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Best Portable Massage Guns in 2023

After a long tiring day of work, you probably need a good rest. However, your muscle in almost every part of your body may hurt somehow so you need a good massage for it. So the massage gun would be a perfect fit for the relief of your muscle. 

Rather than getting a traditional massage in your local area once a every month to relieve, you can simply purchase a small and portable handheld massage gun to do it at home as it will help you save money as well as time. If you use a massage gun in the correct way as the instruction, it will also help you with the problem of sleep and stress.

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These massage guns that we review in the article today will help loosen tight spots in your muscle and help relieve muscle soreness. Below in this article will provide you the best portable massage gun that we have found best for you. Also we will help you with few tips to purchase the best massage gun so you can get from what you need and other advantages while discovering other new features from the massage gun itself.

List of The Best Portable Massage Guns in 2023

10. TOLOCO Massage Gun 

TOLOCO Massage Gun 

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This TOLOCO massage gun would be a perfect fit those who love work out and want to relief the muscle pain after a long tiring day. The massage gun is designed with a powerful vibration which is really effective in relieving the muscle stiffness and soreness.  The material built in the gun handle is made out of Nano silicone prevents the product not to be slippery and sweat less while using the massage gun. 

Moreover, the gun comes with 3 level of speed which you can adjust it with just a press on the button that is able to run up to 1800-3200 percussions per minute. The speed adjustment of this massage gun can meet the need of many various type of muscle ranging from people who need it for daily relaxation or a deep muscle massage. It is comes with a full package includes: the massage gun, 6 gun heads and a small portable back to organize the massage gun and the additional accessories. 


  • Built-in material 
  • Sweat and slippery proof handle 
  • 3 speed level
  •  Comes with a full package 


  • No warranty 

9. Alluren Portable and Lightweight Massager Gun

Alluren Portable and Lightweight Massager Gun

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This Alluren massage gun is designed to comfort the user muscle to the maximum experience. The gun is really lightweight as it makes the user easy to apply it on the body without getting tired while the machine is really silent so you can relax physically and mentally. This massager gun will help you to relief the pain and soreness of the muscle.

In addition, as an individual has a different type of muscle this massage gun comes with 3 different levels of speed for the user to use accordingly. Moreover, the gun is built-in with the anti-drop as it is made out of nylon that can resist around 6.6 ft drop to the floor plus it comes with 3 heads for the user to replace. 


  • Cheap with good quality
  •  Less noise and easy to use 
  •  Lightweight design 


  •  Comes with only 1 color 

8. Legiral Massage Gun 

Legiral Massage Gun 

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Coming in with 2 colors, this amazing massage gun will help you relieve your muscle pain after a long tiring day of workout. The problem of muscle soreness would not be solved easily by this massage device as you only apply it slowly and gently on the pain area. The device comes with a 2500 mAh that can last up to 6 hours of using on low speed, estimated around 6-7 times of uses, as it takes only 1.5 hour to fully charge. 

Moreover, this 24V built-in motor is somehow quite but powerful enough to meet your demand in muscle pain reliever. It comes with a full package of other 6 additional massage gun heads allow you to change it as you need plus the silicone handle will make you grip more firmly. The company also provides a full warranty for you if you are not satisfied. 


  • -Long-lasting battery
  • -Fully warranty from the company
  •  6 massage gun heads 
  •  less noise but powerful motor 


  •  A bit expensive 

7. Damkee DK-01Professional Massage Gun 

Damkee DK-01Professional Massage Gun 

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Being one of the best professional massage guns, this gun will give you a deep and powerful enough to massage your muscle to the ultimate relaxation. The new version of Damkee DK-01 is equipped with LCD screen using to indicate frequency and power, touch buttons for easier use and a non-slip handle for comfortability. Likewise, there is also new feature come within the device which is the 20 levels of speed adjustment of the machine in order to meet the consumer alternative muscle needs. 

In addition, running in 20 different levels of speed but the device still keeps the noise as low as possible with the 24V motor. The 2500mAh battery is rechargeable that can run up to 6 hours of working time plus there is also 12 months warranty provided within the massage gun so you can get fully satisfied.  


  • LCD screen indicator 
  • Low noise 
  • 20 different levels of speed 


  • Only 2 colors to choose 

6. PRECISION THERAPEUTICS Professional Massage Gun


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This Preccision massage gun is designed for athletic or those who love to play sports. With just a few minute of massage on the surface of the muscle pain, the soreness and tightness of the muscle will gone without notice while it will also help you with the blood flow in the body. The device is built-in with powerful motor which is able to give you around 1800-3500 strokes per minute depend on the 3 different types of speed. This powerful motor is somehow quite so you can enjoy the relaxation time to the finest. 

Moreover, this device weight only 5lbs so you can carry it around easily wherever you go. It comes with a rechargeable battery as it can be put in used for longer than 4 hours with just a 90 minute charge. The company also provides the consumer 12months warranty so you won’t have to worry about it. 


