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Best Firewood Log Rack Covers In 2023

The best part about winters or any other cold season is crawling next to a fire. With the fire, you need to keep it alive with dry firewood, or else you will face the cold. Therefore, the storage of your firewood should be a top priority during those days. With a firewood log rack cover, you can protect your firewood from winter rain, snow, or even being using a firewood log rack cover, and you can be sure your firewood will remain dry and ready for use at all times.

Here is a review of 10 firewood log rack covers that you can find out there. 

List of The Best Firewood Log Rack Covers

10. Woodhaven Firewood Log Rack

Woodhaven Firewood Log Rack

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This firewood rack cover measures 144 by 14 by 48 inches in size. It comes in a standard black color and a rectangular tubing shape. The fabric is powder-coated to ensure that it remains durable even after years of use. It also has steel reinforcements to make it stand more firmly and increase its ability to support more firewood. 

The cover provides a 12-inch coverage of the firewood with a small portion remaining uncovered. This rack cover has welded arc end sections that add to its sturdiness and hence durability. 


  • Take a large capacity of firewood
  • Sturdy and durable
  • The cover is made of polished powder fabric, making it stronger


  • The cover doesn’t completely enclose the firewood

9. Sunnydaze Firewood Log Cover

Sunnydaze Firewood Log Cover

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The cover is available in black and jungle green colors. The rack measures at 62 inches by 24 inches by 42 inches. It weighs 5 pounds, which makes it easier to transport and move around. Its material is heavy-duty polyester with an extra PVC coating to ensure no water seepage. The rack is not only waterproof but also weatherproof to better protect the logs. 

With this cover, you get easy access; it has a loop and hooks fastener release door when you need to remove some logs. The cover also has a toggle cord that makes the fitting more secure and offers additional protection. 


  • The material of the cover is heavy-duty, weatherproof, and waterproof
  • The cover offers a secure fastening of cords to safeguard the wood better
  • Easy to access


  • The cover is only available in two colors

8. 30-Inch Log Cover

30-Inch Log Cover

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This firewood cover can suitably provide a safe place to store your firewood even outdoors. The wood holder measures at 30.5 inches by 12 inches by 30 inches. It weighs 13 pounds on its own and comes with an additional 2 pounds cover. The cover is 31 inches by 22 inches by 26 inches in length, depth, and height. 

The cover uses sturdy steel material for its base and durable PVC material for the fabric cover. With this firewood cover, you can store your firewood indoors or outdoors. It has excellent space-saving abilities. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. 


  • Sturdy design
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • The firewood cover saves a lot of space


  • The log cover only has a 1-year warranty

7. Patio Watcher

Patio Watcher

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With this firewood cover, you can store your firewood for a prolonged time in the winter season. The 4 feet high firewood cover is available in both grey and black colors. This cover measures 48 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 42 inches in height. The cover comes with 4 strap buckles that ensure your cover stays in place even on windy days. 

It also has 2 structured air vents with additional mesh wires to ensure that your wood does not have increased condensation. Also, the vents prevent the cover from ballooning. The material is woven polyester, which is waterproofed and also weatherproofed. 


  • Weatherproof and waterproof features
  • Structured air vents
  • It comes with 4 strap buckles for wind prevention


  • The only available colors are grey and black

6. 3 Foot Firewood Log Rack

3 Foot Firewood Log Rack

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This firewood rack requires simple and straightforward assembly. The material of this firewood rack has a polished finish that ensures it is waterproof and weatherproof. This firewood rack has stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. The cover comes with the rack giving it a good standing. ‘

Though the cover is slightly expensive, it offers adequate protection for your firewood. The cover reaches up to 12 inches of the wood while the rest remains uncovered. The measurement dimensions are 36 by 10 by 36 inches. 


  • The firewood cover requires simple assembly
  • Waterproof
  • Environmentally friendly


  • The log cover doesn’t offer full coverage for your firewood

5. Cover Combo 8-Inch Cover

Cover Combo 8-Inch Cover

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The log cover is 96 by 13.5 by 48 inches in measurement dimensions. It weighs 21 pounds, which is ideal for moving it around. The fabric cover itself measures 97 inches by 22 inches by 38 inches. Its metal rack is heavy-duty material with a 30mm in diameter and 1mm thickness tubing. The steel tubing is further coated with black powder to enhance its durability. 

This log cover comes with all the necessary equipment required to assemble the rack. The cover opens and closes easily using its toggle straps and hooks. This fabric cover has an appealingly simple design that will please any user or guests. 


  • Heavy-duty steel with a black powdered coating
  • Open and close quickly with the toggle straps and hooks
  • Sturdy and can take multiple logs


  • The log cover does not come assembled

4. 4-Foot Log Cover

4-Foot Log Cover

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With this firewood log cover, the rack weighs at 34 pounds. It is black with steel material. The measurement dimensions of this log cover are 48 by 48 by 14 inches. On buying the rack, you will get a lifetime warranty. Not only is this cover environmentally friendly, but it also has a black powder coat finish. 

