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Best Sling Bags for Women of 2023

Women generally love their trendy handbags, but once in a while, they’ll give them up for the versatile sling bag. Why so? Because the best sling bag for women is lightweight, compact, and just right for short trips to the beach, biking, fishing, and practically any outdoor activity. Their hands-free convenience allows you to navigate shopping malls freely.

List of the Best Sling Bags for Women of 2023

1. KAVU Rope Bag Cotton Shoulder Sling Backpack

KAVU Rope Bag Cotton Shoulder Sling Backpack

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The KAVU rope cotton shoulder backpack is the ideal sling bag for all your commuting, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Due to the bag’s high quality 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} cotton canvas, the KAVU rope bag is versatile enough to withstand the external elements while maintaining simplicity and functionality. You are guaranteed to have a stylish bag that is comfortable to carry around due to its unique KAVU cross-body rope straps. Besides, the durability of these personalized color-coded straps spans years.

The KAVU sling bag signature look makes you stand out from the crowd as well. Though deceptively small at first sight, the KAVU rope bag matches its sleek teardrop design with lots of storage space. You are bound to encounter an incredible storage capacity with two main storage compartments.


  • Large capacity
  • Portable and light
  • Sleek in design
  • Fairly water-resistant


  • May easily show and pick up dirt
  • Color fades easily

2. OutdoorMaster Sling Bag and Cross-body Backpack

OutdoorMaster Sling Bag and Cross-body Backpack

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This sling bag is a cross-body backpack manufactured by OutdoorMaster. The bag is closely-packed on first sight, but very roomy upon closer inspection. You will notice its sturdy finish despite the use of lightweight material in its fabrication. This backpack is ideal for any outdoor adventures given its capacity to carry water bottles in a dedicated holder, as well as your tablets and cameras.

It is also beneficial for luggage purposes with its interior compartment comfortably accommodating your laptop, books, and some items of clothing. Your makeup, smartphone, or medium-size devices can take up the external zip compartment. The additional storage pockets in the inner lining section will function as an anti-theft feature for your cash or valuables. The cross-body straps have shoulder pads to protect against potential whiplash. Also, the straps are directionally reversible, making the sling bag usable by both right and left-handed individuals.


  • Great for backpacking and usable by both women and men
  • It is light in weight at approximately one pound
  • Sturdy material ensures its durability
  • Large and spacious when needed for different purposes


  • Small bottle holder
  • It is not water-resistant

3. MOSISO Sling Backpack and Multipurpose Cross-body Shoulder Bag

MOSISO Sling Backpack and Multipurpose Cross-body Shoulder Bag

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This sling bag is perfect for your various needs regardless of purpose. It has a multifunctional storage capability that allows for additional accessory compartments within a relatively compact overall structure. The versatility of this bag is evident in a variety of uses ranging from an office backpack to a casual hiking sling bag. The material used for the MOSISO sling backpack is durable water-repellent polyester. It is ideal as carry-on luggage during your travels, as well. The design matches the contours of your backside hence enables you to attain a perfect fit when carrying it.

This ergonomically padded back panel is also responsible for releasing excess heat that has the potential to accumulate on your backside. The main compartment takes your laptop computer, tablet, or a couple of books. It may also fit some clothing if you chose to alter its purpose. The accessory areas are spacious enough for the power cord, charging cable, or detachable computer mouse. There is an additional external zip pocket that fits all your relevant makeup.


  • Multipurpose bag
  • Ergonomically designed to relieve pressure on the body
  • It is water repellent
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Not water-resistant
  • Strict size dimensions and specifications restrict its interoperability

4. Waterfly Chest Sling and Shoulder Backpack

Waterfly Chest Sling and Shoulder Backpack

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This particular Waterfly sling bag is one of the most ultralight items of its kind in the market, weighing in at an average of just half a pound. This lightweight makes it the perfect bag for your daily hiking excursions since it does not add any undue weight to your outdoor adventures. It has a unique design reflecting its Waterfly signature look hence making it easy for you to spot fake products. The material used for this entire bag is nylon, therefore, making it water-resistant. All-day wear is possible for this backpack due to the incorporation of a breathable mesh on its body contact surface. It has a reasonably large front storage section with multiple smaller internal pouches ideal for your keys, loose change, or wallet.

