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10 Best Forehead Thermometers in 2023

One of the hardest things to do is to convince kids to open their mouths to take their temperatures. Even for some adults, intrusive oral and armpit thermometers are not comfortable at all. To make this process easier and more effective, forehead thermometers were invented to minimize the fights with kids trying to insert the oral and arm pit thermometers. They are not only non-intrusive but also fast and effective. Forehead thermometers make this process easy to keep an eye on a fever even when the person is asleep. This article looks at ten of the best forehead thermometers currently available on the market;

List of the Best Forehead Thermometers in 2023

10. eZthings Medical Thermometer

eZthings Medical Thermometer

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The 2 inch thermometer is suited for taking temperatures of babies, kids and even adults. It doesn’t require to touch the forehead to show the temperature which makes it ideal for babies even when they are sleeping. The thermometer is designed on a multifunction design where it not only takes forehead temperatures but also room and object temperatures. When it comes to notification of results, you can simply switch from mute to unmute in case you don’t want it to cause any disturbance. 

This thermometer by use of the Tri-color backlight informs you whether the fever is non-existent, slight or high. It is able to do this by displaying distinct colors to match the various levels of fevers. The thermometer uses LCD display infrared technology to showcase the results. When the individual being checked has no fever it displays a green light, yellow for slight fever and red for when the fever is high. The measuring can also be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius according to your preference. Apart from that the device is able to keep 35 readings which can be recalled to compare different readings over time. To get the high quality product you are advised to buy from REED wholesalers as there are numerous counterfeit products in the market. 

9. Forehead Thermometer


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This easy to operate thermometer only takes the pressing of one button and avails reliable results within 1 second. Absolutely no contact is needed while measuring which is great for avoiding cross infection. You can take someone’s temperature from a distance of 1-3 cm. apart from just taking forehead temperature, the thermometer can take room, liquid and object temperatures. 

The thermometer gives accurate and reliable readings with a small error if 1.0 which cannot be achieved by using mercury thermometers. Through the use of intelligently designed algorithms the device is able to produce fast accurate readings. The measurements are presented on through an HD LED screen with an audible alert when the temperatures are on the extreme side. You will get clear to read numbers and can mute and unmute the sound as it best suits you. Once you buy this device you will get the thermometer, a pouch and a user manual. 

8. FDoc Non-Contact Thermometer

FDoc Non-Contact

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Using Infrared technology, the thermometer is able to measure temperature from a distance of 0.4-2.5 inches. It allows you to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit at the touch of a button which if you ask me is very efficient. It is easy to operate as taking temperatures only requires you to press the Power/Scan button located at the front of the handle. Results are then available for viewing after 1 second. Having been cleared by the FDA, this non-contact device can be used for adults, children and babies. You can also, at the touch of a button, switch from body measurement to object measurement. 

The device is great for saving power, as it has a 30 seconds auto power off function. You can also check on up to 32 of your previous measurements made possible by the memory storage function. Though the device has a number of buttons, what is attractive about it is that it has a minimum of 1000 hours of usage. 

7. Bionso No-Touch Thermometer

Bionso No-Touch Thermometer

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With over ten years of experience in the non-touch thermometer industry, Bionso gives you a product that is easy to use, accurate and extremely reliable. This product is certified both in the US and in the EU. Not only will the device display your results within 1 second but it will also alert you in case the measurements indicate a fever. When the normally soft green screen turns red then this means that the recorded temperature is indicative of a fever. 

The device allows for an easy switch between preferred measurements, /. In case you live the device on it automatically switches off after 30 seconds to save on power, with only three buttons, you can switch modes, check on previously recorded measurements and change from to . To cover for the fact that the device has no mention of warranty, the fever alarm increases its efficiency as opposed to not beeping or turning red when it records high fevers. 

6. HEMPS Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer


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Within 3-5 days you could be the proud owner of this Digital Forehead Thermometer. Utilizing high precision infrared sensors, this thermometer produces results within 1 second. It is easy to use as it only requires to be indicated towards the item or forehead being measured. This product caters for all age groups, it can be used on adults, babies, children alongside other objects and pets. With an appealing purple and white color, the LED display is easy to read even for the elderly. 

Being amongst the few thermometers offering a 1 year warranty and a 2 year after sales service, this device has great value to your household. On buying you are advised to register your warranty by sending the serial number on the thermometer to the HEMPS store. Power saving is guaranteed as it switches off after 15 seconds of not using it. You will also be able to benefit from this device for a prolonged time as it can be used for more than 3000 times. On purchasing the product you will receive the digital forehead thermometer and a user manual on how to operate the device. 

5. Prove Multifunction Infrared Thermometer

Prove Multifunction

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Whether you want to measure the temperature of your own or your child’s through the ear or forehead, your rooms’ temperature, or any object, this is the device for you. This device also allows you to check for up to 40 previous measurements just by the touch of the button. Using the infrared sensors, this device is able to give you accurate results after 1 second. With built in sound and visual fever alarms, the thermometer displays the readings on a four-color LCD screen in accordance to the severity of the recordings. 

