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Best Dymo Label Makers of 2023

A label maker can help you label type up labels and print them on a sticky tape so that you can easily organize items for proper storage, inventory management and give instructions. Dymo label makers help people type exactly what they want to label and give them more benefits such as being able to choose the font types, sizes and character combinations. Here are some Dymo label makers that can give a better-looking label that looks more presentable than hand-written and stuck labels.

List of the Best Dymo Label Makers of 2023

7. Dymo 210D label maker

Dymo 210D label maker Get it now on

The Dymo 210D label maker is the perfect desk companion if you need a label maker that has a huge LCD screen and a highly functional QWERTY keyboard. This label maker lets you choose from 20 different ways to format all your text and can toggle between 200 different symbols. The good thing about having a large LCD screen is that you can type up to two lines and still be able to change the font and writing if you do not like it or if you make a small error. They can also make multiple copies all at once without having to print the label one by one.

If you foresee some regular printing of a specific label, you could save it in its inbuilt memory and fish it out whenever you need to reprint the same writing. The label fits snug on the palm of your hand and has an easy to operate QWERTY keyboard for fast-typing. It is powered by 2AA batteries but you can also use an AC adapter. Depending on what you want to label, you have the flexibility to use a range of compatible label materials and sizes without the need for a different machine for each. This model is compatible with Dymo D1 labels which are available in 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch sizes. These are also available in different colors and are water-resistant.

You can finally count on an easy-to-use machine that makes labels that do not rub off easily. The label printer uses reliable thermal transfer making it a huge relief from the purely ink label makers that need fresh labels to be made regularly.

Key features

  • It has an easy-to-use QWERTY keyboard.
  • It operates on AA batteries or AC adapters.
  • More than 20 fonts are supported.
  • It has a good contrast LCD screen.

6. Dymo LM160 label maker

Dymo LM160 label maker Get it now on

The Dymo LM160 label maker is a highly potent label maker for printing vinyl labels. It has a well-positioned QWERTY keyboard and separate buttons for numeric symbols. It has very efficient battery life compared to most other label makers available today which is more possible with an auto power-off feature. This will shut it down automatically in case you forgot to turn it off. The LM160 is very light and easy to hold with both hands to type faster if you do not want to place it on a desk. It is a good solution if you need to make labels while walking around in an office or warehouse.

The Dymo LM160 label maker can carry a larger label cassette to keep you going for a long time. This benefit if combined with the longer battery life means that it’s your best bet if you need to make plenty of labels at one go. Aside from being able to change the font sizes with a single button touch, the Dymo label maker can still perform other smart functions like detecting label jams and giving an error message notification if there is another problem. You could actually do a factory reset whenever you want to clear all the preset inputs that have been saved in its memory.

Consider having the Dymo LM160 label maker if you want a lightweight (1.2 lbs.) machine that can perform most of the common functions with dedicated smart keys meant for each.

Key features

  • It has dedicated smart keys for most common functions.
  • Enjoy extra-long battery life.
  • It’s lightweight and very portable.
  • It only requires 6 AAA batteries.

5. Dymo Letratag label maker

Dymo Letratag label maker Get it now on

Dymo Letratag label maker is one of the more compact and smaller-sized models of Dymo label makers. It is a palm-sized label maker that can also fit well in the pocket for regular users. It weighs 15 ounces and has a 13 character-wide LCD screen. This ensures that the machine can have a way for users to read what they are typing before printing it; yet it does not need a larger machine to have a screen. You can choose between 5 different font sizes and select between 8 box styles. Even with the smaller screen, this machine still supports 2 line printing and includes 195 symbols.

On the physical printing aspect, this machine packs a punch as you can print on paper, vinyl and metal labels comfortably. One advantage you have with this machine is that it never needs ink refills because it is a thermal-style printer. You can always keep on printing as long as you have a cassette label. Operating this machine is quite simple. Users just need to type and confirm the words they want to see on the label, press the print button and hold down the “cut” button that is located on the left side of the machine. This function can be repeated over or simply press the save button if you want to use it at a future date. It is also easy to scroll through previously saved labels using the folder button and the well displayed navigation buttons.

Key features

  • The label maker supports different language settings.
  • It comes with two rolls of tape.
  • You can add symbols to your labels.
  • The labels are easy to peel once printed.

4. Dymo 280 label maker

Dymo 280 label maker Get it now on

The Dymo 280 label maker is a rechargeable label maker that supports PC and Mac connectivity. This extra feature lets you connect a cable to your computer and customize the printer with special symbols and fonts that exist in your computer. This keeps all your labels having an extra personal touch or use symbols that only you can tell the meaning for more privacy. Are you tired with the hassle of buying extra batteries every time? That is all finally sorted out as this model has a long-lasting inbuilt battery that only needs you to plug it into a power source once in a while to get a full charge.

