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Best Driving Gloves of 2023 – Reviews and FAQ

The best driving gloves are specifically designed to cover the hands when driving mostly to give you full control of the steering wheel or gear-stick. They are designed with grains and pores that enable the driver to hold the steering wheel firmly so they don’t lose track while on the road regardless of the weather conditions. Here are ten of the best driving gloves available on the market.

List of the Best Driving Gloves of 2023

10. Anqier gloves winter Driving Gloves

Anqier gloves winter Driving Gloves

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These are thermal gloves made for both men and women to wear during the winter season. The gloves are made of polyester fleece lining material of high quality and very soft on the hand.  They also contain anti-slip palm that uses silicone to increase friction and resist wear and tear, thus preventing slipping.  The polyester used during manufacturing is waterproof, making these driving gloves to have various uses that include; biking, driving, riding, hiking, running, cycling, among many other applications. These gloves have a beautiful lining on the inner part that has a comfortable feeling on your hand with a stretchy cuff purposely to keep the side warm during cold seasons. In addition, these gloves are very light, and one can move with them comfortably everywhere.


  • Waterproof
  • Unisex
  • Contains Elastic Wrist
  • Easy To Wear


  • The gloves cannot be used on a touchscreen device

9. Acdyion Men’s Genuine Leather Driving Gloves

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These are original men’s gloves made of leather specifically for the winter season.  The leather used to manufacture this glove is very soft when touched, flexible, durable, and last for an extended period before it wears off.  The inner part of the glove is made of wool to enhance softness and increase warmth. The leather used to make this glove is sheepskin for it to have a wonderful and genuine gentle texture. These gloves are commonly used for driving and office work. The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty to guarantee the quality of the product and a promise of an unconditional refund.


  • Function on touchscreen devices
  • Variety of uses
  • The gloves are highly durable


  • The gloves may not be ideal for outdoor work
  • Cannot be dried using a hair drier

8. Hatch Dura gloves

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These are thin, soft gloves commonly used by law enforcement by the police. The gloves are made of smooth “second skin” that provides excellent feeling during searching, handcuff shooting, and driving. They are preferred for use by men for their adamant nature. The gloves fit fingers and the palm comfortably, making them work well in a motorcycle for motorcycle riders, cops, and soldiers.  In addition, they are thin and not suitable for people engaging in heavy duties. The gloves are made from lightweight wool from the sheep, making them not to function on the touchscreen.


  • Suitable for outdoor work because they do not become hot when in sun
  • They are soft, hence very comfortable on the hand
  • Highly durable


  • Do not work well on touch screen devices

7. Lanyi winter gloves

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These are winter driving gloves that are sensitive to touch screen, windproof and with a thermal liner inside. The gloves are best suited for men with a zero-pilling ability and breathing spaces that make the gloves to give you the perfect fit. This product is made of polyester material with a fleece lining that keeps the hand warm throughout.  The thumb and index fingers are coated with a premium fabric that makes it easy to use the touchscreen. The product is made of anti-slipping silicone on the palm to resist abrasion and increase friction, making it easy to work with on the hand. You can use them for a wide array of activities, including hiking, biking, climbing, golfing fishing and much more.


  • Highly sensitive to touch screen devices
  • Made of high-quality material that is durable and flexible
  • The gloves are made of anti-skidding material to enhance the excellent working experience.
  • Ideal for both men and women


  • The gloves are not waterproof
  • May not be great for heavy-duty use

6. Anccion Men’s gloves

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Anccion gloves are Men’s leather gloves, designed with lines on the top to fit motorcycle riding.  The gloves are made of imported soft sheepskin to give it a smooth touch.  The lined gloves provide gloves with a robust appearance so that it does not slip during working. The gloves are suitable for use in daily activities such as traveling, driving, outdoor, and riding. The inner part of the glove is made of cotton to make it soft in the finger and increase warmth. Moreover, they are highly comfortable when wearing. These gloves are an ideal gift idea for your friends’ family and colleagues, thanks to their sleek design.


  • The gloves are made of leather making them highly durable
  • The gloves are always warm when put on
  • Highly comfortable and very soft on the fingers


  • The gloves are not a touchscreen
  • The gloves cannot be ironed

5. WARMEN Men’s gloves

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These gloves are made of Nappa leather that is exceptionally soft, and one can wear them very fast with ease. They have two linings: the first lining is made of polyester material while the second lining is made of 70{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} wool and 30{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} cashmere material.  The glove work great on touch screen devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and iPad. Many customers love these gloves due to their enhanced durability, comfortable wearing, and take off and flexibility. Additionally, the product does not cause any irritation to the skin when wearing.


  • Designed to be used on touchscreen
  • Very soft on the fingers making them very comfortable while driving
  • Double lining to enhance friction on the palm so that it cannot slip when working


  • The gloves cannot be ironed
  • The gloves are not made of pure leather

4. Livativ soft Men’s gloves

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The Livativ driving gloves are manufactured using genuine sheepskin that is very soft and comfortable on the fingers during working. You can quickly move your fingers when wearing them. The inside of the glove is made of 3M Thinsulate insulating material to add comfort on the fingers. These luxurious gloves are perfect for heading out to work, driving, hiking, climbing, rope climbing, just to mention but a few. They have with a stretch cuff to prevent slipping off when working.  These gloves are designed in such a ways as to allow finger movement to enhance breathing on the finger pores. In addition, the gloves are comfortable to wear and remove in a short period.


