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Best Mattress Foundations In 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide 

This fast-paced world calls for a good night’s sleep if one is to remain productive and healthy. Typically, after a long day at work, you would rush home for dinner, maybe a little TV or reading right before you retreating to bed. You are likely to have a restful night if these things are in order; tranquility, a comfortable bed, and the right ergonomic mattress to prevent undue strains in the mornings. So, this looks into the best mattress foundation for your bed.  

Check Out Best Mattress Foundations in 2023

10. PrimaSleep Bed Frame

PrimaSleep PR14BF04T-1 14 inch Dura Metal Steel Slate Bed Frame

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This is a quality mattress foundation made from imported heavy-duty steel. With its sturdy features, this platform can support bulky deluxe mattresses over its equally stable steel slats. As a result, the slats are practically incapable of breaking off or buckling on themselves. Also, you will not need any box springs with the solid steel frame structure since its construction was designed for durability and ultimate strength.

Convenience in portability and transportation is achievable through the foldable steel parts. Besides, the mattress fits perfectly on the steel slats thanks to their unique manufacture and sturdy imported steel material. You will have no more worrying about wobbly or sliding cushions. The frame is relatively easy to install with the supplied pins meant to attach to the frame.


  • It is portable, courtesy of its foldable parts.
  • Has a sturdy, steel structure for durability.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • No mattress railings.

9. 45MinST Platform Bed Frame

45MinST 14 Inch Platform Bed Frame/Easy Assembly Mattress Foundation / 3000lbs Heavy Duty Steel Slat/Noise Free/No Box Spring Needed, Twin/Full/Queen/King/Cal King

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This 45 MinST foundation design is to support heavy loads and weights. To prevent structural torsion and twisting, all the steel components are welded tightly and seamlessly. This welding makes the overall structural frame firm, reliable, and safer capable of withstanding up to 3000 pounds of static pressure without any structural twisting. Your mattress will embed itself within the steel frame to prevent it from sliding off the platform.

Also, the multiple bed-legs and sturdy square slats provide support to any extra weight. There is no need for box springs, and the whole structure is quite easy to install due to its integrated compact design that makes DIY assembly possible. There is an allowance for you to attach a potential headboard sometime in the future. To eradicate any noise, a cushioning gasket is added to the steel frame.


  • Welded parts for strength.
  • Sturdy steel for durability.
  • Supports heavier weights.


  • Lacks a headboard.

8. HAAGEEP Bed Metal Platform

HAAGEEP Metal Platform Bed Frame Full with Storage 14 Inch Heavy Duty Beds Steel Slat Frames Standard Size

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This double platform steel platform is a fantastic product from HAAGEEP. Its heavy-duty design with a durable frame made from sturdy steel slat structure guarantees no squeaky noises and a good night’s sleep. Box springs are not required with this mattress foundation either. It can fit either twin standard size mattresses or a full king or queen size mattress.

Its dimensions allow for 12 inches of roomy storage underneath the slats that are positioned 14 inches high. To prevent any potential slippage, the frame encloses the mattress. It also comes with earplugs for an undisturbed rest without worrying about any noises. The whole structure assembles easily without requiring any tools. HAAGEEP is providing a guarantee of five years on this particular product as well.


  • The platform is capable of supporting twin mattresses.
  • Ample storage space under the bed.
  • It has a large capacity for multiple accommodations.


  • Headboard not provided.

7. Classic Brands Hercules Platform

Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame | Mattress Foundation

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Classic Brands gives you this heavy-duty steel frame construction capable of supporting any type of mattress. Its design is meant to replace the typical traditional frame, box spring, or foundation. The metal bed platform is foldable while maintaining its rigid and durable surface for the support of every mattress type.  Note that both the footboard and headboard are sold separately.

Also, this particular mattress foundation can have optional use of box springs or foundation since it fits inside most bed frames. The assembly has capped legs for floor protection and a structural height of 14 inches hence giving you ample storage space beneath the bed. Once purchased, your package will be compact enough to fit through narrow hallways and doorways easily. 


  • It has foldable parts for portability.
  • Comes in a compact package for easy movement.
  • There is ample storage space beneath the mattress foundation.


  • It has inferior, though optional, box springs.

6. Simple Houseware Mattress Foundation Platform

Simple Houseware 14-Inch Queen Size Mattress Foundation Platform Bed Frame

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Simple Houseware provides you with this alternative mattress platform to the usual standard box springs and bed frames. With this design, no box springs are needed, and you can place your mattress directly onto the foundation, and you are ready to go. However, this foundation can support loads up to 500 pounds, thereby making it ideal for people with average weights.

Also, this platform supports spring, latex, or memory foam mattresses very well without the need for additional reinforcements. Note that the headboard and footboard are not sold together with this foundation. These two are sold separately.  Due to the lack of box springs, the DIY assembly of this particular structure is easy and quick without the need for tools.


  • Supports queen size as well as twin standard mattresses.
  • No box springs included in its design.
  • Has allowance for headboard and footboard support.


  • Carrying weight is limited to 500 pounds.

5. Zinus Trisha Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Trisha 7 Inch Heavy Duty Low Profile Platforma Bed Frame

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This incredible heavy-duty foundation from Zinus is of a 7-inch low profile platform capable of supporting different kinds of mattresses such as those made from spring, hybrid, or memory foam. The use of a box spring is optional, depending on your height preference for a customizable mattress platform. Note that the mattress is sold separately.

The framework contains a matte black structure made from sturdy steel with wooden beams running across, thus forming horizontal slats. Enhanced mattress life, as well as minimal sagging, is attainable thanks to this frame and slat design. Also, the wooden slats contribute to the prevention of potential mattress slippage. The whole foundation assembles easily during DIY at home minutes while enjoying a five-year warranty from Zinus.