  • 1800-3500 strokes per minute 
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Durable 


  • Only 1 color to chose 

5. Cryotex Massage Gun for pain muscle 

Cryotex Massage Gun for pain muscle 

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Making it way to top 5, this Cryotex massage gun comes with a full package of a carrying bag and 6 massage heads so you can adjust it to your muscle. This device would be a perfect fit for those have issues with the muscle pain or those who love to play sports or athletic as it will help you go through all those pains within a minute of used. To adjust many different kinds of muscle, it is designed with 20 speed of choose ranging from slow to fast stroking in a minute. 

On top of that, the weight of this gun is only 2 lbs which made it to be the most lightweight massage gun here in this top 10 list so it is portable for you to carry around. The motor in this machine can deliver maximum 3500 percussion per minute. A fully charge of this 2600 mAh battery will give you approximately 6 hours of massage time. 


  • Weight only 2lbs
  • Long battery used (2600 mAh)
  • 20 different speeds 


  • Comes with only 1 color 

4. DARKIRON Massage Gun for Pain Relief 

DARKIRON Massage Gun

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This massage gun is a multifunction gun where not only it can help you relive all those pains from muscle soreness and stiffness but also increase blood flow and improve body soft tissue. A 2023 upgraded version of Darkiron massage gun is equipped with a high-quality motor, which is powerful and low noise, and the better connection between the machine and the massage heads. It comes with not only 10 or 20 but 30 different speed of choice you can choose to work with your muscle. 

Additionally, the massage gun is built-in a 2000 mAh battery where is can last up to 6 hours of maximum usage plus there is also a LCD indicator on the button of the device. It is weight only 2.2 lbs so you hand would not be tired while using it and the motor is not going to heat up after a long used. 


  • 30 massage speed 
  • LCD indicator 
  • A full packages of 6 massage heads and a carrying bag 


  • No extra battery provided  

3. Exerscribe VYBE PERCUSSION Massage Gun

Exerscribe VYBE PERCUSSION Massage Gun

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If you are looking for a powerful motor of the massage gun, yes you can choose this one as your daily used. However, this powerfulness also has a small impact to the device which is a noise of the motor. It comes with 3 massage heads: a small ball for those who have small muscle, a big ball for those who have big muscle and a cone where you can use it for your deep tissue. 

Beside all of that, this cordless massage gun will a long time of usage as it comes with 2 fast rechargeable batteries so you can replace each other for used. To satisfied the customer, the company also provides a new device replacement or a full-refund. 


  • Powerful motor 
  • Unlimited of usage 
  • Comes with a fast rechargeable battery 


  • A bit of noise but powerful 

2. LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

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This ready to use portable massage gun will give you the full experience of relieving pain of your muscle after a long tiring day. It will give you a deep and powerful massage that can help you with the sore tissue within the muscle as well as the itching around the muscle area. The small and lightweight of this massage gun will allow you to carry it around to your gym and sport club easily plus it is really quite so you would not bother people around you while relaxing yourself. 

Moreover, a full package of the device provides you 5 massage heads so you can adjust it to your muscle like the 5 level of speed that is built-in the machine itself. The company also provides you a lifetime warranty and a 24h of services if you have any questions related to the device. 


  • Comes in 3 colors 
  • Deep and powerful massage 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Quite, powerful and portable 


  • No extra battery provided 

1. OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

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This best of the best massage gun that we brought to you today is this OPOVE M3 pro massage gun. In order to have more healthy life you better get one of this massage gun as it can help you with the problem of muscle pain, soreness, itching as well as awaken your mind in term of relaxation. Made out of Nylon 66 and glass fiber, it will be a drop proof device that can keep up from 6.6 ft high. It comes with 3 level of speeds for different types of muscle while working in silent in 3200 RPM. 

In addition, this massage also comes with 4 different massage heads for you adjust to your muscle. Weighting only 2.5 lbs with all the massage heads and the carrying bag it is really portable for people who love to go to gym or sport clubs. 


  • Durable product with high quality material 
  • Drop proof from 6.6ft 
  • Portable (2.5lbs) 


  • A bit overpriced but good quality product 

Short and easy tips what to look for in a portable massage gun

Power and Speed

These two features are the most essential features of all in the massage gun. As everyone has different types of muscle, you probably looking for the massage gun that can adjust the speed and power. 


If you are a person who travel a lot, you need the one that is small and lightweight so you can carry it around easily as well as carrying it to the gym and sport club to warm up and cool down after working out.


Different massage heads have different functions so you probably need to look for more accessories to fit your muscle type. 

Battery life

Long lasting battery life is what everyone is looking for so you won’t need to carry the charger around with you. Don’t forget to look for extra battery provided with the package.  


Yes, you probably need to buy one of the massage gun through you pocket budget. There are many portable massage guns out there on the market ranging from the expensive massage guns that provide you more adjustable speed, power and other features, but sometimes a costless one also help you in getting the job done as well. 


All in all, before choosing the best portable and good quality massage gun for a better relaxation of the need of your muscle, you probably need to have a look on these top 10 best portable massage guns that we had reviewed ranging from cheap to expensive and good to best. Without wasting your money, you better go through all of that and choose which one is suitable most for you and your family need. 


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