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Best Yoga DVDs of 2023

Many people use yoga to keep fit and lose weight naturally while promoting psychological wellness at the same time. However, not everyone is interested in yoga exercises knows how to go about it. If you are one of them, you can overcome this hurdle, buy ordering one of the best yoga DVDs today. They are affordable, curated by professional yoga practitioners and enthusiasts, and has a plethora of workout with detailed instructions. This article offers insights on the latest and best yoga DVDs that meet the threshold.

List of Best Yoga DVDs of 2023

10. Beachbody 3 Week Yoga Retreat Workout Program

Beachbody 3 Week Yoga Retreat Workout Program

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To learn yoga from the comfort of your home, this 3-week yoga retreat workout DVD by Beachbody has all the guidelines you need. The program enables you to learn the best workout irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a novice from experienced yoga instructors. The product has a start-up guide that tells you how to adhere to the workout so you can enjoy all the benefits that come with yoga.

Besides the exercises, the program also gives you a guideline on how to stay nourished by eating nourishing and healthy diets. The DVD features recipes that are best for you as you do your workouts. Another essential feature from the DVD is the 21-day calendar that helps you to build a strong foundation for your workouts. The DVD allows you to follow your progress through the 21 days of yoga workout, making it one of the best in the market.

What We Like
  • 21-day calendar
  • Experienced instructor
  • Healthy living
  • Ideal for beginners
Our Verdict

Beachbody is a three weak retreat program for women, curated and presented by professionals. It is suitable for beginners and recommends healthy living through nutrition as well.

9. Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga by Shiva Rea

Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga by Shiva Rea

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Shiva is one of the most celebrated informative yoga instructors. She uses her powerfully inspirational voice to take you through yoga workouts that will ignite your inner fire through this product. The DVD targets novices and intermediaries that need to up their yoga workouts. It guides you through a wide range of Vinyasa Flows poses that expand your knowledge of yoga. The program contains a wide range of yoga poses, but you can customize the one that you feel suits your needs the best.

You do not have to worry about customizing your pose, as the options on offer are effortless to use. You can also manipulate the duration given for each segment to suit our own needs. The poses begin from slow and easy, to more difficult ones. They are not overwhelming, and they help with weight reduction, flexibility, and muscle toning. One of the best poses in the program is the Shanti matrix, as it contains a wide range of comforting and beneficial stretches.

What We Like
  • Inspirational voice
  • Ideal for novices/intermediates
  • Many Vinyasa Flows poses
  • Clear and easy to follow
Our Verdict

The plethora of vinyasa flows in the Daily Energy yoga DVD are fulfilling and recommended for most beginners and intermediates. The instructions are clear and easy to follow as well, which is admirable.

8. Body Wisdom for Beginners

Body Wisdom for Beginners

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Body wisdom for beginners has eight yoga workout routines that are easy to use for novices. The programs help to increase your daily strength, vitality, and overall body health. The programs also enhance your flexibility and relieve stress using enhanced routines with simple and clear instructions. The 240-minute program has different workout routines ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. Barbara Benagh, the instructor, is one of the best yoga instructors in the world with an experience of over 35 years.

Like many of her other yoga workout DVDs, the setting is at the beautiful Half Moon Bay Antigua that sets an even better mood for relaxation as you follow her workout routines. The DVD includes an exclusive interview with Barbara, where she talks about living a stress-free life. Overall, the DVD is the best deal for beginners trying out yoga. More experienced yoga enthusiasts may find the exercises easy.

What We Like
  • Beautiful setting (Half Moon Bay)
  • Effective workout routines
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Free interview with Barbara
Our Verdict

Set at the Half Moon Bay in Antigua, the Body Wisdom is a well-packaged yoga DVD for beginners with routines ranging from 10-60 minutes. The DVD is thorough, easy to follow, and ideal for men and women.

