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10 Best Ski Boot Bags in 2023

Imagine getting to a ski resort and finding out that one of your ski boot is missing. Most times it is difficult for anyone to figure out where their boot fell off or even if was packed in the first place. Carrying Ski boots is frustrating if you do not have the proper bag for them. You need a bag that will fit your boosts and probably a few essentials so that you can make your trip easier and more relaxing. The bag will keep your shoes organized and protected. It also minimizes the possibility of the hard boots scratching or breaking other stuff while you travel.

List of the Best Ski Boot Bags in 2023

1. Athletico 

 Athletico Ski Boot Bag

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This versatile storage ski boot bag has a large compartment for your gear and a side entry zippered storage so that you can easily store your boot and jackets. It has venting that will allow airflow into the bag and ensure that your boots don’t stink and grommets have also been incorporated to drain snow. The bag can be used to store jackets, helmets, goggles, gloves, and other accessories because of the extra compartment.

With padded lumbar support and padded handles, this bag is easy to carry and will not hurt your back when you are carrying it so that you can travel in comfort. It has been crafted using water-resistant polyester and it has reflective piping which helps you to be visible better for additional safety. It is durable and snow-ready and it can also be used to store the boots during summer.


  • Venting
  • Zippered storage
  • Padded lumbar support
  • Waterproof
  • Top and front handles
  • Large compartment

2. Athalon Everything


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The adventure friendly Athalon Everything ski boot bag is made using polyester fabric so that it is long-lasting and also water-resistant. It has hidden straps so that you can carry it like a backpack and the back has four padded support to make it comfortable to carry. The front and top handles also provide you with optional carry methods and they are also padded for your comfort. 

Featuring a zippered closure, this bag can fit men size 13 boot comfortably and it also has additional storage so that you can keep your other accessories and gear. The bottom of the bag has waterproof PVC and drainage grommets so that it can be snow-ready. A bungee cord on the front will help you hold a jacket or other clothing and reflective piping helps other skiers notice you when it starts to get dark. 


  • Polyester fabric
  • Zipper closure
  • Drain grommets
  • Padded support
  • Reflective piping

3. AmazonBasics Waterproof

AmazonBasics Waterproof

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Reinforced with double stitching, this ski boot bag is strong and durable so that you can enjoy using it for a long time. It is waterproof and made using high-density polyester while the interior has a liner so that your boot and other gear can remain protected throughout your trip. The ventilated side-entry pockets will keep your boot safe and smaller pockets are available both inside and outside for any other gear you want to carry.

The carry handles of this bag are soft and the backpack straps have also been reinforced so that you can be comfortable while you transport your boots. It will hold one pair of ski boots or snowboard boots and the bottom has been padded so that it can be stronger. A one-year limited warranty is provided with the purchase of this bag.


  • 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} polyester
  • Padded bottom
  • Lined interior
  • Waterproof
  • Double-stitched reinforcement
  • Ventilated side entry

4. Unigear Ski Boot Bag

Unigear Ski Boot Bag

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Ideal for goggles, helmets, gloves, skis, and snowboard accessories, the Unigear ski boot bag provides you with adequate storage and protection for your gear. It has individual compartments for storing boots of up to size 12.5 and other pockets can be used to organize any other accessory you have. You can easily attach your skis and snowboard because it has external adjustable webbing if you have a lot of gear.

The material used to make this bag is a combination of nylon and tarpaulin which ensures that the bag is strong and waterproof. It will provide adequate protection for your fragile items because it is well padded and the bottom has been lined with low-temperature tarpaulin so that snow will not soak through it. the bag has adjustable straps and will therefore stay in the same position when you are carrying it even when you are moving around. 


  • 50L storage capacity
  • Individual compartment
  • Soft back panel
  • Adjustable straps
  • External webbing

5. Wildhorn Brimhall

Wildhorn Brimhall

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Geared to store everything you might need for a day on the mountain, this ski boot back features several pockets for your accessories and a major compartment for your boots. It has three carry options so that you can choose the one that is most comfortable for you between the adjustable backpack straps, shoulder strap, and duffel carry style. 

The straps can easily be hidden when you are not using them and there is enough padding to make sure that you are protected. This bag also has padding on the back so that your boots will not poke your back while you are carrying it and therefore it gives you extra comfort. The isolated compartment for storing the ski boots has vents the will allow airflow and also drain water so that your boots do not smell. 


  • Pocket essentials
  • Nylon water-resistant
  • Added padding
  • Vented ports
  • Foam padded back

6. Sukoa Ski Boot Bags

Sukoa sports

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The Sukoa sports ski boot bag is made with a vertical ergonomic design and the back support has been reinforced so that you can have a balanced posture when you are carrying it. Double reinforced boot pocket keeps your boot safe while also preventing them from digging into your back while you move and the carrier straps make it easy for you to take it anywhere.

