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10 Best Table Lamps Touch Sensor in 2023

When it comes to bedside lamps, you need to go with productivity as well as design and how it complements your décor. Sometimes it is dark in the night, and finding a switch to turn on your lamp is difficult. With a table lamp that has a touch sensor, you can quickly turn the lamp on by just touching. A touch sensor table lamp offers you a light for a variety of activities around the house. You can have it in the bedroom or even the living room. They are efficient and helpful in lighting your space while offering unique designs and functionality. This article will look at 10 of the best table lamp touch sensor in the market.

List of the Best Table Lamps Touch Sensor​ in 2023

10. HROOME Dog Table Lamp


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This table lamp has the shape of a dog. Its wood material joined together resembles a dog with the head being the light source. The lamp has a dimmable touch sensor feature with 3 levels of lighting; low, medium, high, and an additional on/off. Its dog shape makes it ideal for use by children as well as adults. 

The table lamp uses LED chips to offer a brightness of 2700K 6W eye caring light. This table lamp has your family’s’ eyesight in mind as it doesn’t have any flickering or dazzle that may harm your eyes. You can gift this lamp to any family member or friend. It comes with great packaging to make for the ideal gift box. 

Key Features

  • An unique dog design
  • Does not harm your family’s eyes
  • Has 3 levels of lighting

9. O’Bright LED Table Lamp

O'Bright LED

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The lamp has a unique classy design with a gold color that is appealing in any décor setting. With this lamp, you get high portability. It works with a 1500mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for 48 hours before it needs charging. This lamp’s portability means you can unplug it at night and use it to move around the house. 

This lamp has a touch sensor that helps you dim the brightness per 3 levels of lighting. With the lamps’ lowest setting, you can sleep peacefully, while the highest level offers bright light for reading or any other activities. To charge this table lamp, you only need to use the universal USB charging cables. This sleek and fashionable table lamp comes with a 2 years warranty. 

Key Features

  • Works with a 1500mAh rechargeable battery
  • Lasts 48 hours between charging
  • Has a 2 years warranty
  • Sleek gold finish design

8. TaoTronics Touch Sensor Lamp


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With this table lamp, you get a 360 degrees eye-friendly light to help in any after-dark activities you have going. By simply touching the sensor at the top of the lamp, you will have a 3000-3500K color temperature. There are various brightness levels for you to pick out your favorite. This lamp is multifunctional; you can use it on living room tables, offices, bedrooms, and practically any corner of your home.

This lamp uses a 4000mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 10 hours of use. With a single charge, you can be able to use the lamp for a long. The lamp works efficiently, even when it is cordless. It is light with easy portability. 

Key Features

  • It is multifunctional
  • 4000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Offers a 360 degrees eye-friendly light

7. GKCI Table Lamps


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This table lamp is multifunctional in that it not only provides light, but it can also charge your electronics. The table lamp has 4 fast-charging USB ports where you can plug in your devices. With this table lamp, the maximum allowable current is at 3A.  Though it comes in a standard white color, this table lamp has 7 light colors for you to decide on what you prefer. The colors provided by the lamp are; red, green, white, dark blue, sky blue, yellow, and purple. 

With this table lamp, you can get either constant brightness mode or the gradual mode. You can change between the two by long pressing the touch sensor. The lamp also allows for timing touch night lights. You can program the lamp to flash in 1, 2, 4, and 6 hours. You can also turn the timing off to do away with the flashes. 

Key Features

  • It can charge up to 4 electronic devices
  • Allows for a maximum of 3A current
  • Provides different colored lights

6. 2 Bosceos Touch Lamps

2 Bosceos

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Though this touch lamp is more pricey compared to others in the market, it comes as a pair of nightshade lamps. With fabric material, these lamps offer a stylish yet modern outlook. They are in the color grey, which complements any décor or color you have going in your home. The lamps are corded and rely on electricity to work. 

With a dual 5V/2.1A USB charging ports, you can plug in your electric devices and let them charge. The dimming touch sensor feature has 4 settings ranging from low, medium, high, and off. You will get a great save as the lamp comes with E26 Edison 60W LED bulbs. 

Key Features

  • Come as a pair
  • Has 2 USB charging ports
  • Four dimmable light settings

5. Albrillo Spiral Touch Lamp

Albrillo Spiral Touch Lamp

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Though this lamp is slightly expensive compared to standard touch sensor lamps in the market, it has an elegant spiral design that is sure to brighten your home. The spiral lamp provides a soft light that is comfortable to work with and use around the rooms. With a touch of the lamps sensor, you can shift between 3 colors to suit your preference. The colors offered are a warm white at 3000K, a nature white with 4000K, and a cold white at 5000K. 

This lamp has a 1.5m cable that makes using the lamp convenient for you. The lamps unique spiral shape is also suitable for reducing the effect of the light emission. With this reduced effect, your eyes remain safe and cannot be affected by the light source. Apart from its 24 months warranty, the lamp also has a sturdy skid-free base that protects your lamp 24/7. 