7. Yoga for Stress Relief by Barbara Benagh

Yoga for Stress Relief by Barbara Benagh

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Stress prevents many people from achieving good health and happiness in life. Barbara Benagh, one of the leading yoga instructors with a global following, aims at tackling stress-related issues with this yoga workout DVD. In this DVD, she not only delivers her best routines, but she also includes a 30-minute meditation session from Tibet’s spiritual leader Dalai Lama, one of the greatest influencers of all time.

The DVD has over 20 routines ranging from 15 to 60 minutes for stress relief. The methods target specific causes of stress, such as insomnia, depression, headaches, digestive problems, chronic pain, anxiety, and mental illnesses. It also targets specific body parts such as the back, neck, and shoulders and can help you to learn the art of breathing more easily. What makes the DVD even more appealing is the location of the shooting. The beautiful beaches of Half Moon Bay in Antigua give the exercises a feeling of tranquillity.

What We Like
  • 30-minute meditation session
  • Tranquil half moon bay setting
  • Recommended for stress relief
  • Yoga targeting many areas
Our Verdict

Yoga for Stress Relief has a plethora of workout routines that target most areas of the body. It is suitable for stress relief and set up in a tranquil half moon bay in Antigua that soothes the mind and body.

6. Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown

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If you are starting yoga workouts or you want to introduce something different to your routines, Jillian Michaels DVD will do you a lot of good. Jillian is the Biggest Loser NBC’s trainer, and in this video, she introduces a workout that ensures you get the best out of a yoga training session. The one of a kind DVD provides you with precise and clear instructions that allow you to enjoy every moment of the workout.

The DVD provides two 30-minute workouts with warm-up and cool-down moments. The two sessions enable individuals to achieve complete fitness and wellness of your body and mind. The first session workout focuses mainly on the yoga steps to take to burn calories, while the second session focuses on poses and balances to use for more calories burning. The exercises are strenuous but worth every effort.

What We Like
  • Warm and cool-down moments
  • Short 30-minute workouts
  • Complete fitness solution
  • Clear and precise instructions
Our Verdict

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown entails rigorous yoga poses that will help you to shed excess weight naturally. The Yoga routines are short and communicated in precise and clear instructions for beginners.

5. Power Yoga – Total Body Workout by Rodney Yee

Power Yoga - Total Body Workout by Rodney Yee

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To improve endurance and strength, you could benefit from the workouts on this power yoga DVD. The DVD provides you with techniques that help to improve your body’s flexibility using the safety workouts. The exercises are low impact, do not require any special equipment to do, and they are effective. Rodney Yee, the moderator of the power yoga, is one of the most experienced yoga experts in the world.

The 75-minute programs are detailed and fast-acting. They help to improve the inner and outer strengths, detoxify the body, and improve your endurance with time. Some of the poses in the DVD are complex for novices, but the slow pace allows them to catch up fast. Unlike other yoga workout DVDs, Rodney Yee goes straight to business without the usual introductions. The yoga workouts are seamless and precise, making this one of the best DVDs to help you practice yoga from the comfort of your home.

What We Like
  • Seamless yoga routines
  • Likeable DVD moderator
  • Needs no add-on instructions
  • Safe and fulfilling workouts
Our Verdict

Moderated by Rodney Lee, Power Yoga is a fun and fulfilling product that is safe for beginners. The yoga routines are seamless. Instructions are clear and fulfilling, and its cost acceptable by most people.

4. Gentle Yoga with Jessica Smith

Gentle Yoga with Jessica Smith

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To benefit from yoga, advance from one stage to the next systematically. Jessica Smith allows you to do so by creating and customizing your self-centred practices through this DVD. The program will enable you to choose four workouts that last 20 minutes each. The workouts have varying levels of exercise that you can choose according to what you can manage to accomplish. You can start from the first level if you are a beginner and advance to the next level, which comes with more strenuous workouts than the last.

