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10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners In 2023

Many people love swimming but find it challenging to clean and manage their pools. Robotic pool cleaners incorporate modern technology to enhance your convenience, enabling you to work on your pool’s hygiene in comfort. These devices have various features that make it more comfortable to operate while saving time and energy, including automatic timer setting, durable construction, anti-rollover function, and large filter basket.

Here, we offer quality reviews of the ten best robotic pool cleaners and an essential buying guide. This information can conveniently enable you to find and purchase a product designed to satisfy your needs while matching your style.

List of The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners 

10. Kenwell Automatic Robotic

Kenwell Automatic Robotic

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This robotic pool cleaner supports app control that you can quickly download from App Store and Google Play, allowing you to manage your settings conveniently via your smartphone. The design features a swiveling cord that enables you to clean your pool without inconvenient tangles. This robotic pool cleaner comes with a sizeable internal filter basket with top loading construction, providing easy access while trapping dirt and debris.

The quality product incorporates a timer function that allows you to schedule the operation by every 3 hours, 2 hours, or 1 hour, leading the device to clean your pool automatically on schedule. This appliance features four modes that enable you to clean your pool floor and walls individually or together, depending on your needs. This robotic pool cleaner integrates anti-rollover technology, preventing unwanted falls and damage.


  • Covers walls and floor
  • Anti-rollover technology
  • Automatic timer setting


  • Limited colors available

9. PAXCESS Automatic Pool

PAXCESS Automatic Pool

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This robotic pool cleaner integrates four PVA sponge roller brushes, facilitating deep and thorough cleaning for satisfying results. The durable and non-toxic materials used to create this product ensure you can comfortably operate the cleaner for years without damage or worries about your health. This robotic cleaner can conveniently function in up to 12-m long in-ground pools, making it suitable for different users.

The advanced intelligent computer incorporated in this device automatically controls the settings, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks as it cleans your pool. The extra-large basket included in the design circulates the water and traps debris, dirt, and leaves, presenting a sparkling clean swimming pool. This robotic pool cleaner has a swivel cord that prevents tangles, enhancing your convenience.


  • High-quality filtration system
  • Excellent absorption and deep cleaning
  • Automatic timer and operation


  • Limited warranty available

8. AIPER Automatic Robotic

AIPER Automatic Robotic

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AIPER offers a device designed with an internal filter basket that efficiently traps and locks debris, leaves, and dirt, leaving your pool spotless. This robotic pool cleaner comes with a power adapter in its package, saving additional expenses since you need not purchase the accessory separately.

This robotic pool cleaner has a timer function that operates every 1, 2, or 3 hours, enabling the device to work on your pool without supervision automatically. You need not fret about the product falling because it incorporates anti-rollover technology in its system. This robotic pool cleaner features TPE brushes with excellent grip and absorption, thoroughly cleaning your swimming area.


  • Premium TPE brushes
  • Cleans up to 50-ft pools
  • Built-in filter basket


  • Using as a dosing machine will damage the belt

7. Aquabot X4 In-Ground

Aquabot X4 In-Ground

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This robotic pool cleaner features a 360-degree swivel that will enable you to operate without inconvenient tangles. The quality package includes a caddy that enhances your convenience during transportation. This device comes with an oversized 190-cubic inch cartridge that holds leaves, dirt, and debris, efficiently cleaning your swimming area.

This robotic pool cleaner incorporates micro-brushes and 4WD traction that sufficiently cover and clean the walls and floor. The high-quality pumps circulate 85GPM using fewer chemicals, quickly allowing you to clean while saving cleaning supplies. This robotic pool cleaner features compact dimensions that you can conveniently store, even in a limited place. The premium and robust materials incorporated in the design provide a durable device that you can sufficiently depend on for a long time without inconveniences.


  • Convenient top-loading cartridge
  • 360-degree anti-tangle swivel
  • Micro-brushes and 4WD traction


  • It is expensive

6. DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic

DOLPHIN Sigma Robotic

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DOLPHIN provides a product with compact proportions that will allow you to keep the cleaner without taking too much space. The lightweight design ensures you can effortlessly handle the device during transportation without straining your hand muscles. This robotic pool cleaner incorporates a smart navigation system that works on your pool via the most efficient route for thorough cleaning.

This robotic cleaner supports Bluetooth connectivity, conveniently enabling you to set your preferred schedule using your smartphone. The dual scrubbing brushes deliver powerful performance to remove dirt, bacteria, and algae from the floor, waterline, and walls. This robotic cleaner features a gyroscope mobility system that conveniently monitors angular velocity around the rotation’s three axes for maximum performance.


  • 5-hour deep cleaning
  • Triple motor power
  • Top-loading cartridge filters


  • Could have better manual access via iOS app

5. Aquabot APRVJR Pool

Aquabot APRVJR Pool

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This robotic pool cleaner comes with a 40-ft cable that allows you to connect the device conveniently to a power outlet while maintaining a comfortable distance for safe operation. The high-quality and non-toxic materials used to create this product allow you to utilize for a long time without compromising you and your loved ones’ well-being.

This robotic pool cleaner incorporates a premium filtration and self-contained system that collects and traps debris and dirt. The patented Hydrorobotic Technology efficiently propels the product through the water with powerful and consistent performance. This robotic pool cleaner can comfortably roll over any surface using the extra-wide non-marring wheels, ensuring that you need not have concerns about unwanted scratches on your pool’s walls and floor.


  • Extra-wide non-marring wheels
  • 2-hour auto shut-off timer
  • Powerful 24-volt pump motor


  • 1-year motor warranty

4. Dolphin Premier Robotic

Dolphin Premier Robotic

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This robotic pool cleaner comes with three filter options, including an ultra-fine cartridge, bottom-load fine cartridge, and oversized fine filter bag, allowing you to use according to your requirements. The settings support automatic operation daily, every other day, or every third-day mode, enabling you to select your preferred schedule.