In addition to these compartments, the shoulder strap also has a tiny pocket ideally sized for your phone. You also can adjust the single strap to a tension level of your liking. The strap has a belt and buckle mechanism, thus making adjustments very flexible. A water bottle holder on the side is a noticeable addition that comes in handy during extended hikes in the sun. As a security feature that makes you easy to spot you at night or in dim lighting, Waterfly added a reflective strip in the design.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and buckle
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • The reflective strip for security


  • Not machine-washable
  • The single strap makes it vulnerable to snapping from relatively heavy luggage

5. CARQI Sling Bag and Shoulder Backpack

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This shoulder backpack design targets mostly adventurers or nature lovers, such as hikers and campers. People who like spending time outdoors will find this bag very efficient in their excursions. The CARQI sling bag is adaptable to many functions and purposes while maintaining its compactness. You can use it for travel as carry-on luggage or as a travel backpack for tourism. Due to the concise nature of the bag, it looks small initially but turns out much spacious on closer examination. Lightweight nylon-like polyester is the material used for its development.

Its compartments divide into multiple lined interiors sectioned as parts of the main pocket. A single buckle lock secures all these primary spaces. For quick access, the bag has a front zippered pocket for items such as your makeup, headphones or sunglasses. The main compartment is useful for carrying your more substantial items such as medical or first aid equipment, laptop computer, books, footwear, and clothing.


  • Ergonomically designed with padded straps and back to alleviate neck pains
  • Breathable mesh cross-body straps minimize the instances of sweating
  • Unisex


  • Being a large-sized bag, it causes more exhaustion
  • Internal pouches may be too small for comfort

6. MALEDEN Sling Bag, Shoulder Backpack, and Chest Pack Cross-body Daypack

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This bag is an organized shoulder bag entirely made out of nylon. The first compartment consists of an elastic pouch that divides into a spacious room for your tablet, Kindle, or iPad mini. Two small pockets for your phone, wallet or notebook are within the second compartment while the third region is relatively open with a nylon band for easy accessibility. The compartmental organization terminates on a fourth space, which is a smaller pocket for your keys and change. This pocket has a zipper fastener. The nylon used for manufacturing this bag is of high quality rendering the bag water-resistant and scratch proof. Also, the sling bag has a breathable mesh along its back surface and cross-body strap to absorb sweat. The padding along the contact surface of the straps will cushion your shoulder against the weight of a fully-loaded bag.


  • It is a lightweight bag and very portable for running quick errands
  • Multiple compartments maximize space within a compact structure


  • It is water-resistant except for the back region and along with its zipper linings
  • Carries only limited luggage

7. G4Free Sling Bag, Shoulder Backpack, and Small Cross-body Chest Sling Backpack

G4Free Sling Bag, Shoulder Backpack, and Small Cross-body Chest Sling Backpack Get it now on

These particular categories of bags are products of the Gear for Free Company whose underlying feature is the use of nylon in the manufacture of these bags. The backpacks come in various sizes, depending on the amount of luggage you may need to carry. There is a wide array of colors from which to choose your preferred kind of bag. This category of bags mainly applies to usage for outdoor activities, hiking, and attending gym sessions. Upon closer inspection of the sling bag, you will find multiple compartments incorporated within its design. The primary and most gigantic pocket can accommodate your tablet or IPad devices.

A front zipper encloses another smaller chamber that carries your keys, wallet, cards, phone, and other smaller items. The design allows for quick access to this slightly smaller frontal pocket. The cross-body strap is adjustable and can fit snugly onto the backs of both men and women. Additional protective mesh padding on the straps and back lining will decrease undue back strain and sweat accumulation. Within its upper margin, you will find a notch-like fabric strap used for hanging the bag onto a hook when not in use.


  • Small and versatile
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable straps


  • It has difficulty fitting onto plus size people due to its tiny size
  • Strap fragility limits its load-carrying capacity

8. Y&R Direct Sling Bag, Backpack, and Shoulder Chest Cross-body Bag Purse

Y&R Direct Sling Bag, Backpack, and Shoulder Chest Cross-body Bag Purse Get it now on

The Y&R Direct sling bags are a lightweight multicolor collection of bags and backpacks made from nylon. These bags are useful for hiking, traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities that require light backpacking or long walks. They are also beneficial for commitments that enable you to ride bicycles for a living. The multipurpose application of Y&R Direct sling bags often cuts across a broad range of purposes. Such various functions include their use as shoulder backpacks, chest bags, cross-body backpacks, travel bags, and daily sling packs.

