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Best Meat Grinders of 2023

In the past, grinding meats was a tedious activity that needed one to use a lot of effort and time to achieve. Making meals like meatloaves, meatballs, sausages and other foods that required ground or mincemeat took a lot of time and energy. The meat grinder has come in handy to make work easier and less time-consuming. These handy appliances are versatile and can be used for vegetables, nuts and even hard cheeses. The power to make any type of recipe that needs you to grind un-processed food is in your hand with these helpful, easy to use, and effective meat grinders.

List of the Best Meat Grinders of 2023


10. Chard Meat Hand Grinder

Chard Meat Hand Grinder Get it now on

This is a heavy-duty meat grinder that is made of cast iron to ensure that it gives you years of use without needing repair or maintenance. The grinder is easy to assemble and disassemble for easy cleanup and you can clamp it on to your kitchen countertop so that it can stay still while you use it. Perfect for grinding and making hamburgers, sausage, and jerky, this grinder comes with three sausage stuffing tubes and a nozzle adapter ideal for stuffing sausages and bratwurst.

The Chard HG-8 is a crank grinder that attaches to any countertop that is up to 11/2 inch thick without ruining the surface because it has rubber clamps that protect the work surface. Grinding meat is fast with this simple machine because it can grind generous portions of meat fast. You might at times need force to grind.


  • Comes with sausage stuffing tubes
  • If fully disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Made with heavy-duty and durable material


  • Some of the parts rust after washing
  • Some meat parts pass through without grinding

9. Electric Meat Grinder

Electric Meat Grinder Get it now on

This easy to operate stainless steel meat grinder is electric and does not need you to use a lot of energy to grind your meat and it is easy to use. The grinder features 3 grinding plates, 2 blades, a food pusher, and sausage attachments. The grinder is ideal for use both commercially and at home, because it is heavy-duty and can take a coarse, medium and fine cuts perfect for making burgers, sausages, meatballs, and other meat blends. The multi attachments make it easy for you to make a variety of meat grinds.

Easy to operate with its 3 way on, off and reverse switch, the grinder works fast, does not clog and has an engine power of 2000W max which has is all copper and has a noise reduction feature. You can easily mince 3 pounds of meat in one minute with this grinder and it can be used to grind any kind of meat without destroying the meat fiber.


  • It is durable
  • Has multiple accessories
  • Easy to operate


  • It is hand wash only

8. Sunmile Meat Grinder

Sunmile Meat Grinder Get it now on

The Sunmile grinder is a basic and simple grinder with stainless steel grinding plates and cutting blade with an 800W max locked power which is ideal for home use because it can grind up to 150 pounds of meat in one hour. All copper wires are used to make the motor so that you can be assured of the durability and power of the machine and it features an on/off switch that makes it easy to operate.

Fully functional with three cutting plates for fine, medium and coarse grinding, this meat grinder comes with big sausage stuff and a food pusher to make it easy for you to grind any type of meat you might need for making your food. All of the machines cutting plates and the blade can be washed in a dishwasher giving the user an easy time when it is time for cleanup.


  • He grinder is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Has a powerful and durable motor
  • Comes with a sausage stuff


  • The knife needs sharpening after a while

7. STX Turboforce “Platinum

STX Turboforce "Platinum” Get it now on

This powerful machinery features an output power of 2000 Watts with high, low and reverse speeds with a circuit breaker to keep the grinder safe and effective. An optional foot pedal for hands-free use has been added to the package and an air cooling system keeps the motor cool so that the meat grinder can last longer. 3 stainless steel blades, 5 grinding plates, 3 stuffing tubes, 2 meat claws, a beaner plate, and Kubbe attachment are available to ensure that you can get to grind meat for any kind of use.

With complete and elaborate instructions on the use, this grinder has a high-speed system depending on the cut and type of meat you are grinding and has the capability of grinding up to 225 pounds of meat per hour. All the four parts of the grinding head have been made from safe food-grade cast aluminum that has been polished.


  • Has a safety circuit breaker
  • An optional foot pedal is included
  • The parts do not corrode


  • The parts are not dishwasher friendly

6. F &W Kitchen Basics

F &W Kitchen Basics Get it now on

Quick and easy to use for grinding meat and vegetables like garlic, beans and more, this meat grinder is simple and sturdy with 3 size sausage stuffer and a pasta maker bowl included in the package to ensure that all your grinding needs are met. The sharp and high-quality stainless steel blades make it easy to mince and even process baby food and make homemade pasta.

This is an easy to use manual meat grinder that is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Two stainless steel screens are featured for fine and coarse mincing and this makes it easy for one to choose depending on the kind of food one needs to prepare. Making homemade pasta is easy with this grinder because one only needs to put the dough in the machine and turn the crank for you to make beautiful pasta strands.


