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Best Garage Fluid Evacuators – Reviews and Buying Guide

Sometimes when working with engines and machines, a workman is only as good as his tools. Having the best garage fluid evacuator ensures that you can not only service your cars or motorboats conveniently, but it also does it neatly and safely. Now take a look at lost of best garage fluid evacuator.

List of the Best Garage Fluid Evacuators in 2023

1. Mityvac 7201 fluid evacuator

Mityvac 7201 fluid evacuator

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The Mityvac 7201 fluid evacuator is a good choice for fluid extraction and refilling use. It contains a large 8.8 liter (2.3 Gallon) tank and a really powerful hand operated pump to drain out all your engine juice. All that is needed to operate this product is to plug in a tube to the pump and then insert the thinner end to the engine, after removing the dipstick. When evacuating the oil, about 5 up and down motions will start draining the oil into the pump’s tank.

What makes this product work great is that it does not require constant hand pumping to fill up or evacuate the contents. Siphoning and gravitational action takes charge after a few seconds allowing a convenient, knit and safe way to handle all the garage oil.


  • It does not require electric connection
  • It is easy to drain container once all the oil is collected


  • none

2. EWK vacuum fluid evacuator

EWK vacuum fluid evacuator

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With the EWK vacuum fluid evacuator, there is no longer a need to get under the car to drain off the spent engine oil. This two way usage garage fluid evacuator works by pneumatic and manual action with the whole process just needing a few pump connections and some slight nudges on the pump handle. It is an excellent gadget for home and business use as it ensures that surfaces remain neat and free from oil smudges.

When using pneumatic mode, the EWK vacuum extractor can be attached to an electric pump which will do all the extraction faster than manual mode. The highlight here is the fact that it drains 1.6 liters per minute, making users save a whole lot more time compared to the traditional ground extraction.


  • It can support manual mode when a pneumatic pump is not available
  • Saves more time compared to ground tray extraction


  • You may need engine heating during cold temperature

3. OEMTools manual fluid extractor

OEMTools manual fluid extractor

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The OEMTools manual fluid extractor was designed to manually extract most kinds of vehicle liquids including brake fluid, transmission oil, power-steering fluid and engine coolant. With its 1.4 gallon reservoir, this garage fluid extractor is a handy item to have in your home if you are thinking of something highly portable and easy to use when handling traditional ‘big jobs’.

The tubes have crimped ends for easy insertion to the automobile and have grip on the outlets well once inserted. This is without mentioning that the container is translucent, making it possible to verify the actual condition of the extracted fluid. The garage fluid extractor makes oil changes a stress free affair and helps car owners avoid being duped by dubious oil change technicians.


  • It has stabilizing foot pads to keep the pump steady during operation
  • The top lid has different nozzles for inlet and outlet


  • It could be better with a longer dipstick tube

4. FIRSTINFO TOOLS Garage Fluid Evacuators

FIRSTINFO TOOLS Garage Fluid Evacuators

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The garage fluid evacuator from FIRSTINFO TOOLS is well known for its safety design. It comes with a total capacity of 10 liters, and it features a quick fluid changing operation. There is a volume guide in order to show you the exact amount for convenient control. With a safety valve design, the pressure is preset to 43psi, which is equivalent to 3 bars. If the pressure is excess, it will automatically release. For your information, there are 14 pieces of adapters in this set to work with different vehicle brands.


  • The 9 liter reservoir holds more fluid
  • The assembly has a leak proof bottom


  • The dipstick tube is short

5. OEMtools 8 liter fluid extractor

OEMtools 8 liter fluid extractor

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The OMEtools 8 liter fluid extractor has a stable base architecture that can drain out large quantities of fluid from automobile and marine engines. It works by a smooth-action manual pump which starts working once the evacuation hose is safely inserted through the dipstick connector. You can count on this for safe and tidy oil drains as the overflow protector will disrupt the oil flow once the container is full.

This garage fluid extractor is an excellent pick if you want something easy to connect, operate, drain and store away after use. Its durability is a big advantage owing to the fact that its assembly contains very few parts, minimizing the chance of breakage during operation.


  • The pump has an overflow protector
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • It can vary the draining speeds adding to more functionality


  • The dipstick tube may be too short for long-form vehicles or trucks

6. Mytivac 7300 pneumatic fluid evacuator

Mytivac 7300 pneumatic fluid evacuator

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The Mytivac 7300 pneumatic fluid evacuator is one of the best purely air-operated garage fluid extractor available in the market today. It can work in conjunction with almost any air compressor out there and saves you from having to do any manual hand-pumping. Its reservoir can hold up to 8.8 liters of any fluid, including hydraulic, power steering, transmission and coolants.

For your convenience, the 25 inch height evacuators need you to set, start and wait. It is the perfect garage fluid extractor to have in your garage shelf as it comes in handy for break bleeding, fuel cleaning, oil changes and refills.


