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Best Hair Curling Wands of 2023

Getting your hair looking well-styled and curly is almost become a necessity in this era. It is no longer something that you can be forgiven for having only once or twice in a month. With good hair curling wands, you can style your hair into different types of curls and have a fresh and wavy look every morning; all by yourself. With the right gadgets, you can do all the curling and styling in a professional way that makes people think you are straight out of a beauty parlor. There are different options out there and that is what makes buying the right solution as difficult as walking through a minefield.

When selecting the right hair curling wands, you need to know what kind of looks you would want to get out of them. Are you into even, shiny and tightened curls? Do you prefer the looser curls that match the length of your hair? The good news is that there are hair curling wands that can still do all those without the need to have different irons for each style you want. Here are some good choices you should consider getting if you want all-in-one solutions that can give you a different look everyday with very little time pressure.

List of the Best Hair Curling Wands of 2023

10. Revlon tapered curling wand

Revlon tapered curling wand Get it now on

Have you been looking for a machine that can give you the right curls in no time and ensure that they stay like that for as long as you need them to? Revlon did a good job with this model as it does exactly that. You do not have to walk around with a curling wand in your bag to redo your hair if you have the ‘Revlon tapered curling wand’. The 3x tapered ceramic wand gives you just the right patterns you require and saves you plenty of time as you will not need to keep on repeating the same action from the crown to the ends. Once the curls are in place that is all you need. You can style your hair fast with less damage.


  • The blade placements and design allows users to save time. It does not need many strokes to clear hair.
  • Women can always change the hair curling wands heat settings to suit the hair strength.
  • The wand provides hair damage protection.


  • The product may still need heat protection gloves for your hands.

9. SwanMyst curling wand

SwanMyst curling wand Get it now on

This uniquely designed hair curling wand has some extra anti-scald bristles to ensure that you can make your hair yourself without ever worrying about getting burns. The first thing that is noticeable about the SwanMyst curling wand is the surface covered by bristles that allow you to comb the hair through while still making the curls. The control panels have a simple progression that can let you switch to different modes without having to make stops to keep on fumbling with switches. With only 30 seconds of usage, a full head with straightened hairs can be transformed into a curly hairstyle that is sure to attract complements.


  • The SwanMyst hair curling wands have safety features to prevent burns.
  • They have auto shut-off switches that prevent idle heating or accidental temperature switching.
  • The charging cable works on (100-240V) systems making them good for travelling.


  • It feels a bit heavier than normal wands.

8. Conair hair curling wand

Conair hair curling wand Get it now on

This new model helps you get curly and attractive designs for your hair without any likelihood of frizz or unevenly done strands. The Conair hair curling wand is comfortable on the hands and is therefore ideal for self-curling or having a friend do it for you. It has just the right temperature settings to ensure that you can have a specific setting for different hair strengths. The exciting thing about the Conair hair curling wands is that they will keep your hair looking shiny all the time. Very few curling wands will give you that fresh out of the parlor look as good as the Conair hair curling wand does.


  • The temperature is well calibrated to offer up to 400 degrees F highs
  • It has a uniform recovery feature.
  • It has an auto off feature to keep the machine powered down if it is on idle for too long.


  • The numbers indicating the heat levels wear out after some years.

7. Bestope 6in1 curling iron

Bestope 6in1 curling iron Get it now on

The Bestope 6 in 1 curling iron gives you the most flexibility to style your hair in any way you want. All that you need to do is keep on switching the tourmaline ceramic barrels to the shape that you want and each will give different shapes or sizes to the curls you want on your hair. The barrels are well designed to emit ions that will prevent any static interference during usage. That means that you do not have to worry about the annoying frizz or any undesired uneven ends.  It is a good pick if you are looking for hair curling wands that can do quick styling without worrying about getting late.


  • The Bestope 6 in 1 curling iron has the temperature well displayed on an LCD panel.
  • It allows the user to reduce or increase the temperature simply by using a + or – button.
  • You can keep on having a fresh look every time with just a few seconds of usage.


  • The tongs do not have heat protection.

6. Bed Head curling wand

Bed Head curling wand Get it now on

The bed Head curling wand was designed mainly to offer you different kinds of tousled waves and defined spirals for your hair. The machine is easy to use and gets to the right temperature in good time. It now takes only seconds before you can start using it to give your hair some eye-catching waves of any kinds of length. These hair curling wands have a 2 – in 1 curling configuration to lock in the shiny look for your hair. If you want lose curls, all that you have to do is do is wrap the hair around the different ball sizes on the barrel. You could however have tight curls by keeping all the hair in-between the ceramic balls.


