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The Best Power Strip with USB in 2023

It is wise to have the best quality and safe power strip to ensure an easy and safe access to electricity usage. In order to guarantee only the best for the buyers, we have compiled some of the best power strips products down below.

Check Out Best Power Strip with USB in 2023

1. APC Power Strip

APC Power Strip

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The APC power strip has a dimension of 11.9×4.7×1.6 inches containing 2 USB ports for charging with a total of 120V and 11 outlets which both functions are protected from electricity surges. The product is of 6 ft cable cord and a flat end of 90 degree plug. The power strip has a 2880J surges protection feature to prevent overheating or other complications.

The power strip is given a warranty for lifetime which only enhances the trustworthiness of this product.

2.  Bototek Power Strip

Bototek Power Strip

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The Bototek power strip contains 10 AC outlets, with two spacious outlets far away for large adapters or chargers use, and 4 USB charging ports. The power strip is made from highly durable material credited by FCC and RoHS. It is also heat resistant and contains power surge protection layers.

Devices and appliances are guaranteed safe and fast charging with this smart power strip with a 24 month policy.

3.. BESTEK Power Strip

BESTEK Power Strip

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BESTEK has designed a power strip with 8 outlets and 4 port USB charging. Both the outlet and the USB port have surge protection. The design leaves space for 2 outlets to be far from the other 6 outlets.There is also a ON/OFF switch installed with circuit breaker feature to really secure the devices from damage or over surge.

The power strip is highly recommended for using at home or other professional workplace, suitable for various settings.

4. Cable Matter 2-Pack 6 Outlet

Cable Matter 2-Pack 6 Outlet

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The style for this power strip is rather slim fit with the hold of 6 outlet charging stations and 2 USB cable ports. The power strip is protected from power surges by a 300J suppression, and a switch to turn on or off as well as a circuit breaker.The cord provided both the distance and durability, easy to keep and organized.

The power strip can charge 8 devices at the same time in ease and provide ease, say goodbye to messy space.

5. JACKYLED Power Strip Tower

JACKYLED Power Strip Tower

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Aside from most power strips, the JACKYLED power strip has a form of a tower, holding capacity of 4 USB charging ports and 2 outlet charging ports in each layer. Each layer has an independent switch to minimize the risk of different voltage use at the same time. Other features of the power strip tower is the protection layer it has to prevent surges of electricity while in use.

The power strip tower has been certified from RoHS, FCC and CE for its safety as an outlet for electricity use.

6. HITRENDS Power Strip

HITRENDS Power Strip

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This power strip has a very classic look with 6 options access for USB and AC outlets.The power strip has a built-in advanced technology surge protection to prevent overheating, power surges or other situations which may lead to the damage of the appliances when charging, made from 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} wire made from copper and fire-resistance outer PC shell.

With this our products there is no need to worry about either poor performance or the safety for both the user and devices.

7. POWRUI Power Strip

POWRUI Power Strip

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For a simplified look yet useful power strip, go for the POWRUI charging power strip. This product has 6 access for the AC outlets and USB ports. It totals up to 36W or 7.2A of electricity use. It helps to detect and minimize time spent on charging. The power strip has 3 extra surge protection consists of the transient voltage suppressor, the metal oxide varistor and also the gas discharge tube.

It has a very high level of safety protection and capability of use along special services such as a 1 month return policy or otherwise a 1 year replacement option.

8. One Beat Desktop Power Strip

One Beat Desktop Power Strip

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Another unique looking power strip is a desktop type design from One Beat. It includes 3AC outlets and also has 4 other USB charging ports. The design of the power strip is also made to be smart in assisting and determining ways to make your devices charge faster and safely. In addition, the power strip is very lightweight and compactable easy for travelling use too.

The One Beat Desktop Power Strip comes with a year of customer service for any complications that may arise during the time period.



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SUPERDANNY’s is designed with 5 AC outlets and 3 smart ports for USB usage.The power strip is copper stripped and made with many layers of protection. Moreover, for buyers who wish to mount the power strip on the wall or ceilings, there are 2 holes on the back to aid in the mounting process.

This power cable strip can easily be fastened with an extensive cord, making it easy to organize and can be used as a gift as well.

Buying Guide

Getting the best out of a power strip is a very important process, therefore several guidelines are listed down below for convenient and suitable purchase of the power strips.

Voltage Capability

First of all, check for the total voltage of the power strips. Some products use more voltage than others, it is best to find one with a fairly voltage use and fast charging feature.


Make sure to check the material of the power strips carefully that it is of good material and resistant to heat or have surges protection layers.


Look for power strips that are multi-functional for both outlets and USB use, this helps to minimize the use of many outlets.


As listed above of the 9 best power strips, the best power strips should be functional and safe for both you and your devices with the add on of creative designing.

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