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Best Keypad Door Locks of 2023

A keypad door lock is one of those purchases you never think about until you become a victim of your own oversight. You know you do not have to wait for until misfortune knocks to arm yourself ideally. To feel more secure, a variety of the best keypad door locks are currently available on the market and we made a list of the top eight.

List of 10 Best Keypad Door Locks of 2023

8. TurboLock Keyless Electronic Keypad Door Lock

TurboLock Keyless Electronic Keypad Door Lock.

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This bronze electronic door lock from Turbolock is a safety device that is simple to use. All you have to do is program the keyless door lock with a standard entry code. You can also choose to include a master code in addition to your usual standard code. Also, this keypad lock can hold up to eight user-specific codes. 

Use this keypad door lock to replace most of your previous standard front door locks. Another feature exclusive to this particular product is the safe automatic locking. The device automatically locks behind you approximately three seconds after being opened. Turbolock made sure to include a smart battery backup port alongside your door lock in case your current battery runs out. To improve its durability and water-repellant capability, this smart lock is rated IP65 and made from weather-proof stainless steel.


  • Stainless steel makes this lock durable.
  • Sufficient memory for multiple codes.
  • Quick safe-lock mechanism.


  • Not entirely water-resistant and may start depreciating after a year.

7. JASIT Door Lock

JASIT Door Lock

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JASIT offers you this incredible silver, 3-in-1 electronic keypad door lock with a stainless steel structure that gives it an elegant and trendy look. The interface consists of a capacitive touchpad powered by 4.8V low-voltage, rechargeable alarm batteries. As stated, this particular device gives you three different ways of unlocking your door i.e. RFID card, standard codes, and keys. More so, JASIT is providing you with a pack of five RFID cards for every member of the family. This particular lock holds up to fifty codes with passwords containing 1 – 12 digits.

Also, this lock easily fits on to most doors using a single latch mechanism thanks to its adjustable backset. For both right and left-handed users, the JASIT lock is fitted with a reversible lever for universal convenience. Note that this product is designed for indoor use hence it is not waterproof but its DIY installation is rather straightforward. 


  • High capacity memory.
  • Allows for key usage in emergencies.
  • Modifiable backset.


  • Limited to indoor use.

6. HENYIN Digital Door Lock.

HENYIN Digital Door Lock.

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This keypad door lock from HENYIN is a trusted safety device that makes use of electronic cards. You have three options when operating this remarkable door including a passcode, your physical key, and an M1 Card. The lock features a voice navigation system and a video guide during your interactions as well. About 900 potential user codes can be supported by the HENYIN digital door lock to take care of your whole family. The keypad is illuminated for clear visibility even in the dark.

Also, this incredible product contains a unique operation mode that enables it to stay unlocked when prompted. Included in the package are two distinct latches designed for 2 3/8 inches and 2 ¾ inches as well as two M1 access cards, a pair of the panel and two metal keys. For your key usage option, the HENYIN lock has a hidden keyhole with the capacity to alter its handle for both left and right-handed users.


  • Supports plenty of user codes.
  • Illuminated keypad for low-light visibility.
  • Allows access using physical keys.


  • The two M1 electronic access cards are inadequate for many users. 

5. Signstek Digital Electronic Door Lock.

Signstek Digital Electronic Door Lock.

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This stunningly unique door lock from Signstek is sure to capture your attention with its elegant and premium look. The touchscreen keypad with its blue backlight offers you excellent performance without the hassle of dealing with unstuck physical buttons. In the event of darkness, the blue backlight will illuminate your interface for the correct password entry. For emergency purposes, Signstek included a hidden keyhole that gives you an alternative entry mode.

All you have to do is manually take out the keypad handle with a stern pull, slide in the physical key and turn it clockwise to open your electronic door lock. For additional security and your peace of mind, the lock supports additional random digits before and after your correct entry code to throw off any potential peeping intruders lurking nearby.  Also, this particular keypad door lock comes with an interchangeable door handle that enables both right and left-handed use.


  • The door lock is trendy in appearance.
  • Allows for manual key use.
  • Easy to assemble and install.


  • Non-durable construction material.

4. COLOSUS Keyless Electronic Digital Smart Door Lock.

COLOSUS Keyless Electronic Digital Smart Door Lock.

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For a practical and more secure door lock, look no further than this sleek, keyless and electronic safety device from COLOSUS. In addition to the old-fashion physical key, this lock offers you three other access modes i.e. an RFID card, PIN codes, and remote control access. Customer support for this product is guaranteed every day for assistance with setting up, operating or troubleshooting this COLOSUS lock. For optimal performance, this device is designed for standard doors with a thickness of between 35mm (1.38 inches) and 60mm (2.36 inches).

This particular door lock is transformed easily between left and right-handedness for the convenience of all its users. To secure this device firmly, you will have to drill a single hole on your door. Note that this door lock is not waterproof hence beware of exposure to excessive moisture or liquids. 


