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Best Shooting Earmuffs of 2023

Shooting earmuffs are protective accessories worn over the ears to keep you protected from loud gunshots and reduce hearing loss. They are well-sealed ear cups that will help filter out the high decibel sounds and let you hear voices and the necessary sounds from the environment. These are some of the high end shooting earmuffs you can try out if you need noise cancelation capability and advantageous features like music listening and microphone communication.

List of the Best Shooting Earmuffs of 2023

9. HearTek shooting earmuffs

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The HearTek shooting earmuffs are a pair of protective earmuffs that will cancel noise levels of up to 27 decibels. They have comfortable ear pads that ensure that your ears are actually protected instead of hurting coz of uneven pressure. Each side has a well-padded mounted cap that adequately covers the ears and does not accidentally slip off the ears to expose unwanted gaps. The HearTek shooting earmuffs have a flexible size that will fit children and adult. You would want this for your kids if you have to attend a really loud concert without exposing them to harmful sound levels that will irritate their ears.

Each pair is self-adjusting and has a padded headband to give a snug fit on top your head. Adjust them easily to ensure that the ears fit any ear shapes and sizes. The NRR rating of 27dB is perfect if you need a solution that can let you hear people and have conversations while still blocking the extremely-loud noises around you. This keeps it perfect to wear at a shooting range because you may need to block the loud gunshot sounds while still taking instructions from a shooting instructor.

Key features

  • Comfortable fitting earmuffs
  • Easy-to-clean durable materials
  • The ear muffs are foldable for packing
  • The NRR rating is 27dB

8. Peltor TAC100 shooting earmuffs

Peltor TAC100 shooting earmuffs Get it now on

The Peltor TAC100 shooting earmuffs have advanced noise-cancellation and frequency response features for safety while on the shooting range. They have improved performance compared to non-electronic ear muffs. The architecture of the earmuffs ensures a comfortable fit that is easy to wear and remove without pushing off any protective goggles that you may want to wear. These earmuffs have microphones that can help people communicate easier during noise situations and have adjustable height. They were specifically designed to offer a comfortable fit for adults and have low-profiles on their cutouts.

They make it easy to hear people speaking while still ensuring there is no harmful sound level that can damage the ear drums and bring about impaired hearing. You can get a full ear seal even while wearing glasses due to the padded headband. These padded headbands also help reduce the likelihood of getting headaches after wearing them for long periods.

Key features

  • They have a 3.5mmm audio input jack
  • The shooting earmuffs have inbuilt microphones
  • They are powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Fixed gunshot suppression capability

7. Walkers EXT shooting earmuffs

Walkers EXT shooting earmuffs Get it now on

The Walkers EXT shooting earmuffs are adjustable and foldable shooting earmuffs that are crafted to provide comfort and safety. They provide excellent hearing protection while still offering you a lightweight and low profile fit for any head shape. You can consider having these earmuffs for both indoor and outdoor shooting activities. The seal does not get compromised as you change the head position and body stance. You can count on these to completely cover the ears and easily unfold when you want to remove them.  This model has an NRR rating of 34dB giving wearers adequate noise dampening.

The 34dB NRR rating is just the right level to cancel out the harmful frequencies and letting you hear the important sounds like speech. They have a folding design with separate suspenders that link the head band to the ear pads. They are not too tight for acoustic purposes but are snug enough to filter out noise.

Key features

  • The earmuffs are adjustable for a perfect fit
  • It has ear pads that completely cover the ears
  • You can easily fold the earmuffs for easy storage
  • They have an NRR rating of 34dB

6. Peltor TAC500 shooting earmuffs

Peltor TAC500 shooting earmuffs Get it now on

The Peltor TAC500 shooting earmuffs have electric noise cancellation capability and can link with other Bluetooth devices for easy communication. With these shooting earmuffs most of the protection not only comes from the muffs themselves which cover the ears but also from intelligent electronic technologies that will choose the sounds to cancel out and those to amplify. Voices and low-level sounds are usually amplified to create more connection with the environment and help you do voice coordination with people around you.

Users of the Peltor TAC500 shooting earmuffs can still know about and receive all their calls using the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Simply sync with your mobile phones by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for some seconds to let it pair. It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack which can plug into an mp3 player if you do not have a Bluetooth compatible source of music. These shooting earmuffs are comfortable on the head and were built from material that will reduce sweat and moisture buildup. Stay fresh and protected all day and in all weather.

Key features

  • The earmuffs support Bluetooth connectivity
  • It is powered by 2 AA batteries
  • It has a 3.5mm jack port
  • The cups are medium profile and have cutouts

5. Caldwell eMax shooting earmuffs

Caldwell eMax shooting earmuffs Get it now on

You have to try out the Caldwell eMax shooting earmuffs if you need to communicate with people at the shooting range without having to yell out words to be heard. These shooting earmuffs give you impressive ear protection by canceling out the gunshots around you and amplifying other sounds around you. They comfortably cup your ears to seal out any openings that may let you hear the gunshots. A volume up and down push control helps you adjust the hearing levels to a practical level. This is paired with a dual microphone system that provides clear stereo sound for convenient chat and commands while at the range.

