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Best Golf Cart Tires and Wheels of 2023

Knowledge on an ideal golf cart, never mind its wheels or tires, is often assumed to be within the exclusive purview of professional golfers, caddies, country club operators and sport fanatics who follow the teeing game. However, little do you know that these golf cart tires are used on your lawn mowers, gardening wagons, landscaping utility vehicles and other discreet carriages.

Hence, when these home improvement accessories break down, you will need to have a commanding idea of what to look for in an ideal replacement wheel. For a fairly comprehensive guideline on buying the perfect cart wheel, consider the following reviews:

List of The Best Golf Card Tires and Wheels of 2023

10. MASSFX Wheel & Tire for Golf Carts.

MASSFX Wheel & Tire for Golf Carts.

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With this 5 mm tread depth golf cart tire, you are guaranteed excellent grip and control at high velocities as well as improved static levels. To make sure that your new tire does not damage easily, MASSFX has a 4 ply toughness rating for these wheels. As a result, the manufactures can attest to the longevity of this product. Also, these golf accessories come with a load index rating of 73.

A total weight of 815 pounds can easily be supported by these sturdy tires, so feel free to carry your golf buddies around the course. In the event that you experience balancing issues with the other golf carts, try the 8.5 inch wide MASSFX golf cart tire and experience the best stability anywhere on the green. The load pressure for these cart wheels is rated at 22 psi; hence, you can bring as many colleagues as the course will allow you.


  • High load carrying capacity
  • Highly rated resilience
  • High motion control


  • Relatively moderate width

9. Antego Wheel Assembly

Antego Wheel Assembly

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Antego is presenting you with this set of four golf cart tire and wheel assemblies that have the coveted DOT rating. Note that, to shield you from potentially falling for a fake product, the manufacturer has trademarked this particular brand. These accessories are sold exclusively by the Antego Tire and Wheel Company, and no one else. Therefore, do not be duped by any impostor out there.

For the purpose of clarification, this tire measures 18 by 9 by 18 inches and weighs roughly 18 pounds. Given its section width pf 215 mm, this tire incorporates an aspect ratio of 8 inches. With its non-directional tread design, this golf cart tire is primed for a substantial load carrying capacity without causing any damage to the playing surface. In addition to transporting you around the golf course, you can use these tires on your lawn mower or any other landscaping utility vehicle.


  • Supports heavy weights
  • Gentle on golf turf
  • Versatile for most utility vehicles


  • Restrictive bolting pattern

8. 8-inch Black Steel Wheels

8-inch Black Steel Wheels

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This golf cart tire comes from the exclusive tire experts at Golf Cart Tire Supply. On buying this product, you will receive a package consisting of an already bolted tire and wheel. These golf accessories are sold as a pair of four brand new slasher golf cart turf tires, as well as an accompanying set of four equally brand new 8 inch black steel golf cart wheels. All you have to do with your new package is a simple DIY assembly with a straightforward bolting job and off you ride.

With dimensions of 18 by 8.5 by 8 inches, your balance on the course will no longer be an issue of contention. You have to understand that the stability of this product is all but guaranteed. Furthermore, this golf cart tire is compatible with various wheel brands such as Club Car EZGO and even Yamaha, without any need for a lift kit. 


  • Pre-mounted wheel assembly
  • Wide range of flexibility
  • No lift kit requirement


  • Uncertain durability

7. 10-inch Black Steel Wheels

10-inch Black Steel Wheels

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Once again, the folks at Golf Cart Tire Supply are back with another reliable set of wheels for your golf cart. This time, your package comes with a provision of four brand new All Terrain tires and another four black steel wheels. To provide you with some level of comfort on the stability of this set, note that the wheel measures 10 inches by 7 inches while the tires dimensions are 20 by 10-10 inches.

Together, both the tire and wheel assembly stack at 20 inches high. Once again, the compatibility of this product with the other makes of wheels is built into the design. However, this particular golf cart tire requires the use of a lift kit during its manipulation with Club Car carts. Also, the DOT all terrain tread incorporated in the design of this tire allows you to extend the use of your cart onto off road terra firma. 


  • All terrain tires
  • Sturdy steel wheels
  • Off-road capable


  • Occasional lift kit requirement

6. TEMPEST Machined Black Wheels

TEMPEST Machined Black Wheels

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This sleek 10 inch tempest black machined wheel set is a characteristic design feature that is unique to the unmatched Golf Cart Tire Supply. To give you a mental picture of this set, know that it includes four tempests machined black aluminum wheels each measuring 10 inches by 7 inches, four sets of chrome lug nuts, four brand new low profile tires of 205/50 – 10 inches and four chrome center caps.

With an equal size to the stock wheel and tire merger, this cart wheel set comes with a final diameter of 18 inches. As with a majority of this manufacturer’s products, this golf carriage hoop has no need for a lift kit as well as sharing compatibility with most of the other brands of wagons. Besides, his golf cart tire is ideal for lawns, pavements, green and asphalt, especially given its low profile tire tread DOT approval. Finally, your package comes fully pressurized.


  • DOT approved tread
  • Multiple surfaces flexibility
  • Comprehensive package set


  • Potentially extravagant

5. Four Tires & Rims

Four Tires & Rims

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The tire gurus at LSI Elite are presenting you with this durable and tear resistant golf cart tire courtesy of its approval for the outstanding 4 ply toughness rating. The carrying capacity attributed to these wheels is set at supporting a significant weight of 815 pounds and pressure exertion of 22 psi. To allow you to experience a comfortable ride even at faster speeds, the tire tread comes with a depth of 5 mm for a more tolerable level of grip and control.

