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Best Waterproof Laptop Cases in 2023 Reviews

When you work with a laptop, there are many possibilities that the laptop can get damaged by shock, impacts, and even water. As a result, it is essential for you to have waterproof laptop cases to provide all the protection features in order to make the laptop last longer in better condition.

So, in this article, we are going to provide you with the top 10 best waterproof laptop cases that you can rely on on a daily basis. They are all made with high-quality material and outstanding protection function.

List of Top 10 Best Waterproof Laptop Cases in 2023 on

#10. MCHENG Waterproof Laptop Cases

#10. MCHENG Waterproof Laptop Cases

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First of all, we have this waterproof laptop case from MCHENG. It is made from high-quality PU leather as the hard shell along with the use of the soft interior. The interior part is equipped with superior protection from dirt, dust, scratches, and spill. It is also resistant to shock, water, and splash.

The case is multifunctional since it features a 90 – 360 degrees opening. This allows you to have quick access to the notebook or laptop inside. It is also easy for the connection of other accessories, such as keyboard and mouse. The case is designed for both men and women.

Moreover, it is lightweight and portable in size. It is equipped with a Velcro band to secure the laptop while it is stored in the case. The case is compatible with a wide range of modes, such as the HP Chromebook and ASUS Zenbook.

#9. Aqua Quest Waterproof Laptop Cases

#9. Aqua Quest Waterproof Laptop Cases

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Next, we should take a look at this laptop case from Aqua Quest. It is made to be 100{e26c06a30006207cd8540191faed959b4c4c291c3a1dcd1afea5a52102474541} waterproof, so it is fully compatible with the outdoor function. Users also never have to worry about spilling a glass of coffee on the case as well.

The design is lightweight and portable with a body of the only 10.5oz. However, it is made from ripstop, TPU, and double sealing, so that the laptop can stay inside with safety and comfort. The installation is easy since you only have to spend seconds to lock it in.

With the Velcro flap, you are going to get quick access to the laptop. However, the sealing function is outstanding enough to ensure that the laptop will never be invaded by the water. The product features a lifetime warranty thanks to the experience in the field since 1994.

#8. DOMISO Waterproof Laptop Cases (15 and 15.6 laptop case)

#8. DOMISO Waterproof Laptop Cases

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Another choice of a good laptop case is from DOMISO. It is made with a universal size that is suitable for laptop sizes between 15 and 15.6 inches. The size makes it compatible with most computers.

The case offers the perfect quality of protection to the laptop. It is made from thick PU along with the EVA material. This is to prevent the laptop from getting scratches and spills due to any unexpected accidents. Moreover, the case is padded with a wide range of protection layers, and these layers help to reduce pressure and shock.

Although the case comes with a compact size, it features 2 pockets for you to store many items, such as cell phones and chargers. There is a Velcro lock in order to secure the laptop in place while it is opening.

With 2 smooth zippers design, you can gain access to the laptop easily without having to worry about it sliding out.

#7. Kogzzen Waterproof Laptop Cases

#7. Kogzzen Waterproof Laptop Cases

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Moving onto the next laptop case from Kogzzen, it is made from high-quality materials, including the soft flannelette as well as the shockproof sponge to ensure the best protection. It also includes the water-resistant polyester in order to make the casework well for both indoor and outdoor functions.

The case comes with a compact design, which includes a hand strap for you to carry the case outdoors easily. It is super convenient when it comes to traveling time. Besides, the case features multiple storage pockets, where you can keep the documents as well as other accessories in only one place.

This case is designed with a variety of laptop models, including MacBook Pro, Surface Book, Dell, Lenovo, and others as long as their size is between 15 and 16 inches. Last but not least, Kogzzen provides a 1-year warranty to ensure the best customer satisfaction for this purchase.

#6. canvaslife Canvas Laptop Case

#6. canvaslife Canvas Laptop Case

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canvaslife also offers us one of the best waterproof laptop cases on the market. It features an all angle protective function to provide 360-degree angle protection. This one is made with rebound material in all angles so that the protection is guaranteed to be the best for the laptop to stay safe in any direction.

It also includes a front pocket where you can put other accessories, such as phone, mouse, and glasses. This Waterproof Laptop Case is built from special canvas materials, and the case is not only waterproof but also shockproof as well. It features a zippered closure in the U design. This enables users to put the laptop in easily and conveniently without having to spend much energy and effort.

The case is designed for the laptop size between 15 and 15.6 inches, and this is the standard size of laptops of most brands on the market.

#5. Kinmac Lightweight Laptop Case

#5. Kinmac Lightweight Laptop Case

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If you are in love with a unique design, you should consider this waterproof laptop case from Kinmac. It features many special designs, such as camellia, green leaf, and new bohemian. It is made with an EVA bubble, and therefore, it provides the rebound function in order to protect the laptop from 360 degrees surrounding.

