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Top 10 Best Portable Solar Panels of 2023

Portable solar panels integrate advanced technology into their design that promotes smooth and convenient usage. The high conversion efficiency, foldable structure, and waterproof material ensure you can rely on these devices for a long time, making operation and maintenance more comfortable. 

We present a list and reviews of ten of the best portable solar panels available. You can find each product’s features, advantages, and disadvantages, permitting you to understand them better. This piece also comes with a guide showing a few elements to study before purchasing any device. The information allows you to obtain a solar panel constructed to suit your needs.    

List of The Best​ Portable Solar Panels of 2023

10. Aeiusny Solar Panel

Aeiusny Solar Panel

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This solar panel features a quality design using Oxford cloth that offers a stable and high-strength structure, reliably addressing your requirements. The high temperature-resistant and waterproof material ensure you can install the device at any venue without damage from the weather elements. This product suits multiple users because you can set it up for various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and picnics.  

The portable solar panel incorporates a foldable mechanism that leads you to store the 13.78″ × 12.79″ bag in a limited area. The unfolded 57.87″ × 13.78″ structure has an ergonomic shape, allowing you to hang the device conveniently on a tent, beach, or RV for instant charging. This product expediently converts up to 25 percent of solar power, giving free energy to charge your equipment with ease. The design is compatible with most solar generators and 5-V USB devices, including cameras and smartphones.   


  • Foldable and lightweight 
  • Built-in smart IC chip
  • Waterproof and durable oxford material


  • The junction box is not water-resistant

9. PAXCESS Portable Solar

PAXCESS Portable Solar

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This portable solar panel comes in a stylish and elegant design that makes it a suitable gift for your loved ones. The system integrates a Type C output port and a USB QC 3.0 port, leading you to charge your power bank, smartphone, laptop, tablet, and lamps with ease. The charging speeds run twice as fast and ensure you do not need to wait too long to access your devices, fitting with your comfort levels.

This product incorporates a unique construction that fits most solar generators and lithium power stations, making it ideal for multiple users. The portable 5.3-pound solar panel permits you to travel stress-free without unexpected muscle injuries. The package comes with a kickstand that you can smoothly adjust to the perfect angle for maximum sunlight exposure. You can keep the device in your vehicle or house without needing a lot of room since the structure features a compact and foldable design. 


  • Adjustable kickstand
  • Efficient monocrystalline panels
  • Fast charging time


  • Could have a removable DC output cable

8. COOCHEER Solar Panel

COOCHEER Solar Panel

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COOCHER provides a device that converts more than 25-percent of the sun’s energy, allowing you to enjoy reliable power for lengthy periods. This solar panel incorporates a foldable element that promotes hassle-free storage, matching various users’ comfort levels. The TPE rubber handle included in the design ensures you can take the product to your preferred venue.

This device offers an ergonomic kickstand that you can slightly adjust, leading you to max9imize the sun exposure for satisfactory results. This portable solar panel has a DC smart charging technology and three USB ports, enabling you to charge various devices, including smartphones, laptops, and power banks. The integrated IC chips intelligently read your devices to maximize the charging speed while preventing overload and overcharging.  


  • Intelligent IC chips
  • Waterproof Oxford cloth
  • Foldable and portable design


  • Could have a waterproof junction box

7. DOKIO Monocrystalline Foldable

DOKIO Monocrystalline Foldable

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This portable solar panel holds 100-watt power that permits you to charge several appliances for extended sessions without random blackouts. The premium design includes handles and a foldable quality, leading you to move the structure quickly according to your wants. The compactness incorporated in this product ensures you can place the panel in your car for effortless travel. 

This solar panel features an intelligent protection function that protects your devices against short circuits, overcharging, reverse polarity, and reverse current. The device incorporates a monocrystalline solar cell that delivers high power efficiency, quickly converting a lot of energy. This product considerably minimizes mismatch loss, enabling you to maximize the system output.  


  • Smart PMW charging 
  • Practical foldable design with carrying handles
  • High-efficiency monocrystalline solar cell


  • Could have the controller closer to the battery

6. TP-solar Foldable Solar

TP-solar Foldable Solar

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The monocrystalline solar cell efficiently converts energy to generate quality power for long periods, enhancing your convenience when camping, hiking, or enjoying the outdoors. This panel features high-quality materials that give a stable and robust structure to serve your charging requirements for years. The non-toxic design ensures you can comfortably charge your devices without polluting the environment.  

This portable solar panel comes in a foldable design weighing 5.1 pounds, leading you to lift and hang the product without struggling. The advanced laminated technology featured in the system permits you to utilize the device in all weather conditions without rusting or peeling. This product comes with a built-in intelligent IC chip that identifies your devices to maximize the charging speed without overcharging or overloading.


  • Compatible with laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Powerful and efficient energy conversion
  • Waterproof and long-lasting design


  • Could improve the instructions in the manual

5. Solar Charger Hiluckey

Solar Charger Hiluckey

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This portable solar panel is compatible with Android and iOS devices that enable various users to charge their tablets and smartphones with ease. The device does not require a lot of space because the panel measures 6.1″ × 3.35″ × 1.37″, increasing your comfort in different locations. You can transport this foldable product to your favorite venue without exhausting your shoulder, back, and arm muscles. 

This solar panel incorporates a rugged design with waterproof, shock, and dustproof features, making it perfect for several outdoor settings. The internal LED flashlight has an SOS mode that enhances your comfort during emergencies in the wild or road. This product comes with dual USB 2.1A output ports, leading you to maintain high charging speeds. The built-in lithium-polymer battery integrated into the panel can efficiently charge your tablets 3 to 4 times or a smartphone 8 to 10 times, averaging 9-day utility per charge.   


