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Best Outdoor Benches in 2023

Many people are becoming more aware of their environment and consider it whenever they go shopping for various items, including furniture. Outdoor benches provide a place to rest and relax with the family while helping reduce fatigue in your body. These products feature different characteristics that seek to make your life more comfortable and convenient, such as ergonomic contours, quality design, and durable materials. You may find it challenging to pick an ideal piece of furniture since so many brand names dominate the market.

The following are reviews of the top ten best outdoor benches that enable you to know the product’s descriptions, pros, and cons. We also included a buying guide that can help reduce your shopping time by showing some essential factors to consider. This information will allow you to recognize the features that you need and ultimately buy a suitable outdoor bench.

List of 10 Best Outdoor Benches 

10. Garden Bench Outdoor

Garden Bench Outdoor

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The steel used to construct this outdoor bench ensures that you obtain high quality and sturdy product that can serve your needs for years to come. The powder coating is rust-resistant and allows you to use this furniture in different weather conditions. The solid construction gives the outdoor bench excellent stability that will last throughout the utility. This product measures 50″ × 24″ × 34.6″ and gives you a compact product that does not take up too much space.

Additionally, this product comes with a detailed manual and necessary hardware that allows you to install the furniture with ease. The finished edges ensure that you can safely utilize this product without worrying about accidental scratches. This outdoor bench features an ergonomic design with contours that follow your body shape for maximum comfort. The incorporated armrest and backrest enhance your comfort and facilitates complete relaxation.


  • 2-person seating capacity
  • Steel construction
  • Ergonomic design


  • The pipes may collect water

9. Patio Sense Cast

Patio Sense Cast

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The antique bronze finish and basket weave pattern ensure that you buy a stylish product that will add elegance to your outdoor setting. This outdoor bench weighs 26 pounds and provides a lightweight quality that allows you to transport the product with ease. The furniture measures 40″ × 17″ × 34″, with the compact size enabling you to comfortably utilize the item without taking up a lot of space.

The cast aluminum used to design this outdoor bench enables you to have a robust and durable product that you can efficiently use for a long time. The weather-resistant quality minimizes the maintenance costs and adds to your convenience since you can use it by the pool. This outdoor bench ensures to help you rest and unwind because the ergonomic contours and armrests enhance your comfort. The anti-slip feet provide reliable stability while preventing the product from sliding.


  • Sturdy aluminum material
  • Classic and beautiful design
  • Weather-resistant 


  • Limited warranty available

8. LIFETIME 60276 Glider

LIFETIME 60276 Glider

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The LIFETIME 60276 incorporates contours in its design that follow your body’s curves, allowing you to relax without straining any muscles. The ergonomic and non-slip feet provide an excellent balance that enables you to use the product with friends and family without adjusting it continually. This outdoor bench feature ball bearings that allow for a quiet and smooth glide, preventing any distractions for your neighbors.

The polystyrene used to design this outdoor bench ensures that the product retains its quality since the material does not crack, peel, warp, or crack. The powder-coated frame features steel construction that gives you robust furniture that will stand the test of time. This outdoor bench includes slats in its construction that facilitate fast water drainage and prolong its longevity. The harbor gray finish gives the product an elegant look that can add style to your patio or garden.


  • Easy to set up
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Durable polystyrene material


  • Available in limited colors

7. Leigh Country TX94101

Leigh Country TX94101

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This outdoor bench from Leigh Country has dimensions measuring 50.5″ × 25″ × 34″ and gives you a compact size that you can install without worrying about the available space. The product weighs 34.4 pounds and offers a lightweight piece that you can comfortably move around your garden. The quality construction makes it easier for you to install this outdoor bench, helping you save on time and energy.

The powder coating prevents the product from rusting, which allows you to preserve the furniture’s quality and use it for a long time without damage from rust. This outdoor bench combines a smooth texture and unique welcome design across the back, providing you with a stylish addition in your garden. The sturdy product can support a weight of up to 550 pounds, allowing you and your family to unwind comfortably.  


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Beautiful and unique design
  • Powder-coated finish


  • Requires some assembly

6. Premiere Products 5RCTA

Premiere Products 5RCTA

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The premium 5RCATA incorporates vinyl and resin in its construction that enables you to have robust furniture that you can efficiently utilize for extended periods. This material also adds to your convenience by minimizing maintenance costs. The unique design allows you to set up the outdoor bench effortlessly, allowing you to save time during installation. This lightweight product weighs 38 pounds and allows you to handle and transport the bench with ease.

Further, this outdoor bench measures 58″ × 14″ × 31″ and gives you a compact size that you can conveniently install without using up a lot of space. The furniture can convert into a picnic table, helping you save on the costs that you would otherwise spend on buying the counterpart separately. This outdoor bench is ideal for use both inside and outside the house, offering valuable flexibility that you can use according to your needs.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • 2-in-1 design


  • Could have more color options

5. Lifetime 60054 Convertible

Lifetime 60054 Convertible

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The Lifetime 60054 incorporates simulated wood in its construction that enables you to have an environmentally friendly product in your garden. The material is weather-resistant, which preserves the outdoor bench’s quality for a long time. This furniture integrates slats into its construction that allows water to drain when stored in wet conditions. The brown finish ensures that you have a simple yet stylish product that can seamlessly fit with your décor. 

