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Best Portable Air Scrubbers in 2023

A portable air scrubber is a handy gadget that will remove the harmful and invisible particles from the air. If you think only having an AC unit installed in your high activity, high dust and scentless work unit is safe; sorry I have bad news for you! You are not as safe as you think! There are plenty of microscopic dust and mold that people inhale without even knowing. However, when you have some of the best portable air scrubbers, you can be able to get a quick way of removing odors, smoke, harmful bacteria and microbes from the work spaces around you. Have a look at these 10 handy solutions that will do a thorough job. 

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Here is the best 10 best portable air scrubber on amazon which u can choose the best one for your house and allows u to know every product’s features, descriptions and buying guide.

List of 10 Best Portable Air Scrubbers In 2023

10. Aloair Air scrubber 

Aloair Air scrubber 

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The Aloair Air scrubber is a HEPA 550 portable air scrubber with a very powerful suction. It works silently but does a good job in sucking up all the mold and small particles that may be harmful to your health. It has advanced filters that can trap all the small particles that dirtify the air and gives a notification when it is time to have the filters changed. Changing the filters is very easy as it only requires a simple turn on the circular duct before replacement. It is easy to operate from the top panel which contains a knob that allows users to vary the speeds. Weighing only 39 pounds, this air scrubber is easy to lift and move to the next room and has a sturdy lifting handle at the top. 


  • Its operation allows it to clear out the mold in the air. 
  • It is light-weight and easy to carry. 
  • It allows variable speeds. 


  • Its lowest speed setting is still high. 

9. Mounto AF500 purifier 

Mounto AF500 purifier 

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The Mounto AF500 purifier is an industrial grade purifier that is easy to carry, works fast and does a good job clearing dust and mold from the work spaces. It is rated 500CFM so you can rest assured that this handy industrial gadget will carry out all your industrial air cleaning and sewage remediation. In case you ever need to get back on your feet after a big industrial fire or clear out dust from construction, this is the gadget you need to keep near you. When it comes to the filters themselves, unlike other cleaners this one has different stages of filter paper to ensure that it picks out all the unwanted matter from the air around it. Emptying the filters is quite easy as it only needs a slight pull of the lock clip and it will open up. 


  • The HEPA filter can capture 99{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} of all particles near 0.3 microns. 
  • It has a change warning light. 
  • You can use a variable air control. 


  • It has no circuit breaker. 

8. Costway industrial cleaner

Costway industrial cleaner

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The Costway Industrial air cleaner is a high grade air scrubber and mold remover that is highly portable and efficient. It will move particles that are smaller than what most other air scrubber can identify. It has a high CFM rating (500) for the power it consumes. The most impressive thing about it is that you can easily carry it and it only needs one button press and a single knob turn to choose the speed you want it to operate. It can easily clean out dust, ashes and mold that linger around during industrial processes or any other workshop operations. It meets all the American ETL standards and thus, you can count on it to pick out all the particles that may be unhealthy for your industrial space.


  • It comes with a 25ft wire. 
  • It has variable speed controls. 
  • It’s highly portable and easy to carry around. 


  • It can suffer rain damage. 

7. Xpower 3580 air scrubber

Xpower 3580 air scrubber

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The Xpower 3580 air scrubber is a 4-stage air filter that has a large powerful fan. It is operated by a 5 stage control switch which can let you choose how much suction you want considering the environment you are operating in. The interesting thing about its design is that in case you want to use it in a large building where more than one air scrubber is needed, you can easily stack up more units above it when it is time for storage. It can manage an impressive 600CFM of air flow and will filter out tiny particles including mold, hair particles and astro-tuff. This air scrubber ensures that you can work in an odor-free surrounding without a hassle. 


  • Highly energHy efficient. 
  • 2.8 Amp draw. 
  • Stackable and easy to carry. 


  • The cable is short. 

6. Aloair Cleanshield purifier

Aloair Cleanshield purifier

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The Aloair cleanshield purifier is a more compact air scrubber with an 8 inch outlet. This highly active and easy to use air scrubber is rated HEPA 550 and can be used to clean out dust, hair, mold and bacteria from the air. It does more than just ensure you are working in a dust-free environment but it also ensures the clear air around you is free from microscopic particles that may harm you. It has a speed control knob and a GCFI duplex receptacle. Its design and frame allows you to carry it easily and store it without taking too much space. It comes with 4 filters that are easy to change once the notification light switches on. 


  • Highly portable and compact for easy storage. 
  • It is rated HEPA 550. 
  • Stackable design made of rotomold. 


  • It is noisy when running at high speed. 