  • Wooden slats prevent the slippage of mattresses.
  • It supports various types of mattresses.
  • The sturdy steel matte structure enhances durability. 


  • The overall structure is positioned very low on the floor.

4. Best Price Mattress Metal Platform

Best Price Mattress Twin Bed Frame - 14" Metal Platform Bed Frame w/Heavy Duty Steel Slat Mattress Foundation

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Best Price Mattresses offers you this twin platform mattress foundation with a bed frame made of steel slat. No box springs are required since you will get all the height you need with this foundation. In addition to its center bar support, this platform has nine legs made from heavy-duty steel. These features provide extra stability and improved durability to the product.

Also, its construction is noise-free.  The overall dimensions of this platform are 38 inches length, 74 inches width, and 14 inches high, thereby giving you a convenient under bed storage space. DIY assembly of this Best Price foundation is easy since no tools are required, and the whole process takes minutes to accomplish. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of five years too.


  • Highly stable from multiple legs and center bar.
  • Its dimensions offer large capacity.
  • No need for box springs.


  • Un-foldable design impairs its portability.

3. Zinus Armita Mattress Foundation

Zinus Armita 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring / Mattress Foundation / Strong Steel Structure / Easy Assembly Required, Queen

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This platform from Zinus is exclusively designed with queen and king size mattresses in mind. This particular mattress foundation is your ideal choice for the large and extra-large sleeping surface. It is constructed from heavy-duty steel, which results in a sturdy and robust structure that guarantees its durability. It also allows for convenient and compact packaging for your smooth movement and transportation, primarily through narrow spaces.

With this platform, you can now maneuver through tight hallways, staircases, and doorways with ease. A home-based DIY assembly is possible via the inclusion of all the tools you will need for its easy assembly. Note that this platform is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes. The manufacturer provides a five-year limited warranty with this product.


  • Caters for all versions of large mattresses.
  • DIY assembly is quite easy.
  • Allows compact packaging for convenience.


  • Restrictive range of mattress sizes.

2. Olee Sleep Mattress Foundation

Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat

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Olee Sleep comes into the market with this uniquely designed sturdy mattress platform. It is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame that encloses the mattress and prevents it from slipping too. With dimensions of 76.1 inches long by 40.1 inches wide by 18 inches high, this platform is indeed large enough for high capacity load support.

The average space between the slats is 7 inches hence providing a level support base for your mattress. The under-bed space is roomy and ample enough for all your storage as well, given its height of approximately 16.5 inches after full assembly.  All the required hardware and tools are included with this foundation for your smooth and seamless DIY construction. This platform is compatible with a headboard, footboard, or box spring if required.


  • Large-sized mattress foundation.
  • Roomy storage space under the bed.
  • Evenly-spaced slats for base support and prevent slippage.


  • Made from heavy construction materials.

1. Zinus Shawn Mattress Foundation

Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation in Narrow Twin

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This platform from Zinus measures 75 inches by 30 inches by 14 inches in length, width, and height, respectively. These dimensions allow for clearance of about 13 inches under the bed, which can function as your valuable storage space. Also, this specific mattress foundation eliminates the need for the usual traditional bed frame and its accompanying box spring.

At the same time, its compact design allows for easy maneuverability through narrow and tight spaces found in hallways and staircases. The overall steel framework will always provide a stable base for your mattress and is sturdy enough to carry substantial amounts of weight. For its possible connection to a headboard, this platform requires the use of SmartBase brackets, which are sold separately.


  • No need for box springs.
  • Sturdy steel structure ensures its durability.
  • It is transformable into a compact package for easy maneuverability.


  • Extra purchase required for installation of the headboard.

Buying Guide – Mattress Foundation

When considering the best mattress foundation to buy, the following factors should rank highly. 

  • Size

When buying a platform for your mattress, you need to pay attention to the potential size of its sleeping surface. Depending on the number of users meant to sleep on a particular foundation concurrently, size should matter.

For instance, if your young ones share a bed, and you need to purchase a new platform, the mattress foundation must have the capacity to accommodate the kids adequately. On the other hand, a queen size foundation would be ideal for sharing by teenagers or youth.

  • Stability

The stability of your mattress platform is directly related to its construction material. Your foundation should support relatively heavy loads for the sake of carrying the weights of plus-size members of your household.

For a stable product that is resistant to easy buckling, look for foundations that depict a sturdy steel structure. Such heavy-duty steel should give you a sense of security and faith in the solidity of your new platform. Also, sturdy steel is known for its longevity, and so you will be getting a durable product in addition to its stable balance. 

  • Portability

A portable mattress foundation is only applicable if you are frequently on the move, such as when moving houses or going camping. Your platform needs to be light enough for easy carrying and compact enough for your range of maneuverability.

Look for a platform that contains foldable components or parts that allow you to minimize its overall size to a portable package. These moveable joints will also enable you to move through tight spaces such as narrow hallways, stairways, or doorways.

  • Accessories

A headboard is an accessory that helps certain people with their sleeping postures and positions. The presence or lack of a headboard could be the key difference between having good or poor sleep. 

When considering buying headboards, beware of the tendency to have such accessories sold separately from the platforms. Also, some manufacturers do not offer headboards with their products, so you need to inquire about their availability before committing to any purchase.


There you have it! When it comes to sleeping soundly, all the above platforms come highly recommended. With the knowledge acquired herein, you can now identify the best mattress foundation for you and your whole family. Never let those irritating, bumpy sleeping surfaces come between you and your sweet sleep again.

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