  • The multiple heat settings can get you to choose the right temperature for your hair.
  • You can avoid frizz at any temperature.
  • The machines are safe to use while also being convenient enough for quick styling.


  • It is harder to use when you have extremely long hair.

5. Bestope 5in1 curling wand

Bestope 5in1 curling wand Get it now on

The ‘bestope 5 in 1 curling wand’ ships with 5 different ceramic barrels which all have different sizes. These hair curling wands ensure that you can choose whether you want to work with barrels that give you beach waves or tight curls. That also gives you some extra choices if you have short or long hair. All that you need to do is make a quick interchanging and get on with the glam session. You do not have to worry about the barrels popping out like it was the case with 80s and 90s wands as these ones have some interlocking features that grip well.


  • The temperatures are very sensitive and only remain at the levels you choose.
  • You could choose between slow heating action and quick curling if you are in a hurry.
  • Curls and shines hair without worrying about damaging the hair.


  • It needs a converter for European travel.

4. Homitt 5in1 curling wand

Homitt 5in1 curling wand Get it now on

If you are looking for fast-acting hair curling wands that can give you different options for the kind of waves or curls you want, you need to check out the Hommit 5 in 1 curling wand. This wand has 5 different and interchangeable curling iron barrels of varied sizes. All that someone has to do is to click them onto the handle and they automatically lock into position. Homitt did a good job in the selection of barrel sizes to keep you having plenty of options to the number of styles you can have on your hair.

You could get beachy waves simple and quick and still use the same regardless of the hair length.


  • They heat up fast enough to get you started in just seconds.
  • The ceramic material chosen is of high quality and locks in the moisture on your hair.
  • You do not have to worry about ending up with curly but dry hair.


  • The cords are weak and get damaged after some years.

3. Kiss Products instawave wand

Kiss Products instawave wand Get it now on

There are plenty of curling wands that can work at the right speed and temperatures but very few of them will keep the waves looking shiny for a longer period than the kiss products instawave wand. It has a 360 degree swivel code to ensure that you can work with it while sitting in any position and still reach any ends to access the hair. These hair curling wands have barrels that also have some dials which can be used to comb the hair slightly while making the curls. You can focus the heat to take effect only on the bands you need it to. This gives a more thorough finish that is shiny and evened out.


  • The Kiss products instawave wand has 2 heat settings, with the highest being 400 degrees F.
  • It has very intelligent safety features that can prevent scalding.
  • The machine will also power down when idle or if on for more than 90 minutes.


  • It does not have proper water-proofing.

2. InfinitiPro hair curling wand

InfinitiPro hair curling wand Get it now on

The infinitiPro hair curling wand is a ceramic curling wand that has a conical barrel that can taper between 1 inch and half an inch. This gives the advantage of having a single barrel that can work on both tighter curls and loose ones. You do not have to keep on switching between different barrels every time you are working on different ends on your hairdo. Furthermore, the barrels on these hair curling wands are all made out of really high quality tourmaline ceramic that will reduce static interference and any frizz action. It has just the right size and the right barrel length to get your hair done quite quickly.


  • The wand has 5 different heat settings and an auto-off emergency feature.
  • It reaches a maximum of 400 degrees F in just 30 seconds ensuring that it is ready to go as soon as you are.
  • The InfinitiPro hair curling wand is just the right size to remain comfortable in your hand.


  • It requires more effort to fit the hair inside the barrel spaces.

1. Remington conical curling wand

Remington conical curling wand Get it now on

The Remington conical curling wand is the ideal choice if you want to make very quick and professional curls with the least damage. How does it do that so easily? These hair curling wands have very high quality ceramic barrels that are conical shaped and operate 1 inch and half inch configurations. The barrels are coated with crushed pearl to give smooth, lustrous and tousled waves. The curling wand has 9 different heat settings. The temperature settings are well displayed on a sleek LCD screen and the highest level permitted is 410 degrees F.


  • It only requires simple button presses to increase or decrease between the heat levels.
  • There are less instances of the hair looking shiny on some parts and a bit dry on other parts.
  • It contains ceramic barrels instead of metal barrels.


  • Hard to tell the temperature while the wand is facing away from you.


With the right hair curling wands, you are guaranteed to have a fresh and trendy look every day. With the discussed options, you can get your trendy hairdo nice and easy without breaking the bank. You do not need to dash to the parlor and swipe your card every time you have a meeting or on every random invitation you get to hang out with friends.  These wands offer you plenty of flexibility to style your hair according to the exact mood you woke up with. With the added safety features and plenty of configurations, getting your hair looking glamorous remains a matter of plugging in and making a few button presses.

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