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Best Electric Shavers for Women of 2023

Getting your hair trimmed is an essential part of personal grooming, but it needs you to have the right tools to ensure that it can be done in a convenient, comfortable and healthy manner. With the right electric shavers for women, trimming unwanted hairs gets so much easier with some of the newer trimmers in the market today. These however need you to have many things in consideration before you settle for the closest one to the tills. Some issues that need to be considered include the blade configuration, the kind of batteries or power sources used and how portable they are. Your health and the condition of the skin should also be placed into consideration because some choices that work well for other users may have the opposite effect on your soft skin.

List of the Best Electric Shavers for Women of 2023

10. MixiGoo Painless Hair Trimmer

MixiGoo Painless Hair Trimmer Get it now on

You should consider getting MixiGoo painless hair trimmer if you have been looking for a traveling shaver that gives you good trims and glass smooth shaves. The shaver has multiple blades to make it navigate all the angles when you need to shave the tight corners of your exquisite bodies. The sharp blades are crafted well to make comfortable and quick hair extraction but that does not need to make you fear about getting cut or having visible scratch marks after shaving. That is because the blades are positioned on a 3D flexible foil system that makes it possible to bend around your skin. The electric shavers for women have curved trimmers to ensure they make precise cuts.


  • The intuitive LED display will show the battery levels.
  • The shaver is chargeable via a micro USB connection.
  • The washable design can be used in the shower.


  • It takes 8 hours to get a full charge.

9. SaikerMan cordless bikini shaver

SaikerMan cordless bikini shaver Get it now on


This shaver is the newest model from SaikerMan, offering you comfortable and smooth hair removal. It is one of the top electric shavers for women as it has very well-designed blades to give you ultra-hair removal. Just from the handle configuration, the ‘SaikerMan cordless bikini shaver’ promises not to disappoint as it is meant to be held in comfortable stances. It has 5 different blade heads on one side and that ensures that all a lady needs to do is glide the shaver on the area that needs trimming. You can use it for hairy legs, bikini areas and armpits without worrying that you can get cuts like you would have if you used the pen-shaped traditional shavers.


  • It has lithium-powered batteries that can hold charge for up to 45 minutes in constant usage.
  • It does not require a mirror to do a full body trim.
  • Its shape and size is ideal for body access compared to the bar-shaped shavers.


  • Blades can get clogged with threading during travel.

8. PHILIPS Satin women’s shaver

PHILIPS Satin women’s shaver Get it now on

The PHILIPS satin women’s shaver is a lightweight and smooth-acting shaver that is designed to give you an ultra-shave without any irritations. It has well-crafted blades that can give you a nice shave without the fear of razor bumps. The blades have a high-tech flexing foil made out of hypoallergenic material to ensure that each shave is healthy and keeps you safe from irritations arising from sensitive skin. It works well for both the tough hair and the softer hairs, eliminating any need to have to choose a different kind of razor for different parts of the body or different kinds of hair.


  • You could also use any of the 4 different clips to select the exact kind of shaving that you want.
  • That makes it perfect for a top trim or for the bikini comb if you want to get more artistic on the kind of finish you want.
  • These electric shavers for women ship with efficiency caps and a travel cap.


  • It does not include an adapter.

7. Remington WSF4810 shaver for women

Remington WSF4810 shaver for women Get it now on

The Remington WSF4810 shaver for women has an interesting tear-drop shape that fits into the hands well. This makes it easy to use on the armpits, legs and the bikini area. It has some well-designed blades that will work well when you need to trim your hair to different sizes. Even when you need that clean shave, you can be comfortably sure that there will be no cuts or irritating after effects. That is because the blades also have a hypo-allergenic foil that makes sure that the machine presses onto your skin by just the right degree. With these electric shavers for women, you can finally say goodbye to razor bumps that form after a while due to sensitive skin.


  • The Remington WSF4810 shaver for women has both dry and wet usage compatibility.
  • It needs 2 Size AAA batteries making it suitable for traveling.
  • It gives you optimal skin protection if you have sensitive skin.


  • The shavers do not have many color options.

6. Finishing Touch hair remover

Finishing Touch hair remover Get it now on

The ‘Finishing touch hair remover’ is a big break from the usual pen-shaped or bar-shaped shavers that we are so used to seeing around. Have you ever thought of what options are there if you want to remove specific strands of hair while leaving the rest around them unshaved? This is where these electric shavers for women come in handy as their “lip-stick shape” gives you a discreet and portable trick to trim the hair without anyone knowing what you are up to. They have gold-plated small blades that help you focus the blades on the exact area that you want to trim or give a good shave. You could even use them for the eyebrow styling quite easily while you are in a restaurant washroom.


  • You could use it for facial or body hair removal, including the lip, chin or cheek.
  • They make the hair trimming process all painless.
  • These electric shavers for women are dermatologist-recommended and can be trusted for irritation-free shaving of sensitive skin.


