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Best Gaming Keyboards of 2023

The gaming world is an increasingly popular and competitive industry, and more and more people are looking to stand out from the crowd. Several manufacturers produce numerous products to help gamers increase their efficiency, among which is the gaming keyboard. These gaming keyboards feature unique characteristics with technological enhancements that will help you to start or continue your journey seamlessly as you enjoy your games. The ergonomic designs incorporated into these products ensure that you achieve comfort and convenience that will boost your gaming experience.

Thus, what would make an excellent gaming keyboard? Well, below, we have the reviews, pros, and cons of ten of the best gaming boards produced by several brand names. This knowledge will help you to understand the vital characteristics of the various products, which will allow you to recognize the exact gaming keyboard that you need.

 List of the Best Gaming Keyboard of 2023

10. CORSAIR Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR Gaming Keyboard Get it now on

Corsair provides you with this stylish gaming keyboard designed with an aluminum frame that ensures you can transport this product with ease. The silver finish on the product also gives this gamin keyboard a sleek appearance that offers you a stylish gaming keyboard that matches your fashion. The durable material used to construct this product also enables you to possess a sturdy gaming keyboard that will last for a long time.

This product also features profile storage with 8MB capacity, which helps you to transfer relevant information that you can take with you on your gaming experience. The lighting playback and hardware macro also enable you to access up to three stored profiles. The RGB backlighting incorporated in the design provides you with a gaming keyboard that you can customize through unlimited colors to match your taste. You can use this product accurately and efficiently because of the speed mechanical key switches that have 1.2mm actuation.


  • Fast actuation
  • Double shot keycaps
  • RGB backlighting


  • Connection with USB hubs may cause inconvenience

9. NPET Keyboard

NPET Keyboard Get it now on

This gaming keyboard comes with four LED lighting modes that you can adjust to a permanent display showing mixed or a single color of your choice. You also can set the colorful illumination to a breathing mode, which alternates seven colors and compliment your mood. The adjustable brightness ensures that you can use this gaming keyboard comfortably, even in dark places. This product also features two angled feet at the rear that allow you to adjust the placement of your gaming keyboard to a convenient height.

Additionally, this gaming keyboard incorporates an ergonomic design of the keycaps that facilitates smooth operation when in use. This product also features water-resistant quality that protects your gaming keyboard from accidental spills. The UV-coated and anti-sweat keycaps ensure that you can use this durable product without the letters fading. The firm stainless steel base and removable keycaps make it easy for you to clean and maintain this gaming keyboard.


  • Easy to operate
  • 10-minute auto-sleeping mode
  • Water-resistant


  • Limited color options

8. Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard Actuation

Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard Actuation Get it now on

Razer offers you a gaming keyboard constructed with an aluminum frame that ensures you have a durable product that can withstand usage when gaming. The matte finish also adds a stylish look to the product, enabling you to enjoy your game in a fashionable appearance. You can utilize this gaming keyboard efficiently while you play because the product uses light-based actuation that registers presses at the speed of light.

This gaming keyboard also synchronizes with other popular games and gear from over thirty collaborates, which enables you to personalize the system according to your favorites. This product features Razer Hypershift that can help you to execute complex commands by remapping key press combinations. The magnetic wrist rest designed with leatherette allows you to reduce strains on your muscles during long gaming sessions. The internal under-glow lighting also ensures that you can comfortably use this gaming keyboard at night.


  • Ergonomic wrist rest
  • Programmable macro support
  • Light-based actuation


  • It is a bit pricey

7. Havit Gaming Keyboard

Havit Gaming Keyboard Get it now on

This quality gaming keyboard comes with a gaming mouse that you make your gaming experience convenient with a resolution of up to 3200DPI. The mouse features a flashing indicator that switches color whenever the DPI changes, which adds to your comfort because the cycle of seven breathing colors can soothe your mood. This gaming keyboard incorporates a rainbow backlit that creates a relaxed atmosphere when you are gaming. The ergonomic design of the mouse and gaming keyboard ensures that you feel comfortable as you use the products.

Additionally, this gaming keyboard allows you to use up to nineteen keys without conflict, interchangeable WASD keys, and other operations that help to make your gaming experience convenient and efficient. The USB gaming keyboard and mouse make it easy to use since you plugin and start playing. You also can use this product conveniently due to the gaming keyboard’s compatibility with Windows 2000,2003, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, and Mac OS for gaming PC.


  • Breathing colors
  • Simultaneous operation of the keyboard
  • Ergonomic design


  • Could be available in more colors

6. Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer Cynosa Chroma Get it now on

This gaming keyboard will ensure you have a perfect gaming experience because you can execute up to ten commands at the same time without conflict. You can customize your selections according to your preferences since this product synchronizes with popular games, Philips Hue, Razer hardware, and other gear from the manufacturer’s partners. This gaming keyboard also comes with programmable macro support that allows you to remap key combinations and execute complex commands.

Besides this, the gaming keyboard incorporates a spill-resistant design that ensures you do not have to worry about damages from accidental splashes. The gaming-grade keys provide you with a soft and cushioned touch, which helps you to work comfortably, even for long periods. Razor Chroma powers this gaming keyboard, enabling you to personalize the backlit into lighting that matches your mood and style. The backlight feature also allows you to enjoy your gaming session even in dark places, which helps you to maintain your concentration and flow.