  • It does not need hand pumping
  • It works with most modern air compressors
  • The container assembly is very stable


  • Low air compressors will require some engine warming

7. ARES brake fluid bleeder

ARES brake fluid bleeder

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The ARES brake fluid bleeder is a small garage fluid extractor meant to help you safely and quickly drain the brake fluid off your braking system. It features a trigger and nozzle pump attached to a container, all together providing up to 113psi. It is easy to attach the supply line to the breaking system and flushing only requires a simple trigger press to drain into the 1 liter container.

To ensure there is compatibility with most cars, the pump ships with a master cylinder kit that includes more than 10 rectangular and cylinder adapters to fit the required cylinder diameters. The bleeder has a trigger-locking hook that can keep the trigger in position for a long time so that users do not have to press them for a long time.


  • Works for disc and drum brake systems
  • It can drain and refill the brake system
  • The transparent hose allows technicians to monitor fluid movement


  • Difficult for new users to identify the right master cylinder caps

8. Mityvac MVA6851 fluid extractor

Mityvac MVA6851 fluid extractor

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It is smaller than a wine bottle yet it can be used to extract any liquids from your car. The Mityvac MVA6852 fluid extractor is a fully-handheld but high suction garage fluid extractor that you could keep in your trunk for maintenance or emergency use. It not only extracts fluids but we can also use it to do quick refills if needed. Furthermore, it works for liquids of different levels of viscosity.

In particular, brake bleeding can be done quickly using this must-have pump. It has a hose in its package which can be attached to connectors of varied circumferences to always ensure that there is no airflow interrupting with the vacuum. Overall, its small size makes it more accessible to ports that are in tight angles.


  • Its 12 inch size is small enough to carry around in your car
  • The fitting plunger reduces likelihood of air leaks
  • We can remove the hose for storage or replacement


  • It is easy to trap the lower piston lip in the tube if removed for cleaning

9. Mityvac Garage Fluid Evacuators

Mityvac Garage Fluid Evacuators

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Another high-quality garage fluid evacuator is from Mityvac. It features a manual pump design with a reservoir capacity of 5 liters or 1.2 gallons. The pump is only needed when you want to add more pressure. For the pump tube, it is greatly sealed in order to secure against chemical exposure, making it easy to both change and clean. The speed and convenience are both guaranteed if you use this evacuator. Best yet, the safety valve features a double layer design to prevent over pressure.


  • Minimal spills reduce garage cleaning costs and accidents
  • The manual mode comes in handy if the car is far from a power outlet
  • The larger 15L container can drain more fluid


  • The short draining tube needs connection to a thinner tube

10. JohnDow Industries Garage Fluid Evacuators

JohnDow Industries Garage Fluid Evacuators

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JohnDow Industries designs this garage fluid evacuator to help you in many different ways. It features a capacity of 1.7 gallons, and it uses the manual hand pump design. However, this hand pump mode is somehow convenient since you can have better control on the pressure. Moreover, it is built-in with a carry handle, making it to be carried easily when it comes to transportation time. In this set, there are 3 extractor tubes provided, allowing you to work with different vehicles and equipment with convenience. And, the tube set holder is included as well in the package as well.


  • The hose has connectors to fit in different engines or industrial machines
  • It contains a safety shutoff to prevent overflowing
  • The pump doesn’t cause air locks


  • High temperature liquid can deform the tank

Buying Guide – Garage Fluid Evacuator

Getting the right garage fluid evacuator can be a tricky affair especially if you do not know much about garage equipment. A lot of issues need to be considered including issues like the type of cars or motors that it will be used in most of the time. On the bright side, there are some features that you should make sure they have in order to avoid disappointment.

First off, you would want to have a garage fluid evacuator that can let you work with minimal spills. Settle for those that do all the suction or filling without the need to interrupt the process every now and then, as that is where most spills occur. A good system has a straightforward way to connect tubes and nozzles and a comfortable way to commence the suction.

Of more importance, consider how easily the garage fluid evacuator can access the reservoir containing the fluid to be drained. Some pumps have good suction but if they cannot access the transmission or coolant fluid, they will not be of much help. Keep your focus on those pumps that can access your tank without the need to get under the car. A good system should have a fitting connector that can drain fluids through the engine’s dipstick.

Finally, settle for a that product can perform a wide variety of maintenance tasks. Have you ever considered what the pump will be doing in-between the oil change periods? Multifunctional pumps ensure that you do not duplicate your spending. When you make your purchase, get a machine that can help you drain engines, bleed brakes, clean a fuel tank and also do fluid refills to other mechanical appliances.

Below are some top picks that can provide most of the above features at a fair cost.


As a shopper, it gets easy to be bamboozled by choices when shopping for the right garage fluid evacuator. The above tips and suggestions will help narrow down your aim to the right purchase.

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