  • Grinds meat and vegetables
  • The grinder can be used for making pasta
  • The blades are sharp


  • It is more effective in grinding vegetables than grinding meat

5. Homeasy Meat Grinder

Homeasy Meat Grinder Get it now on

This is a sharp and efficient multi-functional food processor for meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts that are made from stainless steel and has 4 sharp blades. This mini chopper has been equipped with a 2-liter large capacity stainless steel bowl that makes it stronger than glass bowls and is healthier and shockproof making is long-lasting and sturdy. The main body is also made from stainless steel which is strong and rust-free.

The meat grinder is electric with 350W power that is fast and efficient. The blades are designed in 4D to allow them to easily chop and food evenly from every angle by moving upper and lower blades. The easy to clean unit can be easily disassembled and the accessories are user-friendly. A non-slip mat has been included so that you can put the bowl on it, making it practical and allows easy cleanup after use. This meat grinder has been certified to guarantee safety and security.


  • This is a multi-functional chopper
  • Made with durable stainless steel
  • Has a large capacity


  • Cannot be used for large vegetables

4. Manual Meat Grinder

Manual Meat Grinder Get it now on

With stainless steel blades and heavy-duty plastic, the meat grinder has been made to last and the base has a powerful suction base so that you will not be worried about the grinder moving while you are using it. Grinding with this machine is easy and effortless and it can be used on a variety of foods like meats, vegetables, baby food, and many more. This does not require electricity but it is still fast and powerful.

The hopper size has been enlarged so that the grinder can carry a lot more food every time it is used and the ergonomic handle design makes it comfortable to use even when you need to use it for long. The safety has been ensured by the blades that are fully enclosed and the stable body and non-slip bottom make it safer and smoother to grind with. A dough and cookie shaper is included in the package.


  • Made with a non-slip bottom for stability
  • Comes with a meat pusher to save time and minimize wastage
  • Easy to use


  • It is delicate

3. Gourmia Electric Meat Grinder

Gourmia Electric Meat Grinder Get it now on

This is a fast and efficient meat grinder that has been ATL approved and has a 1000W power capacity and comes with a free recipe book to give you options of food you could make using this handy machine. The grinder has the power to grind through tough slabs of meat by using the three stainless steel blades which can make fine, medium and coarse cuts. The simple and safe machine comes with a heavy-duty food tray for large meat chunks.

The 3 way on/off/reverse switch works effectively to ensure that meat does not clog in the grinder and a dual safety switch has been featured. All the parts of this appliance remove easily to allow easy cleaning and they lock into place when they are assembled so that they can provide efficient and smooth operation.  This simple to use grinder comes with bonus accessories like sausage horn and food pusher.


  • Has a dual safety switch
  • It is fast and efficient
  • This meat grinder is heavy-duty


  • The grinder leaves metal bits in the meat

2. Weston Meat Grinder

Weston Meat Grinder Get it now on

This clamp-on style manual grinder easily attaches to any countertop that is up to 11/2 inch thick to make it stable so that you can grind meat without difficulty and use of unnecessary force. A stuffing kit, adapter, cutting plates, 3 different size funnels, steel knife, and spacer have been included in the package which makes it easy for you to make and grind meat for different uses. The large opening allows you to place large chunks of meat in so that you can grind quickly.

Rubber pads have been featured to protect the countertop and the grinder disassembles so that you can have an easy time cleaning it. The handle has been ergonomically designed to make it easy for anyone to turn the crank effortlessly and a user manual has been included to aid in use and assembly. This grinder has been made from cast iron and has a food-safe coating.


  • Has an ergonomic comfortable handle
  • The opening is large
  • The clamp-on design attaches to any countertop


  • The parts rust

1. KENOME Metal Food Grinder

KENOME Metal Food Grinder Get it now on

This metal grinder processes all meats easily and is made of food-grade material to grind fresh meat for sausages, burgers, vegetables, and hard cheeses. All the parts are detachable for easy cleaning and the metal grinder attachment can fit all KitchenAid stand mixers. The durable metal construction is sturdy and holds up well even when used frequently and a large tray has been featured to make it easy for one to reach the food.

The grinder attachments make it easy to grind meats for different types of recipes and a top tray helps to hold meats so that they can be conveniently placed for loading into the grinding compartment. Durable material has been used to make this meat grinder and all the parts easily detach and one can use mild soap and water to easily clean it. However, this grinder is not dishwasher safe and should be cleaned with soap and warm water. A cleaning brush is included.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Made from safe food-grade material
  • Grinds meats and vegetables effortlessly


  • Not dishwasher safe

Wrapping Up

Nothing beats the satisfaction of having to make your sausage and add any type of spice you want. You can now make your own healthy and delicious homemade sausages. Vegetables and grains can be ground using these machines and this is much cheaper and healthier than pre-ground meats and foods. You can remove fats and control the spice that goes into your meat. Ensure that you choose the correct meat grinder for you according to the workload you have. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions so that your grinder can last longer and work as effectively as it is meant to.


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