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Best Gel Nails Polish Kits of 2023

Getting beautiful nails can be costly because you will have to go to the salon every few days or weeks so that you can look stunning. It would be much easier and more affordable if you could do your nails at home because you will save money and time. When you have a gels nails polish kit, you can do your nails comfortably at home and get to change any color you want whenever you like. The kits are easy to use and are perfect for beginners because they can experiment on any colors they like whenever they want.

List of the Best Gel Nails Polish Kits of 2023

10. Vishine SUN9CPlus

Vishine SUN9CPlus Get it now on

This is a gel nail polish starter kit that has six colors and a set topcoat with an LED dryer lamp, making the set a full DIY manicure set. The kit comes packaged in a gift box and has nail art tools so that you can even gift it to someone else. This ensures that you have everything you need to prep and complete salon-quality manicure at home, and they are easy to prep and apply.

The all in one kit is faster than most dryers and therefore saves time and is ideal for use by beginners. The polish will last up to three weeks without chipping, smudging, or chipping, and is big enough so that you can do your toenails and your feet at the same time. The lightweight design allows you to carry the kit from one place to another, and the colors will not dull over time.


  • Has six gel colors
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • It is a complete nail kit


  • The polish does not work well with some nail types

9. Gellen Gel

Gellen Gel Get it now on

Easy to apply with polish that lasts up to two weeks when properly applied, this gel nail polish kit can be easily used at home and have a beautiful mirror finish. The environment-friendly products have a very mild smell and are non-toxic, making them ideal for use at home. They are also made from natural resin and have an excellent tenacity and wears like gel and are also easy to take off.

This gel nail polish set is complete, and the polish can last up to two weeks without peeling off, making wearing them attainable. The polish is smooth and has a vibrant color so that you will not have to apply too many coats before achieving your desired pigment. These polish brushes are also small and are therefore easy to use and apply, and they will consequently give you excellent results if you follow the instructions.


  • Non-toxic polish
  • Easy to use brushes
  • Good quality polishes


  • The whole process takes a long time to finish
  • The base coat feels gummy

8. Modelones Gel

Modelones Gel Get it now on

The Modelones Gel nails polish kit is packed in a unique gift box and is an excellent gift for family and friends for any occasion. All the colors included are suitable for working and dating and can be used for any instance. Made with natural ingredients, these nail polishes are safe for use and have a low smell. The natural resin used to make them also makes the nail polish last for over two weeks and is non-toxic.

Made for professional and home use, the starter kit is versatile and can be used in a salon or as a DIY set at home. This is because they are easy to use and come with all the materials needed to get a perfect manicure anywhere. They are also easily portable and are packed well so that they will not take up too much space when stored. This is s a high-quality set that has six colors that are bright and smooth.


  • The polishes are smooth
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Come with a unique gift box


  • The set does not come with a UV lamp

7. Vishine Gel

Vishine Gel Get it now on

With six colors, a top coat, a base coat, an LED lamp, and nail art tools, the Gel nails polish kit has a total of 32 pieces so that you can easily make your nails at home. You will be able to achieve the colors and the look you want for any occasion when you use the set. The polish has no smells and does not cause any harm to the skin because they are natural.

This gel starter kit is fun for a beginner and has all the tools to help you complete your nail process and save you time and money used in a salon. The UV light will quickly cure the nails so that you can get the perfect finish. The polish is long-lasting and can be worn for up to 14 days without peeling off and can be easily removed with the straightforward instructions provided.


  • Have a mirror finish
  • The set is complete
  • Easy to use


  • The actual nail polish colors are less darker than in the pictures

6. MEFA Gel

MEFA Gel Get it now on

This little bottle nail polish includes 20 gorgeous nail colors and a base and top coat so that you have a whole set for when you want to make your nails from home. With this gel nail polish set, you will get both glossy and matte top coats so that you can choose the style you want at any time.  Ideal for a gift, the set comes in a gift box so that you can buy for s friend or family member who loves doing their nails at home.

Non-toxic with low smell, the nail polishes are environment friendly and can be used anywhere without irritating other people. The colors are diverse to match any outfit and are meant to dry under UV light so that they can be long-lasting. This polish can last and are suitable for any popular style in autumn and even winter and are highly pigmented to give a robust, vibrant color.