The sling bad can carry all your relevant light possession as you hike or cycle across the land. The backpack has a padded shoulder strap to provide cushioning and comfort when moving it around. The breathable mesh on the back panel prevents episodes of potential overheating on your back. The adjustable strap allows for further versatility and flexibility of the sling bag around different types of body shapes.


  • It fits all body shapes thanks to its adjustable cross-body strap
  • Very lightweight and yet functions effectively
  • Waterproof due to its production from nylon


  • Highly sensitive to medium-strength detergents when washing

9. Waterproof OSOCE Shoulder Backpack and Chest Cross-body Sling Bag

Waterproof OSOCE Shoulder Backpack and Chest Cross-body Sling Bag Get it now on

The OSOCE range of sling bags comprises of unique composite nylon with an aluminum alloy as its production materials. This composition makes the fabrics of these particular cross-body backpacks waterproof, especially in light rain. OSOCE prides itself in its unique craftsmanship that allows customers to place orders on customizable bags. The pack has four central compartments that contribute to its expandable storage capacity. Your laptop and IPad devices can easily fit within the main component, while the small pouches within the interior lining act as anti-theft pockets. The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap for different body shapes and a reflective strip for night use. Some of OSOCE sling backpacks have an anti-degaussing feature. This function shields your credit cards from the harmful effect of any potential or remnant magnetic fields around the bag.


  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • Possible to obtain customized versions of OSOCE sling bags
  • It has a reflective night strip that increases its visibility in low light
  • It has an anti-degaussing function


  • It is not entirely water-resistant

10. Athletico Sling Bag and Cross-body Backpack

Athletico Sling Bag and Cross-body Backpack Get it now on

The Athletico sling bags assist in carrying personal items to and from sports engagements such as tennis, pickleball, and racketball. The sling bag may also function as a travel cross-body backpack when visiting exotic locations. This bag has a lot of pockets within its main compartments to fit almost anything you may need for a quick sport. There is also a bottle holder situated on its exterior surface securable with a cord lock. The primary storage area can carry up to six paddles, two rackets, and a computer laptop. The central compartment has padding to protect against sports gear.

An anti-theft pocket located on the back lining allows you to store your wallet or cash between the bag and your back. This sandwiched position keeps the valuables safe from any potential pickpockets. Also, the bag has reversible shoulder straps that are comfortable even after carrying luggage for extended periods. The straps can easily switch between either side to allow for both right and left-handed users. Due to its use in carrying sports gear, the material used in producing this bag is sturdy, versatile, and lasts for an extended period before showing any signs of wear and tear.


  • Reversible shoulder straps allow for both right and left-handed usage.
  • It is a durable bag due to the sturdy production material.
  • Potential for extra luggage due to its large capacity.


  • Most sports equipment can only fit in the main compartment alone.

Buying Guide For The Best Sling Bags

What should you look for in the best sling bag for women? Here’s what.


The ideal sling bag will be made of sturdy material that is not only stop-rip but also water resistant. The material should take a long time to start showing signs of wear and tear. You should always look for the water-resistant material since such a bag is more likely to resist damage from rain. Also, water-resistant materials are often scratch-proof; hence, it becomes less prone to time-induced breakdown.


Most backpacks have a compact design to minimize their overall weight. Therefore, you should seek a sling bag that maximizes its use of the limited space available. Also, most, if not all, sling bags have multiple pockets, but how those pockets utilize space should matter more. Always look for backpacks that possess organized compartments within their designs. Such bags tend to use their limited storage space efficiently.


The size of a sling bag has a direct relationship to its weight. A sling bag or cross-body backpack needs to be as lightweight as possible so as not to impede the outdoor purpose for which it performs. In as much as storage space is crucial, be mindful of the eventual backpack size when shopping. For you to continue hiking, traveling, and using your backpack as a carry-on without any weight problems, you need to consider purchasing compact-sized sling bags.


An ergonomic design lessens the likelihood of developing secondary physiological or anatomic challenges. Focus your attention on the bag straps and the back panel. The addition of the breathable mesh and padding common to most cross-body straps decreases the chances of the bag user developing sweat-induced heat rash or shoulder whiplash from heavy luggage. The essence of ergonomic design is to alleviate potential strain on the body of the bag user by simplifying errands and not make the situation worse.

Conclusion: Before spending your money, compare brands and prices to ensure you got the best value for your money. We hope theses reviews help and that the buying guide makes future purchases much easier. We will keep this article updated to ensure the list includes only the best sling bags for women on the market.


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