In addition, the ergonomic design allows you to use this outdoor bench in both indoor and outdoor settings. You can convert this product from a bench to a table in seconds, allowing you to use it according to your needs. This outdoor bench features help you save on additional expenses with its low maintenance since the UV-protected polystyrene material does not crack, fade, peel, or chip.


  • Rust-resistant finish
  • Convertible design
  • Features slats in the construction


  • May need to drill a hole during installation

4. Best Selling Cozumel

Best Selling Cozumel

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Best Selling presents you with an outdoor bench designed with non-slip and durable feet that can comfortably support the weight of two adults. The compact product comes with dimensions measuring 22.83″ × 40.16″ × 32.68″ and allows you to use the seat without worrying about the available space. You can comfortably move and carry this outdoor bench because the lightweight piece weighs 33.7 pounds.

Moreover, the antique copper finish and unique patterns ensure that you have a stylish product that will add beauty to your garden or patio. The cast aluminum construction enables you to obtain a durable and sturdy product that you can efficiently utilize for years. With a weather-resistant quality, you can comfortably use this furniture in different weather conditions. This outdoor bench features an ergonomic design with a contour that follows your body’s shape, helping relax your muscles as you rest.


  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Easy to set up
  • Weather-resistant design


  • Limited to two adults

3. Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench

Keter Eden 70

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The resin used to make this outdoor bench ensures that you own a quality product that can serve your needs for years. The polypropylene material is weather-resistant and allows you to utilize the chair without worrying about denting, rusting, and peeling. This outdoor bench features 70 gallons of additional hidden storage beneath the sea, adding to your convenience. This quality also helps you save on expenses that you may otherwise spend on buying a cabinet separately.

Furthermore, the furniture integrates a lock into its design that allows you to safeguard your belongings in the compartment. This outdoor bench comes with a large capacity that can fit two to three people, making it ideal for family and friends. The beautiful wooden look enables you to have sleek furniture that can add style to any outdoor setting.


  • Features a storage compartment
  • Lockable design
  • UV-resistant material


  • Could have more colors available

2. Keter Eden Bench

Keter Eden Bench

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This outdoor bench from Keter features a brown finish that allows you to have simple yet elegant furniture that can add a chic look to your garden. The ergonomic feet have an anti-slip quality that enables you to use this product without having to adjust its position continually. This outdoor bench incorporates armrests that help alleviate stress and fatigue in your arms and back.

This furniture comes with dimensions measuring 54.6″ × 23.4″ × 32.8″, allowing you to have a compact size that you can efficiently install without taking up a lot of space. The product weighs 29.7 pounds and gives you a lightweight quality that enables you to handle and move the piece with ease. This outdoor bench features a convenient capacity that can accommodate two adults, making it suitable for a companion. The product has a hidden lockable compartment beneath the seat in which you can conveniently store various accessories.


  • Lightweight and space-saving design
  • Ergonomic and durable construction
  • Can accommodate two people 


  • The package does not include a lock

1. 2×4basics 90134ONLMI Custom

2×4basics 90134ONLMI Custom

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The quality 90134ONLMI offers a lightweight product that weighs 12.1 pounds, enabling you to transport the furniture comfortably. This outdoor bench measures 40″ × 6″ × 33″ and allows you to own a compact size that you can conveniently fit in your garden or patio without worrying about the space available. The package includes two bench-end supports that enhance stability while helping you save on additional costs.

This outdoor bench comes with all the required hardware and a manual with detailed instructions, enabling you to set up the product in minutes. You can install this furniture into a chair of any size up to 6 feet, allowing you to use it according to your needs. The heavy-gauge structural resin used to make this outdoor bench ensures that you obtain a robust and durable product.


  • Quality eucalyptus material
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ergonomic design with beverage holders


  • Does not include the lumber

Buying Guide – Best Outdoor Benches 

Size and dimension

You want to check the dimensions before making a perfect purchase because the outdoor benches come in varying shapes. Ensure to check the size of the product and your garden to make sure that the furniture will fit seamlessly. You also want to know the outdoor bench’s weight in advance, and in case you may need assistance, you can make appropriate preparations before heading to the store.


Different manufacturers use different materials to design these outdoor benches. The products feature resin, plastic, aluminum, wood, and metal construction that offers different qualities. These materials ensure that you have sturdy and durable furniture that you can rely on for years to come. You want to buy a product that best suits your needs and style while preserving its quality for a long time.


These outdoor benches incorporate ergonomic designs that enhance your comfort and convenience. The contours integrated into these products follow your body shape and enable you to relax without straining your back and hips. The arm and backrests also allow you to relieve stress on your arm and shoulder muscles, adding to your comfort. You want to purchase a product that will help reduce strain on your body. 


The reviews of the ten best outdoor benches presented above give you an insight into the characteristics of these premium products. The buying guide offers some factors that you can consider before making a purchase, increasing your chances of buying a suitable product. You can use this information to buy an outdoor bench that best suits your demands and budget. 

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