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Best Wood Trunks in 2023

Wood trunks are neat not only do they look good, but you or your children can pretend there is a lost treasure locked inside. Plus, each one of the top 12 best wood trunks in 2023 is very strong and durable.

They are made to last no matter where you put them in your home. Also, they add a nice design feature that should make them an excellent conversation piece. Then come in a variety of styles to make sure you can find the one that will fit your interior decor and needs.

To find out which ones made our top 10 best just continue to read our review. Then stick around for our buying guide. Getting a few tips to guide your wood trunk search always helps.

List of Best Wood Trunks in 2023

12. Generic Wooden Storage Chest

12.Wooden Storage Chest Living Room Furniture Shoe Blanket Cabinet Chests Coffee Table Bedroom Trunk Box

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The first thing you should notice about this top wood trunk is its good looks. It has a dark wood finish highlighted by brass fittings and leather straps. If you didn’t know any better you would think it came from the days of the old pirates.

To complete the rustic look, the metal hasp holds the lid closed till you are ready to unlock its secrets. Then the old-time lock holds everything secure for you. Nothing escapes with this lock on the job.

With approx. 19 by 9 by 11 inches to fill you should have enough room to hold those items you want to preserve for posterity. Its a durable wood box that should last you for years The only thing you need to worry about is if you forget what you put inside.

11. Festnight Oak Storage Wood Trunk

11.Festnight Oak Storage Chest Box Wood Trunk Cabinet Container for Bedroom Closet Home Organizer

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Oak is a beautiful wood when handled correctly. It is an elegant hardwood that makes any room look beautiful once it is placed inside. Pandora should have had a box this good. Maybe then she wouldn’t have opened it.

Then it is approx. 35 by 18 by 18-inch size has plenty of storage space for whatever you want to place inside. The hardwood trunk has feet that elevate it so water, bugs, and other issues do not harm your contents or destroy the box.

One thing about oak is that it is strong enough to let you sit on its lid without breaking. You can use this wood trunk as an extra seat or as a place to remove your shoes. Its overall look may be simple and plain but then you do not want this wood box clashing with your room’s colors.

10. H.BETTER Vintage Storage Wood Trunk

10.Vintage Storage Chest Wood Storage Trunk Handmade Storage Box Wood Trunk Treasure

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All the word vintage means is old. This top modern wood trunk comes with a vintage or old look to make it more attractive and fit in your home a lot better. There is nothing wrong with a vintage look because it says tradition, stability, and durability. The old trunks were built to last.

With its two metal side handles you and your spouse can move this trunk with ease. There is no place this trunk can’t go once in your home. On top of that, the leather straps and brass fittings make sure this trunk reminds you of the good old days where everything lasted a long time.

Its latch closure is easy to manipulate and it is approx. 26 by 15 by 16-inch size gives you that extra storage space you need.

9. Canditree Storage Trunk Wood

9.Canditree Storage Trunk Wood, Antique Treasure Chest Large

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Your kids can go to bed at night thinking there is a treasure inside their home. Once they see this old-fashioned wood trunk their imaginations will take flight and lead them to adventures they thought not possible.

With brass fittings and leather straps, this old woof trunk will remind you and your guests of those days when people buried their treasures inside. Also, the sculpted legs add a nice decorative touch to this old but new chest.

Measuring approx. 26 by 15 by 16 inches in size, this wood trunk is not hard to move. Two side handles to make sure it is easy to lift whether full of your treasures or not. You have total freedom on what you want to put inside just do not overfill it is its only request.

8. Festnight Mango Wood Storage Wooden Trunk

8.Festnight Mango Wood Storage Chest Box Wooden Trunk Case Cabinet Container

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There is nothing like having a handmade wood trunk in your home. Not only does it brag great taste on your part, but it is also well made and should last you for many years. Metal corner supports accent the all-wood design while making sure those corners remain in place for decades.

On top of that, you have an easy to open lid that uses a rustic hasp to further its good looks. Beauty does not sacrifice the security you need. Wood feet elevate this box while adding a nice touch to its overall look.

Made from mango wood this top wood trunk measures 43 by 14 by 16 inches. That is a lot of room to fill. Two side handles make placement and relocation easy. The light finish should brighten and enlarge any room it is placed.

7. BLUECC Vintage Wood Treasure Chest Storage Trunk

7.BLUECC Vintage Wood Treasure Chest Storage Trunk Brown

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Blackbeard and other pirates probably owned similar-looking trunks. After all, these modern versions are designed after those pirate trunks of old. Once in your home, you can feel like part of a pirate band hiding your treasures inside.

The leather straps and brass fittings provide an authentic look to the trunks while adding the durability you want to see. The solid wood construction gives the trunk its strength and charm.

Then the sculpted legs raise the trunk up a bit so the air of the room can circulate freely. An easy-to-use latch helps secure the contents keeping them safe and secure when you are not around. Inside this trunk, you have approx. 26 by 15 by 16 inches of space to fill. 2 side handles complete this vintage package for you.