With a 23dB NRR, the electronic earmuffs provide all day protection for you. Simply adjust the padded headband to accommodate more space for wearing ball caps without creating space between the ears and the caps. Comfortably padded ear pieces prevent any strains on the ear lobes and are immensely comfortable on the cheek bone area.

Key features

  • They have a 24dB noise reduction rating
  • They have volume push buttons
  • 5mm jack for audio input
  • Dual microphones for communication

4. Walkers razor shooting earmuffs

Walkers razor shooting earmuffs

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The Walkers razor shooting earmuffs are ideal for you if you fancy a noise-cancelling accessory that is slim and has an extra-low profile. These earmuffs cover the ears more and have a 23dB NRR to keep all the harmful noises away and still provide amplification properties for other sounds. The headband is crafted from comfortable material with a soft pad. This keeps you protected all day and does not leave a painful strip where it was resting on your head. The headbands fold back into a compact ball once you need to keep them in a range bag. They simply latch the earpieces together before the headband also folds over them.

With quality HD speakers and Omni-direction microphones, you are sure to get and give clear and balanced audio quality without compromising the noise cancellation properties. The product is powered by 2 AAA batteries and uses the volume controller to power it on and off.

Key features

  • 5mm input jack to listen to mp3
  • The ear muffs have a lower profile than most
  • It features Omni directional microphones
  • It has a very comfortable headband

3. Howard Leight shooting earmuffs

Howard Leight shooting earmuffs Get it now on

The Howard Leight shooting earmuffs work well for indoor and outdoor use, with very high quality noise cancellation capabilities in one compact design. They are good enough to cancel out gunshot sounds and still adjust what you hear and how clearly you hear it. They have an airflow technology that is patented by the maker. The improved airflow gives commendable noise cancellation and keeps sounds within a safe limit of 82dB. They double up as stereo headphones through which you can plug in a music player through the 3.5mm input jack.

Key features

  • It uses a patented airflow technology
  • The microphone placement allows more situational awareness
  • The headset is powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • It offers distortion free amplification with a 22dB NRR

2. Awesafe shooting earmuffs

Awesafe shooting earmuffs Get it now on

The Awesafe shooting earmuffs provide extreme sound protection while maintaining a design that is slim enough. The slimmer design will ensure that the ears are covered and protected without the earmuffs being a distraction during aiming. These shooting earmuffs have a noise reduction rating of 22dB. Basically, you can count on these shooting earmuffs to cancel out any noises that exceed 82dB, making it possible to dampen gunshot sounds without preventing you from passing instructions to people around you. Most of all, the amplifying effect in the Awesafe shooting earmuffs is distortion free.

Run and grab a pair of these shooting earmuffs if you foresee working with them in extreme and rugged conditions like hunting. They are made out of water-resistant and anti-shock materials that will help them withstand any hard impact. The superior quality EVA is more durable and will protect its internal electronic functions like amplification. The Awesafe shooting earmuffs are powered by 2 ‘AAA’ batteries and connect to external devices through a 3.5mm input port.

Key features

  • They have a 22dB noise reduction rating
  • The EVA material is scratch proof has anti-shock properties
  • Low profile ear cups
  • It supports AUX and 3.5mm connectivity

1. ProForSho shooting earmuffs

ProForSho shooting earmuffs Get it now on

The ProForSho shooting earmuffs are the ideal earmuffs if you need a product that offers greater noise cancellation without the need to have any electronic amplifiers handling the job. They are perfect for outdoor shooting ranges or when working with very loud power tools. The ProForSho shooting earmuffs have a noise reduction rating of 34dB, which is much higher than most manual and electronic earmuffs. They have adjustable head bands which make them commendable for kids and adults alike. Their padding ensures that your head does not hurt after wearing them the whole day.

This set blocks out enough noise to keep your hearing healthy and safe but lets you pick out voices. You can be sure that you will not be less effective when learning how to shoot. All the instructions from people around you can still be audible when wearing this pair.

Key features

  • The earmuffs are light and comfortable
  • These shooting earmuffs are rated 34dB NRR
  • Kids and adults can fit due to its large adjustment span
  • They are easy to fold and carry


Good shooting earmuffs are supposed to be comfortable and have high noise cancellation ability. Settling for earmuffs with an NRR of 22 and above will keep your eardrums protected and reduce the likelihood of getting hearing complications. The above items comfortably do the job while also allowing easy communication, connectivity and storage.

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