  • Synchronizes with popular games
  • Spill-resistant design
  • Colorful backlit


  • Does not have a USB port

5. Redragon Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Redragon Backlit Gaming Keyboard Get it now on

Redragon presents you with a gaming keyboard designed with a metal material that ensures you have a durable product that serves for a long time through your gaming experience. The product’s design includes a matte finish that gives the gaming keyboard a stylish texture and looks that adds to your fashion while simultaneously protecting the body from scratches. This gaming keyboard comes with RGB LED lighting that allows you to adjust the light through nine-color single backlit mode, eighteen breathing modes, and six-themed backlights. You also can set the brightness of the lights according to your preference and environmental conditions, enabling you to play comfortably and efficiently.

Moreover, this gaming keyboard features efficient keycap designs that register your actions in reduced time, which allows you to play a fast and convenient pace. The product also enables you to work because you can quickly use multi-keys at the same time without causing conflicts and errors. The quieter quality of this gaming keyboard also allows you to work or enjoy your gaming without distracting yourself or others around you. The flexible and removable keycaps ensure that you can clean and maintain this product with ease.


  • RGB LED lighting
  • Durable metal material
  • Supports multi-keys use


  • It is a bit expensive

4. Rii LED Backlit

Rii LED Backlit Get it now on

 This quality gaming keyboard incorporates rainbow backlight in its design, which allows you to create a stylish atmosphere for your gaming experience. The settings of this product enable you to activate breathing light mode that alternates colors in a cycle, helping you to match and calm your mood. This feature also helps to ensure you can comfortably continue to work, even in dark places. You also can choose not to use any backlight by pressing the light button three times.

Additionally, this gaming keyboard comes with the standard 105 keys that include 11 multimedia keys designed to make your gaming or working experience efficient. This product is convenient to use because the gaming keyboard supports connection with Win7, Win8, Win10, Vista, Linux, Chrome Os, Linux OS, and particular Smart TV. This gaming keyboard also incorporates a sleeping mode that automatically switches off your product when not in use for ten minutes.


  • Automatic sleeping mode
  • Rainbow backlight design
  • Special multimedia keys


  • Colors displayed in a rainbow pattern only

3. Corsair Gaming Keyboard LED Backlit Keys

Corsair Gaming Keyboard LED Backlit Keys Get it now on

This gaming keyboard from Corsair has a compatibility quality that allows you to play keyboard-enabled games by connecting the product with Xbox One. The product comes with 110 matrix keys that are easy to operate, enabling you to work efficiently. The multimedia keys and volume controls on this gaming keyboard help you to adjust your audio accordingly without interrupting your gaming session. Furthermore, the responsive and quiet keys provide you a comfortable feel while minimizing noise for other users.

This gaming keyboard features an ergonomic design that allows you to rest your wrists during long sessions, preventing fatigue and injury to your muscles. You can select your preferred lighting effects using the RGB lighting modes that also offer you ten pre-configured options. This feature ensures that you have a stylish look that compliments your mood while enabling you to work comfortably in the dark. The six programmable macro keys allow complex actions, and the multi-key anti-ghosting provides you with accurate simultaneous pressing, making your gaming experience efficient.


  • Compatible with Xbox One
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use


  • Available in limited colors

2. Redragon Wired Gaming Combo

Redragon Wired Gaming Combo

Get it now on

This quality gaming keyboard from Redragon features RGB lighting modes that can allow you to set your product through seven different colors and effects. This quality enables you to create a lighting mode that matches your mood by selecting a preferred breathing speed. Besides this, you also can set the brightness to four different levels, which allows you to use the gaming keyboard comfortably, even in the dark.

This gaming keyboard includes a mouse with an ergonomic design that comfortably fits in your hand, enabling you to work conveniently. The keycaps also smoothly press for superb typing and include an anti-ghosting feature that allows you to enjoy your games at a fast pace without conflict. The durable and water-resistant material used to design this gaming keyboard enables you to use this product for a long time without damages from spills.


  • Durable material
  • Multimedia and anti-ghosting features
  • RGB lighting modes


  • Could be available in more colors

1. Redragon Gaming Keyboard

Redragon Gaming Keyboard Get it now on

The metal-ABS construction of this premium gaming keyboard provides you with a stylish and durable product that will allow you to work comfortably, even in marathon gaming sessions. The product enables you to have a highly efficient gaming experience because the 87 mechanical keys are all conflict-free. This gaming keyboard also comes with 12 multimedia keys that will allow you to control your audio without interrupting your session. You can efficiently use this gaming keyboard since the product features an actuation force of 50gf.

Additionally, this gaming keyboard incorporates a splash-proof design that protects your product from damages due to accidental spills. The ergonomic non-slip design also ensures that you can use this product for extended periods without straining your wrists or continually adjusting the gaming keyboard. This product comes with a single red backlit feature with five adjustable levels of brightness that enable you to continue your sessions in the dark. You can also comfortably operate this gaming keyboard with its precision-engineered keycaps.


  • Durable metal construction
  • Convenient to use
  • Non-slip and splash-proof designs


  • Backlight limited to red


The reviews above of the best ten gaming keyboards can assist you in forming a guide that will enable you to navigate this competitive market swiftly. The information we provided will allow you to identify the gaming feature you want and reduce the time you would otherwise spend in decision-making. Hence, you will be able to purchase a suitable product.

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