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10 Best Outdoor Chicken Coops In 2023

Outdoor chicken coops come in various sizes to offer enough space for owners of multiple chickens, ducks, and rabbits. These products incorporate foldable design, lockable function, and minimal assembly, making the setup, utility, and storage more comfortable. You may wonder what product would fully address your poultry and small animals’ needs with several brands available.

Well, here is a premium list featuring reviews of the ten best outdoor chicken coops that you can discover. The information allows you to understand every product’s characteristics, enhancing your decision-making and research. You can utilize our quality review to buy an outdoor chicken coop best suited for your domestic requirements. 

List of The Best​ Outdoor Chicken Coops In 2023

10. Magshion Spacious Wooden

Magshion Spacious Wooden

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This chicken coop comes with two doors that allow you to access your pets from any position, minimizing unnecessary movement around the structure. These doors integrate a locking system that helps increase security, stopping the animals from wandering around your garden and house. The metal used to create the locks ensures you can consistently secure the structure without easily breaking. 

The structure features an open-air design with an ergonomic mesh, facilitating superior airflow to allow your animals’ comfortable breathing. This outdoor chicken coop incorporates a solid fir wood that retains its shape and sturdiness, enabling you to maintain safe and stable housing for your pets. The structure has a foldable design to allow smooth storage in your vehicle’s trunk or beneath the bed. You can quickly utilize the integrated carry handles to move the coop to your desired place. 


  • Integrated carry handles
  • Sturdy and stable structure
  • Foldable design with two doors


  • Could have a bottom section

9. PawHut Deluxe Wood

PawHut Deluxe Wood

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The grey and white finish on the product gives a stylish design conveniently blended with any outdoor setting. This structure features a quality fir wood that provides longevity and robustness, maintaining the frame for a long time without collapsing. The odorless and toxic-free material ensures you can safely install the coop without worrying about you or your pets’ well-being.

This outdoor chicken coop has polycarbonate panels that insulate the structure by cooling air in the summer and retaining heat during winter. The waterproof panels enable you to set up the product effortlessly in your garden without worrying about wet conditions. This coop promotes superior air movement via the metal wire, keeping your pets healthy and comfortable. The design comes with an internal slide-out tray to increase your efficiency of cleaning.


  • Lockable doors to the inside areas
  • Waterproof and durable polycarbonate panels
  • Eco-friendly and water-based paint coating


  • Could have a sliding DC door

8. Aivituvin 69in Wooden

Aivituvin 69in Wooden

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This outdoor chicken coop comes with pre-drilled holes that promote fast installation, promoting effortless and time-saving assembly. The 69″ × 26″ × 39.4″ size offers enough space for your little friends to walk around freely. This product incorporates a round edge perch that allows your chickens to roost inside, making it comfortable for you and the poultry. The coop includes a pen door and a big front entry point, permitting you to catch the animals with ease.

This product has a waterproof asphalt roof that keeps your pets safe and dry, allowing you not to panic about wet conditions. You need not fret about direct sunlight harming the animals because the design includes a UV-proof run panel. The removable pullout tray facilitates convenient maintenance since you can quickly clean the structure. This coop features 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} fir wood and metal integrated into the design support long-term utility with superior sturdiness and stability.  


  • Weatherproof asphalt roof
  • UV-proof run panel
  • Large nesting box


  • Could have a divider in the nesting box

7. walsport Large Chicken

walsport Large Chicken

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The large 19.7 × 9.8 × 6.56ft measurement gives a quality structure with enough room for your animals, allowing you to walk in for convenient management. This outdoor chicken coop comes with a sizeable 1.37″ × 1.37″ mesh to facilitate hassle-free installation within a short time. The stable structure incorporates steel galvanized frames that do not collapse, keeping your chickens safe. 

This coop includes a waterproof cover that you can use to offer comfortable protection against snow, rain, debris, and sun. The integrated UV-protection design prevents peeling, cracking, ripping, and fading, retaining its quality for several years. The PVC-coated wire mesh promotes excellent air circulation to keep your pets comfortable and healthy. This product comes with a hardware pack and quality instructions to make installation more convenient. 


  • Waterproof cover with UV protection
  • Sturdy steel galvanized frames
  • PVC-coated hexagonal wire mesh


  • Could have a sturdier door

6. GOJOOASIS Outdoor Wooden

GOJOOASIS Outdoor Wooden

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GOJOOASIS offers an ergonomic design that presents a living area and running area suitable for small animals, including chicks, ducks, rabbits, and guinea pigs. This coop has an overall 30.3″ × 22.1″ × 44.5″ dimension, giving a quality structure to fit conveniently in your lawn or garden. The construction features a detachable bottom tray that you can smoothly pull out to clean frustration-free. 

This outdoor chicken coop integrates a nesting box in its design, providing easy access when extracting eggs. The ramp and sliding door promotes comfortable entry to the raised housing area, even for little chicks. This product has heavy-duty galvanized wire mesh that safely keeps your pets inside while preventing attacks from predators. The two hinged doors include a metal locking system that enhances security while enables convenient water and food refilling.  


  • Convenient to refill food and water
  • Two doors with a metal locking system
  • Easy to maintain


  • Could have more detailed instructions

5. Orgmar Chicken Coop

Orgmar Chicken Coop

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This outdoor chicken coop has a pitched roof that shelters your pets from rain and direct sunlight, maintaining their comfort. The UV-resistant and anti-corrosion construction ensures you can utilize this structure for multiple years without cracking or warping. The natural wood with waterproof varnish offers a stable frame to retain its shape and balance.

