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Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards in 2023 Reviews

Believe it or not, replacing your old keyboard can tremendously impact your gaming performance in many positive ways. Hence, to be more productive and enjoy the better gaming experience, try switching from the regular keyboard to a one-handed gaming keyboards and you will see the difference.

However, there are a variety of one-handed keyboards available in the market, and choosing the right one is fairly strenuous. To help you with your decision making, we have arranged a list of all-time best gaming keyboards from various brands for you to choose from.

List of Top 10 Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards in 2023:

#10. GameSir one-handed gaming keyboards and mouse combo

#10. GameSir one handed gaming keyboard and mouse combo

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GameSir introduces you to VX2 AimSwitch which is a keyboard for the pro-gamers. This essential set comes with a one-handed keyboard, keypad, mouse including a wireless adapter. You will notice the difference immediately as you lay your palm on the laser-based mouse as it has a built-in PMW3360 laser sensor that can offer higher sensitivity with 12000 DPI tracking compared to an optical mouse. In addition, its adapter can operate without wire which offers less distraction during the game. You can simply connect the 2.4G adaptor to the port and it will grant your access to all consoles.

Additionally, this keyboard was programmed with the fastest TTC switches that can offer smooth and silent operation. On top of that, the accuracy of this keyboard is unbeatable with the capacity of 1.2mm high-speed performance. You will never have to worry about latency due to poor connection with this keyboard. It was invented with Agility X technology that can offer a timely wireless connection and a latency rate of only 1ms to ensure you will be the ace in your game. This keyboard is applicable for all consoles such as Xbox, PS4, and windows.

#9. Linkstyle one handed gaming keyboard with LED light

#9. Linkstyle one handed gaming keyboard with LED light

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Take a look at this functional one-handed gaming keyboards from Linkstyle. This keyboard has 7 colors LED light that not only offer a cool gaming match but also act as a perfect aid for your visual. With this keyboard, you have all the action keys necessary for gaming in one place which is easy for your navigation. In addition, you can play the background music of the game by just pressing on the blue switch button. In this package, you will also get a wrist pad that is very gentle to your wrist and is able to provide you maximum comfort for long hours.

On top of that, the package also includes a wired mouse that has built-in LED light matching to the colorful lighting of its keyboard. The mouse was crafted from ABS plastic material which is durable for long-term use with the combination of multiple colors lighting mode and DPI adjustable up to 12 different levels. For the mouse to operate, you can simply plug its wire to the USB port, and you are ready for the battlefield.

#8. BUFENG MOUNTAIN one-handed gaming keyboards and mouse

#8. BUFENG MOUNTAIN one handed gaming keyboard and mouse

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This combo of a one-handed gaming keyboards and mouse is the product of Bufeng Mountain. It has a space-saving design that is very convenient to carry around. Additionally, there are 39 keys and ABS keycaps programmed to the pad to reduce conflict when playing the game. This keyboard will emit rainbow light, so you do not have to worry when playing in a dark environment or room with low lighting. Each key was layout very ergonomically with a reinforced joint which enhanced the durability and stability of the button.

With this gaming keyboard, you can enjoy your battlefield all day without feeling the fatigue as it comes with a curved palm rest designed to support your palm posture. The palm rest has a measurement of 130* 85mm which is very handy for different sizes and allows you to rest your palm comfortably as you play. This package also comes with a wired mouse that has a size of 125*65*38 mm, it was equipped with an anti-skid surface which helps to eliminate palm sweat and comes with many adjustable DPI for you to choose from.

#7. BlueFinger anti-ghosting one-handed gaming keyboards


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Let us walk you through another practical One-Handed Gaming Keyboards from BlueFinger. This keyboard features 39 keys with lasting letters that will not fade by frequent or long-term use. During the game, you can press multiple keys combinations at the same time as it has an anti-ghosting feature installed on the keys. The design of the keyboard comes with an integrated palm rest to ensure your palm and wrist are in a comfortable position. By pressing FN + Scr you can change the backlist modes to various available options ranging from rainbow mode, Neon mode, to wave mode, and many more.

On top of that, you can close or adjust the backlight very easily by pressing FN + Prt. Besides this, there are many other shortcuts that you can use to navigate around very easily. The wired mouse is made from ABS plastic which is a durable material, it has up to 6 buttons and a wire length of 67 inches. There is no need for a driver, you can connect and play instantly after unpacked.

#6. RedThunder One-Handed Gaming Keyboards with recording key

#6. RedThunder one handed gaming keyboard with recording key

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RedThunder presents you with another ergonomic one-handed gaming keyboard called RedThunder k50. It is a keyboard that is equipped with the innovative blue switch that was installed at its joint to make the construction sturdier and more reliable. Attached to the pad are the 35 keys combination with audible click response that gives you faster command which is very helpful during the game. In addition, it comes with a recording key that allows you to capture your content as you play so you can watch it later.

In order to start recording with the macro function, you can simply press G1 until you can see the lamp flashing to activate. As the content is being recorded, the lamp will go back to its normal state. On top of that, it comes with multiple backlight colors which are great for playing in low-light environments. The design of the keyboard has integrated palm rest to accommodate long hours of the battlefield. There is no need to purchase additional drivers as it is ready to use after unpacked. With this keyboard, you are guaranteed that your gaming performance will be maximized.