  • Multiple access options offer flexibility.
  • Sustained customer support.
  • Enables wireless operation with the use of remote control.


  • Compromised durability from lack of water-resistance.

3. HARFO Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock.

HARFO Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock.

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HARFO has come up with this outstanding keyless electronic lock designed for doors of thickness ranging from 1 3/8 inches to 1 3/4 inches which are also 35mm – 45mm in metric. During its operation, the voice guide will direct you systematically alongside the sharp OLED display. In the event of deletion or addition of existing and new users respectively, you can just use the touchscreen. Also, this special lock allows you to keep track of entry logs, supports up to 300 users and offers unmatched versatility in access mode.

In addition to the three access cards included in the package, this lock comes with a capacity for code and fingerprint access. The entry code is restricted to between 4 and 12 digits with a double verification feature to unlock your door. With a precision of 99{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541}, the 3D fingerprint sensor upgrades recognition to equally apply to children and the elderly. For additional privacy, a deadbolt button is included for convenience.


  • User editing and entry records make this lock multifunctional.
  • Secure fingerprint recognition system.
  • Allows for additional privacy.


  • Many computerized features are susceptible to hacking.

2. HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock.

HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock.

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This safety door lock comes from HAIFUAN. A remote control unlock capability is the standout feature attributed to this must-have door lock. In addition to this wireless access, you can operate it using the provided M1 card, mechanical key or personalized user code. This particular lock also features voice navigation during your interactions, a readily visible illuminated keypad, and an optional video guide. Up to 1020 potential operators can comfortably use the HAIFUAN door lock with the capability of deleting or adding user codes swiftly.

The lock memory can hold a maximum of 120 remote control users, 800 M1 access cards or 100 user codes. The handle easily transforms between right and left configurations. Also, An extra remote control device with serial number ASIN B01N29TBZ5 and two standard latches of 2 3/8 inches and 2 ¾ inches are included in the package too. 


  • The remote control allows for wireless control and access.
  • Enables quick left or right handle switching.
  • High capacity memory for multiple user data.


  • Prone to weather damage

1. ARDWOLF Keyless Smart Door Lock Keypad.

ARDWOLF Keyless Smart Door Lock Keypad.

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ARDWOLF provides you with this robust keyless smart door lock consisting of three ways to unlock i.e. manual keys, two packs of Mifare cards and up to 200 user codes. The user codes are between 4 -8 digits and customizable to your preference. In the event of a forgotten passcode or a faulty access card, you can set the lock to its default status by pressing and holding the reset button momentarily. 

However, a passage mode is included to override the automatic lock and allow for smooth room-to-room transitions. For the benefit of both left and right-handed users, the reversible lever is convertible for either convenience. 


  • Capable of storing many user codes.
  • Contains both automatic lock and passage modes.
  • The adjustable backset improves versatility.


  • Lacks water-resistance hence restricted to interior doors.

Buying Guide – Keypad Door Locks 

Given the above wide array of keypad door locks from which to choose, you could be forgiven for thinking that they are all the same. It is understandable to get confused with the bulk of options available to you. Well, do they share some similarities? Absolutely. However, for the sake of clarity and an informed decision, you will need help narrowing down your options. In that case, a few specific factors should form the backbone for your decision-making. Such discrete aspects include the following:


This factor determines whether your lock will be used on the external doors or indoors. An excellent keypad door lock should ideally be waterproof or at the very least, water-repellant. Given that your lock will be subjected to frequent use, a device that offers impermeability to moisture should be the utmost importance. Also, in the case of external door locks, be aware that water-resistance offers a degree of resilience to potential weather damage.


Before committing to any purchase, consider the versatility of each keypad door lock and determine whether they meet this standard. The specific features to look for include its modes of access and the lock’s external configuration. For instance, you may want to choose the device that allows for both right and left-handed access. Also, you should favor those locks that have an optional mechanical key entry option in addition to their electronic access. This manual feature will come in handy when quick access is preferable especially during emergencies.


Consider buying a keypad door lock that is not only easy to install, but also has a capacity for straightforward handling. You do not require a complicated set of procedures to follow at the end of the day after a long day at work. All you need is simply to get into your house, eat your dinner and rest. When making a decision, safety is not necessarily linked to a complex and difficult-to-operate security lock. Therefore, choose the relatively unexacting locks without compromising security.


The material used to manufacture a particular keypad door lock contributes a lot to its longevity. Ideally, no one wants to keep changing their door locks every month due to wear and tear. With this in mind, locks that are made of stainless steel are typically sturdy enough to last for years with minimal frictional damage. You should consider purchasing a door lock that offers such robustness for a secure and durable device.


There you have it. As you can notice, buying the best keypad door lock is more of a carefully planned excursion than an off-cuff dash to the store during a random errand. Try to heed to all the above reviews and buying guide and you are guaranteed to obtain more bang for your buck.


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