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Best Wooden Ladders in 2023

Leo Babauta once said that simplicity boils down to two steps; identify the essential and eliminate the rest. The wooden ladder is a product that encompasses this quote by combining modesty with elegance and providing you with a stylish item that seamlessly blends with any interior décor in your home or office. The manufacturers ensure to incorporate technology and creativity to produce premium products with numerous characteristics, including high-quality materials, anti-slip feet, and shelves.

Here, we compiled reviews of the ten best wooden ladders that you can obtain in this competitive market. We also provide you with some frequently asked questions from other users that will help you to understand the products better. As such, this knowledge will enable you to identify the item that you desire and lead you to buy a wooden ladder that suits your style, preference, and needs. 

List of The Best Wooden Ladders in 2023

10. Zenna Home Ladder

Zenna Home Ladder

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Zenna Home presents you with a wooden ladder designed with anti-slip feet with moisture-resistant quality, which enables you to use the item comfortably in your bathroom. The large shelves incorporated in the product ensure you can conveniently place toiletries, decorative accessories, and linens, assisting you in reducing clutter in your room. The compact design of the wooden ladder means that you need not worry about the availability of space when using this item.

Furthermore, the modern construction of the wooden ladder provides you with a simple yet elegant product that can match with both traditional and contemporary interior design. The versatile and space-saving design of this item enables you to not only use the product at home but also install it in your office. The package includes a manual that offers you detailed instructions that make it easy to assemble the wooden ladder.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Space-saving design
  • Anti-slip feet with moisture resistance


  • The package may contain sawdust

9. Book Shelf 5-Tier

Book Shelf 5-Tier

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This wooden ladder measures 11.5″ × 16.1″ × 51.3″ and offers you a compact product that you can easily place in your home or office without worrying about space. The item weighs 8.1 pounds and gives you a lightweight product that you can efficiently move whenever required. The wood used to construct this product ensures you have a quality and sturdy wooden ladder that you can utilize for a long time.

Besides this, the blond finish on this wooden ladder allows you to obtain a stylish item that can seamlessly match with any interior décor in your office or house. With five levels of shelves, this product allows you to organize and store your belongings in an attractive manner that eliminates clutter. This wooden ladder provides you with a convenient package that includes all hardware necessary to make your installation process easier.


  • Lightweight and convenient to install
  • 5-tier shelves
  • Stylish and sturdy construction


  • Material is not fire-resistant

8. Louisville Ladder 22.5-by-54-Inch

Louisville Ladder 22.5-by-54-Inch

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This wooden ladder comes with a hang strap system that helps you to set up the product quickly and with ease. The item weighs 57 pounds and enables you to handle the product comfortably during transportation and installation. The wooden ladder also measures 56″ × 24″ × 12″ and provides you with a compact product with a foldable design, which you can conveniently place in any room at your home without taking up too much space. 

The manufacturers constructed this item using durable material that can comfortably support up to 250 pounds of weight without breaking. The ergonomic grooves incorporated in the steps enable you to move up and down the wooden ladder with excellent traction. You also can efficiently modify the product according to your needs because the item features an adjustable spring tension in its design.


  • Folds and unfolds quietly
  • Sturdy steps with grooves
  • Lightweight and easy to set up


  • Features limited warranty

7. BarnwoodUSA Rustic 5

BarnwoodUSA Rustic 5

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BarnwoodUSA provides you with a wooden ladder designed with a rustic brown finish that enables you to have a quality product that can fit with any setting in your room. The manufacturer offers you this item in a variety of colors, which allows you to select a product that matches your preference. In addition to this, the recycled wood used to construct this wooden ladder makes it safe and environmentally friendly. 

Moreover, the ergonomic design of this product also enables you to hang or lean the wooden ladder against a wall, which helps to save on space while simultaneously creating a three-dimensional look in your room. Horizontally hanging the item creates shelves on which you can conveniently place some photos for additional decoration. The hand-made construction of the wooden ladder ensures that you own a unique product.


  • Unique design made by hand
  • Recycled wood and environmentally friendly
  • Multiple mounting options


  • Rustic finish may have splinters

6. RHF 45″ Foldable

RHF 45" Foldable

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This wooden ladder comes with a vintage A-frame design that enables the item to stand with stability, adding to your convenience. The ergonomic and foldable design helps you to save on space and use or store the product comfortably. Apart from this, the lightweight quality allows you to handle the product with ease. This wooden ladder also features a quality finish that complements most plants and interior designs. 

As well, the natural wood used to construct this wooden ladder ensures that you have a sturdy product that you can comfortably use for a long time. The three levels of shelving enable you to place your garden pots on this item and add personality to your surroundings. You need not worry about drainage since the wooden ladder includes slatted bottoms in its design.


  • Slatted bottoms for drainage
  • Three levels of shelves
  • A-frame standing design


  • Not suitable for large plants

5. Cosco Three Step

Cosco Three Step

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CoscoProducts ensures that you can comfortably handle and store this wooden ladder by incorporating foldable features in the construction. The product weighs 19.8 pounds and enables you to carry the item easily whenever necessary. This wooden ladder adds style and elegance to any room setting in your house with the quality mahogany finish. 