The yoga workouts also come with instructions on how to carry out gentle and easy stretches that improve your fitness. Another thing that sets the DVD aside is that it comes with zero chanting and straightforward instructions. All the modifications you would expect from a yoga workout, including using the chair, are all in the instructions making it a valuable product you cannot afford to miss irrespective of your expertise.

What We Like
  • Straightforward instructions
  • Four satisfactory workouts
  • Varying level of exercises
  • Customizable practices
Our Verdict

Unlike some DVDs, you can customize the workouts in the Gentle Yoga DVD to suit your needs. The exercises are satisfactory and narrated in an easy-to-understand manner by people of all skill levels.

3. A.M. Yoga for Your Week by Rodney Yee

A.M. Yoga for Your Week by Rodney Yee

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Waking up to a yoga workout in the morning is one of the best ways to open the mind and center the brain for the day’s activities. Rodney Yee guides you through morning daily routines that last between five and twenty minutes. The methods focus on specific parts of the body that help to relax the mind, loosen the muscles, and energize you for what lies ahead during your daily chores. Some of the workouts involve standing poses, backbends, twists, hip openers, and forward bends.

The DVD contains a short and clear guideline on how to meditate through deep breathing and stretching to achieve your inner balance without straining the heart or any other part of the body. You can choose whichever routine you deem fit for you. The workouts are simple, even for those trying workouts for the first time and those with more advanced skill levels.

What We Like
  • Advanced yoga workouts
  • Target all parts of the body
  • Safe for people of all skill levels
  • Customizable workout routines
Our Verdict

The customizable workouts in the A.M. Yoga for Your Week by Rodney Yee are fulfilling to men and women. They are easy to practice, safe and narrated in a way that most people can follow effortlessly.

2. Walk On 10,000 Steps Weight Loss-5 Fat-Burning Miles Indoor Walking Exercise DVD

Walk On 10,000 Steps Weight Loss-5 Fat-Burning Miles Indoor Walking Exercise DVD

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Yoga is excellent for people that want to reduce weight, and you could not get better guidelines than what this weight loss DVD offers you. The product takes you through different chapters on how to train your body effectively to lose that extra fat. It also provides you guidelines on how to focus on improving your body posture, agility, balance, and coordination. The sturdy feet and ankle routine featured in the DVD allows the active stretching and strengthening of body muscles.

The product also features a 15-minute routine that helps to strengthen your hips and knees. The same method also helps to keep the knees and hips free from pain. The product comes with a bonus routine where you learn how to use a mat and a chair for optimal body exercise. The yoga program is user- friendly, suitable for all members of the family.

What We Like
  • Detailed wellness guide
  • Gentle on knees and hips
  • Short/fulfilling routines
  • User-friendly Yoga DVD
Our Verdict

The Walk On yoga DVD will not only help you to burn calories naturally, but also improve your balance and stability. Beginners, intermediate yoga practitioners, and advanced yoga experts can benefit from it.

1. Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-Life

Gentle Yoga 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-Life

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There is absolutely no reason why you should not have the perfect body in mid-life. If you do not know how to attain that body, this DVD helps you to improve your body size and shape with simple workouts. The products, designed for people aged between 40 and 70 years, helps to increase balance, flexibility, and body strength. It helps to relax your mind and body, and enable you to improve your grace of movement.

The Gentle Yoga Workout by Jane Adams has three different routines to do during particular times of the day. First, the morning practice that takes 9 minutes and entails standing movements that help to energize the body. The second feature is a mid-day practice that lasts 19 minutes, and it helps you to relax and take a rest from your morning chores. The third feature is a 29-minute evening workout that allows you to unwind and to enjoy quality sleep. The product also allows you to enjoy seven different workout routines.

What We Like
  • Trusted system
  • Renowned orator
  • Ideal for 40-70-year-olds
  • Short/fulfilling workouts
Our Verdict

Gentle Yoga has seven 19-29 minute yoga workout routines that improve flexibility and balance of the body naturally. It is also suitable for weight loss because of its safety and fulfilling nature.

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