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Best Floating Speakers in 2023

Friedrich Nietzsche once said that life would be a mistake without music. Be it at work, home, or a day out with family, we all love listening to songs that entertain or soothe our moods. As such, numerous brand names are creating floating speakers that have various qualities such as durability, quality sound system, and waterproof material. These features enable you to obtain a premium item that provides clear sounds as you enjoy your playlist.

Here, we have a list and reviews of ten of the best floating speakers that you can find in this market. As well, we also include a buyer’s guide with some factors to consider before making any decisions when shopping. Using this information, you will be able to purchase a floating speaker that not only matches your needs and style but also fits your prepared budget.

List of the Best Floating Speakers in 2023

8. DECALIFE ST-1 Green


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The DECALIFE ST-1 offers you a floating speaker featuring a compact and lightweight design that adds to your convenience when storing or taking the item on the go. This product measures 4″ × 4″ × 2″ and features a metal hook in its package that enables you to hang the floating speaker in your room, handbag, or backpack as necessary. You also can choose to place the product on the floor, which provides you with quality mega bass music without creating harsh sounds.

Additionally, the pure and soft sound produced by this floating speaker allows you to enjoy soothing music as you unwind or sleep. The product features Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo function that enables you to connect 2pcs speaker wirelessly and create an excellent atmosphere in your room. You also can link the item to your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, MacBook, PC, and computer, which helps you to listen to your playlist as you relax or entertain friends and family. This floating speaker incorporates aluminum and silicone material in its construction that ensures you have a quality product that is waterproof, shockproof, and sand-proof.


  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • TF card slot for MP3 player
  • Efficient Bluetooth connectivity


  • Connectivity limited to Bluetooth 4.2

7. World of Watersports

World of Watersports

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This floating speaker from WOW Sports features a quality battery that provides more than 50 hours of servicing, which enables you to enjoy your music indoors or outdoors for extended periods. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery also helps you to save on costs of frequently buying replacements, adding to your convenience. Besides this, the floating speaker features an ergonomic design with a handle that enables you to hold the product comfortably during transportation. You also can use this design to hang the product on a hook in your house or your backyard, helping you to listen to your songs comfortably.

Moreover, this floating speaker includes convenient buttons that you can comfortably use to pause, play, and skip the music, making it easy to operate. The base can fit into a cup holder, which enables you to store or place the product with ease as necessary. You can efficiently connect this floating speaker with more than one WOW-SOUND speaker, allowing you to create surround sound. The 360-degree LED light incorporated in its design provides brightness for nighttime use.


  • Dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof
  • Features waterproof phone case
  • Inflatable for use in water


  • It is pricey



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ECOXGEAR provides you with a floating speaker that features quality construction that meets the IP67 international standard, allowing you to use the product without worrying about damages from dirt, snow, or water. This item can float in water, which enables you to listen to your songs in the bathroom or as you enjoy your day out at the pool, beach, or lake. Further, this floating speaker features dual cup holders that you can use to place insulated mugs when in use during a picnic or a party. The handle with an ergonomic design ensures you have a comfortable and firm grip as you carry the product from one place to another.

As well, the Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity allows you to produce sound over a wide range of up to 100 feet. The EcoConnect feature enables you to pair two units within 30 feet of each other and create a quality surround sound in your home or office. The settings include six preset EQ modes that you can efficiently use to adjust the audio output according to your preference. This floating speaker features a durable battery that you can comfortably recharge in seven to eight hours, helping you to save on expenses and maintenance.


  • Large LED display with backlit buttons
  • Quality built-in battery
  • Waterproof and dustproof design


  • EcoConnect does not transmit aux in or microphone audio

5. EcoBoulder+GDI-EXBLD810


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The GDI-EXBLD810 presents you with a floating speaker designed with a waterproof and detachable storage compartment that you can conveniently use to keep your accessories and phone dry. This item also features two-cup holders that you can conveniently utilize for holding your mugs as you enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Furthermore, the waterproof and dustproof construction of this floating speaker rates at IP67, which enables you to use the product comfortably in dry and wet environments.

This floating speaker also incorporates ergonomic handles on the sides and the back that you can use to transport the product with ease. The wheels included in the design also enable you to pull the item effortlessly as you go from one place to another. Besides, this floating speaker features Bluetooth 4.1 that helps you to stream your music from a distance of up to 100 feet. You can comfortably play the product when connected to a standard AC wall power or opt to use the built-in battery that can last for up to 10 hours on full volume.


  • Removable storage compartment
  • Bluetooth, FM, Am, and wired aux audio sources
  • Power amplifier with internal five preset settings


  • It is expensive

4. Arc Star Floating

Arc Star Floating

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This floating speaker offers you a quality product that features four LED lighting that adds style and elegance to the interior décor of your office or home. These indicators also help you to balance the speaker ball as you get it to float above the magnetic base. This compact item measures 5.9″ × 5.9″ × 5″ and provides you with a convenient size that can comfortably fit on your desk or bedside table without taking up too much space. The floating speaker also weighs 2 pounds, and you can detach the speaker ball, ensuring you have a lightweight product that you can easily transport whenever required.