  • Rugged, dustproof, and waterproof design
  • Convenient dual USB ports
  • Four foldable panels


  • It may be a bit heavy for day-to-day transportation 

4. Rockpals SP003 Solar

Rockpals SP003 Solar

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This product features a sleek design that enhances your style as you relax in various outdoor venues. The panel comes with a built-in smart IC chip that intelligently recognizes your smartphone or tablet, protecting against overloading and overcharging while maximizing the charging speed. The construction incorporates differently sized connectors to suit different generators, including 2.1-mm and 8-mm DC adapters. 

This portable solar panel comes in a foldable shape that reduces into a 20.5″ × 14.2″ × 2.6″ size, making storage more comfortable. The adjustable structure facilitates fatigue-free movement to your desired destination. This product uses smart charging technology to monitor and automatically adjust the USB ports’ currents according to the sunlight amount. The premium Oxford cloth offers a water-resistant and long-lasting solar panel that meets your various needs in all weather conditions.  


  • Convenient to carry and store
  • High-efficiency solar arrays
  • Smart charging technology 


  • Could include a kickstand for angled installation

3. Solar Panel Anker

Solar Panel Anker

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This portable solar panel has an ultra-thin and light 417-grams design, leading you to lift and transport the structure strain-free. The compact 26.4″ × 11.1″ × 0.2″ opened size folds into an 11.1″ × 6.3″ × 1.1″ package that you can seamlessly store in minimal space. This product incorporates advanced technology that facilitates faster charging, saving energy, and time.

This solar panel surge and short circuit technology ensure your devices stay safe without overcharging and overloading damage. The construction includes a sturdy structure with stainless steel eyeholes on every corner, conveniently leading you to attach to a tent or backpack.


  • Water-resistant polyester canvas
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact construction
  • Surge and short circuit protection


  • Not compatible with iPod Shuffle, Classic, nano, Asus, and HP Touchpad tablets

2. Jackery SolarSaga Portable

Jackery SolarSaga Portable

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The plastic incorporated in the design ensures you can dependably rely on this panel to charge your tablet and phone. The chemical-free and eco-friendly materials allow you to operate the device safely without stressing about your well-being. This portable solar panel helps you save additional costs because the durability eliminates the need for regular renewals and repairs. 

The device comes with a 5-V 3-A USB output and a 5-V 2.4-A output port to charge small-sized devices simultaneously, making it perfect when sitting with friends. The quality 100-watt solar panel delivers sufficient power to address your lighting and power needs in the outdoors or during emergencies. This device incorporates high 23-percent conversion technology that generates more energy for efficient performance.    


  • High conversion technology 
  • Convenient USB charging ports
  • Durable materials


  • The USB-C port does not support PD charging

1. ECO-WORTHY solar panel

ECO-WORTHY solar panel

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ECO-WORTHY presents a 5.2-kg product that you can swiftly move to your preferred location, making it perfect for trips and outdoor activities. This device comes in a compact design that quickly folds into a 21.5″ × 14.6″ × 2.5″ for worry-free organization and storage. The packaging includes grommets and brackets to facilitate fast installation, allowing you to adjust the angle for maximum sun exposure. 

This portable solar panel supports lithium, gel, and lead-acid batteries, making it suitable for users with varying needs. You need not utilize the product without panicking about overloading or overcharging because the structure integrates protection against reverse connection, overload, and short circuit.   


  • Safe with overload protection
  • Foldable and portable design
  • Ergonomic grommets and bracket


  • The controller could show the wattage and battery charging status

Buying Guide – Best Portable Solar Panels

  • Dimension

You can effortlessly set up these products in any area without taking a lot of space, making it convenient for home users and travelers. These solar panels are available in a flexible design, leading you to fold their shapes into compact dimensions. Verify the measurements and adjustability to ensure you can keep the space-saving product safely in your vehicle or house.

  • Installation

These solar panels come in an ergonomic shape that you can hang on your car or truck, ideal for areas with minimal floor space. Other devices feature a kickstand that leads you to set them up on the ground with durable balance. You can slightly adjust these kickstands to ensure the devices get maximum sun exposure for lasting charging capability. Some companies include a grommet and bracket for smooth installation and suspension, saving costs that you otherwise would spend on getting the accessories separately. You want a panel that you can set up with ease according to your outdoor settings.

  • Material

Most devices feature Oxford cloth that offers a long-lasting structure that can consistently meet your installation and charging demands. The incorporated materials have waterproof and dustproof qualities that facilitate safe utility in all weather conditions. These solar panels integrate advanced lamination technology that prevents rust and corrosion issues, retaining the products’ style for a long time. The monocrystalline solar cell integrated into a few devices promotes efficient energy conversion to accomplish your charging necessities. It is best to obtain a durable and non-toxic design that you can safely use without harming the environment.  

  • Compatibility

These solar panels come with multiple USB charging ports compatible with numerous Android and iOS devices, making it perfect for smartphone and tablet owners. Others feature advanced ports to support laptops, cameras, and computer charging for increased convenience. Ensure to get a device with multiple safety functions, including overload and short circuit protection. 


By studying the reviews above presenting the ten best portable solar panels, you can get detailed information about these quality devices. The list offers each product’s descriptions, pros, and cons, allowing you to identify the various benefits contained in every solar panel. This review leads you to maximize time and costs using the buyer’s guide with some essential shopping factors to consider. The piece ensures you can expediently maneuver the market, helping you spend minimal effort. You can quickly refer to our review to identify your preferred characteristics and buy a portable solar panel that fits your style and necessities.  

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