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Best Ski Helmets With Goggles In 2023

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or advanced at snow sports, picking out the best ski helmets with goggles should be easy. Whether you are on the market for a new helmet, or you are looking for one to replace your old one, then you’ll enjoy how technology has allowed for better, safer, and lighter helmets. 

One feature that you can enjoy especially if you wear prescription glasses is visors with extra space. You won’t have to worry about a too-tight fit. We offer a review of the best ski helmet with goggles you can purchase on the market today. Other features that you will find on some of the models on this list include proper ventilation and an advanced fit. Some helmets even allow for you to swap out the goggles, in case you do not like the ones that come with the helmet. We also looked at helmets suitable for kids.

List of The Best​​​ Ski Helmets With Goggles 

10. Sinner Snowboard Helmet

Sinner Snowboard Helmet

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This helmet from Sinner takes it a notch higher by not just offering a helmet with goggles, but offering a helmet with an orange lens which is ideal for use in low light conditions, light fog and snow. The orange of the lenses increases contrast which in turn helps improve vision. The visor is large enough to allow you to wear prescription glasses comfortably. 

The shell of the helmet is made from polyester and fleece lining which helps keep your head warm. There is a quick-release buckle that you can use to secure your helmet to your head. The quick-release ensures that you can remove the helmet in one swift motion. The helmet comes in 6 sizes and you can adjust the straps for added comfort. 


  • Mirrored orange lens for low light conditions
  • Quick-release buckle 
  • The visor is large enough to wear with prescription glasses.


  • Available in black only

9. SKL Sports Helmet

SKL Sports Helmet

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If you love snow sports then this is a helmet to have. Both the helmet and the ski goggles work together to protect your head as you enjoy your favorite snow sports. Made from quality, premium materials and tested to meet the required safety certifications, this helmet provides all the safety you could need. The shell is shockproof which comes in handy during a fall or an accident. The helmet is also penetration-resistant which ensures that nothing pierces the helmet that could cause potential harm. 

Inside the helmet, you get detachable ear pads that help keep your ears warm. The inner padding of the helmet molds itself to the shape of your head and ears, thus allowing for maximum comfort as you wear the helmet. The helmet comes in two colors. 


  • Penetration-resistant and shockproof
  • Made from premium quality materials
  • Detachable ear pads


  • Users complain of sizing issues

8. Demon United Snowboarding Helmet

Demon United Snowboarding Helmet

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If you are the kind of person who loves listening to music as you participate in your favorite snow sports then you’ll love this helmet from Demon United that comes with built-in audio earphones. The helmet features a cord from which you can easily adjust the volume of the music. 

In as much as snow sports can be fun, there are also dangers you need to look out for, and that is why this helmet features a shell made from quality ABS that will help protect your head in the event of an accident. To keep your head cool as you wear the helmet, the inside features cooling vents that allow air to circulate, thus keeping you cool. The helmet also has an adjustable clasp for added security. 


  • Comes with built-in audio earphones
  • ABS shell for maximum protection
  • Air vents for air circulation


  • Available in one color only

7. Giro Youth Snow Helmet

Giro Youth Snow Helmet

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Our review of the best ski helmets with goggles wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t review something for the little ones. Giro offers this helmet that is geared towards the youth and comes in several bright and bold colors that your child will love. 

Rest assured that on a hot day, your child’s head will remain cool thanks to the cooling vents that the helmet has. The vents allow for proper air circulation, ensuring your child remains cool even on a hot day. 

The helmet features a form fit system that allows for a custom fit in a matter of seconds. Thanks to a dial at the base of the helmet, you can adjust the fit of the helmet for up to 6cm. 


  • Available in bright fun colors
  • Includes a helmet with matching goggles
  • Cooling vents for better air ventilation


  • Users complain that their packages do not include goggles

6. Salomon Mirage Helmet

Salomon Mirage Helmet

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If you wear prescription glasses then you know how frustrating it can be wearing helmets that do not accommodate your glasses and leave you with only two options; either wear your glasses and not the goggles or wear the goggles and not your glasses. That isn’t much of an option because you need your glasses to see. 

You may also like that this helmet comes with a lens changing system that is tool-free! You can easily swap out the goggles and choose ones that you prefer. Inside the helmet, you get a patented lining that is shock-absorbent and helps protect your head from any injuries. The lining is 30{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} thicker than the industry regulations require, and this shows that Salomon truly has your safety at heart. 


  • Over-the-glass system for those who wear prescription glasses
  • Available in small and medium sizes
  • Tool-free lens changing system


  • The visor is loose on the cheeks

5. Gonex Ski Helmet

Gonex Ski Helmet

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Made from durable polycarbonate the exterior is a hard shell that will help protect your head from fallen objects. In case of an accident, the inside of the helmet has a shock-absorbent lining which will help prevent injuries as it absorbs the force of the impact. Gonex ensures that this helmet is not only suitable for cold and snowy days, but sunny ones as well. It has detachable goggles with UV block and windproof. It also has 8 vents for ventilation and cooling. 