The machine has intelligent operation functions that keep on notifying you of the machine’s status. For example, it can detect when the batteries are running low and also give you the estimated minutes it needs to charge before the next operation. The LCD display is just the right size to display any instructions you want to give it aside from seeing the actual look your labels will have after printing. The screen is well positioned above the QWERTY keyboard making it easier to type and confirm the text or barcode printing status.

Unlike other models that contain actual buttons for functions, the Dymo 280 label maker has a touch panel that also lights up to show active status for power, scrolling and saving. You can cut the labels using the button on the right once you are satisfied with the work and stick them straight away.

Key features

  • It supports barcode printing.
  • It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • It supports PC and Mac connectivity.
  • The Dymo 280 can print custom labels.

3. Dymo 100H label maker

Dymo 100H label maker Get it now on

The Dymo 100H label maker is an ultra-portable label maker that lets you print as you go. You do not need to use it on a desk top. It has an ABC keyboard instead of a QWERTY keyboard and contains an LCD screen that supports 13 characters and 2-line printing. This LCD screen is slightly tilted forwards for more convenient viewing and for a sleeker look. You can settle for this model in case you want a gadget that is lighter, easier to hold and able to get most of the special functions accessed through a center navigation button.

You can easily print on plastic and paper labels that are usually included when you buy. These do not need ink refills because the machine has a thermal printing configuration for longer lasting labels. With this machine, you can have a printer that gives you a more convenient way to peel off the labels once they have been printed and offers the option to save the label text that you frequently use. Enjoy up to 9 different memory presets for your labels to just scroll between them every time you need them. You can save plenty of time with that function if you usually print a small set of labels in a mixed order. It saves users the trouble of having to re-type a label that they had just used a few minutes before. The handy label maker is powered by 4 AA batteries and has an auto shutdown option to save the battery charge.

Key features

  • The 100H supports double line printing.
  • It contains an LCD screen displaying 13 characters.
  • It prints on 12mm x 4mm plastic and paper tapes.
  • ABC keyboard with 195 symbols.

2. Dymo Xpress Pro

Dymo Xpress Pro Get it now on

The Dymo Xpress pro label maker is a different kind of label maker that does not need ink refill nor does it need battery operations. It is a manual label maker that embosses labels instead of using the conventional thermal printing action. The Dymo Xpress pro works in a turn and click operating where letters are each embossed in consecutive style. You just need to turn the dials until the preferred character is selected and then click to emboss the character on the label. It is gun-shaped and highly portable for regular use. The gun-shape makes its operation comfortable as it ergonomically fits into the hands making it safe for prolonged usage.

The rotating drum supports up to 49 customizable characters and also lets you select different colored tapes. It takes minimal effort to turn the drum and click as its own mechanism does most of the heavy work. It easily cuts the labels once the characters have all been embossed on the stick tapes. This product is a handy item to have in the house or office and can make a good gift item for a friend. Finally, you can get that item that can help you label and organize all your spice bottles, children’s clothes and office files quick and on a budget.

It works more efficiently if someone holds it down firmly as opposed to releasing it too fast when doing a single character. It does uniform and well-spaced characters that are attractive to look at and displays a durable final finish.

Key features

  • Emboss all your labels without using batteries.
  • The character sizes are just right for most labeling needs.
  • The labels are sticky enough.
  • It is not as tiring to operate.

1. Dymo LM420 label maker

Dymo LM420 label maker Get it now on

The Dymo LM420 label maker is probably one of the best label makers ever to be created. It has a large LCD screen that supports 4-line display and has a brighter display for your viewing. This can let you see all your labels before you print them and will show icons that specify what modes you currently are using. Easily enter text and correct them on the screen before printing it in multiple font options and colors. Some other interesting features that make this machine very worthwhile are the ability to print barcodes and also connect the machine to a PC just to let you change the font to another custom one available in your computer OS.

Key features

  • The label maker supports PC connectivity.
  • It contains a 4-line LCD screen.
  • The LM420 does not need separate AA batteries.
  • It can print 6 different barcode types.


Dymo label makers help you come up with professional labels for your items with a lot of ease and flexibility. They do a good job in offering readable and durable labels in different styles and fonts. You should consider having one of these items as they can let you make labels quickly and efficiently with minimal errors. These will work well for the home and office place without spending too much time typing the labels.

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