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Top 10 Best Slide in Electric Ranges of 2023

In any modern kitchen, cooking appliances take center-stage for obvious reasons. Most kitchen settings have a good 0 that will then be used as the building block for every other kitchen appliance purchased afterwards. Read the below buying guide and shopping suggestions to make sure you get it right the first time. 

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Take a keen look at the ovens and features below to make sure you are knocking at the right address when it is time to shop. 

 List of The Best Slide in Electric Ranges of 2023

10. Induction Slide-In Range from Bosch

Induction Slide-In Range from Bosch

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This Bosch 800 DLX Series has a sleek 30-inch slide-in top made of stainless steel so that it is both safe and durable. Like all induction slides-in from this maker, this top looks great and is made sturdy for longevity. Temperature readings are on the face of the oven and its induction technology greatly reduces cooking time. A warming drawer at the bottom works perfectly to keep your food in perfect condition until you are ready to serve.

One of the few concerns with users is that the oven has a 35-degree swing, which means every time you adjust heat upwards it has to level down by 35 degrees before shooting up 70 degrees. Good thing is the swing only lasts less than a minute that will have no significant effect on your food. It measures 41 x 35 x 32 inches and comes with a meat probe for those delicious meats you will be making in it. A manual for orientation is also part of the package. 


  • Has a warming drawer
  • The top is sleek and made of stainless steel
  • Compact and sturdy


  • Some users complain that the warming drawer doesn’t close securely

9. GE CS980STSS Café Smooth top range

GE CS980STSS Café Smooth top range

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The GE CS980STSS café smooth top range is a multifunctional kitchen cooker that will serve you well for all your baking, induction cooking, roasting or broiling. The slide-in electric range has a sleek and shiny stainless steel finish that is easy to clean after all the food preparation is complete. It is the ideal inclusion for a modern kitchen, with all a variety of digital and knob controls that help chefs cook with preset instructions. 

You can enjoy baking cookies in the baking drawer section while performing other tasks on the main oven or the slide-in electric range. The oven is well insulated for extra safety against short circuits and accidental electrocution. 


  • Has well-labeled control panels
  • The main oven contains a port to plug in a meat thermometer 
  • Both the main oven and the baking drawer are designed to heat evenly


  • The paint is easy to chip off with sharp utensils

8. Bosch HEI8054U smooth top range

Bosch HEI8054U smooth top range

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The Bosch HEI8054U smooth top delivers German ingenuity straight to your kitchen! It has 5 smooth burners on the topside, a convection oven and a baking drawer all fitting in a sturdy frame measuring 39 x 35 x 32 inches. The stainless steel finish makes the slide-in electric range look good even as it cooks well. 

Moreover, the moderate dimensions make it ideal to fit into most kitchen counter spaces and combine well with other fittings such as overhead chimneys. The heating elements especially give this slide-in electric range good ratings as it has some two in one elements, a dedicated warming element and LED lights that indicate their running status. 


  • Has a LED map that shows red lights indicating the cooking elements that are active
  • Has an oven fan to reduce smoking inside the oven
  • The stainless steel finishing is easy to clean with a simple wipe


  • The glass top is wider than the rest of the oven, exposing a small gap on each side of the kitchen counter

7. GE Cafe 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range

GE Cafe 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range

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GE is known for its superior products and this slide-in range is no different from the quality we have come to expect. The matte black finish not only makes this product stand out, but it also stays that way for this range’s useful life. The edgy glass cooktop with 5 plates is easy to clean and ideally finished. Edges are smooth as is the rest of the oven. There are six knobs on the face of it for temperature control and the ports for power are perfectly situated at the back. Since you have five plates on the top, you can easily make five meals at one go. 

The LED control panel on the face of this electric range enables you to see in the dark and disappears when not in use. A warming drawer at the bottom keeps your food in the right temperature till it’s ready to serve while the bottom part hugs the floor ideally to prevent any accidents. It is connectible to Wi-Fi so you can control it from any room in the house.  


  • Has a warming drawer
  • Wi-Fi connection for easy control
  • LED display for night vision


  • No visible legs for rolling when moving it

6. Samsung FlexDuo slide in oven 

Samsung FlexDuo slide in oven 

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The Samsung FlexDuo slide in oven is a very innovative slide-in electric range that makes it possible to have two ovens operating inside one oven door. The star of the show is the idea that oven racks can simply be removed to have one large 5.8 cubic feet oven or kept inside to have two different ovens of 2.4 and 3.3 cubic feet each. These separate ovens also have separate controls to operate at different temperatures.  

Furthermore, the topside comprises of 5 different burners (a triple burner and two single burners) with some connected through a bridge to combine multiple burners into a giant one. This gizmo works for almost any size of pan you can think of.   


  • The slide-in electric range has a burner size that fits any heating needs
  • The wide glass top can overlap and sit on top of two kitchen counter tops
  • A built in temperature probe can monitor poultry and meats without having to open the door


  • The ovens sometimes shift from the originally selected temperature

5. GE PHS930SLSS smoothtop cooktop

GE PHS930SLSS smoothtop cooktop

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The GE PHS930SLSS smoothtop cooktop is a modern-kitchen that works with 5 induction burners, an oven and warmer drawer. The first thing that strikes you about this slide-in electric range is that it has no knobs! Everything on it is operated by a trendy touch panel and monitored on a led screen. Furthermore, these controls can also be synced to a smartphone and operated remotely through a Wi-Fi connection. 