We like that this helmet from Gonex also comes with a storage bag. This is a thoughtful accessory to include as it means you can store and carry your helmet around with you easily. The helmet is unisex and is available in sky blue. 


  • Made from durable polycarbonate 
  • Comfortable to wear with a size adjustment dial
  • Comes with a storage bag


  • Earpiece connection breaks easily

4. Gonex Snowboard Helmet

Gonex Snowboard Helmet

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We have another product from Gonex on our review of the best ski helmets with goggles. With this one, you can expect the same features as its predecessor, but this helmet has 12 vents instead of 8. The additional vents help with encouraging better air circulation, which in turn helps heat from getting trapped. This also means that you can use this helmet on a sunny day, and still feel comfortable. Speaking of comfortable, this helmet offers a size adjustment dial that allows you to adjust the fit of the helmet to better suit your needs. 

The outside of the shell is made from high-quality ABS while the inside is lined with a shock-absorbent material. This helps ensure that your head is protected in the event of an accident.


  • Comes with 12 vents for maximum air circulation
  • Available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes
  • Adjustable size dial


  • Poorly designed ear flaps

3. WildHorn Ski Helmet

WildHorn Ski Helmet

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WildHorn is a company that you can trust, thanks to its track record of providing the US Ski Team with helmets. 

The first thing you worry about is your child’s safety, as in as much as snow sports are a fun activity, they are also full of dangers. That being said, WildHorn takes your child’s protection seriously by including shock-absorbing foam in the inside of the helmet. The outer shell is made from polycarbonate which provides enough protection for your child’s head in the event of a fall or danger from a falling object. 

The helmet features an integrated fit system which allows you to adjust the helmet to accommodate different head shapes and sizes. The helmet is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and will not weigh your child down. 


  • Designed for youth
  • Reliable protective features
  • Comes with premium goggles


  • Sizing may be too small for some kids

2. Demon United Goggle Helmet

Demon United Goggle Helmet

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If you are looking for a helmet that has been tried, tested, and certified then look no further than this option from Demon United. Safety is something the company takes very seriously and that is why Demon United ensures that all its helmets pass the recommended safety tests. 

The outer part of the helmet features a tough shell designed to protect your head during a fall. Inside the helmet, there is an inner lining that acts as a shock-absorber should you hit your head against something. If you enjoy sports and you enjoy music, you can now experience both at the same time thanks to the integrated audio speakers that come with a 3.5mm audio jack. The helmet also features dual venting and adjustable straps.


  • Made from a tough outer shell and a comfortable inner lining
  • Tested and certified 
  • Integrated audio speakers


  • Users complain of missing goggles

1. Odoland Snow Helmet

Odoland Snow Helmet

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This helmet from Odoland was built with your comfort and safety in mind. The helmet features 12 vents that work to ensure that there is a proper flow of air that prevents heat from trapping. The vents often come in handy during warmer months. The vents also help prevent the goggles from fogging. 

This product is sold as a set of a helmet and goggles, so this prevents the need to shop for the items separately. The goggles offer UV protection from the sun and are tinted to provide contrast which improves your vision during low-light settings.The inner lining of the helmet is detachable, and the earmuffs are removable too. For additional comfort, there is a chin band for extra warmth. 


  • Complete set of ski goggles and helmet
  • Comfortable and durable design
  • Suitable for all kinds of sports activities


  • Users complain of receiving broken items

Buying Guide

It’s not as simple as choosing the first ski helmet with goggles that you come across. There are several factors you should have in mind even as you shop around looking for the best ski helmets with goggles

  • Helmet construction

There are two types of helmet construction designs and these are hard shell and in-mold. With an in-mold design, the inside of the helmet has a shock-absorbing liner and a polycarbonate outer shell. With an in-mold design, you are assured of safety, comfort and proper ventilation. 

On the other hand, a hard-shell helmet uses ABS to provide maximum protection. With this helmet though, you may not get proper ventilation. 

Hybrid designs marry the best of both worlds to produce a helmet that is both lightweight, hard enough, and has the proper ventilation. 

  • Venting

You may want to avoid helmets that do not have a proper ventilation system. The ventilation is usually in the form of small holes or vents which allow for proper airflow in and out of the helmet. This prevents hot air and moisture from building up inside the helmet. Cool air helps keep you cool. There are two types of vents; passive and active vents. With passive vents, you cannot adjust the vents to suit the weather conditions, but active vents allow you to make that adjustment. 

  • Goggle system

As you choose your ski helmet, you want to choose one that has an extra-large visor that allows room for prescription glasses, if you wear any. You do not want goggles that are a tight fit, as this will not leave any room for your glasses.

  • Sizing

There is no one size fits all helmets. As you purchase the best ski helmets with goggles, you want to ensure that you purchase ones that have an adjustable strap. But also, pay attention to the company’s size charts. 


Snowsports are a great way to get your adrenaline rush going, especially if you have been cooped up inside for long. Skiing, snowboarding and other snow activities, though fun, have their fair share of danger, and that is why it is important to invest in the best ski helmets with goggles

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