You do not have to worry about the notification noises which can be muted at the touch of a button. The complete package includes the infrared thermometer, a carrying pouch, a user manual, and a quick starting guide. The four color mode; blue, green, orange, and red ensures that you know the severity of your fevers at all time. This thermometer is BPA-free, latex free and has a magnetic probe to cover in sterile use. 

4. Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Infrared Forehead Thermometer

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This easily portable device from Hotodeal guarantees safety and accuracy to its users. By simply hovering the device on someone’s forehead you will be able to take their accurate temperature. The device allows for non-intrusive taking of measurements even when a person is resting. With an error function of 0.1 , your results are ready to read in a single second. In regards to the measurements, three colors are displayed; green for normal orange for slightly abnormal and red accompanied by a beeping sound for extreme conditions. 

Whether you’re using the device on a baby or an elderly individual, it is ideal and easy to use by utilizing the infrared technology and high precision sensors. With this product you don’t have to worry about the influence from the environment as it comes with environmental protection materials. 

3. Infrared Thermometer for Adults

Infrared Thermometer for Adults

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If what you are looking for is effectiveness paired with chicness then this is the product for you. Apart from its classic appearance, it is equipped with three ultra-sensitive sensors with a smart chip aimed at producing reliable and precise readings. You can easily take the temperatures of adults, children, and objects at the press of a button. 

This device measures temperature from the ears and also from the forehead. To better track readings over a long period of time, the thermometer allows for a back memory of 35 readings. All this can be accessed at the touch of a single button. If the firm grip isn’t convincing enough, then the certifications are added proof to choose this device. Whether you prefer or , you can preset it according to your desires. On buying this device, you get value for your money alongside professional and accurate measurements.

2. Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer 


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At a pocket friendly price you get a quality product that will cater to your thermometer needs. With this device you can use infrared technology to take people’s temperatures as well as that of objects and liquids. Allowing you to change from to as it suits your taste, the device gives you your results within 1 second. 

The device does not support continuous measurement which promotes its accuracy. You are advised to start measuring after you hear a beep sound. It also stores 10 sets of measurements ensuring that you keep track of your readings. To further sweeten the deal the company provides a 1 year satisfactory service with open communication avenues. This device is easy to hold and provides quick and fast readings

1. iHealth Forehead Thermometer


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If you are looking for a fast, reliable, safe and hygienic device then look no further. This device is equipped with the latest smart chip that has an optimized algorithm which ensures that the results are reliable. With the use of three ultra-sensitive sensors, this thermometer is able to collect a 100 plus data pints from the forehead. There is no need for the thermometer to touch the face, simply hovering it above the forehead will give precise readings. 

The type of forehead thermometers is easy to use by adults and kids, the control is by a single button. This forehead thermometer displays the results by XL large digits on an LED display. Which makes the thermometer ideal for making out the readings even in complete darkness. Also, instead of a loud beep, the thermometer notification for completed readings is a gentle vibrations. These specifications make it best suited for taking temperatures at night without causing any disturbance. On buying the thermometer, you get 2 AAA batteries and an instruction manual explaining how to best use the device and how to store it. 

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Buying Guide – Forehead Thermometers

When buying a Forehead Thermometer you should be keen on the following factors. 


The accuracy of the forehead thermometers will determine the quality of your results. When it comes to choosing, you should pick a device that maximizes on accuracy. On determining the accuracy you will get more information by looking at the description. Here, you will look at the technologies used in the thermometer. The use of infrared technologies and smart chips produce the most accurate results. Also, there are features that allow for configuration of the thermometer to better increase the accuracy. 


When buying a thermometer the display function is one of the important aspects. It will determine whether you can read the readings at night without lights or you will need to switch the lights on. The best feature on display is LED and LCD screens. When choosing a thermometer ensure that this is part of its features to avoid unnecessary night hustles. Also on display, you should pick a thermometer that has multicolor features. This means that the thermometer should change colors when different temperature levels are recorded. Most thermometers have a function where they change to red when the fever is at an alarming level. Lastly, sound is also a function of display that needs to be considered. If you are about to buy a thermometer ensure it has the mute or non-mute option. This will enable you to mute the thermometer at your pleasure to avoid unnecessary noises. 

Memory function

One of the increasingly important feature to look out for when purchasing a thermometer is the memory function. Unlike mercury thermometers, forehead thermometers have introduced the memory function feature. This will allow you to keep track on your readings over a prolonged period of time. You should ensure that the forehead thermometers you buy has this feature. Different thermometers have different memory functions. Some thermometers can keep a record of up to 35 readings while others can only keep 10 readings. According to your preference, you should make sure you buy the thermometer with the memory function you want. This can be done by looking at the description of the product. Read the product details to make sure you get the product you desire. 

Concluding sentiments

At the end of the day you want a thermometer that gives you accurate readings at record time. Maybe you want forehead thermometers that inform you when your temperatures are surpassing extreme fever levels. As you can see from our reviews, there is a thermometer for all price ranges. It is up to you to determine the one that suits you best. It is our hope that our reviews and buying guide will be helpful as you decide what you want in a forehead thermometer. 

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