Furthermore, the oven itself contains a spacious cavity that can take up multiple racks which can also be shifted higher or lower. It can fit racks measuring 23” x 16”, making it possible to roast meat and poultry pieces evenly without the need to open the oven doors to shift around the pieces. 


  • The induction burners ensure that the pans heat evenly 
  • Working with a touch panel minimizes the risk of accidentally turning knobs
  • Easy to clean the gas top because nothing burns onto the glass


  • The front control glass panel is not completely shatterproof

4. Frigidaire Induction Electric Range

Frigidaire Induction Electric Range

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This Frigidaire induction cooker brings onboard some 240 volts to cook to perfection on its 30 Inch top. It has four plates so you can make four meals at the same time. It is cleanly finished with stainless steel tops as well as the handle for the oven while the rest of it is matte black. Inside the oven are three spacious segments for baking and grilling complete with the grills required. Overall, it is reasonably big with a total capacity of 5.4 cu. ft.

A food warming drawer is at the bottom to keep food temperatures as desired. A display on the face of this induction cooker that goes off when not in use shows everything you key in including time remaining till food is fully cooked. The control console is a sensitive to touch to make it easy to select your options. It is among few of its kind to have the air fry option for healthy, tasty meals. It also only heats the pans on the plate so that the area around it remains cool. This free-standing slide-in range is 36.625″ tall and weighs 215.00 lbs. It comes with a detailed manual and warranty card. 


  • Food warming drawer
  • Air fry option for healthy yet tasty meals
  • The oven is spacious


  • No mention of Wi-Fi connection

3. LG LSE4613ST stainless steel range

LG LSE4613ST stainless steel range

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This should be your go-to oven if you have been looking for a large 6.3 cubic feet slide-in electric range. The LG LSE4613ST stainless steel range has 4 top burners with one containing another smaller burner within it for smaller sized pans. The extremely large pots can still be accommodated on the left-side burners as they can be combined through a bridge connection to make one larger burner. 

Additionally, it is fully controlled through 6 knobs which all display their status on a middle-section. To keep your foods warm after baking or roasting, a spacious warming drawer is located at the base and this has good proximity to a heating element. The good thing about this slide-in electric range is that it packs all these features in a one form that fits well in most oven spaces.  


  • It has a wider view window to monitor a full tray with one glance
  • The oven heats up quickly because there is no heat loss
  • Because it heats cookware using induction, the glass top does not stain easily


  • It is not ideal for iron cookware

2. Samsung NE58H9970WS induction range

Samsung NE58H9970WS induction range

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This Samsung slide-in electric range does more than just make a kitchen look modern and high-tech. The Samsung NE58H9970WS brags 4 cooktop burners of large and small sizes to operate multiple cookware sizes. The larger cooking plate also contains smaller plates within its 11 inch diameter. The ‘FlexDuo’ oven feature can allow you to bake on one rack while roasting on a different rack, all with different temperature cycles. 

Further, with the wide panel digital screen, all the operations done on this slide-in electric range can be monitored and changed in a flash. That is because every turn on the knob or a press on the button will indicate the prevailing oven cycle to make sure everything operates under monitored conditions.  


  • The FlexDuo feature works like two ovens inside one
  • The heating plates do not run unless they are activated 
  • The state of the art oven has a self-cleaning feature


  • Costlier than most

1. GE PS950SFSS slide in electric double-oven

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This General Electric PS950SFSS slide in electric double-oven is a stainless steel and genuine double-oven for concurrent baking of different recipes. It is referred to as a genuine double oven because, each oven has its own door unlike others which operate under one door to a tray separated oven cavity. The slide-in electric range contains 5 burners with one of them being expandable and two have a bridge. It can literally heat pans of any size. 

Moreover, the intuitive controls allow can make any rookie feel like a Michelin-grade chef. They can let you choose the individual burner; specify their active size, and how hot they should burn. All these specifics can be done purely using button presses which can also be verified through the light dials and the control display screen. The same applies for the individual oven doors which can run at the same time, just different temperatures. 


  • Contains size adjustable heating elements
  • The bridge system can combine two heating plates into one giant one
  • Contains a meat probe


  • Quite big, dimensionally

Buying Guide – Slide-in Electric Ranges

Shopping for the right slide-in electric range needs some prior planning since you only want to invest in the appliance that meets your needs best. Here are our must-haves.

Size of Pans 

The most obvious needs include the amount and size of pans used during a typical cookout session. Kitchens that use multiple pans at the same time need a fitting cooker that can support multiple top burners. 


For starts, consider the ovens available in your budget range and have an idea about which one of them provides the most features for its class. Do you ask yourself what sets a certain electric range apart from others? The trending features can give you a guide as it becomes easier to figure out what the next generation of cookers will look like. Owing to the fact that ovens are not items people buy every two years, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with an expensive gadget that will be considered outdated in no time. 

Other Features 

Finally, consider the other beneficial features that the oven can provide even when not in active food preparation. These may include self-cleaning features and resistance to rust, wear and cracks. The material and finish that you select directly affects how the oven will look after some months or years in use. 


With the above guide and shopping tips, shoppers can be confident that they can get an appliance that adequately meets their food preparation needs. Never be too shy to get a slide-in electric range that seems too ahead of its time. With the discussed features, you can be ready to catch any curve balls new technology may throw at you.    



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