  • Has a variety of colors
  • Comes with a base and top coats
  • The colors are highly pigmented


  • Does not come with a UV lamp


SEXY MIX Get it now on

This gel nail polish kit with UV light is portable and ideal for travel and has four colors and a top and base coat.  The gel nail polish kit is perfect for a beginner because the kit is easy to use and you can enjoy doing your nails at home by yourself without going to a salon. The polish can last up to one month without peeling off and is therefore long-lasting, and the set has a nail polish remover so that you can easily take the polish off when you want to.

A folding mini UV LED lamp has been included in the set and can be connected to a USB making it easy to use and carry. The light takes 45 seconds to cure or 60 seconds according to the way you have set the timer. This makes it dry the nails faster and is easy to use with application instructions included so that the kit can be used by anyone when doing their nails from home.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable for travel
  • Has a folding mini lamp


  • The kit does not have a diverse color collection

4. Beetles Gel

Beetles Gel Get it now on

Easy to use with a high power lamp, this highly cost-effective full-size gel nails polish kit contains no harsh ingredients or adhesives that can damage your nails. The kit has everything you need to do your nails yourself at home and has a lamp without a bottom so that it can be easy to carry. This set contains six colors, base, and topcoat, UV lamp, cuticle oil. Nail buffer, clipper, brushes, fork, cuticle pusher, and a nail separator.

This starter kit comes with clear instructions on applying and removing the nail polish so that you can get the best results. The nail lamp base coat has a timer with three settings, and the set is easy to carry so that you can use it anywhere you want. The LED light that is included in the kit is bright and will dry your nails faster than most lamps so that you can cut your time in half.


  • The polish dry’s faster
  • The lamp is light and bottomless
  • The polish is toxin-free


  • The polish easily peel off even after using the light to dry

3. Candy Lover

Candy Lover Get it now on

Made from natural resin without any smell and no-toxic healthy ingredients, the gel nail polish kit has been tested so that it can be safe to use. The polish is long-lasting and can stay up to 21 days without nicks, chips, and smudges so that you can enjoy the look for a long time. This high-quality gel polish makes it easy for you to get perfect nail art at home without having to visit a salon.

This polish has 19 colorful pieces with a base and topcoat so that you can get the ideal color and look you want. A base topcoat has also been included so that you can also achieve the matte look in case you desire to have a look. The polish is easy to apply and remove, and you can also make beautiful nail art using the set, and this makes it versatile and affordable.


  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Made from natural ingredients


  • The polish needs two or three coats to get the full color

2. Beetles 23 Pcs

Beetles 23 Pcs Get it now on

With good tenacity and easy application, this gel nail polish kit has 20 essential colors that include glitter, black and white. These colors will match your lifestyle and any outfit you decide to match your nails with because they are diverse. A base and a top coat have also been provided in the package, and an LED light is also available so that you can get a full set when you buy the kit, especially if using the kit at home.

The polish has been made with toxic-free materials and is therefore safe for use and easy to apply. Instruction has also been provided for anyone who has never used gel polish so that they can easily make their nails at home. You will get both matte and glossy top when you buy this kit so that you can choose the one that fits your style at any time you want.


  • has 20 gorgeous shades
  • lasts for more than 21 days
  • easy and safe to apply


  • The paint is too thin, and it may be uneven when applied

1. Gellen 16 Colors

Gellen 16 Colors Get it now on

Featuring popular nude grays colors and pure sparkle glitters, this UV gel nail polish kit is has a wide selection to give you excellent designs for any occasion. The wide range of colors and designs will provide an attractive appearance for parties, working, or ceremony activities. The set contains 16 colors with a top and base coat so that you can have the complete set to get your desired color.

This high-quality and long-lasting polish is easy to apply and have a good tenacity and can last for up to 14 to 21 days. The polish is environment friendly and is made from healthy ingredients so that they will not affect the skin or irritate your eyes. These colors are flexible and shiny and will create a high shine and a luxury look.


  • The wide selection of colors
  • Easy to apply
  • the polish is high quality


  • the polish does not last on some nail types


When applying these gel nail polishes, you should ensure that you have a UV lamp so that you can quickly cure the polish and make it last longer. Ensure that you apply two or three layers to get the best results, especially if the polish does not have a vibrant color and if the polish is too thin. With these gel nails polish kits, you will no longer need to go to a salon to get your nails done because you can do them in the comfort of your home. Always clean and dry your nails before you apply so that they can last long.

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