#5. Cakce back-lit One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

#5. Cakce back-lit one handed gaming keyboard

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This one-handed gaming keyboard is the product of Cakce. This set is ideal for long-term use as its construction is super durable with a mechanical keyboard that has long-lasting letters ink imprinted on each key. There are 35 keys in total, all are non-conflicted which means you can hold multiple keys at the same time as required for gaming purposes. To accommodate your long hour of the battlefield, the keyboard was designed with palm and wrist that offer utmost comfort to your arm.

The backlit has up to 7 colors that you can adjust the brightness or switch to your preferred color by pressing Fn+5 and Fn + tab respectively. In addition, this one-handed gaming keyboard features various modes that give you broad options ranging from running, breathing or snowing mode. You can also record your content using its macro function, simply press FN + G1 that will take you to the recording state. The light will flash and later goes back to its normal state when the content is being recorded. With this purchase, you are backed by a lifetime warranty including friendly after-sale services.

#4. SADES small One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

#4. SADES small one-handed gaming keypad

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Check out this space-saving gaming keyboard from SADES. The small and portable design of this keyboard gives you ample space on your desk to move the mouse freely which is great in eliminating unnecessary distractions during your game. This small keyboard has all the important keys for gaming such as wasd, alt, ctrl, space, and many more which give you faster command compared to the traditional keyboard. The design of this keyboard makes it suitable for both arm and wrist players as it comes with integrated palm rest which offers better aiming when attacking your enemies.

On top of that, this one-handed gaming keyboard functions with the lowest noise possible as a black switch was installed to make the key produce a crisp click sound with no lag when you press on it. Adding to that, its rebound capacity was tested and proved to offer 60M strokes including 60+/-20 force which makes it the perfect keyboard for professional gamers. Lastly, this keyboard is ready to use upon plugging with the USB port without drivers or software support required.

#3. Redragon professional type C keypad

#3. Redragon professional type C keypad

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Here is another tactical keyboard K585 from Redragon that was designed specifically for gamers.  You will never misclick on the wrong key ever again as the pad has only 42 keys installed. Each key has a durable letter imprinted to ensure long-lasting performance. In addition, the blue switch was embedded to offer you an audible click and also help improve your aim. Another special feature is this one-handed gaming keyboard comes with programmable keys that allow you to customize them to match with your preference and requirement. Stay comfortable even after a long hour as the construction has palm support that was tailored to offer a relaxing position to your hand and arm.

In a low-light environment, you can activate its backlit lighting effect to aid your vision. The backlit mode has up to 16.8 million colors that can produce glorious and cool lighting to add more excitement to your gaming experience. Adding to that, it has a very thoughtful pass-through USB port design to ensure you will not be interrupted by the wire

during the play.

#2. NPET Quiet K10 USB Gaming Keyboard

#2. NPET Quiet K10 USB Gaming Keyboard

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For a multipurpose of use, check out this ultra-slim one-handed gaming keyboard from NPET. The single keyboard might only be useful for gaming, but this one is suitable for both gaming and professional use as it has up to 104 keys programmed to its pad. Talking about the construction, the base pad is made of firm stainless-steel that can withstand weather and high pressure which make it a better option compared to plastic keyboards. If you are playing a game at night or in a dark environment, you can activate its backlit LED light that has up to 7 colors for you to choose and adjust.

Take a look at the keys, it is a standard keyboard so there are 26 anti-ghosting main keys including 13 other key combinations that were designed to improve your efficiency in both working and gaming. The keyboard also has a water-resistance function, so you do not have to worry when spilling your drinks on it. Including the long warranty, this set is the perfect gift idea for your family or children.

#1. Razer 8-way control single handed keypad

#1. Razer 8-way control single handed keypad

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This best-selling one-handed gaming keyboard is a product of Razer that was manufactured in the US. This innovative keyboard has a super attractive design that comes with 32 programmable keys. Each key was cushioned with a rubber dome and It is equipped with the top-performing membrane switch that can offer smart feedback of the key.

In addition, this one-handed gaming keyboard features a thumbpad that is very useful for gaming as it offers 8-ways directional control for a more comfortable gaming experience. Most importantly, it has a built-in hyper shift that allows you to press multiple keys at once. Get this keyboard now to enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest.

Buying Guide:

Compatibility: the most important thing to consider is whether the one-handed gaming keyboard is compatible with your device so you should get it tested before deciding to purchase the product.

Comfortable design: Since you are likely to spend hours playing games, you should ensure that the keyboard has an integrated palm rest to offer comfort when you are typing.

Functionality and Durability: When it comes to the keyboard, excessive keys are not necessary as it only leads you to mistype on the unwanted character. Instead, choose the keyboard with specific functions that match with your purpose of use and the one with a durable base pad.

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The keyboard can have a significant impact on your gaming experience, although it is something that only true gamers could understand. To all game enthusiasts, you only need to follow our recommended product and the buying guide we can guarantee you will purchase the right gaming keyboard that will definitely level up your gaming performance.

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