  • They have an insulation material to keep fingers warm.
  • Enhanced finger movement making it comfortable when wearing
  • The gloves are designed by a stretch cuff to prevent slopping when working.
  • Available in different sizes to fit everyone
  • These gloves are highly durable


  • Not touchscreen-enabled
  • Ideal for use by men only
  • The gloves cannot be used when working on sharp and heavy objects

3. Harms Leather gloves

Harms Leather gloves

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These leather gloves made using premium lambskin leather that is very soft and durable.  The gloves have been designed using Nanotechnology that provides a touch screen function on the palm and in all ten fingertips. There is an insulating inner lining of cotton wool to enhance comfortability and increase warmth in the fingers and the palm. These gloves are designed for cold winter weather to keep the hand warm, making it unfit for outdoor work such as cleaning and go with it on the gym. They would be a great gift choice for many events, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter holidays, birthdays, and much more.


  • The gloves are very soft and durable
  • Contain touch screen function in all ten fingers and the palm.
  • The gloves do not lose touch screen ability even when washed with a washing machine.
  • The double lining design ensure the hand is warm throughout


  • The gloves cannot be polished to increase the shininess
  • Highly sensitive thus cannot be used in heavy work
  • The gloves cannot be dry by machine or on the hot sun

2. Pratt and Hart gloves

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The Pratt and Hart leather gloves are specifically designed for driving.  The gloves are made of high-quality leather, which is long lasting and manufactured in different styles and types to give a customer a personal opportunity to select the method. The leather used in the manufacturing of these gloves is the sheepskin, which is super soft and beautiful to enhance comfortability on the hand. They does not have an inner lining but is made from the combination of the following material; wool Thinsulate, thermolite, and smart tekto ensure the fingers, and the palm is comfortable and warm inside the glove to make them highly warm. The Pratt and Hart leather gloves have breathing holes prevents the hands from sweating too much making you uncomfortable. The Pratt and hart driving gloves have a touch screen ability making it the best glove for winter and you can wear them all through the day.


  • Long-lasting
  • Compatible with washing machines
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • The gloves are sensitive to touch screen devices such as smartphones, IPad and PCs


  • The Gloves do not have an inner lining
  • They cannot be polished using shoe polish or any other polish

1. Elma Men’s winter gloves

Elma Men’s winter gloves Get it now on

Elma gloves are made from sheepskin leather of high quality that cannot wear off quickly. The gloves have an inner lining made of cashmere material that is very soft and comfortable on the fingers. The glove has been designed for driving and other outdoor duties. This glove comes in two colors, dark brown and black colors, so that it can be easily be maintained through polishing by ordinary shoe polish. These driving gloves are easy to maintain because they can be easily washed by cleaning machine without losing its color and appearance. You can wear these gloves throughout the day because they are sensitive to touchscreen smartphones, IPad, cameras, and PCs and highly comfortable as well.


  • Sensitive to the touch screen of tablets, smart phones, iPad, Televisions and pcs
  • Designed to be worn with suits and other dressy clothes
  • The gloves are comfortable and soft on the fingers


  • Do not last if used on a harsh environment
  • The gloves cannot be ironed


The Best Driving Gloves – FAQs

Question: How will I know the size of the glove that fits my hand?

A: The best way to understand the best driving glove that fits your hand, is the measure your hand using a correct unit tape measure. All gloves have size on their labels, so it is easier to identify one that suits you best.

Q: How can I wash my driving glove?

A: Ensure you check instructions on the box or a leaflet inside the box that comes with the gloves. Driving gloves are made using different material that has different cleaning methods.  For instance, gloves made using leather are washed with a lot of care to avoid wearing off, gloves manufactured from nylon, cotton, and polyester withstand rough cleaning.

Q: Are my driving gloves waterproof?

A: Most gloves made of bent materials are waterproof to a certain extent and can only resist a small amount of splash water.  The user must always keep the glove dry. Leather gloves should be kept dry so that they can last for several years.

Q: Are there driving gloves that work on touchscreen phones and tablets?

A: One needs gloves that are compatible with touchscreen devices to have an easier time when driving e. There are two types of gloves; the full fingers gloves and the half finger gloves. One can simply touches the screen comfortably with his fingers when he wears half finger gloves.

Many full fingers gloves are touch screen enabled using unique materials that are compatible with the touchscreen of smartphones, tablets, and PCs make these gloves.

Q: What is the difference between racing gloves and driving gloves?

A: Racing gloves are made from heat resistant materials because these gloves are worn during vehicle races to protect the driver from the heat during an accident. Driving gloves are made from cold-resistant material to provide warmth on the finger.


Driving gloves are made of different types and use to fit customers’ satisfaction and have been developed to overcome weather conditions and harsh elements, thus enhancing the comfort of the user. For example, many waterproof driving gloves do not absorb water at all and so they can be worn on freezing and rainy periods.  In addition, the touchscreen sensitive gloves enables the user to use their touchscreen devices peacefully.

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