Moreover, the product features a support rail in its design that enables you to utilize the wooden ladder safely. The large steps provide you with comfort and stability as you move up and down when in use. Apart from this, the stool includes a locking top-step that offers extra safety. You can use this versatile wooden ladder to hang pictures, paintings, cleaning, and many other activities.


  • Beautiful mahogany finish
  • Locking top step
  • Features a support rail


  • Could have better traction on a tile floor

4. Casual Home 5-Shelf

Casual Home 5-Shelf

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This wooden ladder from Casual Home features five shelves that allow you to store a few belongings like books, and add elegance to your décor. These shelves have retracting lengths that enable you to accentuate the appearance of your room. The product is available in three beautiful finishes, including warm brown, espresso, and white, which helps you to choose an item that best suits your preference.

This wooden ladder does not require any assembly and enables you to use the item comfortably. Furthermore, you can quickly fold the wooden ladder after use, which assists you in saving storage space. The solid wood used to make this product enables you to have an environmentally friendly item that uses sourced materials sustainably. This wooden ladder measures 16″ × 24.8″ × 72″ and weighs 27.5 pounds, which provides you with a lightweight and convenient product.


  • Five layers of shelves
  • Available in three finishes
  • No assembly required


  • The screws could have matching colors with the product

3. Louisville Fiberglass Ladder 

Louisville Fiberglass Ladder 

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This wooden ladder features robust and durable construction that enables you to use this item for years. The quality design can comfortably support a weight of up to 300 pounds, which allows you to accomplish tasks safely and efficiently. This wooden ladder incorporates a molded top with in-slots that you can conveniently use to keep your tools within reach.

Further, the inside spreader braces integrated into the wooden ladder enable you to protect the product during transportation. The heavy-duty steps and back braces ensure that you have a stable and sturdy balance that helps you to use the product safely. You also need not worry about the wooden ladder sliding because the item features non-marring foot treads with wide bonding.


  • 300-pound load capacity
  • Non-marring feet
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • Could have better finish

2. Winsome Wood Leo

Winsome Wood Leo

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Winsome provides you with a wooden ladder featuring an espresso finish that ensures you have an elegant item that can seamlessly blend with any interior décor. The combination of composite and solid wood used to make this product enables you to have a quality and sturdy item that you can efficiently use for a long time. The ergonomic design of the wooden ladder not only allows you to improve your aesthetics but also offers functional benefits.

 Besides this, the wooden ladder comes with 4-section shelving units in which you can conveniently place belongings like lines and photos, helping you to reduce clutter in your room. This product also measures 11.2″ × 13.5″ × 55″ and provides you with a high yet compact profile that does not take up too much space. The wooden ladder weighs 18 pounds, which enables you to handle the item comfortably during transportation.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Solid and composite wood construction
  • 4-section shelving unit


  • Could be available in more colors

1. VASAGLE Industrial Ladder

VASAGLE Industrial Ladder

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VASAGLE presents you with a quality product designed with an iron frame that enables you to have a sturdy item that will serve you for a long time. The crossbar provides additional reinforcement for better balance and extended service life. The particleboard with a rustic brown finish on the shelves ensures that this wooden ladder can perfectly fit with any setting in your room or office. Besides, the product features non-slip feet that enable you to use the item without worrying about accidental slips or scratches on your floor.

Furthermore, the package includes anti-toppling fittings that you can conveniently use to anchor the wooden ladder to a wall when necessary. The item also comes with a detailed manual that helps you to assemble the product with ease. This wooden ladder provides you with 4-tier open shelves that offer you ample space for storing and displaying various belongings. The lightweight product weighs 28 pounds, and the compact size enables you to place the item indoors or at the balcony conveniently.


  • Quality rustic brown finish 
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Detailed manual for easy installation


  • Not suitable for use in direct sunlight


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you bolt the wooden ladders to the wall?

A: Yes, you can because most products feature ergonomic designs like plastic clips at the back, which you can comfortably use to screw and secure the product to the wall. However, it is essential to note that the wooden ladders come with non-slip and moisture-resistant feet that provide stable support, even without bolting the item to the wall. 

Q: Can you place a computer on the wooden ladders?

A: Even though the manufacturers use quality and durable materials to offer you sturdy products, the panels on the wooden ladders may be too small for your laptop to fit. Some wooden ladders are compact and do not have enough space for placement of cords, making them unsuitable for holding computers.

Q: Are the wooden ladders easy to install?

A: Yes, the wooden ladders come with manuals that provide you with detailed instructions about the setup process. Some also include all the necessary hardware, which ensures that you can comfortably assemble the components as intended for the best results.  

Q: How sturdy are the wooden ladders?

A: Some can support heavy loads, including a person, while others are lightweight and only ideal for the storage of a few belongings. These wooden ladders are durable when appropriately used without straining the limits of their construction.


Our reviews of the ten best wooden ladders presented above allow you to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of each product. The descriptions and frequently asked questions enable you to have better discernment about the different qualities of each item. Therefore, you will be able to know what to look for and ultimately buy the high quality and a satisfactory wooden ladder.





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