Three separate compartments help you to organize your bag so that you can also fit your other gear like goggles, gloves, and others without a hassle.  This is a 50L boot bag that is spacious enough for all your gear and it has also been coated with waterproof material so that your valuables are safer. The bag is ideal for carrying even on long distances because your back will not strain and side straps will give you additional storage for jackets and shirts. 


  • Side straps
  • Double reinforced pocket
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Adjustable straps
  • Reinforced carrier handle

7. OutdoorMaster Ski Boot Bags

OutdoorMaster Boot Bag

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Built with a waterproof exterior and bottom, this ski bag will keep your boot safe and can be used in the snow without worries because it also has grommets. It is a spacious bag that you can use to carry all your gear and fits any size of boots. There are also outer compression cords that you can also use to carry any additional gear that might not fit inside the bag.

This ski boot bag has two separate compartments for your boots and ergonomic handles have been incorporated so that you can easily carry it comfortably from one place to another. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable to make them comfortable and the interior is also padded. Zippered pockets have been featured in the exterior to make it easy for you to access your gear and the interior also has two pockets and two key clips. 


  • Nylon fabric
  • Quick access pockets
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Drainage holes
  • Ventilation
  • Grommets

8. Element Equipment Ski Boot Bags

Element Equipment

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Able to fit men’s size 14 boots, this ski boot bag is perfect for carrying all your gear. It is spacious and has additional pockets so that you can keep your things organized and also has a fleece inside pocket so that you can keep lenses scratch-free in the bag.  The bag has been made using PVC coated polyester material which is waterproof and is also super tough making the bag durable and strong. 

The back panel of this bag is fully padded for extra comfort and the straps are also padded and adjustable so that you can carry it anywhere you want without straining. Double stitching helps to reinforce the bag and the bottom has also been padded to ensure that your boots are fully protected. 


  • PVC coated polyester
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Fully padded back
  • Fleece line pocket
  • Lined interior

9. Zipline World Cup Ski Boot Bags

Zipline World Cup 

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This ski boot bag is made with a massive compartment to fit your boots, extra jackets, and pants. It also has a helmet compartment, laptop sleeve, and an organizer pocket so that you can keep your items well arranged. There is a tuck-away mesh flap that is hidden in a zip pocket that you can also use to hold your helmet when you are traveling.

Maximum support is provided using the padded anatomical backpack shoulder straps and the waterproof zippers ensure that your boots and gear remain dry. A waterproof flap has also been added so that you can keep the bag and your gear protected making this bag ideal for the snow. Side pockets can be used to store any accessories that you need easy access to and it is approved as a carry on in airlines without the boots packed in the side pockets.


  • Mesh flap
  • Sternum strap
  • Airline carry on size
  • Waterproof top flap
  • Massive main compartment

10. KULKEA Thermal Trekker Ski Boot Bags

KULKEA Thermal Trekker

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The Kulkea thermal trekker ski boot bag is uniquely designed with three heat setting controls so that you can heat your boots while in the bag. It is insulated and has a large top-loading compartment so that you can access your gear and boots faster. The back has been padded with a mesh back panel and has lifter straps so that you can be comfortable when you are moving around.

This bag is designed to fit boots of up to size 13 and has dual plugs so that you can plug in on wall plugs or even automobiles. The durable bag has several pockets so that you can keep all your accessories and is ideal for the snow.  It is easy to keep the ski boots in the bag for storage during summer too because the bag can also act as storage for your gear. 


  • Heated bag
  • Large top loading
  • Dual plugs
  • Padded back panel
  • Sternum strap

FAQs – Ski Boot Bags

Q: Why would I need a Ski boot bag?

A: It would help if you had your boots in one convenient bag so that you will not risk losing them. A bag will also keep the boots protected while also protecting other items in your luggage from scratches and breakages. You can also use this bag to keep other gear like goggles, gloves, wax, helmet, snacks, and any other item you might need when you are skiing. These bags are also properly ventilated so that you can use them to store the boots and prevent odors.

Q: What should I look for in a ski boot bag?

A: The best ski boot bag should be spacious enough to fit your boots and also your gear so that you will not have to carry any additional bags. Ensure that it is waterproof and has drains so that your boots do not soak up water.

Q: Will my ski boot bag be considered extra luggage?

A: This mostly depends on the airline you are using but if the bag is not big, you can have it as a carry-on. If you do not want it to be extra luggage, be sure that you do not buy a bulky bag. Choose a smaller compact design.


When choosing the best ski boot bag, you need to ensure that it will fit your boots well. Check the boot size so that you can have a spacious bag that you can use to carry other gear. The material used to make the bag will determine the durability and sturdiness of your ski boot bag. It is important that you look at functionality over beauty when you get a boot bag. If you intend to carry it for a long time, ensure that the back and the straps are also padded and consider reflective strips if you are skiing in the dark.

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