include a timer while some have been programmed to read the calories numbers of different foods. Several features have been included. Depending on what you require, go for a model that contains elements that fit your needs. 

Storage and Design 

In case you have plans of storing the scale on your kitchen counter, you should go for a model that will not only fit well but one that will add to your kitchen décor. One best thing is that all these kitchen scales are available in different designs and styles, which offer one the freedom of going for a model that suits their taste and needs. 


There you have it! You now know the factors to consider when shopping for the best digital kitchen scale on the market and the best ten options currently available in the market. Keep in mind that getting the correct measurements is the first step towards tasty meal.

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