Additionally, you can utilize the magnetic base as a charging dock because it features a built-in 15-mAh battery that you can efficiently use to charge your smartphone, even when in use. The port also charges your speaker ball, which allows you to play your music for extended periods as the ball floats. This floating speaker is compatible with NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to link the product with your tablet or smartphone according to your preference.


  • Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
  • Magnetic base with a charging port
  • Ergonomic design with 360-degree sound


  • Could have better sound quality

3. Altec Lansing IMW257

Altec Lansing IMW257

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Altec Lansing presents you with a floating speaker designed with a quality battery that can comfortably serve you for up to six hours, allowing you to play your music through the night. The item also includes durable construction with a rating of IP67 which enables you to obtain a dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof product that you can conveniently use in indoor or outdoor settings. You can also float this product in water and use it as you enjoy your day out at the pool with family and friends. In addition to this, the floating speaker also comes with a built-in 3.5-mm aux input.

This floating speaker also features a carabiner integrated into its design that you can comfortably use to hook the product to your backpack, clothes, or bag. Moreover, the onboard microphone and voice confirmation enables you to manage your phone calls comfortably using hands-free communication. The Bluetooth compatibility also ensures you can conveniently pair the floating speaker with your smartphone and enjoy your playlist for extended periods.


  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Powerful audio performance
  • Certified IP67 rating


  • Could have more color options

2. Altec IMW449

Altec IMW449

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The Altec Lansing IMW449 offers you a floating speaker with a lightweight design that helps you to carry the product with ease whenever necessary. The compact size of the item also ensures you do not have to use a lot of space when placing in a bag or to store the floating speaker. Besides, this product also comes with an ergonomic handle that adds to your convenience when moving the item. The built-in microphone enables you to talk to Google Assistant and Siri using the Voice assistant integration.

Apart from this, this floating speaker efficiently connects with other devices using Bluetooth. The connectivity also allows you to link the product with other devices such as android smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone, and Windows 10 as you stream your favorite playlist. The quality battery included in the construction provides you with a quality operation that can produce audio from up to 100 feet away and last for a maximum of 10 hours.


  • Convenient and portable design
  • Waterproof, sand-proof, and dustproof design
  • Easily connects to other devices via Bluetooth


  • Charging port may become loose over time and reduce recharge capabilities

1. Izzya Magnetic Floating

Izzya Magnetic Floating

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Izzya provides you with a quality product featuring a UFO shape that adds unique style to your interior design at home or office. This floating speaker enables you to charge the Bluetooth stereo as it floats and rotates in the air, helping you to reduce clutter by removing the need for a cable. The magnetic base comes with a touch control switch that allows you to operate the floating speaker with ease. The wide construction also ensures you have a stable placement whenever you put the product on a desk or bedside drawer.

Furthermore, this floating speaker also comes with LED indicators that offer ambient light in seven colors, which enables you to create a dreamlike and fancy atmosphere when using in the dark. The product also incorporates a master grade tuner in its construction that allows you to produce high-quality sound as you enjoy your music during the day or at night. The ergonomic design of the floating speaker ensures that you have lossless music because there is no contact between the stereo and base.


  • Wireless charging mode
  • Ergonomic design with lossless music
  • LED indicators with gradient lamp light


  • It is a bit pricey

Buying Guide for Floating Speakers

Material and durability

You want to ensure that the product you are buying features durable and sturdy construction to withstand the conditions for your intended use. Even though most of these floating speakers are waterproof, some feature magnetic base to connect to the Bluetooth stereo. In these cases, the product is not suitable for use in water. Make sure to verify the resistance features and limitations before purchase to avoid any inconvenience.


Some of the floating speakers are ideal for indoor use only while others feature ergonomic designs that make them perfect for use in outdoor settings. These items come with handles and carabiner rings that you can attach to your backpack or hang in your backyard. Others are inflatable and while some have an IP67 rating, which enables you to use the product in a pool or bathtub. You want to buy a product with an ergonomic design that perfectly matches your requirements.


You can connect these floating speakers with your devices and comfortably stream your playlist as you relax or entertain your guests. However, some products limit their connectivity to Bluetooth 4.1 and 4.2 and can pair to other speakers from the same brand. Ensure to know the Bluetooth compatibility of your devices to allow you to buy an appropriate and compatible product.


Looking at the reviews of the ten best floating speakers that we presented above enables you to understand the advantages, disadvantages, and descriptions associated with each product. You also can know what to look for before buying any item by reading the buyer’s guide provided. Hence, you can be able to purchase a quality product that satisfies your requirements and preferences.

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