The weight of this laptop case is only about 10.4 ounces, which is lightweight enough for you to carry on a daily basis. However, it is highly recommended by consumers worldwide since the overall ratings is seen up to 4.9 out of 5 stars to prove the quality.

The case is built with an extra pocket where you can store many accessories, such as cable, charge, and mouse. The size of the case is large enough to accommodate the laptop size at about 14 inches. Thanks to the use of waterproof canvas, it deters all the harmful components, such as rain and water, from entering the case and injuring your laptop in the long run.

The interior is soft enough to provide the best protection to your laptop without any scratches and damages. It guarantees the best condition of the laptop no matter how long you store it inside.

#4. canvaslife Laptop Case with Shoulder Straps

#4. canvaslife Laptop Case with Shoulder Straps

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Here comes another waterproof laptop case from canvaslife. It is made with waterproof and shockproof design, and it also features the shoulder straps, so that it is easy enough for you to carry outdoors on a daily basis. The bottom part is equipped with a rebound bubble to offer a layer of superior protection from shocks and drops.

With this laptop case from canvas life, you are allowed to get rid of the dull color case and grab your unique design. On the other hand, the case is also made with professional-grade canvas along with the use of heavy-duty metal zippers. This is so strong and durable that you can use it for many years.

In terms of storage capacity, it also includes a big pocket on both sides, where you can put your personal belongings inside easily. These items can be a mouse, power cable, and smartphones.

#3. Kamlui PU Leather Waterproof Laptop Cases

#3. Kamlui PU Leather Laptop Case

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For this waterproof laptop case from Kamlui, it is designed ideally for laptops at the standard size of 15.6 inches. It is built from PU leather, and it offers a highly durable and lightweight design for you to store the laptop on a daily basis. It is responsible for protection against all harmful elements, such as dust, dirt, shocks, scratches, and spills.

Moreover, the laptop case includes a shoulder strap for you, and it is padded to maximize comfort. This is to prevent you from getting tired of the burden for long hours of carrying. In addition, it offers roomy space for storage which includes the space for cable charger, earphone, and mouse.

The case also features a universal fit, which makes it compatible with many laptop brands, such as Surface Pro, HP, and Samsung. As long as you have a 15-inch laptop, you can store it inside with confidence.

#2. Dachee Shockproof Waterproof Laptop Cases

#2. Dachee Shockproof Laptop Case

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What about this laptop case from Dachee? It is made with a variety of great features, such as waterproof, shockproof, and lightweight. It comes with many unique designs, which you can choose to show your unique style in your personal belongings collection.

The bag is made from premium quality canvas, and it uses only the thickest metal zipper in order to ensure both of the durability and stability in the long run. It also provides the strength to secure the laptop inside.

Moreover, you can enjoy the big pocket on both sides, and therefore, you can use this space to place many of your essentials, such as a smartphone, power cable, mouse, and other devices that you can think of. The compatible laptop size ranges between 14 and 15.6 inches.

#1. JETech Foam Cushion Waterproof Laptop Cases

#1. JETech Foam Cushion Laptop Case

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Last but not least, we have this waterproof laptop case from JETech. It is designed ideally for smaller laptops with a size of 13 inches. Besides MacBook, it is also compatible with many other brands, such as Surface and HP. It is made with foam cushion to protect the laptop from all angles. The case design is lightweight and portable enough to make you carry it around easily.

The design is also outstanding since there is a front pocket, where you can put in your items, such as a pen, charger, and mobile phone. You can also use this case for going to school since the front space is enough for documents.

The exterior part features an outstanding protection function that protects the laptop from spilling, splashing, and many other kinds of damages. Even after the purchase, you can always contact JETech for support if you have any problems with the product.

Buying Guide to choosing the best Waterproof Laptop Cases

After you have already spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on purchasing the laptop, you must want good protection for it to last for many years in order to help you with the work or study. Therefore, if you wish to select a good waterproof laptop case, never forget to refer to our buying advice below.

Below are the criteria for a good waterproof laptop case.


it should be made from high-quality materials, such as canvas and polyester. This offers both the durability and comfort for the protection of your laptop. It can secure the laptop against water, rain, coffee and many other liquid forms in order to make it compatible for both indoor and outdoor usage.


before you get a laptop case, you should first look at the size of your laptop to see whether it is 13 inches, 14 inches, or 15 inches. You will never want to get too big or too small a case that cannot fit with the laptop well.


the protection of the case should come from all angles, and therefore, no matter the harmful elements come from which side, your laptop still gets the best protection.

Storage Pocket

A good laptop case also comes with 1 or 2 additional storage pockets where you can store your personal belongings, such as documents, smartphones, cable charger, and mouse. They are made to help you with transportation.

Lightweight and portable: this is an important feature if you need to use it outdoors. It is responsible for the convenience carrying.

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Overall, we have gone through the top 10 best waterproof laptop cases. We hope that you can get the best protection for your laptop since it is your most loyal mate to help you on a daily basis in this technology era.

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