This coop enables you to maintain a healthy pet lifestyle because the mesh facilitates air movement for lasting freshness. The eco-friendly paint and non-toxic materials allow you to install and keep your animals comfortably without negatively influencing their well-being. The bottom-sliding tray enables you to remove and clean the components with ease for stress-free maintenance. This product has a raised perch and a nesting box with a user-friendly design, increasing you and your chickens’ convenience.


  • Ergonomic raised perch
  • Gridding fences and removable tray
  • Convenient ramp with timber ridges


  • Could have a larger size available

4. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor

Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor

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This quality 53″ × 25″ × 28″ product offers a spacious design to fit 3 to 4 grown-up chickens, suitable for different poultry lovers. The rain-resistant fir wood ensures you can enjoy a stable and reliable structure to keep your little animals safe from predators. This outdoor chicken coop allows you to install the product in different outdoor settings without concerns about rain or snow damage. The enclosed design also permits your pets to rest peacefully without discomfort from direct sunlight.  

This product bottom slabs integrate ergonomic gaps that promote breathability, keeping the environment fresh with ample oxygen supply. You can efficiently lift out the three-floor panels to clean and maintain excellent hygiene. The red and white finish on the slightly raised coop adds a unique style to your garden or lawn. The side-nesting box has a divider for two hens, and the top hinges facilitate quick access to take the eggs.


  • Side-nesting box with a divider
  • Rain-resistant fir wood construction
  • Three flexible floor panels


  • 1-year warranty available

3. Tangkula Large Chicken

Tangkula Large Chicken

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This coop comes with a detachable bottom tray that you can smoothly slide out to clean and maintain hygiene with ease. The premium gridding fences allow free air movement to deliver a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. The mesh fence serves to keep your chickens, rabbits, or guinea pigs safe from predators while preventing them from wandering off into the house or neighbors’ place. 

This outdoor chicken coop features natural and durable fir wood construction that meets your pets’ demands for years without fading, collapsing, or chipping. The design includes a non-toxic and waterproof varnish, enabling you to keep the animals safe and dry in wet environments. This coop incorporates a ramp, nesting box, and resting box to enhance the poultry’s comfort. 


  • Spacious and user-friendly design
  • Eco-friendly and waterproof varnish
  • Raised perch with increased safety


  • May have a cedar smell after purchase

2. Extra Large Chicken

Extra Large Chicken

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The unique design with a grey finish presents a coop that effortlessly blends with any outdoor setting. This product incorporates an eco-friendly painting that enhances the style and durability, retaining the structure’s quality and balance for years. The waterproof construction prevents water damage while protecting the poultry from rain and snow. This product has premium accessories and material that meets your demands for a long without peeling, breaking, fading, or cracking. 

This outdoor chicken coop has a PVC bottom layer that you can smoothly remove for fast cleaning and maintenance. The multiple doors offer quick access to promote hassle-free utility and maintenance. This product also has two ramps to enable comfortable movement and entry to the raised sections. The design integrates pre-drilled holes that combine with a detailed manual, allowing you to install within minutes.    


  • Detachable PVC bottom layer
  • Waterproof and durable construction
  • Easy to install with pre-drilled holes


  • Could have a latch on the top door 

1. Large Metal ChickenVisit Site

Large Metal Chicken

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This outdoor chicken coop comes with 10ˈ × 13ˈ × 6.4ˈ shape that provides enough space for your animals to rest and play around comfortably. The large-sized structure allows you to enter for walk-in management, allowing you to feed, catch, or deal with the poultry with ease. This product has a lockable steel door that permits you to secure the little animals, keeping out predators. 

This coop incorporates PVC-coated hexagonal mesh that stops rust and wears damage, consistently serving your pets’ requirements for a long time. The quality mesh promotes a healthy lifestyle by maintaining comfort and freshness via air circulation. The galvanized tube provides a long-lasting and robust product that you can install without worries about rust damage. You can expediently clean this coop by wiping the smooth surface with some running water or a wet cloth.  


  • Lockable steel door
  • Long-lasting and sturdy material
  • Water-resistant and UV-resistant cover


  • Could be easier to work with the binding wire

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it easy to set up these coops?

A: Yes, it is. Some products come in a foldable design that permits you to reduce the measurements into a compact size for swift placement in a cabinet, trunk, or under the bed. The quality construction with numerous flexible points and components allows you to install the coops with ease. Most items require minor assembly that leads you to complete setup within minutes, spending minimal time and effort. 

Q: How secure are the products?

A: These chicken coops feature long-lasting and high-strength materials that serve your domestic demands for a long time without falling apart or wearing. The structures integrate a locking system that you can securely utilize to keep the poultry and small animals safely within the product. Some coops incorporate an ergonomic hook that holds the structure in place for convenient and space-saving storage. 

Q: Can you safely utilize the coops?

A: Yes, you can. The high-quality pinewood used to make most structures offers a chemical-free form that you can utilize without harming the animals, environment, or your health. Some products incorporate multiple doors that facilitate stress-free accessibility from any point. The spacious and open-air design ensures your pets can comfortably move around and breathe with the increased airflow.   


These reviews have the ten best outdoor chicken coops that lead you to learn every product’s details and qualities. This piece allows you to identify the structures’ benefits via the pros and cons, helping you choose the most suitable option. The descriptions enable you to gain more insight into each coop’s dimensions and design, leading you to make better-informed decisions. This information can help you create a unique guide to enhance your shopping convenience and experience. The included frequently asked questions further permit you to manage your expectations, letting you know how to handle the outdoor chicken coop after purchase. 

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