6. Soul & Lane Monahan Wooden Trunk

6.Soul & Lane Bentley Decorative Wooden Vintage Suitcases (Set of 2) Storage Trunk Chest for Decoration

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Why have only one top wood trunk in your home when 3 will do an upstanding job of helping you store your treasured items? This set of three has wood trunks in various sizes giving you lots of options for storage.

In addition, you have an easy to use latch that just flips into or out of place. That ease of use does not make your content less secure. Just more convenient for you. Then the brass highlights add that nice old-world decorative touch you like so much.

Also, the boxes are small enough that you do not need handles to move it. Just grab and go. When you want to go traditional this is the wood trunk set to accomplish that objective.

5. Kate and Laurel Cates Farmhouse Decorative Wood Trunk

5.Kate and Laurel Cates Farmhouse Decorative Wood Trunk 14x27.5x14 White

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Pirates are not the only profession that used or uses wood trunks. Farmers use them to in order to store needed supplies, tools, and equipment. This all-white farmhouse wood trunk is perfect for those people who like a rural theme to their home and yard.

Brass handles and hasp accent this white trunk and gives it a touch of class. The metal should be strong as the wood construction material holding this box together. Plus, its country-style design makes an excellent statement about you. It says you love quality and good trunks.

When you open it the hinges lock into place so you do not have to worry about it falling on your hands, etc.

4. Styled Shopping Nostalgic Medium Wood Storage Trunk

4.Styled Shopping Nostalgic Medium Wood Storage Trunk Wooden Treasure Chest

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Cedar is a good wood to have in your own personal wood trunk. It helps keep the bugs away and protects your items like they were it is very own. The sculpted legs add a nice decorative look while elevating this trunk off the floor.

Easy to grasp latches and side handles makes using this trunk simple. Plus, they add a nice brass highlight to an antique-looking wood trunk. Its 26 by 16 by 15-inch dimensions provide you with lots of storage room.

Also, you have a unique interior that is always easy on the eyes and very attractive. 2 leather straps add the finishing touches to this great looking yet sturdy wood trunk. It is a keeper.

3. Household Essentials Stripped Weathered Wooden Storage Trunk

3.Household Essentials Stripped Weathered Wooden Storage Trunk, Large

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It looks like you just dug this treasure chest up yesterday. But that stripped look only enhances this wood trunk’s charm. After you set it in your home, the metal edging and hasp make sure the box remains durable and ready for service.

Once you start packing your things inside, you will find that the dome lid lets you get odd-shaped items inside without any hassle. Brass handles make relocation a snap as its smaller size lets you put it just about anywhere in your home.

Measuring 18 1/4 by 29 by 16 1/4 inches overall, you have a good-sized trunk to help you with your storage needs. Its convenient, compact and easy to care for.

2. SLPR Alexander Wooden Trunk – Best Wood Trunks

2.Alexander Wooden Trunk Chest with Straps Decorative Treasure Stash Box Old-Fashioned Antique Vintage

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No one is going to mistake this wood trunk for something that held long past the buried treasure. It just looks too good. Plus, its compact size wouldn’t hold too many Spanish gold coins.

With a total measurement of 11 by 7 by 5 1/2 inches, you can fit some of your more modern treasures inside and keep them nice and safe. Made with plywood and fake leather, this wood trunk should be durable as well as good looking.

The brass features and side handles add a nice old-world look to the wood trunk which should accent any room it is placed. It is a nice little wood trunk to have on hand when you need something small.

1. Vintiquewise(TM) Decorative Treasure Box – Wooden Trunk

1.Vintiquewise(TM) Decorative Treasure Box - Wooden Trunk Chest

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Gold coins, jewelry, important papers, and more can fit inside this little treasure wood trunk. It is so small that only a top handle is needed to carry it from place to place. The leather handle matches the straps for a great old-world feel.

On top of that, you have a lockable hasp that is easy to use. Just add your own lock. Also, the 11 by 5 1/2 by 7-inch size may be small but it can still hold your valuables with ease. A lined interior keeps those items from being scratched

With an antique look, your room should look great and provide a stable atmosphere to it. The hinges work fine as well.

Our Buying Guides to Choose for Best Wood Trunks

There are a lot of good wood trunks on the market. It pays to follow some tips to find one of the top 12 best wood trunks in 2023. Here are those tips:


Oak is always the best material to have on a wood trunk for durability and strength. Mango wood is good as well for that exotic look.


Brassworks well all the time. It looks good is easy to replace and is very durable. Check the hasp and hinges to make sure they are well made and securely in place


This is up to you and your storage needs. Don’t go too large or too small just because the wood trunk looks good. Get the size you need.


Make sure the wood trunk is well put together so that it will handle bumps and accidental drops without breaking.


Make sure the wood trunk fits your budget. An expensive option is not always the best option.


A good wood trunk is worth its weight in gold. They are tough, well built, and can last you a long time. Plus, each one of the top 12 best wood trunks in 2023 can take a beating and still not let go of its contents.

A good wood trunk beats a plastic one every time. They look good, add a touch of the old world to your decor on top of storing your treasured items.


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