5. Xpower 2580 air scrubber

Xpower 2580 air scrubber

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The Xpower 2580 air scrubber is a highly efficient air scrubber with extra odor removal ability. If you are worried about paint smell or lingering scents from pets, this is just the right machine that you should be looking for. It has a 4 stage air filter with a 5 speed variable fan. The fan contains a grille that is easy to clean and ensure that you do not get jams from papers. It is rated 550CFM and ensures that no special training or too much digging into a manual is needed to operate it. The filters are easily accessible and can pick out small particles such as bacteria, pet hairs and remove the strongest odors from your workspace. This machine is ideal for usage in construction or property management operations for closed spaces.


  • It is rated 550CFM and has a compact fan. 
  • Easy to carry around the workplace. 
  • 5 speed settings with a simple controller. 


  • It has a limited warranty. 

4. Abatement Air scrubber 

Abatement Air scrubber 

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The Abatement air scrubber will clean, purify and keep the air around you smelling fresh. It has good odor removal ability so you can count on it to remove vanish smell from a freshly vanished surface. With a very efficient fan rated 750CFM, this air scrubber has more powerful odor and dust removal compared to most other cleaners. It can work more efficiently than duct cleaners and yet it is portable. It has a GFCI port with 8Amp max. They are friendly for your walls and will quickly offset any cleaning expenses that are normally involved with industrial air purification. It only weighs 45 pounds and has all the operational controls in one sleek panel. 


  • It has only one knob for switching it on and adjusting its speed. 
  • Highly advanced filtering system. 
  • It has a click-to open access to the filters. 


  • Not many color options available 

3. B-Air 650 air scrubber 

B-Air 650 air scrubber 

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If you are looking for a brief-case sized air scrubber that only needs a knob turn to operate, then the B-Air 650 air scrubber has to be it. This highly compact and hardy scrubber works on low amperage connections and does a good job to remove industrial odors and particles. You can be guaranteed to work in an environment free of particles that harm you due to exposure. It operates in a 3-stage filtration configuration that will filter out all the wall dust and pollen from the nearby surroundings. It has a daisy chain and allows you to connect it through a GFCI port. It is highly recommended for facilities that apply dusty production processes like wood furniture production. 


  • Briefcase sized. 
  • Can operate up to 600 square feet. 
  • Daisy-chainable and has a GFCI port. 
  • An indicator light for the filter paper changes. 

2. DriEaz F284 air scrubber 

DriEaz F284 air scrubber 

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The DriEaz F284 air scrubber lets you have a highly portable but efficient means of cleaning out all the invisible microbes in the air. The 500CFM rated fan is specially placed on one side of the machine to ensure that you can direct it to the most needed part of the room that needs purification. With its special shape, someone can connect up to three of these machines to ensure that you can draw up to 1500CFM when all machines are operating together. They all just need a knob turn that is located at the top for the machines to start running. The filters are made out of carbon and can be accessed by turning the latch on the right side. 


  • The machines are made of rotomolded material. 
  • It allows connection of multiple purifiers for combined strength. 
  • Adjustable airflow control. 
  • A negative pressure machine. 

1. BlueDri air scrubber 

BlueDri air scrubber 

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The BluDri air scrubber works thunder-fast if you urgently need to remove odors from industrial spaces for immediate use. This HEPA 550 machine is highly portable and easy to use. It just needs a simple plug in to a GFCI port and systems are ready. It can remove 97{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} of all the particles in the air including those as small as 0.3 microns. It is a true precision system as users can pinpoint the direction where most of the suction is needed. Count on this machine if you need to eliminate unwanted smoke or fresh paint odors from work surfaces and walls. The rotor fan is specially engineered with a patented rotomold design to ensure more efficiency and low power usage. 


  • A true precision air purifier. 
  • A 550CFM motor single motor. 
  • This version is highly energy efficient. 
  • The machine is very easy to carry. 

Buying Guide for the Best Portable Air Scrubbers

Getting the best portable air scrubbers can not only ensure that you are working in a safe environment but they can also save you time and money.  These are some factors that can help you pinpoint the right one for you. 


The size of the air scrubbers can determine how easy it is to move the machines around. For example, there are times when more than one room needs to be purified. With a smaller and portable air scrubber, technicians can easily carry it to the next room, connect the machine and keep them running to purify all rooms. 

CFM ratings

The CFM ratings of the machine ensure that they are able to remove all the impurities within a short time. A good rating should average 500CFM and should allow users to alter the speeds. Lower CFM ratings keep the work slow and that makes you spend more on electricity. High CFM ratings on the other hand let you work faster and make industrial spaces ready for use without the need to delay shifts. 

Fan positioning

The fan positioning lets users pinpoint the direction where the most impurities can be identified. Having the right grille will also ensure that only the particles you want removed can be taken. They will also ensure that you can reduce the unwanted noise if working in industrial environments.  


With the right air scrubber, you will be assured that you are working in spaces that are not only fresh but also safe for your breathing. The above systems have very reliable operation and work well when you need to clean out harmful particles from the air around you. These are some of the best portable air scrubber that you should consider having if you regularly work in dusty environments such as construction or pet handling. 



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