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10 Best Snow Brushes for Cars in 2023

You know you will need snow brushes for your cars if you live in places that experience winter. If you have enough space in the trunk for a tool that works as both scraper and brush, you have plenty of options on the market at slightly high prices. Budget purchases may require that you buy these two separately. Are both necessary? It depends on your weather because snowflakes can be brushed without too much effort. Ice, on the other hand, will require a scraper for the windshield. 

Snow brushes are not made equal, and so we created this list of 10 that will return their value several times over. Happy shopping!

List of the Best Snow Brushes for Cars for 2023

10. RUN STAR Snow Brush

RUN STAR Snow Brush

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The RUN STAR snow brush efficiently sweeps off snow from all parts of the car. The Run Star brush’s bristles are made of long-lasting PC that clean while preserving your car’s paint. The accessory ice scraper removes ice from the windshield or roof quickly. Simply use the ice scraper to break the ice and then scrape it off. The mentioned ice scraper is detachable for quicker use and convenient storage. The brush is designed with a thick foam grip for maximum grip and comfort while you use it. Its ergonomically crafted aluminium metal presents a challenging build, so it will not break for a long time to come.

The ability to relatively assemble and dismantle the three in one unit is an attractive feature. The brush handle is extendible up to 38” and helps reach the middle of the car windshield or the car roof. The three-in-one feature allows for accessibility, safety, lightweight and easy storage. The rotating head brush can make 360 degrees rotation by the touch of a button. Finally, this product comes with a full year’s warranty offered by Run Star.

What we like:

  • Layered bristles
  • Easy joint buckle design
  • Anti-scratch ice scraper
  • Detachable and portable

9. MATCC Snow Brushes for Cars

MATCC Snow Brush

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The MATCC snow brush is designed in a massive and broad build to add efficiency in snow removal. It also has a branched design to maximize snow removal while simultaneously protecting your car from scratches. The three-in-one brush features a layered thick brush to sweep off snow, a squeegee on the other side of the brush to clear away snow and an ice scraper to get rid of ice or frost from the roof or windows.

Its extendible feature and ability to get to unreachable car sections make this brush great for several vehicles. This functional snow brush from MATCC features upgraded technology splicing design controlled with a button that allows a one-step installation when the switch aligned with the interface is given a forward push. The MATCC snow brush comes with a 1-year warranty.

What we like:

  • Multifunctional extendible snow brush
  • Large thick fork-designed brush
  • Rubber bumper on the snow brush for protection against scratches
  • Easy to install

8. Liv Tee Snow Brushes for Cars

Liv Tee Snow Brush

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The impeccably designed Liv Tee snow brush comes as a multifunctional retractable snow shovel and ice scraper that can be dismantled into three storage convenience units. The telescopic snow brush features a double-bristled design that offers adequate toughness and thick bristles. The foam handle has an ergonomic non-slip and complacent grip that is simple to use and control when in deep snow. The Li tee snow brush is crafted exquisitely from ABS material, which makes it strong. The double-shovel design makes ice scraping an effortless operation. 

What we like:

  • Extendible snow brush with a locking design
  • Sturdy build
  • Practical and versatile
  • Great price

7. SEG Direct Snow Brushes for Cars

SEG Direct Snow Brush

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The super extending brush with a maximum of 39” with a telescoping protractible grip reaches anywhere unreachable without resorting to a step stool. It minimizes the effort that you push on yourself. For a long-lasting service period, the firm ABS plastic rotates the button area, and the ice scraper holds the swivel brush head securely in place.

It features professionally crafted thick anti-scratch bristles and a rubber squeegee that works effectively and efficiently, all while preserving the car’s paint. The SEG Direct snow brush features an ergonomic foam handle for a steady yet comfortable grip compared to one made from metal or plastic. It comes in detachable attachments for use and storage convenience with a lock-in push-button. The easy assembly and disassembly save time by making work easier and faster. 

What we like:

  • Swivel brush head 
  • Thick resilient scratch-resistant bristles 
  • Soft scratch-proof squeegee
  • Ergonomic contour design and anti-freeze EVA foam grip

6. Snow MOOver Snow Brushes for Cars

Snow MOOver Snow Brush

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The massively bristled brush from Snow MOOver assists in removing snow from your car roof, windshield and windows effectively. Alternatively, you can interchange the parts to set up your emergency shovel. Its double-sided brush head provides a squeegee on the other side of the brush head. The detachable ice scraper makes operation more comfortable and faster. The snow scraper features five interchangeable and removable tools; a squeegee and bristle head brush, a scraper, an extender, a shovel and a handle. The five detachable parts allow for convenient storage.

The strong ice scrapper jaws are designed non-scratch to maneuver through thick ice and break it away fast while the level head scrapes it away. It is secure to handle on a windshield, and it is extendible to a maximum of 39”, allowing access to the unreachable parts like the middle of the windshield and the car roof.

What we like:

  • Multifunctional snow brush
  • Extends up to 39 inches
  • It is detachable for easy storage
  • Easy to use

5. True Temper Snow Brush

True Temper Snow Brush

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This True Temper snow brush is an inventive EVA foam snow brush that functions effectively while simultaneously protecting your car from scratches. Its multifunctional features allow it to eliminate snow in open areas and closed spaces like under roof racks. The brush head swivels to get to difficult to reach areas.

The ergonomically designed telescopic handle on this snow brush is crafted with a central cushion grip for comfort and reach. The brush is versatile as it also features an ice scraper designed not to scratch your car while it removes the ice.  