Key Features

  • Has a unique spiral shape
  • Allowing you to shift between three color brightness
  • Does not cause any harm to your eyes even after prolonged use

4. SHINE HAI Table Lamp

SHINE HAI Table Lamp

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This lamp offers you 2 USB ports that charge using 5V/2.1A output. The charging capability of this lamp exists, whether it is on or off. With this lamp, its touch sensor feature is easy to use. You only have to touch the base or the pole of the lamp. The design of this lamp combines both minimalist and elegant designs to come up with a modern lamp for everyday use. 

The lamp has measurement dimensions of 15.9 by 5.5 inches, which takes up little space in your room. On buying the lamp, you get a free E26 LED bulb that offers soft white light that is not harmful to your eyes. With this lamp, you can change between high light and low light with ease. The company offers a 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} satisfaction guarantee, so if displeased, you can get your money back. 

Key Features

  • It has 2 USB ports for charging electronic devices
  • Measures 15.9 by 5.5 inches
  • Comes with a free E26 LED bulb

3. AUKEY Table Lamp

AUKEY Table Lamp

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Not only is this table lamp affordable, but it is also classy and fashionable. The lamp is an enhancement from the company with smoother touch controls and elegant modern design. With this lamp, you can use it for a variety of activities, including as a background illumination. You can be able to choose between the warm white light and a rich blend of vibrant colors. 

The improved 360 degrees touch base ensures that the sensor is more responsive even on metal surfaces. With this lamp, you get to shift between different light modes and also turn the lamp on and off. On purchasing it, the lamp ships to you with 1 lamp, an AC adapter, a user manual, a 45-day money-back guarantee, and a 24-month warranty.

Key Features

  • 360 degrees touch control; base
  • Offers a warm white color as well as a vibrant array of colors
  • Comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee

2. mixigoo Touch Night Light

mixigoo Touch Night Light

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With this lamp, you get a white LED affordable source of light that can change to different colors. The lamp allows you to control it by touch sensors enabling you to enjoy most of its features. This lamp has 4 adjustable brightness levels ranging from bright, natural, warm, and finally to dim. The lamp is multifunctional as it can be used for various occasions and placed on various surfaces. 

The lamp has 13 color lights that you can set to auto-cycle. The light provides a 360 degrees eye-friendly light. With the lamps’ touch sensor, you can turn the lamp on/off, or shift between the different brightness levels. This lamp is also highly portable, and it is battery operated. After one charge, you can use it for a long time. 

Key Features

  • It offers 360 degrees of eye-friendly light
  • 4 adjustable brightness levels
  • 13 color lights with 256 combinations

1. LED Desk Lamp

LED Desk Lamp

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This lamp offers an elegant yet simplistic design. It provides flicker-free lighting that ensures your eyes will remain safe throughout. It would help if you remembered to remove the protective film on the lamp before use. The lamp has 5 color modes with 7 brightness levels so you can customize your lighting to your desire. 

The lamp has a design that complements any décor, even offices. This particular lamp ensures you save on 75{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} of the power. It also comes with 12 months plus 18 months of extended warranty. 

Key Features

  • Provides flicker-free lighting
  • 5 color modes and 7 brightness features
  • 12 months warranty

Buying Guide – Table Lamps Touch Sensor

Once you look out for the following features, picking a table lamp touch sensor will be the easiest thing you ever do.


When picking a table lamp touch sensor, it is essential to ask yourself, what designs do I have in my house? With table lamps, you get various themes and designs. Most table lamps have a theme that is basic, which means it can fit any room of your house. However, some of these touch sensor lamps are designed for specific places. It would be best if you chose a lamp that complements the décor of your house. The lamp you choose should cater to the needs of your room.


When it comes to lighting, there is more than one factor to consider. Lighting could refer to whether the lamp has LED light or some other form. It could also imply the levels of lighting and also the power of the brightness. This variety means it is up to you to look at all these aspects. You want a lamp that is easy to use yet not harmful to your eyes. LED lights are best known for a warm light with added features of optional colors. Make sure you decide on the type of lighting that best works for you before purchasing. 


Whatever reason has you looking for a lamp, be sure that you will use it for much more. Lamps are one of those household items that are used almost everywhere around the house. These table lamp touch sensors are no different. When buying a table lamp, make sure it is versatile enough when it comes to using. Elements to check on for versatility include; portability, size, design, shape, brightness levels, amongst others. Carefully go through the product description to ensure you choose a versatile lamp you can use anywhere. 


It doesn’t take a lot of effort to have your rooms looking bright with the table lamps touch sensor. At an affordable price, you can own one of these table lamps touch sensor that you can turn on and off with ease. From our reviews, it is evident that touch sensor lamps are a great addition to your home. We hope that the buying guide will provide you with any help you need when looking for a touch sensor lamp to buy. 

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