This robotic pool cleaner features a single button to plug and play, making it convenient to use. The patented swivel cable ensures you can operate without worries about tangles. This robotic pool cleaner combines advanced algorithms and dual scrubbing brushes to efficiently clean your waterline, floor, and walls. The premium materials used to make this device offer a durable and robust cleaner that can consistently serve your needs for a long time without damage.


  • Powerful and consistent performance
  • Multiple filter options
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Could have better customer service

3. Polaris F9350 Sport

Polaris F9350 Sport

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Zodiac provides a device integrating ActivMotion Sensor Technology into its system that facilitates excellent navigation to clean your walls, waterline, and floor sufficiently. This robotic pool cleaner incorporates a rear water-repulsion system that enables the product to access dirt in tight corners and under stairs. The device has dimensions measuring 22″ × 22″ × 18.5″ and gives you a compact size that you can effortlessly place without needing too much storage space.

This robotic pool cleaner comes with Vortex vacuum technology that will allow the device to pick up larger debris without compromising the product’s suction power. The ergonomic two-wheel-drive designed with aqua-track tires ensure you can comfortably clean your pool without marring the surfaces. This robotic pool cleaner has compact dimensions to facilitate convenient transportation and storage.


  • Rear water-repulsion system
  • Vortex vacuum technology
  • Excellent navigation sensor


  • It is pricey

2. DOLPHIN Nautilus CC


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This robotic pool cleaner incorporates three modes, including enhanced, standard, and quick clean options, allowing you to work on your swimming pool according to your preference. The lightweight and compact construction ensure you can effortlessly handle the device during transportation and storage, making it ideal for various users.

This robotic pool cleaner enables WiFi connectivity that allows you to modify the schedule remotely, depending on your requirements. The powerful motors featured in the structure work with the three scrubbing brushes to deliver thorough cleaning. This robotic pool cleaner comes with twin cartridge filters that efficiently trap dirt and debris, leaving your swimming area sparkling clean.


  • Supports WiFi connection
  • Powerful motors
  • Three scrubbing brushes


  • It is expensive

1. Dolphin Nautilus Plus

Dolphin Nautilus Plus

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This robotic pool cleaner features an ergonomic button in its design that allows you to control the settings, facilitating convenient utility for various users. You can select your preferred schedule every other day, every third day, and daily modes, allowing you to finish other tasks while the machine automatically cleans your swimming area. With dimensions measuring 16″ × 10″ × 16″, you can comfortably keep this product without requiring a lot of space.

This robotic pool cleaner features an independent system that does not depend on extra equipment, allowing you to clean and maintain your pool with ease. The dual scrubbing brushes integrated into the design efficiently remove dirt, algae, and debris to leave your water sparkling clean. This robotic pool cleaner comes with an ergonomic cable with tangle-free construction, facilitating a stress-free operation.


  • Tangle-free cable
  • Superior filtering capabilities
  • Dual scrubbing brushes


  • Could have more colors available

Buying Guide


These robotic pool cleaners incorporate high-quality materials in their construction that deliver a long-lasting and sturdy product to address your demands sufficiently. The TPE and PVA sponges integrated into some brushes ensure you have robust components that can thoroughly scrub your floor, walls, and waterline to remove debris, algae, and bacteria. The premium plastic featured in their design provides a durable construction that can consistently meet your requirements for a long time without inconveniences.

Longevity helps conveniently manage your expenditure because you do not require regular spending on repairs or replacements. The manufacturers utilize toxic-free materials to ensure you can safely operate these cleaners without concerns about you and your family’s health. You want to obtain a robotic pool cleaner with solid construction to remove dirt and debris without inconvenient malfunctions.


These products feature high-quality designs that enhance various users’ convenience during utility. Most robotic pool cleaners integrate a single button into their design that efficiently allows you to adjust the settings according to your needs. Other products support Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, enabling you to link the device to your smartphone and operate remotely. This feature ensures you can operate the cleaner automatically without direct supervision, allowing you to simultaneously finish other tasks. These machines incorporate an ergonomic swivel with a 360-degree rotation that allows you to clean without inconvenient tangles.

The premium micro-brushes, motors, and dual brushes featured in these products deliver powerful suction and propel to scrub your pool’s surfaces thoroughly, leaving your swimming area sparkling clean. The quality wheels in their construction have excellent traction with non-marring design, allowing you to utilize them without worries about unwanted scratches on delicate tile, marble, and ceramic materials. These robotic pool cleaners come with advanced technology that supports automatic navigation and timer function, enabling the devices to reach the dirt in all hard-to-reach areas of the swimming pool, including under stairs and tight corners. Verify the different features available to ensure the device will address your pool’s requirements.


These products offer varying warranty periods and service terms and conditions. Some provide a single warranty for the entire device, while others give you separate warranty periods for different components. Most devices with a premium motor offer a longer warranty for the motor and pump components. Other manufacturers offer limited service and warranty conditions, depending on the seller or utility. Ensure to understand the services and conditions offered to avoid frustrations after purchase.


These reviews of ten of the best pool cleaners will allow you to gain more insight into every product’s features and descriptions. The pros and cons enable you to understand each product’s qualities, leading you to know what exactly to look for when shopping for a pool cleaner. This piece also contains a buying guide providing some vital factors to examine before making any purchase. This information can comfortably allow you to make appropriate decisions quickly and maneuver this busy market with ease, saving time, and energy. Using our review will enable you to buy a robotic pool cleaner best suited to match your demands, budget, and style.

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