  • The color frame fades after some time.

5. Remington WD450 electric shaver

Remington WD450 electric shaver Get it now on

The Remington WD450 electric shaver is a smooth-action trimmer that can shave from both sides of the blade. The dual sided trimmer has 4 blades that ensure that you can get a perfect trim regardless of the sides it is facing or angles of inclination. You really need to get yourself one of these Electric Shavers for Women if you want a perfect fit for all kinds of hair lengths.

To ensure that you are shaving with the highest health standards, this model of Remington shavers has a foil design to ensure that it accommodates your skin and not the other way around. When it is your skin having to accommodate the shape of the shaver, you are bound to end up with small cuts and irritation if you have sensitive skin.


  • This shaver makes a one-for-all kind of shaving solution for your bikini, facial or leg hair trimming.
  • It keeps charge for 20 hours and has a 110V stand for easy charging and storage.
  • It is extremely healthy and suitable for sensitive skin.


  • The shaver charges slowly.

4. Finishing Touch Lumina Shaver

Finishing Touch Lumina Shaver Get it now on

The ‘Finishing touch Lumina shaver’ is a slim-fit women’s shaver with a swivel-head that makes it a piece of cake reaching those difficult places. You can use it to remove stubborn hair quite easily without having to pull or pinch your skin at any time. News for you; this hair remover is painless. At just 8 inches long, these electric shavers for women are quite portable and will not take up much space if you have it in your handbag or purse. It is just powered by 1 AAA battery but is powerful enough to remove any hair strands from anywhere on the body. You could even use it for those nose hairs that can be so embarrassing in some situations.


  • The micro-oscillating blades ensure that the hairs can be cut to the right length or completely removed.
  • You do not have to worry about hairs causing razor bumps or sore pores after a while.
  • They are ideal for giving smooth shaves even on the move.


  • The machine runs out batteries really quick.

3. Pritech womens travel shaver

Pritech womens travel shaver Get it now on

The ‘Pritech womens travel shaver’ is a clean-shaver and trimmer that is ideal for shaving while on the move. You do not have to worry about getting body wax or tapes to keep your bikini areas smooth every time you are holidaying in a different country. The Pritech womens travel shaver can be used in wet and dry conditions meaning that people can still use it while in the shower to keep things extremely discreet. It packs a punch with its powerful motor that runs on 2 AA batteries. These electric shavers for women have a wide shaving surface to ensure that you clear the most hair with a single swipe.


  • It has three different blade attachments to ensure that you can have a trim or a clean shave for the facial and body hairs.
  • Your protection is guaranteed as the blades are covered in hypoallergenic foil to prevent cuts and rashes.
  • It makes shaving quick, comfortable and easy.


  • It would have been better with a wall charging option included.

2. Panasonic women’s electric shaver

Panasonic women’s electric shaver Get it now on

The Panasonic women’s electric shaver is ideal for trimming and smooth shaving if you want a gadget that has multiple blades for all body hairs. These electric shavers for women have three shaving blades which are encased in a flexible foil that makes it possible to bend over the areas that need to be shaved. You do not have to worry about twisting the shavers to suit the shape of the areas being shaved. You can finally glide the shaver effortlessly over the area and use the pop trimmer for other body parts like the legs or hands. This keeps your body well-groomed to an almost waxed feel. They rank top among the electric shavers for women because they can be charged directly via the 110V outlet and do not need batteries.


  • You perform up to three shaves with these shavers without having to recharge in-between.
  • This makes them ideal for travelling usage.
  • Interestingly, you are not likely to get skin irritations that result from tough blades pressing hard on the sensitive skin areas.


  • The shaver only works on 110V outlets.

1. Remington Shaver for women

Remington Shaver for women Get it now on

The Remington rechargeable shaver for women is a very portable and easy to use shaver for smooth shaving and trimming. You can select this for women who are starting to shave and do not have experience using razors. This will give you smooth trims without risking your skin’s condition. You will not have to worry about cuts or uneven shaves as the razors are purposely positioned to ensure that each stroke cuts the hair to the required length. As much as you would want your skin to look good, you would also want it to feel comfortable while shaving. That is why these Remington electric shavers for women have hypoallergenic foil shaver to give you an ultra-close shaves without even realizing that there is a razor gliding on your skin.


  • The rechargeable battery can give you 30 minutes of running time when on a full charge.
  • The interesting thing about is that the shaving remains perfect even as the batteries run low.
  • Blade configurations do not irritate the skin.


  • The shaver slowly discharges power when not used after a long period.


Getting the right choice of electric shavers for women can be straight forward if you have considered some of these options. The secret is to select the machine that will take into consideration most of your needs or can come in handy during the situations you plan to use them most. These 10 options are best placed to work for you during home, professional and traveling use. Furthermore, they have the right safety and health factors well covered to ensure that you are always comfortable and looking well-groomed.

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