What we like:

  • Telescopic scratch-free snow brush plus ice scraper
  • Freeze resistant EVA foam head
  • Pivoting, rotating head
  • Telescopic ergonomic handle with cushion mid-grip

4. JoyTutus Snow Brushes for Cars

JoyTutus Snow Brush

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The JoyTutus brush is manufactured with premium ABS textile, which saves the car paint and windshield from scratches and ensures the brush’s durability. This long-lasting snow brush has more stability and efficiency compared to other snow brushes. You won’t have to worry about it breaking, and it should serve you through several harsh winters. Using the brush initially, use excessive force to remove the triangle tray on the brush’s end. The brush is made of new and upgraded high- 

The telescoping brush is uniquely made for snow eradication with its triangular aluminum pole and time-saving scientific build. The shaft is foam, anti-slip, effortless to use and simple to control, thus saving energy. This snow brush can not only be extended up to 47”, but it can also rotate in 7 angles in a 270-degree swivel and doubles as a shovel. It takes less storage space due to its detachable ability. This brush is perfect for several cars and comes with a full year of quality support from the manufacturer. 

What we like:

  • 1-year quality support
  • Included accessories; store bag, gloves, towel, scraper and manual
  • Multifunctional
  • Doesn’t scratch glass

3. Snow Joe SJBLZD Snow Brush

Snow Joe SJBLZD Snow Brush

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This snow brush from Snow Joe can best be used to remove snow and scrape away ice from any vehicle, no matter the time of day. Its non-abrasive brush head is made of foam, which allows efficient work while protecting the paint, trim and glass on the car from damage. It comes with four bright LED blinkers for emergencies that need an illuminating snow brush. It features a bracket holder that secures the pole of the snow brush for convenient storage. 

The auto-latch telescopic handle with double foam braces modifies from 33 inches to 52 inches to enable you to reach far unreachable areas. The lightweight snow brush is only 1.5 lbs. for effortless operation and control. It is available in different colours.

What we like:

  • Non-abrasive foam head with LED lights
  • Telescopic pole and ice scraper
  • Bracket holder for convenient storage
  • Auto-locking feature on the pole

2. AstroAL Snow Brushes for Cars

AstroAL Snow Brush

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The long-lasting AstroAL snow brush features a pole made of premium ABS, layered PVC bristles and a shaft made of EVA cotton. Generally, the brush is manufactured to stay strong in low temperatures and snowstorms. The integrated ice scrapper knuckles scrape away the ice, and the thickly bristled brush sweeps it off all without causing harm to your glass windshield.

The multifunctional AstroAL snow brush is detachable into two units; the snow brush and the knuckled ice scraper allow not only sufficient ice and snow removal but also convenient storage. Its comfortable-t-grip ergonomic handle is rigid as well and does not break in adverse weather conditions. It has a 27” long handle that allows for a more comfortable reach to the unreachable parts. The 7” brush works fast across windshields while the 4.5” scraper eradicated the ice build-up without causing damage to the car paint. AstroAL provides a 1-year warranty for this item. 

What we like:

  • Layered bristles
  • Patented joint buckle design
  • Anti-scratch ice knuckles
  • Reinforced design

1. BirdRock Home Snow Brushes for Cars

BirdRock Home Snow Brush

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The BirdRock snow brush easily removes snow and ice from the car windshield, top and hood. Equipped with a rotating brush head, it allows you to set the brush at a convenient angle for maximum reach. This is also made easier by the extendible handle that can go up to 60”. The multi-function head is made with foam and soft layered bristles, making for an overall anti-scratch brush. Featured on the ice scraper are jaws that make the job easier by breaking the ice while the scraper removes it.

The snow scraper comes with three separate units; foam head snow brush, ice scraper and a telescoping extender. The detachable features make out-of-season storage a breeze and ease the workload even in a snow storm. This BirdRock Home snow brush has an ergonomic foam handle that is delightful to the touch and fastens the grip while making mobility easier. The body is constructed of high quality and lightweight aluminum.

What we like:

  • Scratch-free ice scraper and ice breaker combo
  • Three thick layered bristles head
  • Detachable snow brush and ice scraper
  • Up to 60” extendible pole

Frequently Asked Questions – Snow Brushes

Q: Why do I need a snow brush and ice scraper?

A: Visibility is exceptionally vital when driving, and you can’t possibly see clearly with snow and ice on your windows and windshield. Use the snow brush and ice scraper to clear away all the ice and snow before you drive.

Q: What do I look for when shopping for a snow brush?

A: Some snow brushes are made entirely of plastic, while others are made of brass. Regardless of the model you choose, you should make sure that it is incredibly sturdy when sweeping the snow off. Also, be sure to look for a handle with a comfortable grip. An ice Scrapper as an additional feature is a significant advantage. 

Q: Which are some of the features that I should consider when buying snow brushes for cars ?

A: When you’re in the market looking for a snow brush, some essential aspects to consider are; the price, telescopic handle, adjustability, foam head, layered bristles and multifunctional features. Also, the model of the snow brush goes hand in hand with its quality. Although high-end brushes may be expensive, they serve longer and provide quality functionality through adverse snow weather.


Snow brushes for cars are tool you do not often need until the time comes. As cold as it is in a snowstorm, you must clear away the snow from your car for clear visibility on the slippery roads. However, finding a competent snow brush is complicated. Save yourself the desperate search by checking out our review of 10 of the best snow brushes in the market. 

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