Moreover, this product weighs approximately 18 pounds, with dimensions of 18 by 9 by 18 inches and a further aspect ratio of 8 inches. You could be mindful of the durability offered by the LSI Elite golf cart tire due to its use of steel wheels. As a consequence of adopting a 4 by 4 bolting pattern, this assembly can readily hold up various carts and utility wagons.


  • Long-lasting steel wheels
  • Controllable in high motion
  • Adaptable to different carts


  • Unsatisfactory wheel lock

4. Golf Cart Wheels

Golf Cart Wheels

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Golf Cart Supply has decided to present this golf cart tire for your consideration if or when needed. The magnificent set of four accessories comprises offset centered black steel OEM wheels and matching DOT tires measuring 18 by 8.5-8 inches. In case you possess a different make of golf cart, you will be pleased to know that this particular tire set accommodates various unrelated brands effortlessly.

For instance, you can use Club Car, EZGO or Yamaha carts with this product without any difficulty. To give you an idea of the substantial height clearance that enables the use of this carriage on any surface, visualize a golf cart tire diameter of 18 inches. Besides, this adjunct is perfectly capable of handling rides on the dreaded sidewalks and pavements thanks to its DOT approval. Furthermore, the whole set comes pre-assembled from the manufacturer for a fairly quick and ready-to-use deployment.


  • Extensive cart compatibility
  • Versatile on different ground surfaces
  • Prefixed wheel and tire setup


  • Comparatively low aspect ratio

3. Matte Black Wheels

Matte Black Wheels

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This unique golf cart tire with its distinctive directional tread pattern is a tubeless wagon supplement from the superb designers at Antego Tire and Wheel. Despite its capability of handling any weather or driving conditions, you are advised against using it on highways. To afford you the most comfortable ride on the turf, the manufacturer incorporated specially designed square shoulders and a standout woven tread pattern for a conveniently noiseless ride.

As an assurance of the stability and longevity potential of this product, you should note that your tire is of a high quality commercial grade. This specific wagon supplement comes in a package weight of 56.5 pounds and measures 23 by 23 by 23 inches. With a large rim diameter of 10 inches and an almost identical section width of 10.1 inches, the Antego golf cart wheel offers an excellent ground surface clearance on the golf turf.


  • Operates in all kinds of weather
  • Directionally woven tread design
  • Commercial grade product


  • Restricted to specified turfs

2. RHOX RXAL All-Terrain Tires

RHOX RXAL All-Terrain Tires

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This rugged golf cart tire is another interesting brand from the unyielding Golf Tire Suppliers responsible for a majority of such wheels currently available in the market. Unlike most of its predecessors, this particular carriage adjunct requires the application of a 2 inch A-arm lift kit specifically for handling the Club Car carts. The set on sale comprises of four vampire wheels with a diameter of 14 inches each as well as a corresponding number of all-terrain tires with dimensions of 23 by 10-14 inches.

In addition to the hoop accessories, expect to receive a couple of Chrome Lug Nuts and Center Caps for use during the bolting process. To ensure that you purchase an authentic product, the manufacturer lists this golf cart tire as weighing 64 pounds, with the rim diameter measuring 8 inches and the entire package comes in at 37 by 19 by 18 inches. 


  • Steel center cap and bolt nuts
  • Stable interrupted ridge treads
  • Large all-terrain tires


  • Club cart lift kit requirement

1. VAMPIRE Machined/Black Wheels

VAMPIRE Machined Black Wheels

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As with most of the wheel accessories from this particular manufacturer, this 12 inch vampire machined black golf cart tire comes in a set of four components. You have four brand new DOT approved all terrain tires with dimensions of 20 inches by10-12 inches, four sets of chrome lug nuts, four chrome SS center caps and lastly, four vampire machined black aluminum wheels measuring 12 by 7 inches.

From the base to the top of the curve, this particular tire assembly stands at an impressive 20 inches high. For its compatibility with the other differing wagon brands, you do not require the usage of a lift kit. Note that due to the prominent tread design, you can take this golf cart tire off road as much as you wish. Also, both ATV and UTV carriages are usable with these wheels. On purchase, you will receive your product fully assembled, adequately pressurized and ready to go.


  • Significant height clearance
  • All terrain tires
  • DOT approved


  • Superfluous features

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the tread pattern important when buying a cart wheel

Yes it is. The tread pattern gives you an indication of how well the particular golf cart tire in question handles while on the move. A tread design that contains rather deep grooves will typically provide you with a much firmer grip on the ground surface, hence its superior stability. This capability can be contrasted with the poorly woven or worn out treads that leave you susceptible to skidding on slippery surfaces.

Q: How do I determine the carrying capacity of this item?

The carrying capacity of any cart should relate to the maximum load support capability of its wheels. This figure is specific to each tire and the rating is displayed on the wheel assembly.

In case you experience some difficulty locating this information when buying a given product, remember to inquire about the weight capacity of the golf cart tire. Also, beware of exploitative dealers who may claim favorable, yet unsubstantiated ratings.

Q: Which factor determines the durability or lack thereof?

The potential for longevity for most products is usually a factor that depends on the type of material used in its production, assembly or manufacture. The durability of any golf cart tire is no different either.

Look out for wheels that are preferably constructed from steel or a similar sturdy compound. Apply the same scrutiny to the wheel caps as well. Typically, the more robust the material is; the longer lifespan it is likely to have.


From the FAQs above, various aspects carry contrasting significance for different people. However, you can list the assorted factors in their order of importance to you. Beware of the interplay between your subjective bias and your logic. Based on your rankings, you should be able to identify the ideal golf cart tire for purchase.





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