This cover offers a coverage of up to 12 inches while the rest remains uncovered. Its ends are arced and welded to add to the racks’ sturdiness. This is the perfect rack for storing your firewood during winter, as it is entirely waterproof. 


  • Lifetime warranty
  • A heavy duty fabric cover accompanies it
  • This rack has black powdered steel racks for increased sturdiness


  • Only covers 12 inches of your firewood

3. Heavy-Duty Steel Log Cover

Heavy-Duty Steel Log Cover

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This firewood log rack cover can hold ½ face cord of wood. The rack measures at 49 by 13.5 by 48 inches while weighing 16 pounds. You can be able to store enough firewood to use for those long winter periods. The rack is sturdy with a 30mm diameter and a 1mm tubing. Also, the tubing has a black powdered coated finish, which enhances its durability. 

It has an additional black cover with toggle straps and hooks to close and ensure a secure fit for your logs. The fabric cover has a PVC coating that makes it weather-resistant and waterproofing. The assembly of this rack cover is easy and comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • The cover has PVC coating for waterproofing and weatherproofing
  • Sturdy and durable


  • This rack only comes with a 1-year warranty

2. 5-Foot Log Cover

5-Foot Log Cover

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With this firewood log rack cover, you can be sure the assembly is simple and straightforward. It has a steel rack and an additional fabric cover that is heavy-duty material. The entire combination weighs at 37 pounds. Its measurement dimensions are at 60 inches in length by 14 inches in width by 48 inches in height. 

The steel rack has a black, baked-on powder coat finishing that adds to its durability. The cover of this rack only reaches 12 inches of your firewood. This sturdy rack has welded arc end sections that make it long-lasting. 


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Powder coated finishing


  • This firewood cover only reaches 12 inches of your firewood, leaving the rest uncovered

1. 8-Foot Firewood Log Cover

8-Foot Firewood Log Cover

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The firewood log cover measures 96 by 14 by 48 inches, which is an ideal size for many logs. This log cover has a black powdered finish on its steel racks. The entire rack and cover are environmentally friendly, which adds to its appeal. The product produced in the USA has several certifications on its safety. With this firewood log cover, you can assemble it in a few short minutes. All the parts necessary for assembly come with the purchase. 

The cover reaches a 12-inch coverage of your firewood. An added feature is that you can adjust the cover to fit more firewood into your cover. Its end sections are arced and welded to increase the cover’s efficiency. 


  • Covering is an ideal size
  • Black powder-coated steel racks
  • Easy to assemble


  • The cover needs assembly before use

Buying Guide – Best Firewood Log Rack Covers

When looking for a firewood log rack cover, you can receive bombarding information that may confuse you. With our buying guide, you no longer have to be confused. 


The material of your firewood log rack cover is one of the critical things you need to start considering. When looking for a firewood log rack cover, you need to know the materials it comes with and the quality. Most firewood log rack cover has waterproof heavy-duty material. The rack is heavy-duty stainless steel. When picking a firewood log rack cover, make sure you carefully go through the product description. Most companies list the materials in their products to certify its authenticity. Therefore, be keen to pick materials that are of high quality and will give you excellent service. 


How long do you want your firewood log rack to last? This is a question whose answer most people know. When buying anything, most people go for durability. The materials used in making the log cover determine their durability. Therefore, it would be of great help if you were to choose firewood log rack covers of high-quality materials. If you buy covers with soft materials, then they will either break or malfunction within a short time. As they say, cheap is expensive since you will have to replace the broken rack. To ensure your racks durability go for a log cover with high-quality, heavy-duty materials. 


When it comes to size, it all depends on you. There are numerous firewood log covers in the market measuring different sizes. The goal is to pick a firewood log cover that is ideal for all your firewood storage needs. Before going online to browse through firewood log covers, make sure that you know how much firewood you want to store. This clarity will make the process of deciding on a specific size easier. After you are aware of your size needs, then it’s time for research. Go online and look through the product description of various firewood log covers. It would be best if you were keen not to mistake the rack dimensions with the cover dimensions. 


With a firewood log rack cover, you are sure that your firewood will stay dry and safe through any cold winter seasons. When buying firewood log rack covers, you do not have to spend a lot of money as they are available at affordable prices. It will help if you know what you want in a log cover before purchasing the same. If you do not know, you will eventually see the value of owning a firewood log rack cover, especially when you need firewood but they’re frozen or wet.  With the help of our buying guide and reviews, you can be able to go about choosing an ideal firewood log rack cover that will serve you well. 


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